June 2019
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Will Baby Archie's Christening Be Public? Meghan & Harry May Be Breaking Tradition Again

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Tiffany Trump's New Kitten Has The Cutest Name

These Beto O'Rourke Quotes About Trump Show That He'll Speak Up When He Needs To

Sams' Club's Dilly Bites Single-Serve Pickle Packs Are The Ultimate Snack

Sam's Club's Tropical Tahiti Floating Island Will Put Your Swan Float To Shame

Nestle Toll House's Edible Cookie Dough Flavors Feature Chocolate Chips & Peanut Butter

Donald Trump's Reaction To The Democratic Debate's Second Night Called Out This Moment

This Video Of Kamala Harris Calling Out Joe Biden On Race At The Democratic Debate Is A Major Mic Drop

These Memes About Kamala Harris' "Food Fight" Clapback At The Democratic Debate Are So Wild

How Does Gerrymandering Work? The Supreme Court Just Dropped A Major Decision

Here's How To Get Snapchat Charms That Reward You For Snapping Friends

The Marshae Jones Case In Alabama Is A Frightening Look At How Pregnant People Are Blamed

Disney's Imagination Pink Treats For Summer 2019 Are So Instagram-Worthy

What's In The TikTok Drink? The Secret Menu Item Is A Fruity Treat

White Castle's Dr. Pepper Ring Thing Giveaway Could Win You A $5,000 Diamond Ring

Sam's Club's Floating Hydrapong Is Basically A Floating Beer Pong Table

These Photos Of Dark Mode On iPhones Will Get You Excited For The iOS 13 Update

The New Amazon Hub Counter Locations Will Make It So Easy To Get Your Packages

HI-CHEW's New Dragon Fruit Frozen Yogurt At Menchie's Is A Colorful Summer Treat

Starbucks' June 27 Happy Hour Is The Perfect BOGO Deal For Hot Summer Days

Amy Klobuchar's Comment About Abortion Rights At The Democratic Debate Was On Point

Donald Trump's Tweet During The First Democratic Debate Took Aim At An Unexpected Target

These Memes About Beto O'Rourke's First Answer At The Democratic Debate Are Too Much

These Tweets About Eric Trump Being Spat On Show No Mercy

How Long Will Starbucks' Iced Cocoa Cloud Macchiato Be Available? Get Ready To Keep Sipping

These Reactions To A Drowned Migrant Child & Father Question How Border Policies Contributed

These Barefoot Wine-To-Go Boxes Will Make Sipping So Convenient This Summer

Here's Where To Find Your Spotify Summer Rewind Playlist For Nostalgic Tunes

International Delight's French Toast Swirl Flavored Creamer Is A Taste Of Fall For Summer

How Long Will Dairy Queen's Zero Gravity Blizzard Be Available? Try The Galactic Treat Soon

These Tweets About 'The Office' Leaving Netflix In 2021 Make It Impossible To "Stay Calm!"

Tim Hortons' Fireworks Donut With Popping Candy Is A Taste Of Independence Day

BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer's Ban Basic Summer 2019 Contest Could Win You $30,000

Baskin-Robbins' 'Stranger Things' Scoops Ahoy Shop Will Take You Back To 1985

Popeyes' New Parmesan Ranch Double Dippers Are Here To Up Your Wings Game

5 Cheap July 4 Flights For A Last-Minute Getaway

Donald Trump's Comments About Megan Rapinoe's Anthem Protest Bring This Drama Back Again

Who Is Stephanie Grisham? The New Press Secretary Has A White House History

Conditions In Migrant Detention Centers At The Border Are Troubling, Reports Claim

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2019? The 2-Day Event Will Be Here Before You Know It

My Student Loans Were Forgiven For My Disability, But It's Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

I Paid My Student Loans By Donating My Eggs, But It Wasn't About The Money

I Defaulted On My Student Loans, & It's Digging My Hole Deeper & Deeper

I Dropped Out Of College Because Of Loans, & Now I Have Debt & No Degree

I Can't Afford My Student Loans, & It's Ruining My Life & Relationships

I Paid For College While I Was Still A Student, Because Yes, It Can Be Done

Are Student Loans Worth The Cost? Here's How Many Women Said No

Here's The Big Purchase 11 Women Would Make If Their Student Loans Didn't Exist

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Are High School Seniors Prepared To Take On Student Loans? Experts Weigh In

Here's How Much Student Loan Debt 406 Women Have After Finishing College

This Expert's Advice For Paying Down Student Loans Will Inspire You

JetBlue's "Something Blue" Flight Sale Features Cheap Fares For Summer & Fall

Dunkin's New Kit Kat Coolatta & Candy-Flavored Coffees Are The Sweetest Summer Sips

Starbucks’ New Iced Cocoa Cloud Macchiato Is A Summery Twist On Your Fave Sips

What's Trump Doing For 4th Of July 2019? It's Going To Be Quite A Show

What's In Bernie Sanders' Student Debt Cancellation Proposal? It Could Be A Game-Changer

Who's In The First Democratic Debates For 2020? It's A Full Roster

Instagram's “Suggestions For You” DM Feature Tests Out A New Way To Find Accounts

Are Men More Electable Than Women? Apparently Not, According To This Report

Kith Treats & Baked By Melissa's Pride 2019 Shakes & Ice Cream Are All About Rainbows

What Is An ICE Raid? Here's What You Should Know About How To Respond

Marble Slab Creamery’s Moondust Majestic Shake Features Charcoal & Mocha Flavors

Nancy Pelosi’s Response To Donald Trump Delaying ICE Raids Puts Families First

Cory Booker's Quotes About Donald Trump Have Evolved In Recent Years

When Will Dark Mode Be Available On iPhones? You Might Have To Wait A While

These Tweets About "Adulting In 5 Words Or Less" Are Honestly So Relatable

OpenTable's #EatThaiVisitThai Summer 2019 Sweepstakes Could Win You A Free Trip To Asia

These Tweets About The Cheetah Girls & The NBA Draft Say Exactly What You're Thinking

Here's How To Order The TikTok Drink At Starbucks To Master The Secret Menu

Here's Where To Get Sam's Club's Floating Picnic Table To Snack & Swim All Summer

Can Ivanka Trump Run For President? She Reportedly Wants To

E. Jean Carroll Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault In Her Upcoming Book

What Does Butterbeer Taste Like? Universal Studios' Take On The Sip Might Surprise You

These Tweets About Bring Your Dog To Work Day Will Make You Smile

What Is The TikTok Drink At Starbucks? Here’s What To Know About The Secret Menu Sip

Expedia's Epic Holiday Card Giveaway For 2019 Could Win You A Vacation Of Your Dreams

Here's How To Replace A MacBook Pro Battery If You Were Affected By The June 2019 Recall

Was My Apple MacBook Recalled? Here’s What To Know

These First Day Of Summer 2019 Deals On June 21 Include Free Coffee & Smoothies

Did Ivanka Trump Violate The Hatch Act? This Watchdog Group Believes So

This 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Pop-Up Bar In Chicago Will Transport You To Bikini Bottom

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Comments About Concentration Camps Have Her In The Hot Seat

Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails' $10,000 Giveaway For Summer 2019 Will Pay You To Give Up Frose

This Video Of Ta-Nehisi Coates Explaining Reparations To Congress Is A Powerful Must-See

Dunkin's June 21 Promo For Summer 2019 Features Free Coffee & "Human Charger" Kits

Starbucks' June 20 Happy Hour Is A BOGO Deal That Will Cool You Off

These Photos Of The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort Show Off A Fire Summer Getaway

KFC's Limited-Time Cheetos Sandwich For Summer 2019 Looks Dangerously Cheesy

Barack Obama's Juneteenth Tweet Honors The Holiday's History

Zulily's Thrill Fest 2019 Sweepstakes Could Win You A $5,000 Shopping Spree

Dollar Flight Club's June 19 Deals To Keflavik, Iceland Can Save You $535 On A Nordic Vacay

Donald Trump's First Re-Election Campaign Rally Made A Bold Claim About Democrats

These Tweets About Hope Hicks Testifying To Congress Have Twitter In Suspense

Why Don't I Have Pride Features On Instagram? Here's How To Find The Colorful Updates

Panera's New Dinner Menu Test Items For 2019 Include A Steak-Topped Flatbread

Popeyes' Wingspan Box For The 2019 NBA Draft Is An 82-Inch Spread For Your Crew

Southwest Airlines' 2019 Birthday Flight Sale Has Affordable Fares For The Fall

Carl’s Jr.’s “100 Days Of Summer” 2019 Promo Includes Happy Hour Deals & Prizes

JetBlue's Flip-Flop Hooray Summer Flight Sale For 2019 Has Cheap Fares For The Season

These Tweets About Google Calendar's Outage Show No One Knows What To Do

Here’s How To Watch The First Democratic Debates For 2020 So You Don't Miss Out

Dairy Queen's Free Ice Cream Deal For June 21 Welcomes The Summer In A Sweet Way

This Viral Tweet About Peeling Garlic Is Changing Lives Across The Internet

Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Are Back For Summer 2019, So Grab A Slice ASAP

Here's How To Apply For Hotels.com's Poolhop Job For The Chillest Summer Gig Ever

What Time Are The First Democratic Debates For 2020? They're Coming Up Quickly

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Response To Donald Trump's Impeachment Tweet Calls The President's Bluff

KFC's Impossible Burger Will Have Even Devoted Carnivores Drooling

These Tweets About Mick Mulvaney Coughing During Donald Trump's Interview Have Twitter's Attention

Whole Foods' Coffee & Donut Ice Cream Is A Sweet Fix For Your Breakfast Cravings

Grubhub's Dunkin' Delivers Launch Means You Can Get Your Cold Brew Fix At Home

Here's How To Get A Free Chili's Burger Through DoorDash While They're Available

Krispy Kreme's New Filled Original Glazed Doughnuts Revamp The OG Flavors

Michelle Obama's Father's Day 2019 Post For Barack Is An Adorable Throwback Photo

Donald Trump's Father's Day 2019 Tweet Is A Lot To Handle

Ivanka Trump's Father's Day 2019 Post For Donald Trump Celebrates "Two Incredible Dads"

Is Malia Obama Living In A Dorm At Harvard? She's Kept Things Down-To-Earth

These Tweets About Target Registers Reportedly Shutting Down Are An Emotional Rollercoaster

These Cavit Pinot Grigio-Infused Cannolis Are Perfect For National Cannoli Day

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tweet About Affordable Birth Control Will Have Millennials Relating Hard

These Tweets About Going Online Before Social Media Will Make You So Nostalgic

These Father's Day 2019 Food Deals Will Let You Treat Dad On A Budget

Can Donald Trump Jr. Run For President? Here's What To Know

What College Is Sasha Obama Going To? She's Reportedly Heading North

These Tweets About Donald Trump's 73rd Birthday Aren't All Celebratory

SunnyD's New Watermelon & Lemonade Flavors Are A Delicious Blast From The Past

No Fine Print Wine Co.'s Lil Fizz Canned Wine Is A Bubbly Take On Classic Vino

JetBlue Vacations' Flights & Hotel Bundle Sale For 2019 Will Save You Hundreds On Your Trip

Will Kellyanne Conway Leave The White House? She's Accused Of Breaking Federal Law

What Is Second Chance Hiring & Re-Entry? Donald Trump & Kim Kardashian Are Committing To Prison Reform

The New Hagrid Ride At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Features A Magical Lesson

These Tweets About Donald Trump's "Prince Of Whales" Mistake Have The Internet Rolling

Fujifilm's New Instax Mini LiPlay Camera Adds Sound To Your Instant Photos

Spotify's 2019 Summer Song Predictions Will Help You Make The Perfect Playlists

Donald Trump Liked A Tweet From A Rihanna Interview, Which, OK

New York's Sex Work Bill Would Make It The First State To Decriminalize Sex Work

Here's Where To Find Snapchat Charms So You Can Join In On The Fun

The Beats Solo3 Wireless Club Collection Headphones Come In 4 Summery Colors

Lotus Bakeries' New Biscoff Ice Cream Has Chunks Of Your Favorite Cookie Inside

Burger King's 'Stranger Things'-Inspired Upside Down Whopper Is A Taste Of Hawkins

Will Donald Trump Be Charged By The DOJ After 2020? Kamala Harris Seems To Think So

Ted Cruz & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Work Together On Birth Control Legislation

These Nutter Butter Cookie-Flavored Lattes From 7-Eleven Taste Just Like The Classic Snack

Migrant Kids Will Be Held At A Former Japanese Internment Camp, & It's Too On The Nose

Driscoll's New Rose Berries Mimic Your Fave Pink Drink, So Eat Up

Sasha Obama Graduated High School, So Time Is Obviously Flying

Dollar Flight Club's June 12 Deals To Delhi, India Will Save You $500, So Pack Up

When Will iTunes Shut Down? Here's What To Know About The End Of The App

Dr. Pepper's Cherry Dessert Topper Is Perfect For Those Summer Ice Cream Nights

Here's Where To Get Mermaid Life Jackets For Dogs To Make A Splash At The Pool

Pulse Shooting Survivor Brandon Wolf Explains Why He Speaks Out For Gun Policy Reform

@LucaTwoTimes' Luca Marconi Is The 11-Year-Old Behind These Brooklyn Food Reviews

Spotify's New "Your Daily Drive" Playlist Mixes Music With Podcasts For Your Daily Commute

American Embassies Are Pushing Back On Bans Of The LGBTQ Flag On Official Flagpoles

Steamy Hallows' 'Harry Potter' Coffee Shop In NYC Will Give You A Magical Caffeine Boost

Donald Trump's Comments On The Mueller Report & Watergate Point Out A Difference

Beyond Meat's Upgraded Plant-Based Burger Adds Meaty Marbling For Your BBQ Dreams

Mountain Dew's New Sweet Lightning Soda At KFC Has Peach & Honey Flavors You'll Crave

Instagram's New "Custom" Gender Option Was Added To The App In Honor Of Pride 2019

Snapchat's Women's World Cup 2019 Filters, Lenses, & Stickers Will Make You Say, "Goal!"

Donald Trump & Emmanuel Macron's Friendship Tree Has Reportedly Died, Which Is Ironic

These Tweets About Kraft's New "Salad Frosting" Show Everyone's Shook

Here's How To Change Your Instagram Ad Interests To See More Of What You Like

Does Twitter Notify You When Your Tweet Is Sent In A DM? Here's What To Know

Chipotle’s 2019 Pride Merch Line Is A Colorful Way To Support The Trevor Project

Melissa Ben-Ishay Of Baked By Melissa Started Her Cupcake Empire After A Corporate Fail

Does Dunkin’ Have Happy Hours? Here’s What To Know About The Chain’s Deals

Burger King's Summer 2019 Whopper Deals Will Get You A Meal For $4, $5, Or $6, So Eat Up

Where Will My iTunes Music Go? Here's What To Know About Apple's New Music App

Is Meghan Markle's Eternity Ring A Push Present? People On Twitter Have A Theory

General Mills’ New Mermaid Cereal Comes In The Cutest Little Shapes

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Comments On Birth Control Include An Interesting Proposal

Joe Biden & Barack Obama's Friendship Bracelets Are Too Cute For Words

Does Starbucks Have Happy Hours On Weekends? Here's What To Know About The Deals

Jamba Juice’s New Blue Sky Smoothie & Bowl Is An Instagram-Worthy Treat

6 Instagram-Worthy Starbucks Drinks That’ll Give Your Feed A Pop Of Color

Pinkberry’s New Mango & Tajin Frozen Yogurt Is A Tropical Treat For Summer

Here's How To Add Lyrics To Instagram Stories For A Total Sing-Along Moment

Pillsbury's New Sweet Biscuits With Icing Are Easy-To-Make Versions Of The Southern Dessert

8 Pretty Rose Bottles For An Instagram-Worthy National Rose Day Celebration

Donald Trump's Comment About Nancy Pelosi Being A "Nasty" Person Is Intense

7 Unique Beach Towels To Dry Off In Style This Summer

These Snapchat Charms For Groups Will Make The Group Chat So Much More Fun

Here's How To Find Your Ad Interests On Instagram If You Need A Laugh

Joe Biden's Quotes About Donald Trump Suggest The 2020 Election Cycle Could Get Ugly

Wetzel's Pretzels' New Fruity Pebble Flavor Is A Nostalgic Bite

Why Don't I Have Lyrics On Instagram? Here's What To Know About The New Story Feature

This Video Of A Baby Talking To His Dad Has Twitter Cheering On This Father-Son Moment

Instagram's New Lyrics Feature For Stories Will Help Spell Out Your Fave Songs

Here's Where To Get Angry Orchard's Spritz Rosé Hard Cider For A Twist On The Classic Sip

Snapchat's Pride 2019 Lenses Will Put A Rainbow Twist On Your Snap Story

10 Pride Treats Available In June 2019 That'll Help You Spread The Love While You Snack

Dollar Flight Club's June 6 Deals To The Cayman Islands Will Save You Over $300 On Flights

These Tweets About The Straight Pride Parade In Boston Shut It ALL The Way Down

These June 2019 "Aldi Finds" Summer Deals Include An Ice Cream Made Just For Dogs

What Is The Hyde Amendment? Joe Biden Supports The Abortion Funding Ban – UPDATE

Sam’s Club Is Selling 50-Cent Churros On June 6, So Eat Up

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Returning In June 2019, So You Can Live Mas This Summer

Dairy Queen's June 2019 Reese's Blizzards Will Have You Picking Chocolate Or Peanut Butter

Here's Where To Get PoolCandy's Illuminated Buffet Cooler For Lit Summer Pool Parties

Uber Eats' 2019 Cravings Report From The Past Year Features Some Wild Requests

Here's How To Enter Silk's Thailand Trip Giveaway For A Free Bucket List Vacay

Heinz's Ed Sheeran-Inspired Tomato Edchup Features A Limited-Edition Emoji Bottle

Here's Where To Get Disney's Frozcato Sugar Cookie Sandwich For A Boozy Twist On Dole Whip

These "Why I Never Invite People Over" Tweets Will Make You LOL, Because Same

These Tweets About Duchess Camilla Winking During Donald Trump's UK Visit Are Hilarious

Pete Buttigieg's Quotes About Donald Trump Include Some Trump-Like Sass

Shake Shack's 2019 Pride Shake With Rainbow Glitter Sprinkles Is A Celebratory Sip

Starbucks' June 6 Happy Hour To Kick Off Summer Features $3 Frappuccinos

These National Doughnut Day 2019 Deals On June 7 Will Score You The Sweetest Freebies

Southwest Airlines' June 2019 Fall Flight Sale Has Cheap Fares For Post-Summer Vacays

Three Olives' Rosevelt Island Competition Will Paint One Major City Pink

The Funniest "Spongebob Traveling The World" Memes That Will Have You Cracking Up

Starbucks' 2019 Pride Partnership With The Born This Way Foundation Is *Everything*

Tim Hortons' Churro Donut Is Coming To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Here Are 7 Ways LGBTQIA+ Rights Have Changed In The Past Year

JetBlue's Summer 2019 Flash Sale Has Discounted Flights For Your Next Vacation

The Tweets About The Trump Baby Blimp In The UK Will Have You Cry-Laughing

The McDonald's International Currency Exchange Will Help You Score Worldwide Faves

Red Bull's ORGANICS Soda Line Is The Newest Way To Quench Your Thirst This Summer

This IHOP Big Pancake Burger Is A Savory & Sweet Breakfast Update

Here's How To Get Free Jack In The Box Cheeseburgers On DoorDash For Cheese Day

Harry, Meghan, William, & Kate Didn't Greet Trump At Buckingham Palace When He Arrived

Burger King's New Vanilla Shake Made With Twix Pieces Is The Perfect Candy Fix

Here's How To Enter Coca-Cola Freestyle's "Make Your Mix" Contest For A Shot At $10,000

This Video Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bartending Is In Promotion Of The Raise The Wage Act

Carvel's New Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream Is The Sweetest Pick-Me-Up

Why Did Donald Trump Say Meghan Markle "Was Nasty"? It Deals With The 2016 Election

Here's Where To Get Sour Patch Kids Fla-Vor-Ice Freezer Bars For A Sweet & Sour Treat

These 7 Eco-Friendly Reusable Straws Will Help You Sip Sustainably This Summer

Here's How To Help Virginia Beach Shooting Victims To Assist In Recovery Efforts

These Tweets About Wearing Upside-Down AirPods Sum Up Your Feelings On The Technique

Donald Trump's Pride Month 2019 Tweet Has People Calling Out His Administration's Policies

These 5 Spiked Seltzers For Summer 2019 Will Expand Your Happy Hour Options

The Tweets About Apple Reportedly Shutting Down iTunes Are Calling It The End Of An Era

Chili's June 2019 $5 Margarita, The Stay-Cay ‘Rita, Sounds Like A Tropical Vacation

Donald Trump's Response To The Virginia Beach Shooting Is What You'd Expect

Where Are Pride Parades In 2019? You Won't Have Far To Go