June 2016
News Articles

Tesla Driver Reportedly Killed In A Car Crash While His Autopilot Was On

Man Reportedly Stabbed During Viewing Of Blake Lively's 'The Shallows'

A Shocking Number Of People Say They'd Rather Die Than Vote For Clinton Or Trump

This Is How Much Money Ikea Probably Owes You, Thanks To This Lawsuit

This Throwback Photo Of Obama Proves It's OK We Never Did Our Homework

This Is The One Thing That Stops People From Watching Porn, According To Study

This Guy Beat Up His Wife's Cat Because She Gave It More Attention

This Guy Tricked His Friend's Cheating Boyfriend In The Best Way

Celebrities Hospitalized For 'Exhaustion' Are Really Just Tired

McDonald's Employee Gets Expertly Trolled When He Hits On Wrong Number

This Dad Literally Can't Handle It When He Has To Dress His Baby For Daycare

Justin Bieber Just Used The Orlando Shooting To Promote His Tour On Twitter

These Congressmen Are Just As Good At Baseball As They Are At Passing Laws

This New Reason To Not Eat Cookie Dough Has Nothing To Do With Salmonella

Guy Tweets Insane Story Of Coming Face To Face With The Istanbul Attacker

Breathtaking Drone Footage Captures Couple Having Sex In A Church Tower

This Is The Best US City To Party In This Summer, According To A Study

If You're Horrible At Directions, This Google Update Will Change Your Life

These People Met After Their Ex-Boyfriends' Proposal Video Went Viral

Someone Live-Streamed This Naked Man Going On A Bizarre Rant About Trump

BBC Trolled This Guy Who Left The Dumbest Comment On Its Facebook

This Man Was Charged With Decapitating His Girlfriend's Alleged Rapist

Insane Video Shows Man Shoving The Most Disturbing Thing Down A Woman's Pants

Miami Is The Worst City In America, This New Study Says

Here's How To Customize Your Facebook News Feed To See What You Want

Hillary Clinton Has A Lot To Say About Revenge Porn

Millennials Are Struggling To Move Away From Home, But It's Actually Easy

These Penguins May Become Extinct Soon And It's All Our Fault

This Dad Created A Hilarious Homemade Selfie Stick For The Best Reason

The New iPhone Might Ban Your Friends From Sending Annoying Concert Snapchats

This Is The One Upsetting Way 'Game Of Thrones' Is Still Failing Women

This Is The Weird Way People Are Recycling Their Pets' Fur

Donald Trump Is Writing The Book On How Not To Respond To Terror Attacks

Family Gets Absolutely Drenched When Trip To Car Wash Goes Horribly Wrong

Trump Says Trans-Pacific Partnership Is A 'Rape' Of Our Country

This Major Beauty Pageant Is Getting Rid Of The Swimsuit Competition

This Insane Thing Only Happens To Your Brain When You're Texting

Here's What Hillary Clinton As President Would Really Mean For Women's Health

Your Ex Might Start Clogging Your Facebook News Feed, Thanks To This Update

This Chain Will Give You Free Burgers For Life Under One Hilarious Condition

This Politician's Brexit Speech Got Put On Pornhub With The Funniest Title

Sexist Insurance Companies Will Pay For Viagra, But Not For 'Female Viagra'

This Woman Used A Hatchet Against A Man Who Refused To Have Sex With Her

Mom Writes Powerful Post After Son With Down Syndrome Is Excluded From Party

This Woman Became The First Transgender Person To Run For US Senate

This Is Why Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Donald Trump Is 'Very Much For Women'

The Internet Is Obsessing Over This Baby Seal That Was Rescued From A Storm

This Guy Says He Invented The iPhone In 1992 And These Photos May Prove It

This Creepy New Google Feature Lets You Stalk Your Entire Life's History

No One Has Ever Been As Hangry As This Guy Who Shot Taco Bell Over His Order

This Little Girl Just Went Viral For The Most Bizarre Reason

These Sick Emoji Pool Floats Will Be Your Newest Summer Obsession

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Istanbul Airport Attack

People Won't Stop Making Fun Of This Pic Of Trump In Front Of A Trash Wall

This Guy Legitimately Married His Phone In Vegas And The Video Is Too Funny

This Brave Woman Forced Her Attacker To Apologize To Her On Video

Meet The Guys Who Climbed Everest And Snapchatted It To The World

This Guy's Insanely Unlucky Snapchats Will Make You Believe In Friday The 13th

This Guy Lost 200 Pounds And Ended Up With A Bizarre Addiction As A Result

This Is How Much Money Trump's Donated To Charity, Despite Promising Millions

Google Earth Has A Completely Different Look Now And It Will Blow Your Mind

This 11-Year-Old's Charity Work For Kids With Cancer Will Put Us All To Shame

People Are Furious Over This Tweet By 'The Daily Show' About The Abortion Case

Republicans Officially Have One Less Reason To Attack Hillary Clinton

This Creepy Guy Literally Scanned His Penis At A Supermarket Checkout

This New Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book Is Every '90s Kid's Dream Come True

Women Who Wear This Type Of Clothing Are 19 Times More Likely To Land Jobs

This STD Is Making A Terrifying Comeback After Years Of Decline

This Porn Website Donates To Charity Everytime You Masturbate

The NFL Is Doing The Most Amazing Thing To Help Prevent Sexual Violence

Here's How Tim Tebow Helped A Man Having A Heart Attack Mid-Flight

This Man Got 6 Times The Rape Sentence Brock Turner Did-- From The Same Judge

Chelsea Handler Drops Massive Truth Bomb About 2 Abortions She Had As A Teen

This Grandpa's VR Skills Will Prepare You To Fight A Zombie Apocalypse

This Is The Mind-Blowing Reason Your Spaghetti Spoon Has A Hole In It

The Sun Has 'Gone Blank' And Science Says We Should All Be Freaking Out

Trader Joe's Just Got In Huge Trouble For How It's Been Refrigerating Food

These Clever Signs Perfectly Sum Up How We Feel About The Abortion Case

This Is The One Problem With Driverless Cars We Really Can't Ignore

You're Most Likely To Vote For Someone Who Has This Quality In Common With You

Scientists Discovered A New Color And It's Absolutely Gorgeous

Can You Figure Out Why This Red Cross Poster Is Extremely Offensive?

If You're Traveling For Fourth Of July Weekend, We Have Some Bad News

Ex-Frat Member Will Only Serve One Year Of Probation For Two Rapes

These Are All The Glorious Things You Can Buy For Cheap Now, Thanks To Brexit

There's Finally A Shampoo Bottle That Squeezes Out Every Last Drop

#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet Started Trending And Things Went Downhill Fast

Gay Pride Activists Tear Gassed In Istanbul During Pride Week Celebrations

This Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote About The Abortion Case Deserves A Mic Drop

These Tweets Reveal The UK's Disturbing Rise In Hate After Brexit

This Goat Beauty Pageant Was Better Than Any Miss Universe Competition

Pope Francis Made A Groundbreaking Comment About LGBTQ+ Rights

We May All Have A Sixth Sense And There's Scientific Proof

Teachers' Leaked Messages Show How Risky It Is To Gossip With Your Co-Workers

You'll Soon Be Able To Request A Hot Air Balloon On Uber

This State Just Took A Major Step Forward For Gun Control In The US

There's Officially A New Dog Breed And You're Going To Fall In Love With It

Teens Who Spend Too Much Time Doing This One Thing Have A Higher Suicide Risk

The Supreme Court Saved Abortion Access, But The Damage Has Already Been Done

These Inspiring Pride Parade Photos Prove Love Is Stronger Than Ever

Texas Mom Shot Dead By Police After Killing Her Daughters

The Supreme Court Just Made A Decision On The Biggest Abortion Case In Decades

A Singapore Airlines Plane Went Up In Flames, And This Woman Documented It

Science Says Napping For Longer Than This Amount Of Time Is Bad For Your Health

NYT Photographer Bill Cunningham Died, And Street Style Died With Him

This Woman Was Fired After Going Into Anaphylactic Shock During Work

Obama Just Made Stonewall Inn The First National Monument For LGBTQ+ Rights

Watch This Super Advanced, High-Tech Google Robot Slip On A Banana Peel

Historically Large West Virginia Floods Killed More Than 20 People In Two Days

A Group Of Idiots Pulled A Turtle From The Ocean To Take Selfies With It

The US Army Is About To Take A Major Step Forward For The Transgender Community

Trump Voters Reveal What He'd Have To Do To Lose Their Support And It's Scary

No One Is Less Impressed By Michelle Obama Than This Adorable Little Girl

This Story About A Gay Iraqi Couple Will Move You To Help Other Refugees

Worst Dad Ever Uses Squirrel To Pull Out Daughter's Loose Tooth

Here's The Controversial Gun Control Skit Amy Schumer Deleted From Her Show

We Asked Americans About Brexit, And Too Many Had No Clue What It Was

If You're Married To This Type Of Person, You Might Soon Be In The Minority

If This Netflix Rumor Is True, Your Morning Commute Will Never Be The Same

Yep, This Guy's Penis Drawing Actually Got Counted As A Brexit Vote

The UK's Top Google Searches After Brexit Were Both Hilarious And Terrifying

This Horribly Sexist Ad For Aspirin Somehow Actually Won An Award

A Lot Of Bernie Supporters Won't Be Happy About His Latest Announcement

Switzerland Is Opening An Oral Sex Cafe, But Only For Men, Which Sucks

This Is The Exact Age Most Women Start Making Less Money Than Men

People Are Outraged Over This Company's Super Sexist Party Invite

Everyone's Trolling This Guy Who Thought His Brexit Vote 'Wouldn't Count'

Here's How Cheap It Will Be To Book A London Vacation After Brexit

Brexit Is Proof We Should Seriously Prepare For A Donald Trump Presidency

JK Rowling Wishes She Could Call On Harry Potter To Fix The Whole Brexit thing

The 'Big One' Is Coming And SoCal Is In Serious Danger, Says New Report

Miss America Finally Has Its First Openly Gay Contestant

Listen Up, Americans: This Is How The Brexit Could Change Your Life

Playing Video Games Actually Gives You One Major Advantage In Life

Channing Tatum Just Said What We've All Been Thinking About Brock Turner

Porn Stars Reveal Where They See Themselves In 10 Years

Adorable 80-Year-Old Couple Finishes 142nd Marathon Hand In Hand

Working This Type Of Job Can Actually Be Super Harmful To Your Brain

If You Don't Kick This Instagram Habit, Science Says You Could Go Blind

Should You Really Accept An Unpaid Internship?

This Guy Is Running Over 130 Miles To Find True Love

People Are Heartbroken Over The Supreme Court's Latest Immigration Decision

This Guy's Clever Love Letter May Be Even More Romantic Than 'The Notebook'

Guy Has Epic Response To Army's Sexist Reason He Can't Go To A Baby Shower

This Man Fired 33 Bullets Into Woman's Home After She Rejected Him

If You're A 'GOT' Fan, The 'Brexit' Result Is More Important Than You Think

This Grown Man Creepily Tried To Kiss A Sleeping Teen On A Plane

The Supreme Court Just Announced Its Affirmative Action Decision

Guys Are Less Likely To Wear A Condom If The Girl Is Smoking Hot, Study Finds

This Dad Says Two Alligators Got Dangerously Close To His Son At Disney World

Research Proves Brides-To-Be Are Overspending On This One Thing

There's A Seriously Terrifying Flesh-Eating Virus Going Around This State

Just Holding Money Makes You Act More Selfish, According To Science

Dems Find Genius Way To Broadcast Sit-In After Republicans Turn Off Cameras

Guy Asks About Fake IDs On Twitter And Police Hilariously Tweet Back

This Woman's Struggle To Get An Abortion Will Make You Rethink Our Laws

Reddit Trolls Successfully Got This Girl Banned From 20 Percent Of The US

Yep, 'Make America White Again' Is This Guy's Actual Campaign For Congress

Scientists Think This New Planet Could Be A Step Toward Finding Alien Life

Firefighters Rescue Teen After She Gets Her Head Trapped In A Barney Costume

This Civil Rights Hero Just Proved A Sit-In Is Still The Best Tool For Change

Woman Posts Video To Silence Haters Who Claim Her 70-Inch Butt Isn't Real

Confused Mom Doesn't Understand How Her Daughter's Head Turned Square

Teens Don't Think Weed Is Cool Now That It's Legal, According To A Study

This Dog Is Specially Trained To Sniff Out Your Hidden Porn Collection

This Boy Shut Down His Teacher Sending Him Nude Pics With One Epic Text

Literally No One Can Figure Out If This Photo Is Of A Lake Or A Wall

Mark Zuckerberg Accidentally Revealed He's Super Paranoid With This Photo

Woman Called 911 Over A Problem With Her Pizza

Scientists Are So Confused By This Bizarre Sound The Caribbean Sea Is Making

A Spaceship Filled With Garbage Is Hurling Itself At The Earth Right Now

10 Wedding Planners Get Real About Horrible Things Bridezillas Have Done

This Is How Much Money You Could Make By Selling Your Old Disney VHS Tapes

We Know Hillary Clinton Isn't Tweeting All These Fire Insults, So Who Is?

This Country Has Way More Selfie-Related Deaths Than Anywhere Else In The World

How We Can Put An End To These Heartbreaking Interactions With Nature

You're Not Going To Like This Major Change Facebook Just Made To Your Profile

Michelle Obama Got A Snapchat And James Corden Already Made An Epic Cameo

Kim Kardashian Spoke Out About Gun Control On Twitter

This Guy Playing The Piano Amid A Crumbling Glacier Will Give You Chills

This Guy Who Created A Revenge Website Against Ex Faces Criminal Charges

Here Are All The Senators Who Blocked Gun Control -- And Their Phone Numbers

This Major Twitter Feature Could Soon Be Missing From Celebrities' Accounts

Why Samantha Bee Is The One Voice America Needs Right Now

This Man's Tattoo Of His Son's Cancer Scar Is Going Viral For The Best Reason

Blogger Posts Side-By-Side Pic To Show How Much Bloating Changes Your Body

This Victoria's Secret Model Went To Prom With A Shy Teen For The Best Reason

Trump's Campaign Is Basically Broke, So Twitter Trolled Him With #TrumpSoPoor

Queen Elizabeth Just Graced Us With A Tweet And It Was Obviously Pure Gold

You Won't Need To Go To The Doctor Anymore With Google's Latest Update

Chrissy Teigen And John Legend's Gun Control Debate Just Broke The Internet

Will The iPhone 7 Be Missing This Major Feature?

Someone Tried To Assassinate Donald Trump At A Las Vegas Rally

The Average Net Worth Of Millennials Has Been Revealed, And It's Depressing

The Senate Just Blocked Four Gun Control Measures And We've Had Enough

The First FDA-Approved Zika Vaccination Is Finally Here For Human Trial

This City's Free WiFi Plan Backfired When Homeless People Used It To Watch Porn

This Mom Uses Twitter To Document All The Hilarious Things Her 7-Year-Old Says

Did Someone Just Find A Sea Monster Using Google Earth?

If You Use Google Chrome, There's Something You Should Know

Couple Gets Caught Having Sex In A Moving Taxi -- During A Traffic Jam

This 'Good Guy' Hangs Outside Public Bathrooms To Give Women His Own Sperm

Alicia Keys' Powerful New Video Puts The Refugee Crisis Into Perspective

There's A Scientific Reason Your Socks Always Go Missing In The Wash

Bank Manager Viciously Spanks Employees On Stage In Bizarre Public Shaming

33 Insane Events These 100-Year-Old Best Friends Lived Through Together

These Are The 4 Absurd Arguments The Judge Used To Let Brock Turner Off Easy

A Man Apparently Died And Then Disappeared While Watching This Horror Movie

This Creep In Pennsylvania Was Found With 12 Underage Girls In His Home

The One Thing That Could Save Women From Zika Isn't Reaching Puerto Rico

Terrifying Video Shows A Disney Worker Poking An Alligator Away From A Ride

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Just Slammed Her Colleagues In An Epic Dissent

Woman Tweets Insane Story Of Finding Out Her Grandpa Actually Isn't Dead

Tonight's Strawberry Moon Could Be Once In A Lifetime

Here's How To Get Free Ticketmaster Vouchers, Thanks To This Lawsuit

Babysitter Fired After Mom Finds Video Of Her Baby Being Harmed On Facebook

This Internet Troll Claims He Was Too Drunk To Realize He Was Being Sexist

This Car Recall May Help Explain Anton Yelchin's Fatal Accident

The Moment We Were All Waiting For Just Happened On 'Game Of Thrones'

Kylie Jenner, Ayesha Curry And 12 More Share The Sweetest Father's Day Posts

Actor Anton Yelchin Died In An Insane Car Accident At His Home

These Father's Day Ads Hilariously Parody Donald Trump's Outdated Views

Insane Video Shows How Easily Anyone Can Walk Around With A Hidden Rifle

JK Rowling Sent This Heartfelt Tribute To The Funeral Of An Orlando Victim

Porn Stars Reveal The Hilarious And Unusual Origins Of Their Stage Names

People Found The Best Way To Drown Out Anti-Gay Protestors At An Orlando Funeral

Here's One Of The Panicked 911 Calls From The Disney World Alligator Attack

This Kid's Badass Mom Saved Him From The Clutches Of A Mountain Lion

This 'Daily Show' Comedian Absolutely Ripped Congress Over Gun Control

Lawsuit Claims Three White Students Caused Rope Burns On A Black Girl's Neck

Fox Sports Host Makes Terrible Mistake And Shows Her Underwear On Live TV

This Is What The TSA Has To Say About Flying With Medical Marijuana

This Dad Catching A Baseball While Holding His Daughter Defines Multitasking

Man Decides To Wax His Hair And Actually Ends Up Waxing His Butt Shut

Dads Are Hilariously Competing By Trying To Stack Cheerios On Their Babies

Whenever A Homophobic Comment Is Made On This Video, Something Amazing Happens

Trump's Bromance With This World Leader Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

This Man Live-Streamed The Moment He Was Fatally Shot

Insane Video Shows Woman Running Over BF Who Allegedly Gave Her HIV

Girl Flips Out At Wrong Number When She Thinks It's The Guy Who Ghosted Her

The Charleston Shooting Reminds Us How Quickly We Forget About Hate Crimes

Man Caught Having Sex With Pavement Because Everyone Needs To Feel Loved Sometimes

Brock Turner Was Allegedly Known For Making These Creepy Comments To Girls At Stanford

People Are Furious This Beauty Queen Got De-Crowned Over Having Sex On TV

Man Accused Of Breaking Into A Woman's Home And Having Sex With Her Laundry

People Are Posting Pics Of Their Kids Where The Alligator Tragedy Happened

Hillary Clinton Just Completely Shut Down Donald Trump With One Simple Word

Parents Of 2-Year-Old Boy Killed By Alligator Speak Out For The First Time

Here Are 10 Cheap Ways To Beat The Heat In Los Angeles This Weekend

In-N-Out Is Officially America's Favorite Burger Joint, Says New Study

Dudes Are Stealing Pictures Of Pregnant Women For The Grossest Reason

This Little Boy Dancing Is All Of Us When The Weekend Comes

Is This What The New iPhone Will Look Like?

This Video Of A Shark Attacking A Fisherman Will Give You Nightmares

Husband Of Murdered British Politician Writes Tribute We All Need To Hear

This Bird's X-Ray After Swallowing Tweezers Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Can You Tell Which Of These Insane American Laws Are Real And Which Are Fake?

We Have To Change The Culture On Opioid Addiction Treatment

Meet The Guy Who Went From Producing 'The Bachelor' To Documenting Refugees

This Mom Posted Pics Of Her Son In Disney Lagoon An Hour Before Gator Attack

Here's What People Keep Getting Wrong About Obama's Stance On Gun Control

This Dad Has The Most Genius Hack For Keeping Bugs Away From Food

Guy Pulls Epic Prank On Neighbors With Hilarious Fake Father's Day Ads

This Drone Is Dropping Abortion Pills Over Country Where Abortion Is Illegal

This Bear Cub Chugging A Beer Is All Of Us When It's Finally The Weekend

Mom Can't Keep A Straight Face After Teacher Throws Away Daughter's Pet Snails

Here's What The 15-Hour Filibuster's Outcome Really Means For Gun Control

This Plus-Size Male Model Proves Haters Wrong With Incredible Dance Moves

Twitter Is Absolutely Roasting Trump For Saying 'Ask The Gays' In A Speech

Heroic Student Takes Down Gunman In New Footage From 2014 Seattle Shooting

Eighth Grader Shows Off Epic Trump Impersonation During Graduation Speech

5 Things We Need To Understand About Wild Animals

This 'Game Of Thrones' Character Was Trending During The Gun Control Debate

Insane Video Shows 13-Year-Old Buying Gun After He's Denied Booze And Tobacco

These People Get Paid To Watch Netflix And Are Complaining About It

This Dog Owner Asked Reddit To Name Her Puppy And The Answers Are Hilarious

Officials Just Found The Remains Of The EgyptAir Flight That Crashed In May

If You Tweet This Emoji, Twitter Might Show You Some NSFW Ads

Women May Soon Be Required To Register For The Military Draft

Facebook Deleted This Viral Post About The Orlando Shooting

This 13-Year-Old Absolutely Owned Donald Trump With One Epic Joke

People Are Outraged Over This Video Of A Man Shaming A Mom For Breastfeeding

This Escaped Robot Roaming The Streets Will Make You Scared For The Future

The FDA Basically Just Promoted Crash Dieting With This Stomach Pump

These Porn Stars Tried To Solve Math Problems While Riding Vibrators

Why The Orlando Gunman's Sexuality Is Entirely Irrelevant To The Tragedy

The Internet's Fighting Over Who To Blame For The Disney World Alligator Attack

You'll Never Use iMessage Again Thanks To These Genius WhatsApp Hacks

Why Millennials Will Be The Ones Who Eventually Put An End To Gun Violence

Climate Change May Have Made This Adorable Animal Go Extinct

People Keep Having This Irrational Response To Mass Shootings

No One Is Happier Than This Adorable Baby Elephant Splashing Around In A Pool

Single Woman's Epic Save-The-Date Photos Are Going Viral For The Best Reason

The Internet Can't Get Over This Grandma's Super Polite Google Search

Drunk Customer Leaves Insanely Large Tip, Then Asks For It Back The Next Day

Get Ready To Relive The Early 2000s Because Napster Is Coming Back

Judge In Brock Turner Case Removed From New Sexual Assault Case

Exactly 49 Birds Were Photographed Flying Over An Orlando Vigil

Alligator Attacks Toddler At Disney World Resort

The 'Father Of The Bride' House Is Selling For A Surprisingly Affordable Price

This Woman Got Poison Ivy On Her Eyes, And The Internet Went Wild

These 'Comfort Dogs' Are Helping Those Affected By The Orlando Shooting

10 Things That Take Longer Than Buying The Type Of Gun Used In The Orlando Shooting

Disney Donates $1 Million To Help Those Affected By The Orlando Tragedy

Woman Shuts Down Person Who Assumed She's Not A Veteran With One Epic Note

Tituss Burgess Says There Are 3 Things You Can Do To Help The LGBT Community

Why I Admire Anderson Cooper's Refusal To Name The Orlando Shooter

Pastor Believes More LGBT People Should Have Died In Orlando Shooting

Twitter Just Made It Possible To Retweet Yourself

This Woman Killed Her Husband Because He Didn't Want To Have Sex With Her

Company Faces Backlash After Posting Offensive Tweet About Special Needs Kids

This Orlando Shooting Victim Died While Shielding Her Son From Bullets

The Orlando Shooter's Wife May Have Known What He Was Planning

This Couple Was Caught On Video Having Sex In Public -- Right Next To A Kid

Here's How To Trick Your Facebook Friends Into Thinking You Can See The Future

Orlando Shooting Victims Who Were Supposed To Wed Will Have Joint Funeral

This One Fact About Firearms Shatters The NRA's Argument Against Gun Control

How We Can All Unite To Advocate For Gun Control After Orlando

These Trump Super Fans Threw Him The Most Bizarre Birthday Party Ever

Snapchat Users Are Going To Totally Freak Out Over This Major Change

Anonymous Is Trolling ISIS By Making The Terrorists Tweet Porn

This Surprising Animal May Actually Be Smarter Than A Chimp

This Orlando Shooting Survivor Wrote An Incredibly Powerful Letter To The Gunman

Juror In Stanford Trial Shocked At Turner's 'Ridiculously Lenient' Sentence

You'll Have Way More Storage Now That Apple Deleted This Annoying Feature

These 50 Mannequins Send A Serious Message About The Orlando Shooting

This Woman's Ultrasound Will Seriously Leave You Confused AF

People Literally Can't Get Enough Of This Tree Burning From The Inside Out

What You Need To Understand About Revenge Porn Before Sending That Nude Snap

Donald Trump Just Told A Dangerous Lie About The Orlando Gunman

Women Dress As Disney Princesses To Surprise Girl At Her Adoption Hearing

Guy Pulls Epic 'GOT' Prank On Tinder Match Who's More Into His Friend

Apple Just Announced A New Emoji Feature That'll Totally Change How You Text

The Orlando Shooting Shows How Hypocritical American Lawmakers Are

Facebook's New App Is Deleting Everyone's Photos And People Are Freaking Out

Man Seeks Revenge On Cheating Ex-Wife By Putting Her Possessions Up For Sale

You Can Actually Play The World's Smallest Violin Now

One Question Lies Behind All 17 Of Obama's Mass Shooting Speeches

Orlando Shooting Hero Shares Incredible Story About Saving A Bartender's Life

The Orlando Shooter May Have Considered Attacking This Other Destination

Photo Of Three Muslims Goes Viral After Orlando Shooting For The Best Reason

How The LGBTQ+ Community Is Proving Love Will Always Win After Orlando

Facebook Messed Up Big Time And Accidentally Declared This Country At War

Starbucks Releases An Insanely Fudgy Frapp You Need ASAP

Horrifying Snapchat Video Shows Exact Moment The Orlando Gunman Began Shooting

Brock Turner's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals What It Was Like To Date Him

Rise Up: 12 Messages For The LGBT Community From The Stonewall Inn

James Corden Gives Moving Tribute To Orlando Shooting Victims At The Tony Awards

Blaming The Orlando Shooting On Islam Is An Insult To The Victims

Who Were The Orlando Shooting Victims?

Orlando Gunman's Father Says Son Was Angered By Gays Kissing, Not Motivated By Religion

This Is Why Donald Trump Is Wrong About Islam And The Orlando Shooting

Video Shows Terrifying Last Messages Sent From Son At Orlando Nightclub

Orlando Police Shared An Image Of The Helmet That Saved An Officer's Life

LA Pride Was Nearly Canceled In The Wake Of The Shooting In Orlando

No, Orlando Blood Centers Are Not Lifting The Ban On Gay Men

Obama And Presidential Candidates React To Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting

Before Tragedy, Orlando's Pulse Nightclub Was A Place Of Love And Acceptance

The Orlando Pulse Nightclub Mass Shooting Is The Deadliest In US History

Approximately 20 People Were Shot To Death At A Gay Nightclub In Orlando

Here's How To Avoid The LA Pride Traffic Apocalypse And Hang On To Your Sanity

Student Suing Her School Over Her Sexual Assault Speaks Out In Powerful Video

This State Is The First To Legally Recognize A Person With Non-Binary Gender

Brock Turner's Mom Wrote To The Judge And Didn't Even Mention Her Son's Victim

Here Are All The Ways To Legally Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

3 Cocktail Recipes To Take Drinking Rosé To The Next Level

For The First Time Ever, Someone Found A Good Surprise In A McDonald's Burger

If You Live In One Of These Places, You'll Never See The Milky Way Again

Moe's Is Officially More Popular Than Chipotle, But Is It Actually Better?

This Text May Prove Brock Turner Sent His Friends A Naked Photo Of The Victim

This Video Of Sexual Assault Survivors Reading Stanford Victim's Letter Will Move You

Soldier Gives Mom Epic Surprise By Having Police Pretend To Pull Her Over

Kate Upton Lost A Ton Of Weight, And Here's Why I'm Upset About It

There's A Scientific Reason You Should Post Your Vacation Photos On Instagram

Everyone's Going To Want The iPhone 7 In This New Color

This Eighth Grader's Relationship Contract Is The Best Way To Ask 'What Are We?'

This Pastor In Flint Made His Church A Beacon Of Hope In The Water Crisis

10 People Reveal What It's Really Like To Be Friends With A Porn Star

An Adult Diaper Fetish Store Opened In Chicago, And Locals Are Freaking Out

This Is Where You Should Move If You Want An Insane Number Of Vacation Days

Obama Just Said The Cutest Thing About Daughter Malia Graduating High School

President Obama Singing Slow Jams With Jimmy Fallon Will Make Your Day

Hillary Clinton Just Proved This Election Will Be Determined On Twitter

Single People Are More Likely Than Married People To Die After Heart Attacks

People Keep Making Memes Of This Boy Who Had The Worst Time At The Fair

Guess Which Celebrity Is Launching A New Line Of Wines Just In Time For LA Pride

These Quotes From The Police Report Prove Brock Turner's Story Is Even Crazier Than You Thought

Joe Biden Just Gave Brock Turner's Victim The Apology Everyone Wishes Stanford Did

Hillary Clinton Just Absolutely Roasted Donald Trump And People Are Losing It

Domino's Is Watching You, Thanks To This Creepy New Tracking System

This Mashup Of Donald Trump Rapping Along To 'Donald Trump' Is Hilarious

This New Uber Update Will Make Your Rides Even More Expensive

This New California Smoking Law Proves It's Time To Rethink The Drinking Age

Obama Just Officially Endorsed Hillary Clinton With These Powerful Words

A Lot Of Tinder Users Aren't Going To Be Happy About This Major Change

The Sheriff Of Flint Explains The Awful Origins Of The Water Crisis

This Video Of A Zoo Tiger Charging At A Woman Is Both Terrifying And Hilarious

Why It's Too Late To Say Sorry For Supporting Brock Turner

This Social Media App Is Officially More Popular Than Instagram

A Pakistani Woman Was Burned Alive Simply For Marrying The Man She Loved

There's Now A Petition For Stanford To Apologize For Brock Turner's Assault

Brock Turner Got Caught In An Insane Lie And Apparently The Judge Didn't Care

This Little Boy Was Sneaking Into A Woman's Garage For The Cutest Reason Ever

Watch Fighting Bernie Sanders Supporters Realize They're On The Same Team

A Sentence-By-Sentence Breakdown Of Why Brock Turner's Letter Is So Enraging

This Little Girl Has No Idea Her Giraffe Drawings Just Look Like Huge Dicks

Here Are The Presidential Candidates The Media Is Ignoring

This Insane Experiment May Prove What Came First: The Chicken Or The Egg

Netflix Says This Is The Type Of Show You're Most Likely To Binge-Watch

People Are Attacking Chrissy Teigen On Twitter Over Her Latest Tweet

This Woman Literally Spent 2 Years Photobombing Random Couples Hooking Up

The Text This Guy Sent To A Wrong Number Is Everyone's Dating Nightmare

These Moms' Reactions To Clinton Clinching The Nomination Will Inspire You

This Is Why Bernie Sanders Needs To Concede To Hillary Clinton

This Father Refuses To Give Up On Flint While It Fights For Survival

Stanford Rape Victim Releases Powerful Statement About The Trial's Silver Lining

People Are Sharing The Reasons They're Thankful For Bernie Sanders' Campaign

Facebook Censored This Brock Turner Meme And People Are Furious

Stanford University Releases First Statement About Brock Turner Rape Case

All The Times Abortion Access Has Been Threatened In 2016

I Don't Like Hillary Clinton, But I'll Vote For Her Over Donald Trump

Here's Your Ultimate Guide To Celebrating Love At This Year's LA Pride Festival

These 5 Questions Will Tell You If You Poop Like Everyone Else

Two Students Who Found The Stanford Assault Victim Speak Out For First Time

It Turns Out Your Pet Fish Has A Better Memory Than You Think

You Probably Didn't Know This Is How Australians Abbreviate Names

American Apparel Is Finally In The News For Something Good

Yep, You Eat Dinner Completely Naked At This Insane New Restaurant

Brock Turner's 6-Month Jail Sentence Is Sadly Longer Than Most Rapists'

How To Stay Friends With Someone Who Has Totally Different Political Views

Woman Has Perfect Response To People Body-Shaming Her Engagement Photos

This Dad Trolled His Son's Weed Habit In The Most Savage Way Ever

Would You Vote For Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump?

Here's Why Veterans Suffering From PTSD Should Get Access To Legal Marijuana

Instagram's Latest Update Totally Makes Up For The Horrible New Algorithm

You'll Never Be Able To Unsee Meryl Streep Dressed As Donald Trump

This Mom Thought She Found Drugs In Her Daughter's Room And Was So Very Wrong

How One Father Is Fighting To Save His Family And Community In Flint

This Insane Lice Outbreak Could Totally Ruin Your Summer

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