March 2014
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People Get Up In Arms About Birth Control, But The Government Spends $172 Million On Penis Pumps

What Is The Real Story Behind The Legendary Alabama Leprechaun?

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10 Reasons You Should Travel While You're Single

The 20 Biggest Differences Between NHL And NBA Players

Living For The 'Likes': Why Posting Everything On Social Media Makes These Acts Insincere

The Flask Disguised As A Tampon Is The Best Way To Carry A Bloody Mary (Photo)

Did Jamaican Scientists Just Discover A New Compound In Weed Or Are They Just High As Sh*t?

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She's Not: The 9 Things A Girl Actually Means When She Says She's Fine

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Change Your Perspective On Failure By Seeing It As An Obstacle Not An Option

Women Around The World Do More Housework Than Men, Leaving Them With Less Free TIme

Long Hair, Don't Care: Marvel At These Men With Buns (Photos)

10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead

Moving Backwards: The Proposed Iraq Child Marriage Bill Will Change Marriage Age From 15 To 9

Why This Is The First Generation To Get It Right On Religion

The Power Of Finding A Mentor Who Inspires And Challenges You To Be Your Best Self

Pharmaceutical Nation: The Dark Truth Behind This Country's Love With Popping Pills

15 Ways You're Using The Internet That Are A Total Waste Of Your Time

The Abbreviation Generation: How Technology Will Be The Downfall Of The English Language

Bizarrely Conducted Study Reveals Women Experience Two Different Kinds Of Orgasms

The True Symptom Of A Bad Relationship Is When Your Friends Notice

3 Things You Need To Know About Investing Before You Invest Yourself In That World

Millennials Reshaping America: The Least Religious, Least Politically Attached, But Most Optimistic Generation Ever

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Hey Mom, This Is What Weed Legalization Actually Means

9 Epic Break-Up Letters That Certainly Did The Trick To End The Relationship (Photos)

The Love/Hate Relationship Everyone Has With Chipotle

Misogynistic Video About Annoying Things Girls Do Prompts Epic Responses

Girl Breaks Down The Myths Behind The Hymen And 'Popping The Cherry' (Video)

4 Of The Most Important Factors Of Entering Your Business Into New Markets

Millennials Are Getting Married Later Than Every Other Generation Before Them

When Writing The Story Of Your Life, Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold The Pen

No Worries: 5 Things All 20-Somethings Need To Stop Freaking Out About

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The Trick To Being Alone Without Ever Feeling Lonely

More Money, More Problems: Why You Should Spend It

What We Can Learn From Unplugging And Opening Up To Strangers

The 7 Unexpected Perks Of Being Unemployed

10 Reasons Why I Think Music Festivals Actually Suck

11 Themed Races To Make Running And Exercise Fun

This Hilarious Comparison Of LeBron James And Hockey Stars Shows Us What Sport Real Men Play (Photos)

Star-Studded Ad Goes Above And Beyond To Prove That 'Girls Can' (Video)

Your Body On Weed: Everything You Need To Know About The Science Behind Your High (Video)

Porn Star Rachel Starr Got Naked In St. Patrick's Cathedral For 'Kirill Was Here' In Super Controversial Photo

Why I Don’t Want My Kids To Grow Up In America

Haters Are Gonna Hate: 14 Characteristics That Make A Woman A Boss Not A B*tch

Laugh At Yourself: The 11 Ways Over-Thinking Is The Reason You're Miserable

Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian Provides 10 Ways For This Generation To Dream Bigger

8 Undeniable Differences In Partying Every Post-Grad Experiences After College

#FitFam: 11 Reasons Why The Fitness Culture On Social Media Needs To Be Stopped

The Truth Behind Business Success: 1% Idea, 99% Execution

Investors Are More Likely To Give Money To Male Entrepreneurs Than Female Entrepreneurs

Dude Fake Texts Personal Trainer In Hilarious Prank Almost Too Funny To Be True

10 Ways Your Pet Owns You... And You're Totally Okay With It

Graduates, Stop Coming To New York: 5 Other Great Cities To Consider For Post-Grad Life

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7 Powerful Things Nature Can Teach You That Nothing Else Can

Your Youth Is A Time To Embrace Patience; Don't Rush It

Insider Trading: How Being A Tomboy Growing Up Can Be Used To Your Advantage

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6 Major Struggles Every Girl Goes Through When She Has Friends Visiting For The Weekend

An Open Letter To Any Girl Who Is Thinking About Texting Her Ex

Elderly Couple Takes Same Photo At Start Of Every Season. The Last One Will Break Your Heart. (Photos)

Life Isn't A Magazine: You Need To Realize Your Flaws Are What Make You Beautiful

The Cardinal Rules Of Running A Business According To Hip-Hop

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He Didn't Surprise Her With An Engagement, He Surprised Her With An Entire Wedding In One Day (Video)

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Why We Should Make Comedy Shows About Being Funny, Not About Being Diverse

You Won't Believe Which Countries Have The Highest Percentage Of Female Executives

Passing The Torch: Why Millennials Need To Bridge The Divide And Embrace Gen-Z

The Actual Differences Between Being Nice And Being Fake

15 Signs You Are An Introvert And Are Secretly Obsessed With It

Why Traveling To The Places You've Never Heard Of Is The Only Way To Travel

27 Things That Perfectly Describe Every Girl's Love/Hate Relationship With Diets

19 Things Every Girl Finds Joy In Sharing With Her Best Friend

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Shocking Google Glass Video Shows How Women Are Subjected To Domestic Violence

The 5 Key Pieces Of Advice I Would Give To My 16-Year-Old Self

15 Reasons Why Your Life Is Already Great And You Didn't Even Realize It

Stop Being Jealous Of Your Friends Who Travel And Just Get A Passport

Remember That There Will Be Unhappiness When You Chase Your Dreams -- But It Will Be Worth It

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26 Of The Most 'Honest' Reasons Every Girl Should Date An Investment Banker

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The 9 Morals Every 20-Something Needs To Live By

The Different Types Of Teachers Everyone Has Throughout Their Academic Life

7 Ways To Truly Make The Most Of Your College Years

Meet 'Da Hulk', CT Fletcher's Prodigy Who Might Be The Scariest Man On Earth (Video)

The Milky Bun Combines Your Favorite Desserts: Ice Cream And Donuts (Photos)

Students Are Getting Stoned In Schools Right In Front Of Their Teachers By Using Vapor Pens

Project Breastfeeding Helps Men Understand And Accept The Necessary Nurturing Of Breastfeeding

This Is Exactly What A 6th Grade Boys Sleepover Was Like (Video)

10 Reasons Why Those Who Follow Their Dreams Lead The Best Lives

She's Skanky And We Like It: Why People Need To Get Over Barbie Already

The Ever-Growing Phenomenon Of The Hot-But-Crazy Individual

10 Characteristics That All Emotionally Strong Entrepreneurs Have

Microsoft's New Ad Targeting Women Is Pretty Sexist (Video)

15 Reasons Why Not Figuring It All Out Is The Best Way To Spend Your 20s

Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master Of None: Why This Generation Needs To Learn How To Perfect A Craft

Sorry, Not Sorry: Why Women Shouldn't Have To Apologize For Being Messy (Among Other Things)

Always The Texter, Never The Texted: 7 Signs You Might Be The Annoying Friend Of The Group

How Generation-Y Has Shaped The New Landscape Of Media

Why Disney Shouldn't Have Plus Sized Princesses (But Should Conform To Normal Body Standards)

How A Woman's Intuition Is The Most Powerful Force There Is

Why The Government Shouldn't Have Control Over Your Vices

Michael Jordan Talks About Punching Steve Kerr In The Face In Awesome Animated Video

Peter Thiel Shares His 9 Most Essential Pieces Of Advice For Generation-Y

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Reminisces About The Time Yahoo! Laughed At Them (Video)

5 Reasons Why Telling A Woman To Relax Is Pretty Much A Death Sentence

Life Is About The Big Things Keeping You Busy And The Little Things Keeping You Happy

Ben Horowitz Breaks Down The Lyrics To 'Hope' By Nas, Explains Hip Hop's Relevance To Business

From Kiev With Love: What This Generation Should Take Away From The Situation In Ukraine

Swallow Your Pride: Why You Need To Express Yourself Before It's Too Late

How To Not Get Raped According To Actual College Websites (Video)

When It Comes To Individuality, We Should Value Improvement Over Change

A Deeper Look Into What Causes Social Anxiety And How You Can Overcome It

5 Biggest Myths About Young Entrepreneurs | Elite Daily

Learn To Be Comfortable With Who You Are And Rock Your Story

15 Things Every Girl Should Have By The Time She Hits Her Mid-20s

Why We Need To Start Valuing Teachers As Leaders

The Undeniable Connection Between Matthew McConaughey Smoking Weed And Winning The Oscar

Qualities The Person You Call Your Best Friend Should Have

No New Friends: Why It's Impossible For Entrepreneurs To Find Real Friends

Why Working Out In Group Fitness Classes Gives Us Too Much Anxiety

The 12 Craziest Sex Ed Stories According To Reddit

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Avicii's New $15 Million L.A. Mansion Will Make You Want To Become A EDM DJ (Photos)

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The Art Of Sale: Why It's All About Confidence, Conviction And Charisma

Why You Need To Dream Bigger And Hustle Harder

Yes New Friends: Why It's Important To Meet New People

How A Willingness To Be Wrong Will Help You To Grow

Why We Should Enjoy Being 20-Somethings Instead Of Rushing To Grow Up

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Reclaiming Sisterhood: Why Women Shouldn't See Each Other As Competitors, But As Allies

18 Things That Are Never There When A Girl Needs Them

Plan C? FDA Approves Generic Over-The-Counter Morning After Pills

Turning South Beach To Sour Beach: What Legalizing Weed Would Mean To Miami

Why People Need To Start Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Think Your Latte Is Skinny? Compare Starbucks Drinks' Calories To Junk Food's (Infographic)

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