June 2015
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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Are Divorcing After 10 Years Of Marriage

This 'Harry Potter' Actress Is All Grown Up And Insanely Gorgeous (Photos)

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Fan Sneaks Onto 'Orange Is The New Black' Set To Recreate Iconic Scenes (Photos)

Chrissy Teigen's Mom Had The Perfect Response To The Banned Instagram

Guy Went Through 23 Surgeries So He Could Look Exactly Like Superman

'Suicide Squad' Has A 'Therapist' Specifically For The Cast Members

Why TV Must Move Away From Stereotypical Depictions Of LGBT People

Why Slut-Shaming Of 'The Bachelorette' Brings Down Women Everywhere

Caitlyn Jenner Stepped Out During Pride Weekend, And Everyone Lost It

Someone Flew A Kim K And Ray J Sex Tape Flag While Kanye Performed

It Looks Like Emma Watson Is Now Part Of Taylor Swift's Girl Gang (Photo)

Diplo, Skrillex And Justin Bieber Just Dropped 'Where Are Ü Now' Video

DJ Tragically Shot And Killed After Refusing To Play A Song Request

Research Shows Hip-Hop Can Help With Mental Illness

How Wiz Khalifa Went From Local Rapper To International Icon

This Twitter Account Proves 'GOT' Is Just An R-Rated Version Of 'Shrek' (Photos)

Kris Jenner Finally Speaks Out About Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

Oops! Theater Surprised Kids With 'Insidious: 3' Instead Of 'Inside Out'

Vin Diesel Says New 'Fast & Furious' Ride Is Dedicated To Paul Walker

Chris Pratt Admits He May Go Back To Being 'The Fat Guy' After Hollywood

Amy Schumer Proves Being A Princess Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be (Video)

Makeup Artist's Transformation Into Ruby Rose Is Completely On Point (Video)

If 'Magic Mike' Was Written By Kids, It Would Be Absolutely Hysterical (Video)

This Time-Lapse Video Shows 16 Years Of Jon Stewart On 'The Daily Show'

Channing Tatum Is Down For A Threesome With His Wife And Emilia Clarke

Kim And Kanye Had Male Embryos Implanted To Make Sure They'd Have A Boy

How Feminism In Hip-Hop Could Bring Real Changes To A Sexist Industry

Channing Tatum Admits He Almost Burned His Penis Off With Boiling Water

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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: 13 Times Diddy Lost His Damn Mind

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Harry Styles Calls Out Guy In Audience Who Once Stole His Girlfriend (Video)

This Video Perfectly Captures All The Sounds Associated With Summer

Taylor Swift Fires Back At Photographer Who Criticized Her Apple Rant

OMFG: Norma From 'OITNB' Was Actually The Lead Of A 70s Punk Band

Someone Caught The Rock Wearing His Fanny Pack And It's Everything

This Guy Singing Whitney Houston Might Actually Be Whitney Houston (Video)

Diddy Charged With Assault And Battery For Allegedly Attacking UCLA Coach

A Cappella Group Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson With An Epic Mashup (Video)

This Guy Playing 'Beat It' On An Acoustic Guitar Absolutely Nails It (Video)

NBC Canceled 'Hannibal' And All The Fans Are Freaking The F*ck Out

All Hail The X-Files Writers’ Room

These Disney-Themed Bento Boxes Are Way Too Pretty For Anyone To Eat (Photos)

Yes, Please: Beyoncé Might Actually Be The Next Marvel Movie Superhero

Chris Pratt Recreates His 'Jurassic World' Pose At Children's Hospital (Photo)

Celebrities Are Thanking Taylor Swift For Taking A Stand Against Apple

Caitlyn Jenner's Father's Day Family Photo Is Absolutely Perfect

Bryan Cranston Brought Back Walter White At EDC In The Most Epic Way (Video)

Charlie Sheen Spent Father's Day Bashing Denise Richards On Twitter

Kylie Jenner Says Her 'Boob Implants' Are Actually Just A Lot Of Tape (Video)

Cara Delevingne And Emilia Clarke Compete For The Title Of 'Best Brows' (Video)

Paul Walker's Daughter Posted A Touching Tribute On Father's Day (Photo)

Apple Changes Its Royalties Policy After Taylor Swift Speaks Her Mind

Justin Timberlake Posted The Cutest Picture On His First Father's Day

It's Official! Kim K Confirmed She And Kanye Will Be Having A Baby Boy

How Ruby Rose Made You Realize Sexual Orientation Isn't A Rigid Matter

Miley Cyrus Might Be Dating This Hot Victoria's Secret Model (Photos)

Finally! The First Photos From The The New 'Ghostbusters' Are Here (Photos)

We Should Have Known This Madonna/Taylor Swift Mashup Was Coming

The Pokémon Porn Parody 'Strokémon' Will Destroy Your Childhood (Video)

How 50 Cent Went From Drug Dealer To Powerful Businessman

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No Jokes, 'Just Sadness' From Jon Stewart After The Charleston Shooting

People Can't Handle How Cringeworthy The New '50 Shades' Book 'Grey' Is

Guy Is Removing His 29 Miley Cyrus Tats Since She Called Them 'Creepy'

Angelina Jolie Says Violence Against Women Causes 'Human Suffering'

The Trailer For Robin Williams' Final Film Is Here, And It's Heartbreaking

Lady Gaga Does Beautiful Rendition Of 'Imagine' At European Games (Video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks People While Dressed As The Terminator (Video)

Two Of Your Favorite 'That '70s Show' Stars Are Making A New Series

Kim Kardashian Used To Snitch On Paris Hilton When She Worked For Her

Zookeepers Recreate Chris Pratt's 'Jurassic World' Pose Perfectly

The Kid From 'Jerry Maguire' Has A Father's Day Message For Tom Cruise (Video)

4 Things We'll Miss About The Most Recent Character To Leave 'GOT'

Miley Cyrus Sells Her Caitlyn Jenner Art For $69,000 And A Boob Glance

Little Girls' Softball Team Poses For Amazing 'Frozen'-Themed Photo

Ruby Rose And Her Fiancée Should Definitely Be Your Relationship Goals (Photos)

Everyone’s Bae Ruby Rose Also Has A Beautiful Singing Voice (Video)

Everyone's Freaking Out Over Pilot Who Looks Like Maverick In 'Top Gun' (Photos)

Shut Up! 'Princess Diaries 3' Is Apparently In The Works At Disney

Assh*le Allegedly Stole 7 Of Paul Walker's Cars The Day After He Died

7-Year-Old Crushes Dance On Stage With Pharrell And His Dad Goes Nuts (Video)

LGBTQ Community Isn't Happy About Straight Women 'Going Gay' For Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Starred In And Wrote This Powerful Video About Gender

Kanye Fell Asleep During North West's Birthday Party At Disneyland

Attention Grievers: A 'Game of Thrones' Memorial Has Popped Up In NY

Kim Kardashian Doesn't Mention Kanye In Letter To Her Future Self (Video)

Martha Stewart Didn't Smoke With Snoop, But She Did Get A Contact High (Video)

Girl Goes All Out For Her 'Sleeping Beauty'-Themed Prom Entrance (Photos)

Too Far: Aaron Paul Punks 'Breaking Bad' Fans By Announcing Spinoff

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How Miley Cyrus Effectively Became A Pioneer For LGBT Youth

OMG: The Spice Girls Had A Mini-Reunion At A Music Festival In England

All The Crazy Sh*t In This Season Of 'GOT' Actually Happened In History

Will Ferrell And Kristen Wiig's Lifetime Movie Looks Amazingly Bad

Jimmy Buffett Was The True Star Of 'Jurassic World,' Says The Internet

Kid Realizes He Could Pass As Prince George And Has The Best Reaction (Photo)

Stop Everything: 'Pitch Perfect 3' Is Actually Happening

The Rock Got In A Car Accident, But The Guy He Hit Couldn't Be Happier

Valar Morghulis: A Ranking Of 'GOT's' Most Threatening One-Liners

RIP: Why The Latest To Die On 'GOT' Should Not Be Resurrected

One Direction No More: Zayn Just Dropped An Amazing Remix Of 'No Type'

'GOT' Finale Reveals The Double-Edge Sword Of Staying True To Yourself

Chris Pratt Gets Scared Sh*tless By An Unexpected Dinosaur Prank (Video)

People Lose Their Sh*t While Watching The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale (Video)

Tons Of Celebs Are Buying This Bracelet To Support A Wildlife Charity

'Jurassic World' Sets Box Office Record With $524M In First Weekend

Miley Cyrus Launches An Instagram Series Featuring Transgender People

Rumer Willis Pens Inspiring Message To Women About Body Shaming

Artist Reimagines What Disney Animals Would Look Like As Humans (Photos)

Dave Chapelle Is Avoiding Rachel Dolezal Jokes Because No One Else Is

The 'Magic Mike: XXL' Stars Reveal Their Porn Names To Jimmy Kimmel

Keeping It Real: How 'OITNB' Continues To Make Prison Inmates So Relatable

Stunt Doubles For 'Mad Max' Fell In Love, Got Married And Had A Kid

Is There Hope? Twitter Seems To Believe Zayn Malik Is Returning To 1D

10 Rap Artists To Watch This Year, As XXL's Freshmen Cover Identified

Superfan Meets T Swift After Getting Married In The Concert's Parking Lot

Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan Singing His Song At The Mall With Epic Duet (Video)

Kristen Stewart Is Officially Dating Personal Assistant Alicia Cargile

Channing Tatum Goes Full 'Magic Mike' On Lucky Woman At A Vegas Show (Video)

The Internet Is Freaking Out Over The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale

Zendaya Graduated From High School And Even BFF Taylor Swift Cried

'Motown The Musical' Cast Does Surprise Performance On Virgin Flight (Video)

12 Times Crazy Eyes Was The Realest Character On 'OITNB'

This Guy Has Made Almost $500,000 By Dressing Up As Britney Spears (Photos)

Mind = Blown: This Discovery Explains Why Patrick Star Is So Dumb

Jennifer Lawrence Has A Hot New Bodyguard And We Couldn't Approve More (Photos)

'Golden Girls' Actress Died 5 Years Ago, But Her Death Just Went Viral

Blake Griffin Explains The Lyrics Of Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen' (Video)

'OITNB' Hit Netflix 6 Hours Early And Everyone Freaked The F*ck Out

Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Working On An Album With Tyga And Kanye

Twitter Destroyed Troy Ave For Allegedly Selling 30 Copies Of His Album

Litchfield Superlatives: 12 Ways To Describe The Cast Of 'OITNB'

Taylor Swift Might've Donated $15K To Man Who Saved His Family In Crash

Orchestra Performed An Incredible Medley Of Iconic Hip-Hop Songs (Video)

Guy Turns Himself Into Caitlyn Jenner In Stunning Makeup Transformation (Photos)

Kit Harington Judged Some Frighteningly Accurate Jon Snow Impersonations (Video)

Zendaya Slams Twitter Account For Hateful Post About A Makeup Artist

10 Lessons Piper Chapman Taught Me About Being An Adult In 'OITNB'

Jack Nicholson Is Scared Being A Ladies' Man Has Left Him To Die Alone

Kim K Went By 'Princess Kimberly' On Myspace And Only Had 856 Friends

Taylor Swift's Lookalike Makes Thousands Just By Posing As The Pop Star

The Rock Let This Toddler Think She Was Pulling A Huge Plane By Herself (Video)

Leonardo DiCaprio Made Out With A Model On A Citi Bike Because He's Leo

There's Another Ridiculously Hot Actor Who Looks Exactly Like Tom Hardy

Chris Pratt Proves He Can Run In Heels Like His 'Jurassic World' Costar (Video)

How Sexualized Female Celebrities Are Sending The Wrong Message

How Miley Cyrus Opened Up Doors For LGBT Community In New 'Paper' Cover

1,000 Nicki Minaj Cutouts With Free Tickets Took Over A Finnish Cathedral (Photos)

Amy Schumer Hilariously Photobombed Couple's Adorable Engagement Photo

Caitlyn Jenner Thanks Plastic Surgeon With Signed Copy Of Vanity Fair

This All-Male A Capella Version Of 'Lady Marmalade' Is Everything (Video)

The Wax Kim K At Madame Tussauds Will Obviously Be Able To Take Selfies

Ed Sheeran Gave An Incredibly Inspiring Speech About Having A Stutter

This Nickelodeon Star Grew Up And Is Now A Super Hot USC Student (Photos)

It's A Boy! Sources Say Kim And Kanye Will Be Having A Son

Kids Reacting To Caitlyn Jenner Will Give You Hope For The Future (Video)

There's An Extremely Good Reason Miley Cyrus Posed Naked With A Pig

JK Rowling Says There Will Be An American Hogwarts In 'Potter' Spinoff

10 Cartoons From Childhood That Should Come Back To TV

'Hey Arnold': 3 Life Lessons Learned From The Best Cartoon Of The 90s

The 'Powerpuff Girls' Are Coming Back To TV With A Brand New Cast

Kate Moss Made 'Basic Bitch' Video With Marc Jacobs Before Plane Incident

'Harry Potter' Fans, Rejoice: JK Rowling Says We All Went To Hogwarts

The Trailer For ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2’ Is Finally Here

Kim Rented Out The Staples Center For Kanye's Birthday Basketball Game (Photos)

These Babies Dancing To Beyoncé's '7/11' Will Make Your Entire Day

7 Women On Broadway Who Stole The Show At This Year's Tony Awards

Monica And Chandler Were Never Supposed To Be A Couple On 'Friends'

Katy Perry Is Allegedly Writing The Ultimate Taylor Swift Revenge Song

Zayn Malik Is Channeling His Inner Joker With Bright Green Hair

People Are Destroying Beyoncé For Announcement About Being Vegan

Tom Hardy's Body Double For 'Mad Max' Is Even Hotter Than He Is (Photos)

The Trailer For 'The Martian' Was Released And It's Totally Badass

It Looks Like Professor Snape From 'Harry Potter' Works At An Airport

Jerry Seinfeld Says He Won't Perform At Colleges Because They're Too PC

Will And Jada Are Redefining Normal With Their 'Open' Relationship

Kylie Jenner Slams Chris Brown For Sharing A Rude Caitlyn Jenner Post

Drunk Kate Moss Escorted Off Flight After Calling Pilot 'Basic Bitch'

Learning Knows No Age: 5 Gen-Y Takeaways From 'Grace And Frankie'

Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Crushed A Cover of Rihanna's Hit 'BBHMM' (Video)

Childhood Ruined: The 'Full House' TV Movie Is Full Of Creepy Lookalikes

Trans People Are Making Their Own Versions Of Caitlyn Jenner's VF Cover

Lance Bass Shares Amazing Throwback Photo Of 'N Sync And The Spice Girls

Ed Sheeran’s Acoustic Cover Of ‘Trap Queen’ Is An Absolute Banger (Video)

#TBT: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Had A Failed TV Pilot In 2008 (Video)

Some Genius Recreated 'Jurassic World' With Hot Dogs And Dino Nuggets (Video)

Seinfeld Wanted 'Elaine Gets Fat' Angle When Julia Louis-Dreyfus Was Pregnant

The New ‘Macbeth’ Trailer Is Here And Better Than You Would Ever Expect

Steve Irwin's Daughter Is Grown Up And Keeping Her Dad's Legacy Alive

Amy Schumer Gives The Perfect Reason For Not Caring About Body Standards

'Entourage' Cast Played An Epic Game Of Never Have I Ever With Ellen

Why Caitlyn Jenner Rightfully Deserves The Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Why Your Expectations For 'Entourage' Were Too High To Begin With

Johnny Depp Is Walking Around Australia As Jack Sparrow And It's Amazing

Guy Sings 75 Years Of Disney Songs And Shows How Far They've Come (Video)

People Are Petitioning For Caitlyn Jenner To Give Back Her Gold Medal

Jason Alexander Finally Reveals Why Susan Was Killed Off 'Seinfeld'

'The Lion King' And 'Aladdin' Casts Have A Sing-Off During Flight Delay (Video)

Amy Schumer Hilariously Shows Men How To Deal With Their Emotional GFs (Video)

Martha Stewart Apparently Smoked Weed With Snoop And Life Is Complete

Dennis Rodman Praises Caitlyn Jenner, Says He'd Like To Date Her

Christopher Nolan Finally Gives Some Explanation To 'Inception' Ending

This Adorable Duet Between Chris Evans And His Brother Ends Way Too Soon (Video)

Jon Stewart's Criticism Of Sexist Coverage On Caitlyn Jenner Is Perfect (Video)

'Pretty Little Liars' Premiered And It's Still As Confusing As Ever

The First Look At Caitlyn Jenner's Documentary Series Is Finally Here (Video)

Steven Universe: Cartoon Network's Most Feminist TV Series

Why Female Empowerment Shouldn’t Mean Taking Your Clothes Off

Akon Will Bring Electricity To 600 Million People In Rural Africa

Sources Say Kim K Is Expecting Twins But Wants Focus On Caitlyn Jenner

Tom Hanks' Rapper Son Says He'll Use The 'N-Word' Whenever He Wants

James Franco Perfectly Parodies Shia LaBeouf's Motivational Speech (Video)

Eddie Redmayne Has Officially Been Cast In A 'Harry Potter' Prequel

Ed Sheeran Proves He Can Turn Any Kind Of Song Into Something Uplifting (Video)

Vanity Fair Pulled Out All The Stops To Keep Caitlyn Jenner Cover Secret

Rob Kardashian Had No Idea Who Caitlyn Jenner Was When He Saw VF Cover

Caitlyn Jenner Claims Kris Jenner 'Mistreated' Her During Their Marriage

Channing Tatum Goes Undercover, Grinds On Fans At 'Magic Mike XXL' Viewing (Video)

Going For The Gold: How Caitlyn Jenner Is Nothing Short Of Heroic

Laverne Cox Supports Caitlyn Jenner, But Says 'The Struggle Continues'

Kanye West Gave An Extremely Honest And Powerful Graduation Speech (Video)

Caitlyn Jenner's Mom Says She'll Always Refer To Caitlyn As 'Bruce'

Drake Bell's Insensitive Comment About Caitlyn Jenner Made People Angry

This Impromptu 'That's So Raven' Reunion Is Everything Right Now

This Duet Between Jessie J And A Fan Will Seriously Give You The Chills (Video)

Iggy Azalea Is Engaged To Nick Young And The Proposal Video Is Adorable

5 Things Millennials Can Learn From Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Debut

Vince Vaughn Speaks Out And Defends Americans' Rights To Carry Guns

Jessica Lange Accepts Comparison To Caitlyn Jenner, Says It's 'Wonderful'

This 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Actor Is Fighting ISIS In Syria

How Fetty Wap Went From Being Unknown To Major Artist In Only 2 Years

Caitlyn Jenner Inspires The Beauty Of Women In Every Community

Trans Identities: Caitlyn Jenner Is Not The Sole Definition Of Beautiful

The Photos From Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Shoot Are Breathtaking

Jaden Smith Rocked A Dress As Amandla Stenberg's Prom Date (Photos)

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals She Is Finally 'Free' During Vanity Fair Shoot (Video)

Why Caitlyn Jenner Is The Woman Our Society Needs

Not Trying To 'Keep Up': Why Jenner Didn't Spell Caitlyn With A 'K'

People Are Bugging Out At Kim For Posting Her Cover And Not Caitlyn Jenner's

Celebrities Had Amazing Reactions To Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

Tom Hardy's Myspace Page Was Absolutely F*cking Legendary (Photos)

People Are Saying Caitlyn Jenner Looks Exactly Like Jessica Lange

Enrique Iglesias Cut His Fingers Trying To Grab Drone During A Concert

Caitlyn Jenner Launches Twitter Page And Tweets For The First Time

Vanity Fair Introduces Caitlyn Jenner To The World On Its Newest Cover

'Salute Your Shorts' Star Donkeylips Performs The Show's Theme Song (Video)

E.L. James Announces New 'Fifty Shades' Told From Christian Grey's POV

Tracy Morgan Breaks Silence After Crash That Almost Took His Life (Video)

Bruce Jenner Will Reportedly Grace The Cover Of Vanity Fair As A Woman

Why Nostalgia Isn't Always Enough To Make A Movie Reboot Successful

It's Official! Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Having Another Baby