June 2018
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How Allies Can Support Pride Without Exploiting It For Likes, Even After The Month Ends

Where To Find A Families Belong Together March Near You, Because Protests Matter

Barack Obama's Quotes About The 2018 Midterm Elections Are Sobering

Does Ivanka Trump Support The "Zero Tolerance" Policy? She Helped Unveil A Policy Criticizing It

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John Legend's Response To Sarah Sanders Being Mistreated Proves A Strong Point

Joe Biden’s Tweet About The ‘Capital Gazette’ Shooting Urges Lawmakers To Take Action

How Long Are Planters' Cheez Balls Available? Get Them While You Still Can

Starbucks’ June 29 Happy Hour Has BOGO Frappuccinos, So Bring A Friend With You

How To Donate To Support Reproductive Rights, Because You Can't Count On SCOTUS

Melania Trump's Tweet About The 'Capital Gazette' Shooting Feels Like Deja Vu

These Celebs Have Been Subtly Trolling Ivanka Trump On Twitter For Months

Here's How To Protest To Support Reproductive Rights At The Supreme Court

Donald Trump's Tweet About The 'Capital Gazette' Shooting Sent "Thoughts & Prayers," Again

Will Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Overturn Roe V. Wade? An Expert Weighs In

A Shooting Was Reported In Annapolis, Maryland At The 'Capital Gazette' Office

The Videos Of Melania Trump's Second Border Visit Are As Awkward As You'd Expect

Can You Add Music To Boomerangs On Instagram Stories? The Music Feature Does It All

Adding Music To Your Instagram Story Is Possible, So Get Ready To Set The Mood

What Songs Can You Add To Instagram Stories? The Options Are Basically Endless

How To Add Music To Your Instagram Story So You Can Show Off Your Favorite Song

Here's How Kennedy's Retirement Could Affect LGBTQ Rights In The Future

Kennedy's Retirement Affects Affirmative Action Cases In Significant Ways

The DHS Asking For More Space For Immigrant Families Shows The Border Crisis Is Far From Over

Voting Rights Could Be Impacted By Justice Kennedy's Retirement In Big Ways

These Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes About Retiring Prove She Has No Plans Of Slowing Down

Why Don't I Have Video Chat On Instagram? Here's What You Might Be Doing Wrong

The Overheard Uber Instagram Account Will Be Your New Go-To For Endless Laughs

You Should Still Care About Families At The Border, Even After Trump's Executive Order

Burger King’s “Freedom Crown” Holds A Burger & A Beer, & It’s The Hat Of The Summer

Which Politicians Support Abolishing ICE? These Congress Members Are Backing Legislation

How To Call Congress About Trump's Supreme Court Nomination, Because This Isn't Over

What Happens If Roe V. Wade Is Overturned? States Could Protect Rights

Which Democrats Support Blocking Trump's Supreme Court Nomination? They're Ready To Fight

How Long Can A Supreme Court Seat Sit Vacant? This Could Take Awhile

Donald Trump Jr's Tweet About Justice Kennedy's Retirement Is Just Embarrassing Himself

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Response To Justice Kennedy's Retirement Is So Warm

Justice Kennedy's Opinion On Obergefell & Same Sex Marriage Was A Landmark Decision

How To Get Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Polar Pizza At Baskin-Robbins In July

These Tweets About Ruth Bader Ginsburg After Kennedy's Retirement Are So Desperate

Dunkin' Donuts' Brown Sugar Cold Brew Will Go Perfect With An Order Of Donut Fries

Trump's Response To Justice Kennedy's Retirement Was Surprisingly Reasonable

What Justice Kennedy's Retirement Could Mean For Abortion Rights Is Extremely Serious

Can Democrats Stop Trump From Appointing A New Supreme Court Justice? There's Precedent

Who's On Trump's List Of Potential Supreme Court Nominees? It's A Short One

Tweets About Anthony Kennedy Retiring From The Supreme Court Are Like, "What Next?"

Why Is Justice Anthony Kennedy Stepping Down From The Supreme Court? He Made The Decision

Justice Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring From The Supreme Court In A Shocking Announcement

Who Will Replace Anthony Kennedy On The Supreme Court? Trump Will Get To Choose

Can ICE Be Abolished? Here's What Would Need To Happen

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Coming In July 2018 & I'm So Excited For Their Return

This Is What The Janus Supreme Court Ruling Means For Millennials

When Are Donut Fries Available At Dunkin'? Get Ready For A Different Morning Treat

5 Colorful Pride Month Beers To Cheers With If You Want To Continue Celebrating

Here's Where To Buy Starbucks' Teavana Packaged Tea For A Colorful Collection

A Judge Ordered Families Separated At The Border To Be Reunited & Slammed The Trump Admin

When To See The Northern Lights In The U.S. In June 2018, Because It’s Possible

Slack's Response To Being Down Will Calm Your Nerves, So Take A Deep Breath

Tweets About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Victory Show Excitement For The Future Of Politics

Mike Pence's Old Tweet About The Muslim Ban Is So Ironic Right Now & I Can't

When Is Krispy Kreme’s Chocolate Glaze Doughnut Available? Mark Your Calendars

Tweets About The Muslim Ban After The Supreme Court's Ruling Show No One's Giving Up

This Tweet About The Supreme Court's Crisis Pregnancy Ruling Makes A Major Point

Melania Trump Is Going On A Second Trip To The Border, So That's Nice, I Guess

How To Donate For Women's Health After NIFLA v. Becerra, Because You Can't Do Nothing

What Is The Flores Settlement? It's Standing In The Way Of Trump's Immigration Policy

Jocelyne & Monique Lamoureux Of USA Hockey Aren't Done Pushing For Gender Equity

How To Group Video Chat On Instagram Direct So You & Your Friends Can Catch Up

Birthday Cake-Flavored Auntie Anne's Pretzels Are Coming & I'm Ready To Celebrate

Ariana Grande's Instagram Camera Effect Is Designed By Her & It's So Cute

How To Use Topic Channels On Instagram's Explore Page For Personalized Content

Here's How To Use Video Chat On Instagram Direct To Call Your Friends On The App

What Are Topic Channels On Instagram's Explore Page? They're Personalized For You

This Quote From Breyer's Dissent On Crisis Pregnancy Centers Gets To The Heart Of The Case

Donald Trump's Quotes About Melania From His South Carolina Rally Are So Absurd

Pringles' Nashville Hot Chicken Flavor Is Here & It'll Make Your Summer BBQ So Lit

Justice Sonia Sotomayor's Dissent On Trump's Travel Ban Slams The President's History

The Video Of Maxine Waters Reading A List Of Times Trump Incited Violence Is A Must Watch

Here's Where To Get Planters' Cheez Balls For The Ultimate Throwback Snack

The Supreme Court's Decision On Trump's Travel Ban Is Here

The Supreme Court Decision On Crisis Pregnancy Centers & Abortion Is Here

Jimmy Fallon’s Response To Trump’s “Be A Man” Tweet Deserves A Round Of Applause

Sean Spicer Has A Talk Show In The Works, Report Says, Because #2018

Hillary Clinton's Response To Donald Trump's Comments About Due Process Is Pure Fire

Someone Used "Trump Hotels" To Slam Trump's Immigration Policy & It's Brilliant

Are People Crossing The Border Still Being Prosecuted? There May Have Been A Change, With A Catch

Can Trump Turn People Away At The Border? He's Tweeting That He Wants To

Can Pharmacists Deny Giving Abortion Pills? A Walgreens Pharmacist Just Did

The Red Hen D.C.'s Tweets About Sarah Huckabee Sanders Are A Hilarious Bit Of Trolling

Here's How To Get The Venmo Card, So You Can Pay For Dinner Without Your Phone

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Are Instagram Official Now, So That's Happening

Melania Trump's SADD Speech About Children Raised A Lot Of Eyebrows

Apple AirPods Are Reportedly Getting An Upgrade, So Mark Your Calendar For 2019

Why Did Red Hen Kick Sarah Huckabee Sanders Out? The Owner Had A Compelling Reason

Sprinkles & Tito's Handmade Vodka's Summer Cupcakes Are The Perfect Boozy Sweets

Tweets About Maxine Waters' Call To "Push Back" The Trump Administration Aren't Pretty

Was Sarah Sanders' Tweet About Red Hen An Ethics Violation? A Former Ethics Chief Thinks So

Photos Of Pride 2018 Around The Country Have Everyone Cheering, "Love Is Love"

Meghan Markle's Latest Role From The Queen Proves They're Super Tight

Alec Baldwin Asked Melania Trump To "Do 'SNL' With Me" & I'm Ready For The New Season

How Many Migrant Children Have Been Reunited With Their Families? There's Still A Lot To Do

This Photo Of Salt Bae Voting In Turkey Elections Is Civic Engagement At Its Finest

Donald & Melania Trump's First Date Sounds Incredibly Awkward

The Funniest Times Twitter Clapped Back At Donald Trump Jr.

Tomi Lahren's Response To Sarah Sanders Getting Kicked Out Of Restaurant Is Tone Deaf

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Response To Getting Kicked Out Of A Restaurant Misses The Point

What Food Is Chipotle Testing At Their NEXT Kitchen? The Options Sound Delicious

Ivanka Trump's Reported Donation To Prestonwood Baptist Church Is Significant

Who Is Sharice Davids? She Could Be The First Indigenous Woman In Congress — EXCLUSIVE

What Is RAICES? This Advocacy Group Is Helping Families Separated At The Border

Where Are Migrant Children Being Held? Here's Where The Kids Taken At The Border Are Located

What Is The Oreo State Fair Cookie? It's The Perfect Summertime Sweet

Khloe Kardashian's Tweets About Family Separation Captures Everyone's Thoughts

Trump Reportedly Threw Starbursts At Angela Merkel After The Infamous G7 Photo

Who Can Post Videos On IGTV? These Instagram Users Can Get In On The Fun

Here's Where To Find IGTV On Instagram If You're Searching For The New Feature

Trump's Tweet About Border Stories Claims Dems' "Sadness & Grief" Are "Phony" — Yes, Actually

What Happens To Migrants After They're Prosecuted? A New Report Describes The Process

5 Facts About Making Tequila From Hacienda Patron That'll Make You Say, "Cheers"

This Video Of Disney's 'Toy Story' Land At Night Will Get You So Excited To Visit

Meet The Millennial Lobbyist Fighting For Young Americans On Capitol Hill

Krispy Kreme's Strawberries & Kreme & Banana Pudding Doughnuts Are Here For The Summer

These Memes About Melania Trump's "I Don't Care" Jacket Are Hilarious

Tweets About ”I Really Do Care" Are The Best Response To Melania Trump's Jacket Controversy

Melania Trump's Tweet About Her Border Visit Didn't Mention Her Jacket At All

Will Ivanka Trump Go To The Border? She Hasn't Revealed Any Plans

Where To Volunteer To Help Migrant Children, If You Can't Stand Doing Nothing

Donald Trump's Tweet About Melania's Jacket Has Me Facepalming So Hard

Here's What Trump's Staff & Family Are Doing While Families Are Separated At The Border

Why Don't I Have IGTV On Instagram? Don't Panic If You Don't Have The New Feature Yet

Tweets About Melania Trump's "I Don't Care" Jacket Are Asking If This Is Even Real

Melania Trump's "I Don't Care" Jacket For Her Border Visit Was Such A Bad Choice

Deportation Statistics Under Obama Are Worth Revisiting After Trump's Family Separation

What Is Taco Bell's $2 Duo? It's The Burrito Deal Of Your Dreams

These Tweets About Trump's Immigration 'Time' Cover Probably Won't Make Him Happy

The IGTV App Vs. The IGTV Instagram Feature Are A Little Different, & Here's How

Starbucks' Summer Sunset Cold Foam Tea Lemonade Is Here & It's So Insta-Worthy

Photos Of Melania At A Migrant Child's Detention Center In Texas Show Her Making An Effort

Can You Still Get Pancakes At IHOP? Don't Worry, Your Favorites Are Still Available

The History Of ICE Shows How America Often Sees Immigration As A Threat

What Kind Of Burgers Are At IHOP? The Steakburger Menu Sounds Pretty Delicious

Starbucks' Summer Sunrise Cold Foam Tea Lemonade Is Perfect For Early Mornings

Here's How To Get Free Burger King Onion Rings In June When You Trade Your Fries

Donald Trump’s Lies About Not Being Able To End Family Separation Are Worth Remembering

What Does Starbucks' Dragon Drink Taste Like? It's A Cup Of Tropical Perfection

What Are Starbucks Cold Foam Tea Lemonades? You’re Going To Love The New Drinks

Amal & George Clooney's Donation To Migrant Kids Is So Heartwarming

Will Trump’s Executive Order Reunite Families? It’s Not Likely

These Alcoholic Push Pops Are The Perfect Summertime Treat

What Can I Donate To Migrant Children & Families At The Border? Take Notes

Here's How To Get IGTV, Because It's Actually Super Easy

The Health Effects Of Children Being Separated At The Border Are Horrifying

These Airlines Are Rejecting Carrying Children Separated From Their Parents At The Border

KFC Announced Pickle Fried Chicken & It'll Be Your New Favorite Dinner

RefugeeConnect's World Refugee Day Soccer Tournament Brings The Community Together

The Photo Of Trump's Border Separation Meeting Is Missing Something Pretty Vital

Ivanka Trump's Tweet On Donald's Border Executive Order Is, Well, Something

How Long Are IGTV Videos On Instagram? Sit Back & Relax, Because They're Not Short

What's In Trump's Executive Order On Separating Families At The Border? TBH, It's Unclear

What Do Summer Splash Skittles Taste Like? The Flavors Sound So Refreshing

When Is IGTV Available? It’ll Be On Your Phone Sooner Than You Think

What Is IGTV? Long-Form Videos Are Finally Available On The App, So Rejoice

Barack Obama's World Refugee Day Post Is A Big Reality Check On Immigration Policies

Trump Says He'll Sign "Something" On Family Separation Without Any Specifications About It

Why Do People Cross The Border Illegally? Sometimes They Don’t Have A Choice

Vanessa Trump's Photo With Her Kids & A Play Tent Has The Worst Timing Ever

Kellogg's Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes Exist & They'll Get You Excited For Fall

What Is Taco Bell’s Watermelon Freeze? The New Frozen Drink Is Perfect For Summer

Here's How To Help Families Being Separated At The Border

Here's How You Can Help Refugees On World Refugee Day, Because This Is A Global Problem

Is Seeking Asylum Legal? Trump's New "Zero Tolerance" Policy Is Making It Harder

What Is The Keep Families Together Act? The Bill Could Block Trump's "Zero Tolerance Policy"

Corey Lewandowski's "Womp Womp" Video Might Be The Worst Thing I've Ever Seen

What Has Ivanka Trump Done About Families Separated At The Border? Reportedly, Not Much

What Does "Zero Tolerance" Mean? It's Pretty Serious

Donald Trump's Juneteenth Statement Is So Infuriating & I Just Can't

Meghan McCain Called Out Ivanka Trump's Silence On Families Being Separated At The Border

The U.S. Will Leave The U.N. Human Rights Council, & Are You Kidding Me?

These Memes About "IHOb" Make IHOP's Name Change So Much Funnier & I Can't

What Flavor Pretzels Are In Auntie Anne's Birthday Contest? They're Sweeter Than Ever

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks' Mango Dragonfruit Refresher? It's Not Too Strong

Is Separating Migrant Families The Law? Here Are The Facts About Trump's Claim

Here's How To Vote For Auntie Anne's Birthday Pretzel In The Sweetest Contest Yet

Did Obama Separate Families At The Border? His Immigration Policy Had One Crucial Difference

What Is A McDonald's "Frylus"? You Can Get One For Free On National Selfie Day

What Notable Republicans Against Family Separation Are Saying About The Policy

How Long Is Starbucks' Mango Dragonfruit Refresher Available? It'll Last A While

How To Protest Families Being Separated At The Border? This Congresswoman Is Organizing A Rally

Starbucks' Mango Dragonfruit Refresher Is Here & It's Perfect For Hot Summer Days

This Audio Of Children Separated From Their Families At The Border Is Heartwrenching

Chelsea Clinton Is More Popular Than Ivanka Trump According To A Poll, & I'm Not Shocked

Kirstjen Nielsen's Answer To This Question About Child Abuse Has Everyone Horrified

This Video Of Kirstjen Nielsen's Press Briefing Is An Absolute Mess

Where To Donate To Help Families Separated At The Border, Because They Need It

Michelle Obama's Tweet About Laura Bush's Immigration Op-Ed Is So Simple & So Right

Hillary Clinton's Response To Trump's Family Immigration Policies Pulls No Punches

Are Democrats Causing Family Separation At The Border? Trump's Argument Is Flawed

Here's How To Get Free Dunkin' Donuts Frozen Lemonade For A Sweet Start To Summer

How To Contact Congress About Families Being Separated At The Border To Stop The Policy

These Tweets About "The Most Successful People I've Met" Are So Relatable

Why Are Children Separated From Parents At The Border? A New Policy Is Causing This Increase

Laura Bush Responded To Families Being Separated At The Border & You Have To Read It

Thomas Markle's Quotes About Trump Raise Some Questionable Ideas

Tiffany Trump's Father's Day Post To Donald Is An Adorable Throwback

Vanessa Trump's Father's Day Message To Don Jr. Proves They've Got Priorities

Melania Trump's Statement About Immigrant Families Is So Surprising

Melania Trump Skipped A Father's Day Message To Donald Trump, & Hoo Boy

Hillary & Bill Clinton's Father's Day Message Is So On Point & I'm Cheering

Michelle Obama's Father's Day Message Is So Moving & So Right

Ivanka Trump's Father's Day Message Is Getting Slammed & I'm Not Surprised

Ivanka Trump's 6 Most Oblivious Tweets Are A Trainwreck & I Can't Look Away

Photos Of North West's Birthday Cake Will Make You Jealous If You Love Sweets

Where To Get Free Food On Father's Day If You Want To Treat Your Dad On A Budget

These Tweets About IHOb Acronyms Are So Creative & I'm Actually Impressed

Where To Buy A Make-Your-Own Frose Pop Set For All Of Your Summer Parties

Tiffany Trump's Birthday Instagram For Donald Trump Features A Total Throwback Pic

Trump Blames Democrats For Separation of Families Crossing The Border & I'm Not Kidding

Do People Know If I Screenshot Their Instagram Story? Not Anymore, Report Says

Snapchat's "Bounce" Feature Is Being Tested, & It's A Lot Like Boomerang

How Long Will Instagram's Pride Features Be Available? They're Here For A While

7 Rose Delivery Services To Try This Summer For Convenient "Rose All Day" Sipping

When Will Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Be Available At Walmart? Great Value Is Saving The Day

Hillary Clinton’s Tweet About James Comey's Personal Email Usage Is Too Good

Melania Trump's Birthday Message For Donald Is Pretty Fitting, & I'm Here For It

Sarah Sanders' Response About Separating Children At The Border Is Hard To Watch

Donald Trump Saluted A North Korean Military General, & Dude, What Are You Doing

Vanessa Trump's Tweet About Donald Trump Jr.'s New Relationship Is Kinda Surprising

Is IHOP's Name Change Permanent? If You Don't Like The New Logo, Don't Panic

Snapchat's Pandora Partnership Will Let You Share Music Through The App

Here's How To Get A Free Tropical Cafe Smoothie On National Flip Flop Day

What Is The IG Report? The Investigation Focuses On Clinton, Comey & Trump

The Rose Oasis Cabana At The Fontainebleau Miami Beach Is Perfect For Your Girls' Trip

Chrissy Teigen's Birthday Message For Trump Calls Out "Horror Stories" Of Immigration

Donald Trump Jr.'s Birthday Message For His Father Was So Frantic

Dunkin' Donuts' Coffee Thins Are Reportedly Coming & They Sound Delicious

Here's Where To Get Pineapple Cotton Candy In Disney For An Insta-Worthy Treat

These Photos Of Trump Saluting Compared To Past Presidents Show How Wrongly They All Do It

Here's How To Be A Mansion Ambassador At The Rose Mansion Of Your Dreams

McCafe's Cold Brew Frozen Drinks Will Be Your Favorite Pick-Me-Ups This Summer

Why Is The New York Attorney General Suing The Trumps? Their Nonprofit Is At The Center Of It

Ivanka Trump's Birthday Tribute To Donald Is A Major Throwback

This Twitter Thread About A Migrant Children's Facility In Texas Is Startling

Starbucks' Happy Hour Will Offer $3 Frappuccinos & Here's When To Get Them

Domino's Is "Paving For Pizza" To Get Rid Of Potholes & They're Saving Your Pies

Doug The Pug Is Making The World A Happier Place, One Smile At A Time

These Photos Of Mike & Karen Pence Vs. Jill & Joe Biden Show A Different Relationship Vibe

Tweets About Sarah Sanders Reportedly Leaving The White House Show No One's Surprised

Kim Kardashian & Alice Johnson Met For The First Time & I'm Not Crying You Are

Who Is Mari Stull? The "Vino Vixen" Is Reportedly Listing Who's Loyal To The President

Will California Split Into Three States? Voters Are Going To Get The Option

How To Win $500 Through 5 Gum's #NoRegrets Campaign In Summer 2018

A New Report On Sexual Harassment In STEM Academia Calls For Major Changes

Here's How To Get The World's Largest Dorito If You're Hungry For A Massive Snack

Here's Where To Buy Oreo Iced Coffee For A Sweet Morning Pick-Me-Up

Will Michael Cohen Flip? It's Reportedly Looking Likely, So Get Your Popcorn Ready

Here's How To Go Glamping In Disney World's Animal Kingdom For A Magical Experience

Women House Candidates In Virginia Are Now The Majority Of Democrats On The Ballot

Trump Reportedly Wants To Put Migrant Children In Tent Cities, So That's Horrifying

Here's Where To Buy Dippin' Dots Cereal For A Breakfast Blast From The Past

You Can Buy Anyday Rose Through Venmo & It's So, So Convenient

Is The Viral Raccoon In Minnesota OK? He Is Reportedly Safe & I’m Relieved

Snapchat x SeatGeek Will Let You Buy Concert Tickets On The App & I'm So Excited

Where Is The 2026 World Cup In America? Here's Where Games Are Happening

Corey Stewart Won His Primary In Virginia, So Check Your Voter Registration Status

Here's How To Shop Through Instagram Stories If You See Something You Want

This Krispy Kreme Deal Will Give You 12 Doughnuts For $1, But You Have To Act Fast

Tweets About The MPR Raccoon Show That The World Can Still Come Together

Donald Trump & Angela Merkel's G7 Photo Has Another Version, & I'm Rolling My Eyes

Donald Trump's Fake Movie Trailer Where He & Kim Jong-Un Are Heroes Is #Diplomacy2018

28-Year-Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Pushing For Millennials' Future Through Politics

How To Get A Kraft Cheese Sculpture Of Your Dad For Father's Day For The Best Gift Ever

Starbucks' Sparkling Craft Iced Tea Flavors Sound So Refreshing & I Want To Try Them

Students Are Protesting Gun Violence On The Pulse Nightclub Shooting Anniversary

When Will Unicode 11.0 Emojis Be Available On Android? The Official Update Is Coming

Burger King Is Roasting IHOP's New Name By Calling Itself "Pancake King," & LOL

Ivanka Trump's "Chinese Proverb" Tweet Confused A Lot Of People In China

A Cartoon Network Entertainment Park Is Opening In Bali & It'll Make You So Nostalgic

Here's How To Delete Sent Snapchat Messages If You're Second Guessing Yourself

Trump's Explanation Of That Viral Photo With Angela Merkel Might Surprise You

What Is Uber Lite? The Android App Is Rolling Out & It's A Total Game Changer

Ivanka Trump Earned Millions From Trump Properties In 2017, Report Says

Sonic's Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush Is Here & It's The Sweet & Sour Treat You'll Crave

What Happened At The Trump-Kim Summit? Here's What The Leaders Agreed To

This Video Of Dennis Rodman's CNN Interview About Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un Is Wild

Angela Merkel's Statement About Trump Backing Out Of The G7 Agreement Is Harsh

Wendy's Roasting IHOP's Name Change Is The Best Thing You'll See This Week

Tweets About Trump & Kim Jong-Un's First Meeting Show No One's Convinced 2018 Is Real

This Video Of Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un's First Meeting Is Surprisingly Civil

How Long Is Donald Trump's Meeting With Kim Jong-Un? It's Short & Sweet

Domestic Violence Survivors Won't Get Asylum In The U.S. Anymore, & Just SMH

What Happens If You Don’t Vote? This Supreme Court Ruling Is Making Some Changes

5 Photos Of Donald Trump Meeting World Leaders Who Were Visibly Shook

Facebook's New Memories Page Is So Nostalgic, So Get Ready For Throwback Posts

Donald Trump's Tweets About Justin Trudeau, Trade, & G7 Are Pretty Shocking

American Girl's 'Luciana' Author Is Proof That Persistence In Your Dreams Pays Off

IHOP's New Ultimate Steakburgers Are Why The Restaurant Changed Its Name & Yum

Tiffany Trump's Instagram With Naomi Biden Is Uh, Kinda Awkward

Donald Trump Keeps Ripping Up Important Documents, Report Says

Where Will Harry & Meghan Go For Their First Royal Visit? We Finally Know

Donald Trump Showed Up Late To The G7's Women's Empowerment Event & Really, Dude?

Michelle Wolf Defended Samantha Bee Over The Ivanka Trump Drama & She's Got A Point

This Video of Fox News Calling Trump A "Dictator" Is Wild & Twitter Can't Handle It

These Memes Of Angela Merkel & Donald Trump At The G7 Summit Are So, So Telling

These 24-Karat Gold Rose Gummy Bears By Sugarfina Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

These Tweets About National Rose Day Are Too Relatable & I'm Ready For A Glass

These Memes About National Rose Day Are Hilarious & I'll Cheers To Them

How To Use Instagram's Mention Sharing Feature To Make Your Story Even More Personal

Donald Trump Is Reportedly Skipping The G7 Climate Meeting & It's No Surprise

How To Get Facebook Messenger's Rose Wine Filter In Time For National Rose Day

Who Will Donald Trump Pardon Next? He Says He'll Ask NFL Players For Suggestions

7 Canned Rose Wines That Are Perfect For National Rose Day

Do You Need A New iOS For Unicode 11.0 Emojis? Here's What You Should Know

These Tweets About National Best Friends Day Will Make You Want To Call Your BFF

These Tweets About Anthony Bourdain's Death Pay Tribute To The Iconic Storyteller

The Impact Of Trump's Global Gag Rule Expansion One Year Later Is Worrying

Anthony Bourdain Has Been Found Dead At 61 Years Old & It's Heartbreaking

Richard Madaleno's Campaign Ad Shows Him Kissing His Husband & It's Groundbreaking

Melania Trump's Office Clapped Back At Rudy Giuliani About Stormy Daniels & It's Brutal

Walmart Is Selling Cheap Wine Now & It Sounds Too Good To Be True

Donald Trump's Comment About Preparing For The North Korea Meeting Has Me Facepalming

This Video Of Mike Pence Copying Donald Trump Is So Bizarre & I Can't Stop Laughing

Starbucks Is Raising Its Prices — Again — So Better Make That Frappuccino Count

JetBlue's "Up, Up And Rose!" Flight Is Rose-Themed & Features A Wine Tasting

Burger King's Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries Are Here & They Look Delicious

How To Get Google's Emojis For Android Beta If You Want A Whole New Selection

Here's When To Get Free Doritos Locos Tacos From Taco Bell In June If You're Hungry

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams' Frose Sorbet Will Be Your Favorite Dessert This Summer

Why Don't I Have New Emojis For Unicode 11.0? Be Patient, They're Coming

When Will Unicode 11.0 Emojis Be Available For iPhone? You Might See Them In The Fall

Starbucks' Happy Hour Has Latte & Macchiato Discounts That You Don't Want To Miss

Photos Of Trump's Vs. Obama's Oval Office Show Some Majorly Different Vibes

Obama's Reaction To His First Meeting With Trump Was Full Of "Disbelief," Report Says

Harriet Tubman On The $20 Might Not Happen After All, & *Sigh*

A "Dear David" Movie Is In The Works, So Plan On Sleeping With The Lights On

Donald Trump's Birthday Card Will Let You Write Any Message, So This'll End Well

Donald Trump's Response To The Rumors About Melania's Health Is Serious

Rose On The Water Cruises By 90+ Cellars Are The Boozy Boat Rides Of Your Dreams

Panera Is Delivering Bacon Mac & Cheese For A Limited Time & It Looks Delicious

Here's Where To Get Disney's Mermaid Cupcakes For The Perfect Summer Dessert

Frontier Airlines' Summer Sale For 2018 Has $20 Flights & No, I'm Not Kidding

KFC UK Is Working On A Vegetarian Chicken Recipe, Exciting New Report Says

Here's Where To Find Instagram's Pride Features If You Want To Spread The Love

Donald Trump Granted Alice Marie Johnson Clemency After Kim Kardashian's Visit

Southwest Airlines' Fall Sale Has Cheap Flights For Your Much-Needed Vacation

Taco Bell's Frose Twisted Freeze Is Being Tested & It's The Drink Your Summer Needs

Here's Where To Get Taco Bell's Frose Twisted Freeze So You Can Really Live Mas

Dennis Rodman Might To Go Singapore For The North Korea Summit, Report Says, & Um What

The Tweets About IHOP's Name Change Are Offering Some Pretty Amazing Theories

Someone Took A Knee At Donald Trump's Replacement Eagles Event & He's The Hero We Need

Donald Trump's School Safety Commission Won't Discuss Guns, & Seriously, Dude?

This Video Of Donald Trump Singing "God Bless America" Is Just So Cringeworthy

Donald Trump Might Testify In Summer Zervos' Lawsuit Against Him, & It's Getting Real

Ivanka Trump's Tweet About Kate Spade Is So Sad But So Right

Parkland Student David Hogg Got "Swatted" & It Is Seriously Not OK

Where To Buy "Nickelodeon Slime Sauce" Ketchup So You Can Eat Like A Kid Again

The New iPhone X Animojis For iOS 12 Will Make You Want To Upgrade ASAP

Here's How To Get Free Breyers Ice Cream Pints On National Best Friends Day

Are Instagram's Pride Features Available On iPhones? You Might Not Have Them Yet

Megabus Is Offering Free Trips To Your Job Interview, So Get Your Resume Ready

Here's How To Get Unicode 11.0 Emojis For Llamas, Bagels, Redheads, & More

This Valedictorian Swapped Trump & Obama's Names On A Quote & The Trolling Was Epic

What Are Memojis? The New iOS 12 Feature Is Super Personalized

Donald Trump Jr's Tweet About The Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling Misses The Point

Trump Uninvited The Eagles To The White House & Now They Don’t Get To RSVP No

Oreo's 5 New Flavors Have Me Wondering How I Ever Lived Without Them

Donald Trump Told Kim Kardashian She & Kanye Helped Him With Black Voters, Report Says

Melania Trump Appeared At An Event For Gold Star Families, So There Go The Theories

Group FaceTime Will Be Available With iOS 12 & My Contacts Are Ready

The Tweets About The Supreme Court's Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling Are Serious AF

What Is Road To Change? The Parkland Students Have A New Campaign

These 3 New Snickers' Bar Flavors Are Only Here For A Limited Time, So Eat 'Em Up ASAP

How To Make Your Own Starbucks' Serious Strawberry Frappuccino For A Sweet Treat

How Much Does Starbucks' Serious Strawberry Frappuccino Cost? It's Worth Splurging On

Starbucks' Serious Strawberry Frappuccino Tastes Like Dessert & I Want It

Starbucks' Serious Strawberry Frappuccino Is Here & It'll Be Your Favorite Pink Drink

Photos Of Starbucks' Serious Strawberry Frappuccino Will Add So Much Pink To Your IG

Starbucks' Serious Strawberry Frappuccino Is On The Permanent Menu, So Get Used To It

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks' Serious Strawberry Frappuccino? You Won't Find A Buzz Here

Melania Trump Won't Go To Singapore To Meet Kim Jong-Un & I Can't Really Blame Her

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