June 2015
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Girl Scouts Gives Back $100K After Donor Says It Can't Go To Transgenders

People From All Over Are Helping This Little Boy Celebrate His Birthday

Awesome Mom Launches 'International Day To Normalize Breastfeeding' (Photos)

You Can Put Any Image You Want On Latte Foam With This Coffee Machine

Military Plane Crash In Indonesia Reportedly Kills At Least 116 People

Man Launches A Crowdfunding Campaign In Order To Bail Out Greece

These Kids Understand Gay Marriage And Rights Better Than Most Adults (Video)

Suddenly Secular: Jeb Bush Distances Himself From The Pope's Politics

3-Year-Old Without Nose, Eyes Or Mouth Receives Life-Changing Surgery

Woman Wants To Find Couple Whose Proposal She Captured At Eiffel Tower

Walmart Apologizes For Creating ISIS Cake, Denying Confederate Flag Cake

Awesome Barber Uses His Days Off To Give Free Haircuts To The Homeless

This Confederate Flag Parade In Georgia Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong (Video)

This Woman's Skinny Jeans Actually Gave Her A UTI That Lasted 5 Weeks

8-Month Pregnant Mom Crushes Dance Routine With Her 6-Year-Old Daughter (Video)

Amazing Father Bikes Over 500 Miles In Honor Of Son Who Died Of HIV (Video)

Terminally Ill Teen Married His Girlfriend Days Before Passing Away

Tiny Hamster Prepares For The Fourth Of July With A Super Tiny BBQ (Video)

How The ISIS-Dildo Flag Mixup Proves We Don't Get Terrorism At All

Gay Marriage Vs. Gay Rights: Why The War For Equality Isn't Over Yet

This Insanely Cute Dog And Tortoise BFF Duo Is Everything Right Now (Photos)

This Is What Fast Food Commercials Would Be Like If They Were Honest (Video)

'Teatox' Is Interfering With The Pill And People Are Getting Pregnant

Moving Story From NYC's Pride Weekend Shows There's Hope For The Future

Over 1,000 People Get Sick After Mud Run Was Contaminated With Poop

Sexy Cop Shows Off His Killer Dance Moves At The NYC Pride Parade (Video)

Couple Who Survived Tunisian Beach Attack Gets Engaged Right After

After The Supreme Court Decision: How To Turn Equality Into A Reality

Couple Protests Gay Marriage Ban By Asking Wedding Guests To Cover Ears

Japan Hosted The First Robot Wedding, And It Was As Weird As It Sounds (Video)

Gay Couple Of 54 Years Is The First To Finally Get Married In Dallas (Photos)

Lucky Dog Receives A Surprise Ball Pit From His Owner On His Birthday (Video)

Whoops! CNN Confused A Sex Toy Flag At A Pride Parade With The ISIS Flag

This Couple Is Getting Married Again After The Bride Lost Her Memory

Man Who Shielded Fiancée From Gunfire In Tunisia Is On Road To Recovery

Goldfish Used As Bait Hid From Predators For 7 Years In Filtration Tank

Photographer Perfectly Responds To Client Who's Anti-Marriage Equality

Best Bride Ever Helps Friend Pull Off Proposal During Her Own Wedding

PSA For Chocolate Lovers: Chocolate That Won't Melt In Your Hand Exists

Why We Need To Get Vocal About Our Support For Same-Sex Marriage

How Hillary Clinton's Campaign Signifies A New Era For Women's Rights

Me So Thirsty: This Vodka Claims It Puts Women In The Mood For Sex

Are We Accepting Domestic Terrorism As A New Norm In America?

Hackers May Have Accessed Info On Gov't Workers' Sex Lives In Data Breach

8 Reasons We Need To Fight To Have The ERA In The Constitution

Groom's Reaction To Bride Walking Down The Aisle Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

Young People Worldwide Face Huge Challenges, But We Can Find Solutions

This Deep-Fried Big Mac Might Kill You, But It's Totally Worth It (Photos)

French Taxi Drivers Are Protesting Uber In Paris By Shutting The City Down

Summer Is Ruined: Researchers Say Pee Makes Your Eyes Red In The Pool

Say What? Dictionary Editors Say Twerking Has Been Around Since 1820

Transgender Airman Attends White House Pride Reception In Male Uniform

Former Baltimore Cop Details The Terrible Things He Did And Witnessed

'You're In My House': President Obama Shuts Down White House Heckler (Video)

Charleston Reveals How Dangerous It Is To Be Ignorant About US History

Woman Tragically Discovers Long-Distance BF Is Engaged To Someone Else

Paw Right: There Is Now Tinder For Dogs And It's Called 'TinDog'

Science Breaks Down Why Cilantro Tastes Like Soap To Some People (Video)

One Family's Terrifying Stalker Story Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Apologizes To Victims For Taking Lives

Cop Shows The Danger Of Leaving Children Or Pets In A Hot Parked Car (Video)

Equal Pay For Equal Work: Why The ERA Is So Important

Stampede Of Puppies Invades A Swimming Pool And We Literally Can't Even (Video)

Study Says White Americans Are Deadliest Terror Threat To US Since 9/11

Mom Posts Picture Of Belly After People Tell Her She Has 'Perfect Body'

70-Year-Old Woman Raised By Black Parents Finds Out She's Actually White

Guy Wins $500K After Recording Reveals Doctor Harassed Him During Procedure

Escaped Murderer Allegedly Had Sex 4 Times A Week With Prison Worker

It's So F*cking Hot In Arizona, People Baked Cookies On A Car Dashboard

Chris Rock Took On The South Carolina Confederate Flag Debate Years Ago (Video)

The Future Is Finally Here: Lexus Created A Real-Life Hoverboard (Video)

What's The Point? 5 Reasons The Campus Carry Gun Law Makes No Sense

Amazon Pulls Confederate Flags From Store After Seeing Spike In Sales

Drink Up: Science Says Red Wine Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

An 'Abortion Drone' Will Be Sent To Poland To Drop Drugs To Women

Brave Mommy Rabbit Throws Down Against Snake Trying To Take Her Babies (Video)

I Didn't Vote: Why Modern Elections Are About The Lesser Of 2 Evils

Woman Tests Her White Privilege By Attempting To Get Arrested (Video)

14 Brands Of Bottled Water Are Being Recalled Due To Risk Of E. Coli

Why Third Parties Matter in the U.S.

Dad Captures Heartwarming Moment After The Tragic Charleston Shooting (Photo)

This New Condom Will Actually Change Color If Someone Has An STI

Fountain of Bliss? Researcher Discovered Formula For A Happy Marriage

Black Man And White Woman Speak For Each Other In Powerful Poem (Video)

Teen Vogue Slammed For Using Light-Skinned Models In African Braids Article

Why Voting Trump Is One Of The Worst Things This Generation Could Do

A Sarcastic Take On Hillary Clinton's Political Motivations

Tiny Island Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage But No Gay Couples Want To Wed

How The Media Continues To Foster Racism In America

Shocking Video Shows How Easily Kids Will Open Doors For Strangers

Woman Was Hospitalized Because Her Skinny Jeans Were Literally Too Tight

How The Pope And Bernie Sanders Are The Unlikely Millennial Leaders

Guy Messing With GoPro Ends Up Saving Animals From Apartment Fire (Video)

This Blind Jack Russell Has His Own Guide Dog And They're Inseparable (Photos)

Rock The Vote: How This Generation Can Get Involved In The 2016 Race

What Can We Do About America's Gun Problem?

How Social Media Empowers Our Generation To Fight For Global Causes

Boy Gives His Birthday Money To Family Of Fallen Cop For Father's Day

People Are Losing Their Minds Over 'Taiwan's Hottest Bean Curd Seller' (Photos)

Thousands Attend The First Service At Emanuel AME Church Since Shooting

People Crown Little Girl A Queen After She's Told 'Elsa Isn't Black'

How America Set Up The Foundation For Dylann Roof To Kill

Charleston Shooting: How Gen-Y Can Prevail Over Hate

Brave Cat Given 'Hero Dog' Award After Rescuing A Child From A Dog

Obama Drops The N-Word During Candid Conversation About Racism In The US

Puppies Run To Their Food Bowls In Adorable 9-Month Time-Lapse Video

Police Officer Sings To Toddler To Distract Her After Fatal Car Wreck

Thousands Honor Shooting Victims With 'Unity Chain' On Charleston Bridge

This Daredevil Cat Went For An Insane Joyride On A Glider Plane (Video)

Dad Beard Is Everything Right Now, And Just In Time For Father's Day (Photos)

Dads Trying To Style Their Daughters' Hair Is Too Cute For Words (Video)

Anglican Church Displays Sign To Wish Muslims A Happy Ramadan (Photo)

Boy Who Was Homeless Uses His Allowance To Make Clothes For The Needy

North Korea Says It Has A Miracle Drug That Cures Ebola, AIDS And MERS

The Youngest Charleston Victim Was My Age And Reveals My White Privilege

Volunteers Teach Deaf Rescue Dog Sign Language So He'll Get Adopted (Photos)

Have The Kurds Just Saved Democracy In Turkey?

Woman Shares Naked Selfie To Support Victims Of Huge Nude Photo Leak

When Kids Get To Style Their Dads However They Want, Chaos Ensues (Video)

Why 'Reverse Discrimination' Isn't Real

Man Falls To His Death After Trying To Hide In Undercarriage Of A Plane

Kids Know Nothing About Father's Day, But They’re So Cute We Don't Care (Video)

Scary Video Shows Just How Hard It Could Be To Spot A Drowning Child

This Gymnast Is Under Fire For Her 'Revealing' Competition Leotard

How Other Candidates Make Jeb Bush Look More Presidential Than He Is

Guy Sets Up Fake Music Video To Propose To His Childhood Sweetheart (Video)

Woman Followed Dylann Roof About 30 Miles So Authorities Could Stop Him

Dylann Roof Confesses To Killings, Says He Wanted To Start 'Race War'

Women Of All Ages Respond To The Word 'Abortion' In Powerful Video

Video Recounts The Speeches Obama Has Made For 7 Tragic Mass Shootings

5 Countries Where Femicide Is At Its Worst And What We Can Do To Help

Why You Can't Blame The Yik Yak App For Cases Of Cyberbullying

9 Tweets Showing S. Carolina's Hypocrisy In Flying The Confederate Flag

Obama Takes Strong Stance Against Guns In Light Of Charleston Shooting

French Minister Says Our Precious Nutella Is Destroying The Environment

This Cartoon Shows What Media Is Getting Wrong About Charleston Shooting

12 Images That Prove Emanuel AME Will Always Be A Symbol Of Freedom

Man Writes Moving Message On Church Shooting Suspect's Facebook Page

Boy Gives His Baby Sister Adorable Pep Talk As She Tries To Walk (Video)

Teens Create Affordable Door Handle That Kills Almost All Germs On Contact

Woman Banned From Breastfeeding Her Child Because She Got A Tattoo

Ex-Bride-To-Be Posts Hilarious Ad From Wedding Dress's Perspective

WTF? A 'World's Most Beautiful Vagina' Contest Is Actually Happening

Everything We Know About Charleston Shooter Suspect, Dylann Storm Roof

This New Mobile App Will Deliver An STD Test Straight To Your House

A Board Covered In Money Was Put Up In LA And The Reaction Was Amazing (Video)

Gunman Allegedly Revealed His Motive To Congregation During Shooting

Guy Pulls Off Epic Movie Theater Proposal On A 'Seemingly Normal Date' (Video)

This Couple Dancing On A Subway Platform Is Completely Mesmerizing

Police Have Released High-Quality Photos Of Charleston Church Shooter

Finally! The US Treasury Says The New $10 Bill Will Feature A Woman

Adorable 4-Year-Old Flower Girl Is The Real Star Of Her Mom's Wedding (Photo)

The Journey This Man Took With His Blind Cat Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

USA, Take Note: Argentina May Impose A Fine For Catcalling Women

This Children's Book Called 'How A Baby Is Made' Will Scar Young Lives (Photos)

This Former Millionaire Spent All Her Money Raising 75 Foster Children

4-Year-Old's Reaction To Flipping Upside Down In Plane Couldn't Be Cuter (Video)

Asian Americans Fight Through Tears To Talk About Immigrant Parents' Sacrifices

Restaurant Responds Perfectly After Guy Pees On Himself In Bathroom

Women Are Freezing Their Thighs To Get Butts Like Kim Kardashian (Photos)

Airport Staff Takes Kid's Stuffed Tiger On Adventure After He Loses It (Photos)

You're Fired: Why Donald Trump Has No Business Being In The GOP Race

Young Heroes: Florida Boys Rescue Babies From A Burning Mobile Home

Man Has Been In Prison For 35 Years Without Being Convicted Of A Crime

KFC Customer Claims The Restaurant Served Him A Deep-Fried Rat

This Little Octopus Might Get A Name Based On How Adorable It Is (Video)

This Footage Of Ear Wax Being Removed Is The Epitome Of Gross (Video)

That Model Who Ate A Huge Burrito Is Back With 5 Footlong Sandwiches (Video)

YES! We Are Finally Going To Have The Taco Emoji We Always Wanted (Photos)

Boy Using Cannabis Oil Would 'Rather Be Illegally Alive Than Legally Dead'

Men Don't Care Hot Woman Has A Boyfriend When She Hits On Them (Video)

High School Students Pull Off An Amazing Flash Mob At Their Graduation (Video)

Man Records Himself During A Panic Attack To Show 'Anxiety Is Real'

How 'Fresh Prince' Can Help Us Understand Rachel Dolezal And Race

This Cat With Alien-Like Eyes Will Definitely Win Your Heart (Photos)

Mom And Son Get High Together For The First Time And It’s Awesome (Video)

Move Over Six Pack Mom, This Pregnant Weightlifter Is Expecting Twins (Photos)

Man Dies After Being Served Dishwasher Detergent Instead Of Wine

Emotional Ad Pays Tribute To All The Single Moms On Father's Day (Video)

These Patient Police Dogs Perfectly Line Up As They Wait For Dinner

Chocolate Lovers, Rejoice! Eating Two Bars A Day Can Be Good For You

WTF? Model Says He Draws Fashion Inspiration From Homeless People

The 'Soulmate Quiz' Is The New Terrible Obsession Taking Over Facebook

James Holmes Intentionally Hid Shooting Details From His Therapist

Iranian Women Are Showing Their Hair To Protest Mandatory Hijab Law (Photos)

Awkward Teen Busts Out Some Serious Moves At A School Dance-Off (Video)

Study Finds Legalizing Weed Has Not Led To A Rise In Smoking Among Teens

Worst Boss Ever Grabs Employee's Crotch And Rips Off His Testicle

Rachel Dolezal Says She Has Identified As Black Since Childhood

How The 420 Games Debunk The Myth Of The 'Lazy Stoner' (Video)

You'll Soon Be Able To Move Minecraft From The TV To Your Table (Video)

Gay Men Protest FDA Ban On Donating Blood With Powerful Piece Of Art

Family Comes Together To Help Paralyzed Grandpa Hike The Grand Canyon (Video)

Why More States Need To Adopt Greater Gun Violence Awareness

Is Teaching Women Self-Defense Really The Only Way To Prevent Rape?

4 Reasons Republicans Struggle In Winning Over Millennials

Dog Helps His Owner Relax During Her Difficult Asperger’s Episode (Video)

American Airlines' Response To Anti-LGBT Customer Lands Perfectly

Girl With 5.1 GPA Receives $3 Million In Scholarships From 26 Schools

BRB, Crying: Dads And Kids Share What Makes Them Proud Of Each Other (Video)

Yoga Studio Invites Shelter Cats Into Classes So They'll Get Adopted (Photos)

Rachel Dolezal Steps Down From Her Leadership Position At NAACP

North Korean Soldier Defiantly Walks Across Border, Defects To South

Kid Cries His Heart Out When He Learns He's Going To Disney World (Video)

In A Bizarre Coincidence, This Woman Wore The Same Thing As The Floor (Photo)

Men Learning They're Going To Be First-Time Dads Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

Two Teens Lose Limbs In Separate North Carolina Shark Attacks On Sunday

Rockstar Catches A Beer And Drinks It While Crowdsurfing Like A Boss (Video)

3 Simple Ways To Improve Voter Turnout And Democracy In America

3-Year-Old Boy Who Wrote Letter To 'Doggy Heaven' Gets Amazing Reply

NOPE: This Spider Breaking Out Of A Banana Will Give You Nightmares (Video)

Man Sends His Lookalike To Take A Paternity Test To Avoid Child Support

This Guy Hacked A Video Game To Create The Ultimate Marriage Proposal (Photos)

Wheelchair-Bound Teen Shocks Graduation Audience And Walks Across Stage

The Future Is Here: Sex Dolls May Soon Be Able To Respond To Dirty Talk

An Engine On A Malaysia Airlines Plane Burst Into Flames After Takeoff

This Gay Teen's Senior Yearbook Quote Could Not Be More Perfect (Photo)

The Most Boring Viral Video Ever Is Actually For A Great Cause

The Man Who Got The World's First Penis Transplant Is Going To Be A Dad

Women Are Posting #DistractinglySexy Pics To Ridicule Sexist Professor

Student Anonymously Features His Peers On Instagram In Amazing Way (Photos)

This Civil Rights Activist Is Actually White, According To Her Parents

US Police Killed More People This Month Than Other Countries Have In Years

This Man Gave His Fiancée An Engagement Ring Made With His Leg Bone

Ouch! Rugby Player Breaks Arm On Live TV During Arm Wrestling Match (Video)

Millennials: Voting Republican Will Get Us Back On The Right Track

Execs Arrested For Dating Site With Only 1 Woman Out Of 2.7M Users

University Might Ban Women From Frat Parties To Prevent Sexual Assault

Scuba Diver Gives No F*cks, Leaves Cage To High Five Great White Shark (Video)

A Truck Full Of Live Sharks Crashed On Florida Highway, One Left Dead

Students Formed A Massive Line To Get Their Yearbooks Signed By Janitor

The Woman Who Found Her Real-Life Doppelgänger Just Found A Second One

Police Shut Down Lemonade Stand Because The Girls Didn't Have A Permit

Firefighter Responds To Crash, Discovers Victims Are His Wife And Son

Guy And His Dog Absolutely Crush It Juggling A Soccer Ball Together (Video)

WTF? Man Breaks His Penis By Falling Off Moped While Watching Porn

100-Year-Old Says Key To Living A Long Life Is Drinking A Lot Of Alcohol

These People Say They'll Get Divorced If Australia Legalizes Gay Marriage

Sick Dad Flies Across The Country To Surprise Daughter At Her Wedding (Video)

This Girl Is Actually Still Alive After An Insane Fall Off A Railing (Video)

Richard Branson Gives 1-Year Paid Leave To New Fathers Working At Virgin

Pornhub Is Hoping To Crowdfund The Very First Adult Film In Space

How US Prisons Aren't Rehabilitating People, They're Torturing Them

Teacher Pledges To Sell Massive Toy Collection To Get Boy A Wheelchair

Prison Worker Was Going To Drive Escaped Murderers But Got Cold Feet

Woman Pumps 29 Gallons Of Breast Milk And Donates It To Babies In Need

Georgia Drops Murder Charges Against Woman Who Took An Abortion Pill

Billionaire Jack Ma Says He Was Happier When He Was Earning $12 A Month

Cut The Cords: New System Will Let You Charge Your Devices Over WiFi

Woman Freaks The F*ck Out When She Realizes Her Sister Is Having Twins (Video)

NYPD Chief Says It's Hard To Hire Black Officers Because Of Their Records

Firefighter Who Saved Girl's Life 17 Years Ago Attends Her Graduation

Police Officer Who Pulled His Gun Out At A Texas Pool Party Resigns

Famous Vlogger Comes Out To Her Followers In Extremely Inspiring Video

Guy Dresses Like 17-Year-Old Girlfriend And Tries To Take Exam For Her

This Hero Saved Over 2 Million Babies By Donating His Rare Blood Type

This Adorable Dog Really Doesn’t Want Her Lobster Friend To Become Food (Video)

3 Myths Gun Lobbyists Want The US Population To Believe As Fact

Hundreds Of Piglets Are On The Loose In Ohio After A Truck Overturned

Jon Stewart Rips Apart Texas Cop Who Crossed The Line At Pool Party (Video)

TSA Didn't Identify 73 Airline Employees With Possible Links To Terrorism

Heroic Dog Protects Its Blind Owner By Jumping In Front Of Oncoming Bus

You Can Do Weed Yoga And Eat Meals Paired With Pot At This Stoner Resort

Waitress Makes Heartwarming Gesture To Couple Who Lost Their Baby

This Vibrator Will Give You Feedback On How To Improve Your Sex Life

Bernie Sanders Is Saying What Millennials Have Been Thinking All Along

60-Year-Old Teacher Crushes Dance To ‘Uptown Funk’ With Her Students (Video)

Russia's Richest Man May Lose $7.5 Billion In His Divorce Settlement

Silk Road, The Pirate Bay And The Future Of Online Illicit Marketplaces

Put Down The Doughnuts: Fattier Foods May Be Making You More Emotional

Investigator Says Escaped Killer Is Extremely 'Vicious' And 'Evil'

Man Has 420 Kidney Stones Removed After Eating Way Too Much Tofu

Thugs Get Beatings Of Their Lives After Trying To Rob Elderly Ex-Boxer (Video)

The Cop Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott Was Indicted For Murder

Touching Photos Show Baby Koala Clinging To Its Mother During Her Surgery

Man Asks His Girlfriend To Marry Him On Her Final Day Of Chemotherapy (Video)

Two Murderers Pull 'Shawshank'-Style Escape From Maximum Security Prison

15-Year-Old Carries Brother With Cerebral Palsy On His Back For 57 Miles

Guy Pulls Off A Mesmerizing Dance Routine In 100 Different Places (Video)

Man Spends Over $700,000 On Fortune Teller To Get Woman To Love Him

This Creepy Green Worm With A Pink Tongue Is Freaking Everyone Out (Video)

Texas Police Officer Points Gun At Unarmed Teens During A Pool Party

Cop Proposed To His Teacher Girlfriend And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever (Video)

Guy Hid The Fact He Didn't Have A Penis From His GF For An Entire Year

Man Crowdfunds Over $45,000 After Being Attacked In Community Center

US Air Force Bombs ISIS Target After A Member Posts A Selfie Online

Dying Woman Refuses Organ Transplants So She Can Complete Bucket List

Guy Surprises Traveling GF With The Most Romantic Proposal In London

Woman With Cancer Perfectly Responds To 'Hold A Coke With Your Boobs'

A New Pill Deemed The 'Female Viagra' Could Soon Be Made Available

New Blood Test Can Tell You Any Virus That Has Ever Infected Your Body

Women Are Injecting Their Blood Into Their Vaginas To Make Them Tighter

Man Changes His Name And Gets New Passport To Avoid An Extra Airline Fee

How Bernie Sanders Will Change Your Mind About The Label 'Socialist'

Science Says Almost Half Of Women Fantasize About Other People In Bed

Anti-Caitlyn Jenner Post Teaches Beautiful Lesson After 'Ironic Twist'

Coolest Bear Ever Waves To People And Casually Catches A Slice Of Bread (Video)

Teacher Allegedly Gives Students Extra Credit For Selfies With Sex Toys

No One Really Knows What The Red Cross Did With $500 Million In Haiti

This Singing Flash Mob Proposal Might Have Just Won The Entire Game (Video)

That Must Have Hurt: Guy Fractures His Penis While Having Sex With GF

Girl Donates Graduation Dress Money And Makes Own Dress From Homework

11-Year-Old Kills Rendition Of 'I Will Always Love You' At Talent Show (Video)

Model's Insane 45-Inch Legs Are As Tall As An Average 7-Year-Old (Photos)

91-Year-Old Checks Off Bucket List Dream Of Crashing Through Garage Door (Video)

This Jacked Kangaroo Loves Using His Massive Muscles To Crush Buckets (Photos)

This Roman Candle Street Fight Could Be Straight Out Of 'Harry Potter' (Video)

Keep Hating The TSA: The Searches And Pat Downs Aren't Protecting You

Elderly People Share What Their Dream Jobs Were When They Were Younger

A Weed Strain Called 'Sexxpot' Is Meant To Make Sex Better For Women

Man Plays Beatles Song On Guitar As Doctors Perform Brain Surgery On Him

Forget Siri: A New App Called 'Hound' Can Answer Virtually Any Question (Video)

The '10 Power Commandments' For Wall Street Interns Are Absolutely Insane

The Claw Machine Was Actually Designed To Completely F*ck You Over

Baby Goats Wearing Pajamas Are The Cutest Things You'll See All Day (Video)

WTF? Guy Actually Considers Selling His GF To Prankster For $11,000 (Video)

Man Casually Brings Rifle Into Atlanta Airport And It's Totally Fine

Sheryl Sandberg Posts Emotional Tribute To Husband A Month After His Death

What The Abercrombie & Fitch Ruling Means For American Muslims

Heroic Boy Teased For Long Hair Donates 12 Inches To People In Need

Sorry, Everyone: There's A 60 Percent Chance Poop Is On Your Toothbrush

Teen Given $45,000 After Policeman Arrested Her For Turning Him Down

Edward Snowden Says USA Freedom Act Makes Being A Fugitive Worth It

You Can Now Buy Marijuana-Infused Coffee, And It's Actually Legal

Guy Shows Just How Easy It Is To Drug Someone's Drink At The Bar (Video)

School Cafeteria Worker Gets Fired For Giving Hungry Students Lunch

Godzilla Now Has Citizenship In Japan And A Certificate To Prove It

Former Marine Sets A World Record By Planking For Over 5 Hours

Guy Proposed To GF While Filming An Action Movie And It's Incredible (Video)

Bikers Tell 5-Year-Old Disabled Girl They'll Protect Her From Bullies (Video)

Woman Becomes A Legend After Impressively Eating Five Pounds Of Noodles (Video)

Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Will Use 'Stand Your Ground' Defense

11-Year Time Lapse Of One World Trade Center's Construction Is Incredible (Video)

Woman's Pregnancy Is Documented In Beautiful 90-Second Time-Lapse Video

Huckabee Wishes He Said He Was Transgender In HS To Shower With Girls

Woman With Extreme Fear Of Dentists Superglues Her Teeth Back In Mouth

WTF? Mom And Daughter Bond By Spending Time With Their Sugar Daddies

This 20-Year-Old Designed The World's Very First Ocean Cleaning System

Aurora Shooter Says His Personal Value Increased With Every Kill He Made

This Pigtailed Bunny Is Definitely The Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen (Photos)

High School Seniors Perform An Awesome Medley At Their Graduation (Video)

Animals See Themselves In A Mirror For The First Time And It's Hilarious (Video)

82-Year-Old Man Arrested For Slashing Woman's Tires Over A Bingo Game

Investigators Were Able To Smuggle Weapons By TSA 95 Percent Of The Time

This Amazing 92-Year-Old Became The Oldest Woman To Finish A Marathon

Woman Lands In Jail For Having Loud Sex That Kept Neighbors Up At Night

Escaped Pet Pig Poops In Back Of Police Car And Looks So Happy About It

How 'Killer Robots' Could Actually Be The Key To Peace In The Future

Former Nazis Received Over $20 Million In Social Security Benefits

Hypocrisy And A Shift Left: Is The GOP Losing Moral High Ground?

19-Year-Old's Birthday Ad Asking For A Family Will Leave You In Tears

Dad Perfectly Calls Out Parents Who Use Social Media To Shame Children (Video)

5th Graders Make Amazing Pledge To Protect Their Special Needs Friend

American Police Have Already Killed Around 400 People In 2015 Alone

Iconic 'Love Locks' In Paris Are Being Removed Due To Safety Concerns

Someone Got Rid Of A $200,000 Apple I Without Knowing Its Worth

The Cop Who Told Teen His Parents Had Been Killed Came To His Graduation