July 2018
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Southwest’s Flash Sale Has $47 Fares, So Start Planning Your End-Of-Summer Trip

Is Facebook Being Used To Sway Elections? The 2018 Midterms Have Been Targeted

Chipotle’s Website & App Crashed On Free Guac Day, & People Are Pissed

The Nutella Company Is Hiring Taste Testers So BRB Quitting My Job

Paul Manafort's Trial Has Started & Here's What You Should Know

Donald Trump Tweeted About Collusion As The First Trial From The Russia Investigation Started

This Video Of Barack Obama & Joe Biden Getting Lunch Proves This Bromance Is Forever

Cards Against Humanity Trolled A Customer With Glitter & The Exchange Is Going Viral

Kim Kardashian's Opinion Of Donald Trump Is A Lot Nicer Than I Expected

Chrissy Teigen Tweeted About Melania Trump's Gardening Photo, & It's A Zinger

Panera’s New Double Bread Bowls Are Date Night Goals

What Is Lyft's Personal Plan? The New Monthly Subscription Will Help You Save Up

Google Maps iOS "Match" Feature Will Help You Find Your Next Meal & I'm Hungry

Wholly Guacamole's "Guaclandia" Bus Is Traveling The U.S. & It's So Insta-Worthy

Snapchat's Harry Potter Quidditch Bitmoji Lens Is Here To Celebrate Harry's Birthday

Will Donald Trump Meet With Hassan Rouhani? He Says He's Ready To

A Bride Asked Her Bridesmaid To Step Down In A Viral Message & It's So Awkward

Do Americans Support Abortion? A New Poll Shows Stunning Results About Voters

Here's How To Help Victims Of The California Wildfires, Because These Are Bad

A 'Game Of Thrones' Castle Is For Sale If You're Looking To Live Like The Starks

How Long Will Ruth Bader Ginsburg Be On The Supreme Court? She Has An Idea

Truly Rose Canned Spiked Sparkling Water Is A Sip That's Perfect For Summer

Rudy Giuliani's Comment About Russian Collusion Is A Game Changer

How To Get A McDonald's MacCoin, Because It's Basically An Adult Happy Meal Toy

What Is Dunkin' Donuts' Dunkin' Run Menu? It's All About The Snacks

6 Products You Can Get With Your BFF’s Face On It, Because They’re The Best Gift Of All

How To Untag Yourself In Instagram Photos So That Your Profile Is On Fleek

Rudy Giuliani's "You" Tweet Quickly Turned Into The Most Hilarious Meme

If Your Phone Dies Super Quickly, These Cheap Portable Chargers Will Save The Day

Donald Trump's Tweet About Fake News As The "Enemy Of The People" Has Twitter Baffled

Logan Paul’s Interview With Casey Neistat Shows He Hasn't Learned His Lesson

Photos Of The Full & Blood Moon Show The Lunar Eclipse Was So Dramatic

Tweets About The Full & Blood Moon Are Filled With Total Wonder

Is A White Wine Emoji Coming? This Company Is Urging Unicode To Finally Make One

Mikie Sherrill's Campaign Team Is Being Led By These Millennial Women — EXCLUSIVE

Popeyes Is Offering $5 Boneless Wings For National Chicken Wing Day

Judge Rovner's Ruling On Indiana's Abortion Ultrasound Law Gets To The Core Of A Woman's Right To Choose

Trump’s Tweets About Cohen & The Russia Trump Tower Meeting Got So Petty

Drop Wine's Resealable Rose Wine Cans Will Change The Way You "Rose All Day"

How To Get Free Wendy's Chicken Tenders For National Chicken Tenders Day

How Long Are Sprinkles' Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Cupcakes Available? Try One ASAP

Donald Trump Said He Won The Women's Vote In 2016 & I Have Some Bad News For Him

Tweets About Mayonnaise Ice Cream Have The Internet So Torn

Putin's Soccer Ball Gift To Trump Had A Transmitter Chip, So 2018 Is Basically A Spy Movie

Mueller Is Looking At Trump's Tweets, Reportedly, & The Implications Are Serious

'Queer Eye's' Antoni Porowski Is Opening An NYC Restaurant, So Get Excited

How Long Is Dunkin' Donuts' Shark Bite Donut Available? It Will Outlast Shark Week

Aldi's $9 Bottled Pomegranate Mimosa Is Brunch Goals, So Cheers

Is The Trump Administration Meeting The Deadline To Reunite Families? There's A Catch

Here's How To Get Free Chipotle Guac To Celebrate National Avocado Day

Doritios' Intense Pickle Tortilla Chips Are Available For A Different Kind Of Snack

Burger King Is Selling Chick Fries On July 26 To Boycott The Pink Tax

Why Is Rod Rosenstein Facing Impeachment? Here Are The Reasons The GOP Filed Articles

These Memes About Drake's 2012 "What Am I Gonna Do" Tweet Are So Relatable

Sugarfina's Candy For Breakfast Collection Is Here, & You Can Try It For Free

Here's How To Get A Refund On Recalled Goldfish Crackers If You Want Your Money Back

Responding To An Instagram Story Would Get Easier With This New Feature Being Tested

Simone Biles & Ashton Locklear's Messages About Surviving Abuse Are So Moving

The Emoluments Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Is Going Forward, So That's Another One

Betsy DeVos Wants To Cut Student Debt Relief Plans, But They're Not Gone Yet

The Video Of Elin Ersson Stopping An Afghan Man's Deportation In Sweden Is Heart-Wrenching

Netflix's New User Profile Icons Let You Be Your Favorite Netflix Persona

Southwest Airlines' 2018 Holiday Sale Has Cheap Flights For Fall & Winter Travel

Buy A Blizzard At Dairy Queen On Aug. 2 To Help Save A Child's Life

The "In My Feelings" Challenge Is Creating Road Safety Problems & Authorities Are Not OK With It

Which Taco Bell Queso Dips Are Recalled? This Is How To Tell If You Should Toss Yours

Lay's Is Releasing Fried Pickles With Ranch Potato Chips, & I Can't Wait

These National Chicken Wing Day Deals Are Spicy AF

Melania Trump Reportedly Watched CNN & Donald Wasn't Having It

Olive Garden's S'mores Layer Cake Gives The Warm Feeling Of Backyard Campfires

Facebook's Watch Party Feature Changes The Way You Watch Videos With Friends

Lucy McBath Won The Democratic Nomination In Georgia For A House Seat With A Beautiful Message

Starbucks' July 26 Happy Hour Includes BOGO Espresso Drinks, So Bring A Friend

If Sean Shaw Wins Florida's Attorney General Race, He'd Break Barriers Frustrating Parkland Students

How To Get A 25-Cent P.F. Changs Entree For The Company's 25th Birthday

Donald Trump Has Stopped Releasing Calls With World Leaders, Report Says

Is My College Working With ICE? Here's What You Should Know

Maxine Waters' Office Was Evacuated After Receiving A Suspicious Package & It's So Scary

Donald Trump's Latest Comments About Russian Meddling Have Me Scratching My Head

These New TSA 3-D Scanners Could Save You A Ton Of Time On Your Run To The Gate

Disneyland Is Selling "Hard Floats" & They Combine Ice Cream With Booze

Tuition-Free College Is Apparently Being Proposed In Congress & Here's What It Would Do

Jelly Belly's New Harry Potter Candy Is Every Muggle’s Dream Come True

Massachusetts' NASTY Women Act Repealed An 18th Century Anti-Abortion Law For A Good Reason

Why Is Ivanka Trump Closing Her Brand? She Had A Forward-Thinking Reason

Mattress Firm Will Pay You To Take A Nap & I'm Already Sleepy

Nia Wilson's Murder Is Prompting Important Conversations About Racism In America

Instagram's Green Dot Shows When Your Friends Are Active So You Can Flood Them With Memes

How To Get BOGO Pretzels From Auntie Anne's For Auntie Day

Primera Air's Last Minute Sale Can Get You To Europe For $69

How To Know If Your Goldfish Crackers Were Part Of The Recall, Because It's Serious

Chick-fil-A's Mealtime Kits Are Being Tested & They'll Make Cooking So Much Easier

Was Chelsea Clinton At Ivanka Trump's Wedding? It Doesn't Look Like They Were That Close

Photos Of Melania Trump Before & After Donald Became President Show Very Different Lives

Delaware Just Banned Gay Conversion Therapy & It's So Important

Trump Wants To Remove Security Clearances From Ex-Obama Officials & It's Petty AF

Your Wine Might Contain Radioactive Particles, Study Finds, & Um Excuse Me What?

How Many Millennials Vote? You Should Talk To Your Squad ASAP

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Response To Ron DeSantis' "This Girl" Comment Is An Epic Burn

Mike Pompeo Might Get Rid Of The Office For Refugees, Report Says, & Just, Ugh

These Memes About Trump's Threat To Iran's President Are Beyond Hilarious

Postmates Is Offering Free Burger King Chicken Fries, So Cancel Your Dinner Plans

How To Get A $5 Margarita At Chili's To Celebrate National Tequila Day

LGBTQ Discrimination Protections In Schools Are Still Dismal & It's A Huge Problem

How To Get $1 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts To Celebrate The Doughnut Chain's Birthday

Why Did Trump Tweet To Iran's President Rouhani? He Was Responding To These Remarks

How To Hide Your Activity Status On Instagram So You Can Scroll In Peace

Here's How To Get Starbucks' Cheesecake Frappuccinos, Because It Won't Be Easy

Michael Avenatti Says There Are More Recordings Of Donald Trump's Calls, So Get Ready

Hillary Clinton's Comments About The Trump-Putin Summit Say What We're All Thinking

5 Ben & Jerry's Flavors That Taste Like Summer To Keep The Heat Going

5 Pink Dunkin' Donuts Drinks That Were Made To Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

SuperShe Island In Finland Is Woman-Only Retreat & I Need To Go

Frontier’s Fall Sale Includes $39 Flights To Austin & So Many More Cities, So Get Booking ASAP

Donald Trump’s Tweet About Michael Cohen’s Secret Recording Is The Most Donald Trump Thing You’ll Ever Read

Krispy Kreme Might Soon Sell Insomnia Cookies, & OMFG

Here's How To Archive Photos On Instagram If You'd Rather Keep Them Private

There's Tape Of Trump & Cohen Discussing A Payoff & The FBI Has It, Apparently

How To Update Your iPhone Apps If You're Tired Of Missing Out On New Features

Disney Is Releasing 'Hocus Pocus' Merch In Honor Of Its 25th Anniversary & It's So Enchanting

Pickle-Flavored Beer From Down The Road Beer Co. Will Be Your New Favorite Brew

How To Get $2 Margaritas From On The Border To Celebrate National Tequila Day

Tweets About Kimberly Guilfoyle Leaving Fox For Trump's 2020 Campaign Explain Why It's Such A Big Deal

Are Lightroom 2018 Presets Free? Most Are, So You're In Luck

What Is "Healing" In Lightroom 2018? It Will Make Your Photos Look So Professional

What Are Lightroom 2018 Presets? They'll Do The Editing Work For You

Hillary Clinton's Response To That Video Of Her Talking About Russia Brought The Receipts

Melania Trump Asked Teens For Internet Civility Tips — Seriously

Donald Trump Called Barack Obama A "Patsy" For His Russia Policies

Google's Algorithm Might Show Pictures of Trump When You Search “Idiot”

Davina Durgana Is Fighting Human Trafficking With The Skill You'd Least Expect

Donald Trump Might Invite Vladimir Putin To Washington DC Despite Recent Controversies

Donald Trump’s Tweet About Hillary Clinton & Russia Kind Of Misses The Point

The DNC's Statement About Ivanka Trump's "Hypocrisy" Is Worth Reading

Babies Are Appearing In Immigration Court & This Can't Be Right

Here's Where To Buy Reese's & Hershey's Whipped Cream For The Sweetest Sundae Ever

How To Get Paid To Be A Simba Mattress Sleep Tester, Because It's A Dream Job

The Black Sarcophagus Found In Egypt Was Finally Opened & I'm Screaming

Starbucks Is Opening A Signing Store For Deaf Customers Later This Year

Michelle Obama's 'When We All Vote' Video Will Pump You Up To Get To The Polls

The Video Of The "Sister Survivors" Of Nassar's Abuse At The ESPY Awards Is So Powerful

Antonio Rodriguez Is Patrón Tequila's Director Of Production & I'm Jealous

How Long Is Starbucks' Dragon Drink Available? It'll Be Here A While

These Throwback Photos Of Donald Trump Show How He Was As A Dad

JetBlue's Endless Summer Sale Has Cheap Flights To Caribbean Beaches & I'm So In

What Is Apple's iOS 12 Beta Update? You Should Know This Before You Download It

These Are The Best IGTV Instagram Accounts To Follow, So Tune In

How To Use Lightroom 2018 For Your Best Instagrams Yet

Why Don't I Have Instagram Story Highlights? The Answer Might Be Really Simple

Rep. Jason Lewis' Comments About Women Just Resurfaced & They're So Trash

Who Is Marina Gross? The Interpreter Was At The Trump-Putin Summit

Don Jr & Eric Trump's Secret Service Costs Were Almost $250K In One Month, Report Says

This Video Of Melania Trump Meeting Vladimir Putin Is So Bizarre

Donald Trump's Answer About Russia Targeting The U.S. Is Kind Of A Mess

KitchenAid’s Color Of The Year Is Even Dreamier Than Millennial Pink

Juana Matias' Congressional Run Teaches Pressing Lessons About The State Of Politics — EXCLUSIVE

These Videos Of A Bear Swimming In An LA Pool Are So Relatable

Rainbow Doritos Are the Snack You Didn't Know You Were Missing

How To Get Friendly's 83 Cent Ice Cream Cones For A Sweet Deal You Can't Resist

Starbucks' July 19 Happy Hour Offers Half Off Frappuccinos, So Order Up

President Obama's Quote About Women Getting Involved In Politics Is What Everyone's Thinking

Oreo’s Rocky Road Trip Cookies Include Actual Marshmallow Bits

Starbucks & McDonald's Recyclable Cup Mission Will Get You Excited To Go Green

A Harpoon Dunkin' Donuts Beer Is Coming This Fall, So Get Ready To Enjoy

Where Are 7-Eleven's Jarritos Mandarin Slurpees Available? The Tangy Drinks Aren't Everywhere

Chipotle’s Avocado Tostada Is Being Tested Right Now, So Millennials Rejoice

The '76er Samuel Adam's Ice Cream Sandwich Is Beer-Infused & I Want It For Dessert

Can Public Instagram Accounts Remove Followers? A New Feature Is Being Tested

Junk Banter's Instagram Is A Go-To For Foodies & You'll Never Guess Who Runs It

This Report On State Reproductive Rights Laws Proves Hope Isn't Lost Yet

Donald Trump's "No Collusion" Note About His Meeting With Putin Is So Ironic

Is Tiffany Trump Still At Georgetown Law? She's Doing Just Fine

Here's Where To Get Pumpkin Wine, Because It's Never Too Early For Fall

Donald Trump Is Giving Air Force One A Makeover & Oh Boy

Mandalay Bay Hotel Is Suing Las Vegas Shooting Victims & What Is Happening

Pickle-Flavored Ice Cream Is Here For Your Summer BBQ Cravings

Putin's Handshake With Trump Vs. Obama Says So Much, Body Language Experts Say

The Video Of The Lights Flickering During Trump's U.S. Intelligence Statement Is Too Good

Flights To Europe Are Under $400 This Fall, So Start Packing

Donald Trump's Latest Comments About Russian Meddling Will Make Your Head Spin

These Memes About Instagram's Questions Sticker Will Make You Laugh

The Most Popular Emojis Used On Facebook This Year Will Make You Crack A Smile

How To Get $1 Hot Dogs At 7-Eleven On National Hot Dog Day

These Ideas For Instagram’s Questions Sticker Can Help Your Convo Get Flirty AF

This Turks & Caicos Resort's Rose Bar Is A Beachside Oasis

This Video Apparently Shows Maria Butina Asking Trump About Russia & It's Wild

How To Get A 60-Cent IHOP Short Stack On July 17 For The Company's 60th Anniversary

A New 'Rugrats' Movie & TV Series Is Coming, & They’re Serving So Much ‘90s Nostalgia

Obama's Nelson Mandela Speech Is So Relevant Right Now & You Should Watch It

This Preview Of New Apple Emojis Has Every Character You Need

Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Pizza Is Back & I Know What I'm Getting For Dinner

This Video Of Barack Obama Dancing In Kenya Is Classic Obama, & Don't Ever Change

Where To Find Instagram Story Highlights So You Can See What Your Friends Are Up To

Dictionary.com’s Tweet After Trump & Putin's Helsinki Meeting Is Ultimate Shade

Can The Trump Admin Deport Reunited Families? Not For Now, Judge Rules

Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line Got Dropped By Hudson's Bay, So That Sucks For Her

These Tweets About Putin's Soccer Ball Gift To Trump Are So Bleak

Trump's Tweet About The Putin Helsinki Summit Just Begs More Questions

These Tweets About Amazon's Prime Day Crash Are So Desperate

Here's How To Get Free McDonald's Fries Every Friday Through The End Of The Year

Why Is Amazon's Website Down? This Is Some Bad Timing

Politicians' Tweets & Responses To The Trump-Putin Summit Are Harsh

These Tweets About Amazon Prime Day 2018 Will Get You Excited About The Big Sale

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Stance On Roe V. Wade Is Not What You'd Expect

The Video Of Putin's Response About "Compromising Materials" On Trump Is Chilling

Trump & Putin's Answers About Election Meddling Were Completely Wild

What Did Trump & Putin Discuss At Their Helsinki Summit? The 2016 Election Came Up

Tweets About Trump & Putin's Helsinki Summit Have The #TreasonSummit Hashtag Trending

Why Can't I Find Amazon Prime Day 2018 Sales? There’s A Simple Fix So Get Ready To Shop

The Video Of Trump & Putin Shaking Hands At Their Helsinki Summit Is So Awkward

Uber's New Pickup Features Will Make It Easier To Find Your Driver, & Thank Goodness

The Amazon Echo Vs. Amazon Echo Dot Have A Key Difference To Know About

Hillary Clinton's Tweet About Donald Trump's Meeting With Vladimir Putin Is Some Real Shade

Do I Need To Be An Amazon Prime Member For Prime Day Deals? Sign Up For Sales

Protests Against The Trump-Putin Summit In Helsinki Are Already Starting, Because Why Wait

Where To Find Amazon Prime Day 2018 Sales, Because Forget Black Friday

Can I Use A Gift Card On Amazon Prime Day 2018? Start Making Room For New Stuff

Why Did Queen Elizabeth Meet Donald Trump Alone? Two Royals Reportedly Refused To Attend

These Ivanka Trump Quotes About Melania Show There’s One Thing They Connect On

Donald Trump’s Tweet About The World Cup & Vladimir Putin Is So Ironic

How To Join Amazon Prime For Amazon Prime Day 2018, Because It's Necessary

Where To Get Free Ice Cream On National Ice Cream Day 2018 For The Sweetest Deals

Meghan Markle's Response To Trump's U.K. Visit Followed Royal Tradition

Prince Harry's Response To Trump's U.K. Visit Was Very Royal

Can Only Physicians Provide Abortions? In Certain States, Laws Restrict Care

Is Shipping Free On Amazon Prime Day? Members Can Take Advantage Of The Deal

The Video Of Trump Walking With Queen Elizabeth Has Some Bizarre Body Language

Queen Elizabeth & Trump's Body Language When They Met Was Unusual For This Reason

How Long Does Amazon Prime Day 2018 Last? Let's Just Say You'll Have Time To Shop

When Does Amazon Prime Day 2018 Start? Mark Your Calendars For The Big Sale

The Latest Indictments In The Mueller Investigation Were Of Russians Accused Of Hacking

Melania Trump Vs. Michelle Obama's First Meeting With Queen Elizabeth Were Totally Opposite

Photos Of Queen Elizabeth With The Trumps Vs. Obamas Show How The Interactions Went Down

Instagram Questions Vs. Instagram Polls, Because They're Very Different

Tweets About Trump Meeting Queen Elizabeth Are Pretty Harsh

The Video Of Queen Elizabeth Meeting The Trumps Shows Things Are Staying Civil

Obama's Vs. Trump's First UK Visit Were Very Different

Trump's Interview With 'The Sun' Had Him Backpedalling With Theresa May

When Does Amazon Prime Day 2018 End? The Sale Is Extended This Year

What Is Amazon Prime Day? Get Your Wallet Ready For Online Sales Galore

Where To Get Boozy Baton Rouge Beignets In Disney For The Dessert Of Your Dreams

Photos Of The Trump Baby Blimp In London Have Taken Over Twitter

What Does Ivanka Trump Do In The White House Every Day? Honestly, I'm Not Sure

Donald Trump's Opinion On Brexit Says A Whole Lot About Him

Why Is Donald Trump Meeting Queen Elizabeth? It's Part Of A Long Tradition

Who Is Donald Trump's Official Photographer? She's Got A Style

Where To Get Free Fries On National French Fry Day 2018 For A Tasty Deal

Where To Get Unicorn Mickey Cupcakes At Disney World For A Dessert That's Magical

London Protests Over Trump's Visit Sum Up His Global Standing Right Now

Why Don't I Have Instagram's Questions Sticker? There Are A Few Possible Reasons

Is Trump Meeting Prince William & Kate? His UK Visit Is Going Royal

Trump's NATO Quotes Have Been Classic Trump

Kraft Mac & Cheese's "Spoon Or Fork" Twitter Poll Asks A Very Important Question

Here's How To Get The McDonald's '90s Throwback Collection For A Nostalgic Meal

Starbucks' July 12 Happy Hour Offers BOGO Iced Drinks, So Cool Down With A Friend

Why Was Stormy Daniels Arrested? It Had To Do With Ohio State Laws

How To Get Free Dunkin’ Donut Fries On National French Fry Day For A Sweet Snack

A Protester Cut Off Mike Pence's Speech To Ask About “The Children” & He Was Ignored

Is Trump Meeting Meghan Markle & Prince Harry On His UK Trip? I Wouldn't Hold My Breath

Elizabeth Warren's Comment About Donald Trump & NATO Isn't Holding Back

These Tweets About A $1,500 Ice Cream Are So Relatable

Twitter Is Deleting Suspicious Followers, & I Bet Donald Trump Won't Be Happy

This Photo Of Donald Trump At The NATO Summit Sums Up His Presidency

Meghan Markle's Chat About Ireland's Abortion Referendum Is Raising Concerns

What Is Ranked-Choice Voting? It May Benefit Diverse Candidates

Eggo's Double Chocolatey Thick & Fluffy Waffles Will Make Your Childhood Self Scream

Applebee's All-You-Can-Eat Riblets & Chicken Tenders Deal Is Back, So Get Hungry

International Delight Oreo Coffee Creamer Will Get You Excited For Early Mornings

What Are Freak Shakes From Baskin-Robbins? They're Epic Desserts That You'll Love

Ivanka Trump's Views On Paid Leave Got Challenged, & Her Response Was Interesting

How Many Times Can You Respond To Questions Stickers On Instagram? It's Up To You

Can You See Who Asks You A Question On Instagram? The New Feature Is Interactive

What Does Starbucks' Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte Taste Like? It's Sweet & Refreshing

Where To Get Angry Orchard Rose Ice Cream By Davey's For A Boozy Summer Treat

How Long Is Starbucks' Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte Available? It'll Last A While

Southwest’s September & October Sale Has Cheap Flights Around The Country & I’m So In

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Second Primary Win Came In A District Where She Didn't Even Run

Michael Cohen's "Declaration Of Independence" From Trump Could Mean Big Things

Should You Get An IUD Because Of Trump's Supreme Court Pick? Read This First

The Trump Admin Can't Detain Migrant Children Indefinitely, Judge Rules In Harsh Shutdown

Protesters Confronted Ivanka Trump Over Family Separations & It's Serious

Mike Pence's Latest Comments About Abortion & The Supreme Court Are Not Reassuring

What's The Process To Confirm A Supreme Court Justice? There's A Couple Of Steps

What Does Starbucks' Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Taste Like? It's Delicious

How Can You Protest Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Nomination? Sen. Patty Murray Weighs In

How To Get Free Chick-fil-A On Cow Appreciation Day If You Want To Dress Up

Trump's Pardon Of Oregon Ranchers Is Yet Another Famous Case

Brett Kavanaugh's Stance On Birth Control Could Be Bad News For Women

How To Get A Free 7-Eleven Slurpee On Free Slurpee Day For The Chillest Deal

How Long Is Starbucks' Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Available? It's Here To Stay

Snapchat's Lens Explorer Lets You Unlock Original Lenses & The Options Are Awesome

Why Did Trump Nominate Brett Kavanaugh? The President Reportedly Wanted A "Home Run"

Instagram's New Questions Sticker Will Make Your Stories So Interactive

Here’s How To Use Instagram’s Questions Sticker To Get All The Answers You Need

Where To Find Instagram's Questions Sticker In The App When You're Making A Story

IHOb Changed Its Name Back To "IHOP" For A Pancake Deal You Won't Want To Miss

Abortion Options If Roe Is Overturned Would Be Much Different Than Pre-Roe Days

Brett Kavanaugh’s Stance On Environmental Laws Will Worry Liberals

Trump's ICE Detention Centers Are Denying Pregnant Women Proper Medical Care, Report Says

Donald Trump’s Driver Is Suing Him For Owed Pay, & Add It To The List

Brett Kavanaugh's Quotes About Impeachment Have Me Raising My Eyebrows

Brett Kavanaugh's Past Court Experience Is Surprisingly Controversial

Trump Names Brett Kavanaugh As Supreme Court Nomination To Replace Anthony Kennedy

Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Stance On Abortion Is Complicated, Here's What To Know

The Deadline To Reunite Migrant Families Isn't Happening, The Trump Adminstration Admits

Stephen Miller Threw Away His Own Sushi To Clap Back At A Public Confrontation, & LOL

Here's How To Get Half-Priced Domino’s Pizza In July For A Tasty Summer Deal

Why Is Starbucks Eliminating Plastic Straws From Stores? It's An Eco-Friendly Decision

Starbucks' Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew & Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte Are Here To Stay

Logan Paul's Making A Documentary About His Rough Year, & This Seems Like A Bad Idea

Mickey Mouse Beignets Are Available At Disney World At Last & it's A Dream Come True

Tomi Lahren's Comments About Overturning 'Roe V. Wade' Have Me Pleasantly Surprised

Steve Bannon Was Confronted In Public But It Didn't Go Like You'd Expect

Cocomero Wine's Scratch-N-Sniff Label Smells Like Watermelon Rosé & I'm Drooling

Where Is Taco Bell's Crispy Potaco Available? You'll Have To Travel To Get One

How To Get Free Carvel Ice Cream On National Ice Cream Day For A Sweet Celebration

I Went On JetBlue's Up, Up, & Rosé! Wine Tasting & Sipped In The Sky

Where To Get Lindt’s Hazelnut Cream For A Snack That's Tastes Like Nutella

The Predicted iPhone Colors Of 2018 Will Make You Forget About Using A Case

Where To Get Cheetos-Flavored Ice Cream For A Different Dessert This Summer

Jim Jordan Denies He Knew About Alleged Sexual Abuse At Ohio State

These #SignsYouAreAMillennial Tweets Are Hilarious & I Can Relate To All Of Them

Which Chipotles Have Summer Happy Hours? Travel To This City For Cheap Booze

Starbucks’ July 6 Happy Hour Has BOGO Espresso Drinks & I’m So Ready

This Trump Rally Quote About Maxine Waters Shows Civility Is Out The Door

Scott Pruitt Has Resigned As Trump's EPA Chief & It's About Time

A Protester Climbed The Statue Of Liberty On The Fourth Of July, & Here's Why She Did It

Donald Trump Jr.'s Fourth Of July Instagram With Kimberly Guilfoyle Means They're Serious

Tiffany Trump's Body Language With Donald Over The Years Shows How Close They've Been

These Tweets About The 4th Of July Are So Hilarious & It's All You Need Today

Melania Trump's Fourth Of July Tweet Has A Typo & Twitter Is Noticing

Donald Trump’s Fourth Of July Message Has Twitter Concerned

This Twitter Thread About Strangers On A Plane Falling In Love Is Cute AF

Ivanka & Melania Trumps' Body Language Over The Years Has Been, Well, Interesting

These Ivana Trump Quotes About Melania Are Weirdly Both Shady & Sympathetic

Trump's Going To Meet Putin With No Aides & I Have So Many Questions

Donald Trump's Tweet About His "Ability To Write" Has A Typo & I'm Facepalming

Mitch McConnell Said Congress Can't Do "Much" About School Shootings & WTF, Dude

Is Coffee Good For You? This New Report Says It Is, So Drink Up

Should More Millennials Be Elected To Congress? Maybe That's The Wrong Question To Ask

Starbucks' Avocado Chocolate Topped Drink Is A Millennial’s Dream

Butterbeer Ice Cream Now Exists At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, And I'm Shook

Oprah Says Being President Would "Kill" Her, So There's That

Here's Where To Get Burger King's Freedom Crown, So You Can Celebrate All Summer Long

Alison Parker Was Killed While Reporting, & After The 'Capital Gazette' Shooting Her Mom Has A Message

You Can Play Tennis Against Serena Williams On Snapchat, So Bring Your A-Game

Trump Administration Reversed An Affirmative Action Policy Set During The Obama Era

Can Asylum Seekers Be Detained? This New Court Ruling Says No

Dairy Queen’s Fourth Of July Blizzards Will Make You Feel So Patriotic

Snapchat's Augmented Reality At Theme Parks Will Let You Play With Your Favorite Characters

The Emirates Fourth Of July Sale Will Get You To Faraway Destinations In Style

Who Is Amy Coney Barrett? The Supreme Court Nomination May Go Her Way, Observers Think

Instagram's "All Caught Up" Feature Is Here & It Will Save You Time

Donald Trump Won't Lower U.S. Flags To Honor The 'Capital Gazette' Shooting — UPDATE

Kamala Harris Clapped Back At The White House On Twitter & It's Brutal

How Many Migrant Children Are Still Being Detained? The Trump Admin Won't Say

Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Choice Is Being Overseen By An All-Male Team

Tweets About Donald Trump's 4th Of July MAGA Sale Are Roasting It So Hard

How To Get Croissant Butter Soft Serve, So You Can Stay Sweet & Cool All Summer

Melania Trump's "Positive Coverage" Photos Reportedly Earned Her Thousands

Are Americans Becoming Less Patriotic? Poll Shows A Record Low

YouTube Apologized For The LGBTQ Advertising Controversy & Hopefully Things Will Actually Change

What Is Spotify Lite? The Android Test App Uses Less Data, But There's A Catch

What is Democratic Socialism? The Activist Organization Is Making Waves In Politics

Which Republicans Might Vote Against Trump's Supreme Court Nominees? Watch This Group

How To Avoid Traffic On Fourth Of July So You Can Enjoy The Fireworks Stress-Free

Maxine Waters' Response To Pelosi & Schumer's Comments Is A Sharp Rebuke To Calls For "Civility"

Here's Where To Buy Taco Bell Wedding Accessories So You Can Say "I Do" & Live Más

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Clapped Back Hard At This Tweet About How She Grew Up

Donald Trump Crashed Another Wedding & It’s Just As Awkward As You’d Expect

Immigrant Children Could Be Detained Indefinitely With Their Families Under This Change

Selena Gomez's Comments About Trump's Family Separation Policy Are So Emotional

The Video Of Chrissy Teigen's Speech At The Families Belong Together March Is So Powerful

UN Resolution For Sexual Assault Survivors Could Advance Human Rights On A Global Scale