July 2016
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Tramps Against Trump Offering Naked Selfies

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Another Woman Besides Hillary Clinton Made Political History This Week

It May Be Impossible To Delete Your Messages If You Use WhatsApp

Chipotle Is Trying To Make A Big Comeback By Opening A Burger Place

Gorgeous Mermaid Crowns Are The Hottest Summer Craze On Instagram

This Guy's Terrifying Story Will Make You Never Want To Pop A Pimple Again

Tim Kaine Needs To Do This One Thing To Prove He's With All Women

Dad's Pained Face Was So Hilarious During Labor His Wife Took A Pic Mid-Birth

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These Grandparents Wrote The Cutest Love Letters About Their 63-Year Marriage

Chelsea Handler Reveals Why She Chose To Speak Out About Her Abortions

Everyone Thinks Bill Clinton Fell Asleep During Hillary's Speech And There's A Video

This Country Thinks It's A 'Political Problem' When Its People Have Less Sex

Justin Bieber Turned Down His Biggest Payday Ever Because Of LeBron James

Men Kept Telling Hillary Clinton To Smile More During Her DNC Speech

People Really Won't Be Happy With The iPhone 7 Feature Revealed In This Video

Joe Biden Is Going To Be On 'Law & Order: SVU' — What A Time To Be Alive

This Instagram Got More Likes Than Any Other Pic From The Presidential Race

San Diego Police Shooting: One Officer Killed, Second Injured

Bill Clinton Could Not Stop Playing With Balloons At The DNC

What Watching Hillary Clinton Make History Means To Me As A Woman

Father Of Fallen Muslim American Soldier Just Dropped The Mic On Trump At The DNC

Guy Tries To Rob A Police Officer While She Tanned, Regrets It Immediately

Photos Of A Young Hillary Clinton Remind Us She's Opening Doors For Others

Couple Gets Caught On Snapchat Having Sex On The Hood Of A Car

This Artist Turns Politicians Into Hipsters In Incredible Illustrations

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If You Didn't End Up Getting The Job You Dreamed Of As A Kid, We Have Good News

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You'll Be So Disappointed By What The 'Circle Of Life' Lyrics Actually Mean

Viral Video Of Baby Wiggling Out Of Mom's Womb By Himself Will Blow Your Mind

A Woman Claimed She Was Sexually Assaulted By A Toy In A Hibachi Restaurant

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Guy Trolls Clothing Store With Eminem Lyrics And Store Spits Rhymes Right Back

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Women Are Showing Off Their Fashion Sense To Prove Size Is Just A Number

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This Guy's Genius Move 5 Years Ago Might Earn Him $90K From Hillary Clinton

Dad Makes Kids Sign Hilariously Detailed Dog Contract Before Getting A Puppy

This Is What Bill Clinton Will Actually Be Called If Hillary Becomes President

When Is The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower?

Michelle Obama's Response To Barack's DNC Speech Will Rip Your Heart Out

DJ Khaled's 'Major Keys' For Hillary Clinton Are The Only Advice She Needs

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Joe Biden Just Made The Entire Country Fall In Love With Him… Again

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Here's How Twitter Saved Donald Trump's Disastrous Reddit AMA

Mother Of A Victim Of The Pulse Shooting Just Brought The DNC To Tears

The President From 'Scandal' Explains Exactly Why He's Pro-Choice

This Genius Pokémon Go Theory May Have Just Revealed Where You Can Find Mew

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This Is The Makeup Look Everyone's Rocking At Festivals Right Now

12 Hillary Clinton Quotes That Prove You Shouldn't Pause Your Dreams For Anyone

Trump's Russia Comment Isn't The First Time He Encouraged A Country To Hack Us

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Poor Girl Accidentally Gets Added To Mom's Sext Convo With 'Special' Friend

Fox News Didn't Air The DNC's Most Emotional Moment And People Are Furious

This Bride And Groom Were Tragically Killed Right After They Got Married

These Grandma Tweets Make You Realize Having A Woman President Is Long Overdue

If This Rumor Is True, You'll Want To Wait For The iPhone 8 And Skip The 7

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If Tall Is Your Type, We Have Some Really Bad News For You

If You're Born On This Day, Science Says You Have The Happiest Birthday

It's Actually Legal To Film Up A Woman's Skirt In This State

I'm A Black Woman, And Here's Why I'm Actually Thankful For Donald Trump

A Father And Son Are Being Accused Of Staging A Sexual Assault Together

This Teen's Last Text Before She Died May Have Predicted Her Tragic Fate

This Guy Is Raising Money For Cancer With Hilarious Celebrity Impersonations

People Can't Stop Making Fun Of How Miserable Susan Sarandon Was At The DNC

Instead Of Listening To Michelle Obama's Speech, Trump Was Trolling The DNC

Watch The Scary Moment The Empire State Building Gets Struck By Lightning

Obama's Adorable Response To Michelle's DNC Speech Is Ultimate Couple Goals

Cersei Lannister Just Endorsed Michelle Obama For President

Was The White House Really Built By Slaves?

'Bachelorette' Fans Have Never Been More Pissed At Bernie Sanders

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Demi Lovato Just Burst Into Song At The Democratic National Convention

Science Says Your 'Netflix & Chill' Habit Could Actually Be Killing You

11 Pieces Of Art That Perfectly Sum Up Everything Wrong With America Right Now

Report: A Man With A Knife Killed 15 People At A Medical Facility in Japan

This Rodeo Clown Who Fell Face-First Into Poop Is Having A Worse Day Than You

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These Sexy Pics Of The 'World's Most Desirable Man' Will Give You Life

'Bad Lip Reading' Rewrote Ted Cruz's RNC Speech And It's Hysterical

This Couple Got Caught Having Sex Next To A Busy Street...In Broad Daylight

Trump's Vice President Pick Mike Pence Has No Idea How Condoms Work

Guy Tweets Epic Story About Getting 7th Grade GF Pregnant Without Having Sex

It's Only The 1st Day Of The DNC And Hillary Clinton's Already Getting Booed

Clueless Teen Tries To Flirt With Racist Texts And Is Shocked She Gets Rejected

It Looks Like Melania Isn't The Only Trump Stealing Other People's Ideas

The Exact Day The iPhone 7 Will Be Released May Have Just Been Revealed

Trump Says Women Who Were Sexually Harassed By Fox CEO Are 'Complaining'

Flights To Europe Are Super Cheap Right Now, But For The Saddest Reason

People Are Furious At This Gym For 'Body Shaming' With A Guy In A Fat Suit

This Guy's DNC Proposal Is The Cutest — And Nerdiest — Thing You'll Ever See

This Facebook Group Encourages Men To Rape And Use Violence Against Women

Obama's Bitter Half-Brother Is Voting For Trump For The Dumbest Reason

Woman Has Epic Response To Boss Saying 'Cultural Headscarf' Isn't Professional

Fort Myers Nigthclub Shooting: Videos Show Chaos After Fatalities

DNC Chair's Resignation Comes At The Worst Possible Time For Democrats

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These Two Simple Tricks Will Save You So Much Money On Alcohol

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That Friend Who's Back From College With A New Accent Is Faking, Science Says

Girl Finds Ivanka Trump's Earring And Goes On Epic Twitter Mission To Return It

People Are Really Mad About This Adorable Photo Of Prince George

Reporter Has Epic Response When Caught Playing Pokémon Go At Press Briefing

It Turns Out The RNC Made A Lot Of People Want To Have Sex With Donald Trump

This Is How Millennial Republicans Really Feel About Donald Trump

Leaked Screenshots Reveal Facebook Is Totally Trying To Copy Snapchat

Guy Sent Revenge Porn Of His Underage GF To 500 Of Her Friends On Facebook

7-Eleven Just Delivered A Slurpee Via Drone And The Future Looks So Bright

The Kardashians Are No Longer The Most Searched Family On Google

The Millennials Who Made The RNC Happen Talk What It's Like To Work For Trump

Bernie Sanders Live-Tweeted Trump's Scary RNC Speech And It Was Glorious

5 Inspiring Moments That Gave Us Hope At The Republican National Convention

11 Of The Strangest Moments You Missed At The Republican National Convention

Jon Stewart Made A 10-Minute Comeback And He Absolutely Killed It

Donald Trump Just Outlined His Vision For America And It's Scary

Ivanka Trump Gave A Confusingly Progressive Speech And Twitter Is Lost

People Can't Get Enough Of This Mom Using A Lemon To Give The Sex Talk

Trump's Speech Just Got Leaked And He's Going After Bernie Supporters

How To Dress Like A Real American, As Told By The Patriots Of The RNC

Savage Parents Come Up With Epic Tooth Fairy Scheme To Get Son To Do Chores

A Woman Posed As Her Ex's Wife On Craigslist And Asked For Men To Rape Her

The Fox CEO Accused Of Sexual Harassment Has Officially Resigned

This Is How Snapchat Screenshots Helped Convict Two Attempted Rapists

People Are Sharing The Most Ruthless Backhanded Compliments They Ever Received

Hillary Tried To Troll Donald Trump With This New Site And It Totally Backfired

This Bartender Casually Pouring 17 Jägerbombs At The Same Time Is Our Hero

This Is How Having An Abortion As A Teen Affects Your Health, Study Says

Woman Destroys Cheating Husband In Detailed Letter Sent To All The Neighbors

Everyone's Obsessed With Snapchat's New Celebrity-Themed Filter

Woman Leaves Savage Surprise For Co-Worker Who Always Steals Her Coffee Creamer

Pokémon Go Inspired A New Psychedelic Drug, And It's Seriously Dangerous

Muslim Woman Does Best Thing When Plane Passenger Is Scared To Sit With Her

Nurse Has Amazing Response To Girl Saying She Can't Do Her Job With Dyed Hair

This Guy Took His Hilarious Pokémon Go Prank On His Mom Way Too Far

Furious Republicans Speak Out On Why They Booed Ted Cruz Off The RNC Stage

RNC Protesters Explain Why They Open Carry But Still Won't Vote For Trump

Viral Video Of Naked Woman Giving Birth In A Creek Will Horrify And Amaze You

You Will Never Be Able To Unsee Donald Trump Kissing Mike Pence

Video Shows Charles Kinsey With Hands In The Air Before Getting Shot By Cop

This 'Nazi Salute' At The RNC Set The Internet On Fire

The Right Way To Get Ketchup Out Of The Bottle Is So Obvious It Hurts

People On Twitter Are Seriously Doubting Trump's Speechwriter Exists

Caitlyn Jenner Says This Was The Only Thing Harder Than Coming Out As Trans

This Is The Super Easy Way You Can Get Your Twitter Account Verified

Trump's Helicopter Arrival In Cleveland Was Straight Out Of A Bad Action Movie

If This Is On Your Cup, It's Code For 'You Pissed Off Your Starbucks Barista'

Here's Proof Brock Turner's Lawyers Tried To Use Alcohol To Excuse Rape

Guy Had Best Response To Man Sending Him Homophobic Death Threats

Bulldog Trying To Swim In A Pool Without Water Is Our Summer Spirit Animal

Democratic Interns Imitate Paul Ryan's Viral Selfie To Prove Important Point

Guy Gives Savage Response To Judge After Tattooing A Penis On Girl's Back

New Detail May Prove Melania's Speech Was Not Only Plagiarized, But Illegal

A Guy Spent $3.7M To Sleep With Megan Fox, She Didn't Show And He's Not OK

This Construction Worker Plays The Cutest Game With Kids In The Hospital

People Are Pissed Starbucks Is Running Out Of This Crucial Ingredient

This Vaginal Ring Could Be The Secret To Protecting Women Against HIV

Martha Stewart Leaving A Party Double-Fisting Wine Puts Us Amateurs To Shame

Woman's Snap Story Of Getting Stood Up By A Date Actually Has The Best Ending

Melania Trump's Speechwriter Releases Statement About RNC Speech

Republicans Are Pissed This Band Used Their RNC Concert Just To Troll Them

Donald Trump Just Said He's Really Happy With How Melania's Speech Turned Out

Trump Supporters Want Young Women To Just Ignore That Whole Sexism Thing

This New Selfie Filter Might Be The Most Racist One Yet

This Reporter Got Caught On Camera Stealing All The Mustard At The RNC

This Hilarious Melania Trump Impression Should Probably Win An Oscar

This Is What Humans Used To Sound Like 8,000 Years Ago And It's Terrifying

This Man Used His Entire Savings To Give His Wife The Most Incredible Gift

This New Pokémon Go Dating App Is So Much Better Than Tinder

If You Like Harry Potter, You Hate Donald Trump

Tiffany Trump Is Basically Miley Cyrus And The Internet Can't Handle It

This Woman Sneezed While Using Her Eyelash Curler, And The Result Is Scary AF

This Animal Makes A Way Better Pet Than Dogs And Cats, According To Science

Cleveland's RNC Is A Preview Of What Donald Trump's America Could Look Like

Donald Trump Is Officially The GOP Nominee And People Are Freaking Out

People Are Furious Over The Black Lives Matter Joke On This Restaurant's Sign

Women Who Got Cheated On By Same Guy Savagely Call Him Out On Snapchat

Here's Why Twitter Is To Blame For The Racist Attacks Against Leslie Jones

The Internet Has No Clue How To Feel About This Woman Twerking On A Child

This Hippie Hands Out Free Flowers To Trump Supporters For The Best Reason

Clinton's Team Is Live-Streaming Its Attempt To Read Trump's 5,500 Lawsuits

Ashley Graham Just Posted The Most Relatable Instagram About Boob Standards

Megyn Kelly Allegedly Told Investigators She Was Also Harassed By FOX CEO

The RNC's Chief Strategist Just Used 'My Little Pony' To Defend Melania Trump

This Is How Much Your Old Game Boy Could Be Worth Now, Thanks To Pokémon Go

Our Parents Will Take Over Snapchat If They Find Out About This New Feature

This Doctor Raped A 20-Year-Old Woman While Giving Her An Abortion

This New DNA Test Basically Predicts If Your Baby Will Be The Next Einstein

There Are So Many Condoms For The 2016 Rio Olympics

If You Planned On Getting An 'iPhone 7,' You May Be Out Of Luck

There's Going To Be A Movie About Tinder And The Plot Sounds Too Damn Real

This Guy Found A Genius Way To Raise Money For His Tuition At The Conventions

Yep, It Looks Like Melania Trump Straight Up Stole Michelle Obama's Speech

Donald Trump's WWE-Style RNC Entrance Will Give You Nightmares

Groom's Hilarious Rap Song Just Dropped The Mic On Wedding Speeches

This Woman Called Out The Body-Shaming Playboy Model In A Perfect Way

23 Powerful RNC Photos That Show How Divided America Is Right Now

NBA Vet Goes Off On A$AP Rocky For Saying He's Too Rich To Care About BLM

Guy Open Carrying At RNC Claims This Is The Thing Media Gets Wrong About Guns

Teen Posts Epic Snap Story Of Brother Running Away From Home Over Pokémon Go

Netflix's Latest Update Will Totally Change How You Pick A Show To Binge-Watch

Just Because Kim Stood By Kanye Doesn't Mean She's Not A Feminist

These RNC Anti-Hillary Pins Are Even More Offensive Than You'd Expect

Trevor Noah Explains Why You Need To Vote Even If You Hate Trump AND Clinton

Woman Shames Guy For Using Phone While On A Date And It Totally Backfires

This Company Offered A Woman A Manicure To Make Up For Her Rape

This Actor Just Posted A Hillary Meme With The Most Offensive Hidden Message

Intern Gets Fired After Calling Out Disney In This Tweet About Alligators

This Guy Shows Just How Easy It Is To Hide An Assault Rifle And It's Terrifying

Here's How You Can Win Free Stuff While Playing Pokémon Go

Was It Illegal For Kim Kardashian To Record Taylor Swift's Phone Call With Kanye?

This Woman's One Simple Tweet At A Bookstore Found Her The Love Of Her Life

Everyone Is Creeped Out Over This Confusing Photo Of Donald Trump's VP

That Awkward Moment When You Accidentally Take Your Tinder Date To A Coup

This Video May Prove The iPhone 7 Rumor We've All Been Dreading Is True

These Are The Police Officers Killed In The Baton Rouge Shootings

A Baton Rouge Cop Posted This Heartbreaking Plea Just A Week Before He Died

A 'White Lives Matter' Protest Was Held In Downtown Dallas

Nike Is Finally Starting To Represent Women Of Different Sizes

Multiple Officers Shot And Killed In Baton Rouge, Mayor's Office Confirms

Guy Writes Hilarious Note Explaining His Topping Choices To His Pizza Place

This Insane Optical Illusion Is Officially The Best Illusion Of The Year

Facebook Helps Reunite Lost Baby Boy With His Mother After Nice Terror Attack

A Rare Pokémon Appeared In Central Park And People Lost Their Minds

This Twitter Thread Perfectly Dumbs Down Why The Turkish Coup Even Happened

5 Disturbing Facts That'll Change The Way You Think About American Prisons

Why It's So Important The Government Is Taking On The Opioid Addiction Crisis

Taco Bell Dropped Some Major Crunchwrap News And Twitter Is Going Wild

'Attempted Military Coup' In Turkey: What We Know

Savage Little Girl Writes Brutally Honest Poem For Her Bald Uncle

Genius Girl Contacts Ex Through TV After He Blocks Her On Social Media

Facebook Helped This Mom Find Her Missing Baby After The Nice Attack

You Have To Read This Woman's Powerful Letter To Her Husband's Ex-Mistress

Everyone Keeps Making The Same Dirty Joke About Trump's New Campaign Logo

Instagram Just Got Rid Of This Major Feature And People Are Furious

Laptops Taken From ISIS Fighters Are Literally Filled With Porn

This Couple Got Caught Having Sex Outside A Library -- In Broad Daylight

71-Year-Old Woman Marries Teen Weeks After Meeting Him At Her Son's Funeral

This Very Common And Treatable STD May Soon Be Resistant To Antibiotics

Tim Tebow Just Called Out Donald Trump On This Huge Lie

This Nice Attack Survivor Said The Most Powerful Thing About Facing Tragedy

You Probably Had No Clue This Is How You're Supposed To Use Starbucks Lids

Who Is Mike Pence, Donald Trump's Vice President Pick?

People Are Heartbroken Over Photo Of Young Nice Victim Lying Next To Doll

Artists Are Posting Touching Tributes To The People Of Nice

People Are Wrongly Blaming This Sikh Man For The Nice Terror Attack

These Devastating Videos Reveal How The Nice Terror Attack Unfolded

American Father And Son Named As Victims In Nice Bastille Day Terror Attack

Amy Schumer, Ariel Winter And More Celebs React To Bastille Day Attack

Nice Terror Attack Death Toll Rises, French State Of Emergency Extended

Donald Trump Picked His Running Mate And You'll Never Guess Who It Is

Report: Truck Drives Into Crowd In Nice, France On Bastille Day

If You Have These Traits, Science Says You're More Beautiful Than Everyone Else

This Hilarious 'HONY' Parody 'Pokémon Of New York' Is Completely Spot On

Hillary Clinton Trying Too Hard To Be Cool May Have Just Ruined Pokémon Go

A Woman's Sexy Selfie Is Going Viral Over This One Hidden Detail

The iPhone 7 May Come In 4 Different Colors, According To This Leaked Photo

Guy Hysterically Begging Girl To Take Plan B Gets Trolled In The Best Way

Science Says Our Taste In TV Shows Can Make Or Break A Relationship

This Is The Cheapest Day Of The Week To Stock Up On Wine, According To Study

New Lawsuit Claims Dora The Explorer Called Girl A 'Pussy,' Made Her Smoke

Amy Schumer Reveals The Upsetting Way She Lost Her Virginity

This Is The Woman Bernie Sanders Supporters May Vote For Over Hillary Clinton

This Guy Delivered Bread To His Victim's Dorm As Punishment For Sexual Assault

Prince Harry Filmed Himself Getting Tested For HIV/AIDS And It's Inspiring

These Rabbis Just Declared The Past 7 Years Of Ivanka Trump's Life A Lie

Your Ex's Favorite Type Of Porn Could Soon Be Illegal

This Bizarre New NRA Ad Encourages Women To Murder Rapists And Abusers

This Woman Tried To Twerk On Live TV And Had The Most NSFW Fail Ever

Woman's Before And After Pic Proves Perfect Point About Weighing Yourself

List Of Banned Items At RNC Doesn't Include Guns

Everyone's Furious Over This Model's Mean Snapchat Story Of A Naked Woman

Here's How to Make Sure You Never See Anything About Pokémon Go Again

This Woman Was Decapitated After Having Sex On A Railroad

This Eerie Pic Of A 'Ghost' Over A Fatal Crash Site Will Give You Goosebumps

Lea Michele's Twitter Tribute To Cory Monteith Will Leave You In Tears

This Black Man Was Stopped For Being 'Suspicious,' AKA Reading In His Car

The Jobs That Pay Over $100K May Surprise You — And Make You Want To Quit Yours

Apple's First Reality TV Show Is Basically 'Shark Tank,' But Way Nerdier

People Keep Posting These NSFW Pics To Show How They Really Feel About Trump

This Dad Lets His 2-Year-Old Name His Pokémon Go Characters

This Gang Member Who Murdered His Trans Girlfriend Could Face Death Penalty

Anchor Who Accused FOX CEO Of Sexual Harassment Speaks For The First Time

Savage Orangutan Has Zero Boundaries, Casually Gropes Woman's Boobs At Zoo

Here's How Trump's Vice President Picks Rank Based On How Terrible They Are

Wait...Donald Trump Just Said He 'Can Relate' To Challenges Black People Face

This College Had No Idea Its Mug Had An Extremely NSFW Message

Guy Pretends He Has GF To Play Hard To Get And It Goes Horribly Wrong

This Guy Actually Got Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend Through Pokémon Go

People Are Apparently Really Into This Type Of Porn During Wedding Season

This Is The Day The World Is Supposedly Ending — And It's Scary Soon

These Are The Insane Amounts Of Scenes Porn Stars Have Filmed In One Day

A Gorgeous Sunset Was Ruined By This Giant Penis-Shaped Cloud

14-Year-Old Perfectly Calls Out His Own White Privilege With Epic Poem

A Lot Of Pokémon Go Users Are Going To Be Pissed About This New Update

Americans Are Turning To Fart Protests Because US Politics Stink So Much

Horrifying Facebook Live Video Shows The Moment Three Men Were Shot In A Car

This Teen's Reaction To Her Mom Playing Pokémon Go Is Too Funny

Canada Changed Its National Anthem At The All-Star Game And People Are Mad

The Associated Press Dropped The Accent From 'Pokémon' And Twitter Freaked

10 Quotes From Obama's Dallas Speech That Prove America Isn't Falling Apart

Snapchat's New Feature Will Totally Change How You Interact With Celebs

Singles Who Have Sex Could Legally Become Targets Of Discrimination In The US

People Are Freaking Out Over This Mermaid Sand Sculpture's Boobs

This Guy Told Us How He Ended Up Using Pokémon Go To Get Laid

#YesAllGirls: 8 Inspiring Quotes From Human Rights Activist Malala Yousafzai

This Is The Sneaky iPhone Feature That's Been Stealing Your Money For Months

Here's Where All The Money You Donated To Bernie Sanders Will Go Now

This Nursing Home Is Helping Its Single Residents Find Love In The Best Way

This Restaurant Actually Gave Away Meals For Free If You Dined Naked

Snapchat Filters Are Helping Indian Sexual Assault Victims Tell Their Stories

Bernie Sanders Just Made A Tough Choice To Save Us All From Donald Trump

Pokémon Go Is Apparently Helping These People Fight Depression

Man Calls Female Journalist 'Hysterical' In A Panel About Domestic Violence

Google SHEEP View Is Here And You Won't Believe How Awesome It Looks

The Naked Truth Behind The GOP Calling Porn A 'Public Health Crisis'

Um, Ashley Madison Is Rebranding As A Place For 'Open-Minded Experiences'

Twitter Is Losing It Over This Unexpected Problem With Pokémon Go's Trainers

Here's Why You Need To Chill About Pokémon Go 'Reading Your Emails'

Chill Restaurant Worker Ignores Armed Robber And Carries On Serving Customer

Obama Just Proved He's The Nerdiest President In History

This Pic Of An Eagle Almost Stealing A Kid Will Make You Want To Stay Inside Forever

Here Are Five Of The Most Ridiculous Amazon Prime Day Deals

Pokémon Go Players Are Trying To Find Love On Craigslist Missed Connections

A Ton Of Pokémon Go Players Are Using The Game To Get Super Sexual

I Played Pokémon Go At The Most Offensive Pokéstops In NYC

The NRA's Tweet After The Michigan Shooting Proves It's Removed From Reality

This Dad Took His Son On A 7-Day Backpacking Trip With Only $15 To Live On

Michigan Courthouse Shooting: Here's What We Know

This Is The Problem With Using MLK Quotes To Silence #BlackLivesMatter

No One Can Tell If The Floating Boats In This Picture Are Photoshopped Or Not

The iPhone 7 Is Probably Going To Be Hideous, But For A Good Reason

This American Soldier Caught His First Pokémon While Fighting ISIS In Iraq

This Delivery Guy Is Every Drunk Person's Dream Come True

This Genius Pokémon Go Hack Lets You Start The Game With Pikachu

This Post Explains Why It's Hard For Black People To Enjoy Pokémon Go

This Muslim Man Saved Hundreds Of Lives By Hugging An ISIS Suicide Bomber

Here Are The Top 10 US Colleges That Aren't A Huge Waste Of Money

The Aftermath Of Dallas: What It's Like To Pick Up The Pieces In Your City

13 Ways To Cope With Hillary's Endorsement, From One Bernie Bro To Another

Department Of Homeland Security Wants You To Stop Playing Pokémon Go

No One Who Watched This Woman's Video Of Her Angry Uber Driver Is On Her Side

Powerful Photo Of Black Lives Matter Protester In Dress Goes Viral

This Is The Disgusting, Racist Snapchat That Got Two Cops Suspended

A 1-Year-Old Baby Almost Died Because His Parents Fed Him A Vegan Diet

Guy Hilariously Tweets About His Home Being Turned Into A Pokémon Go Gym

This Insane Video Proves Google Basically Predicted Pokémon Go Two Years Ago

It's Free Slurpee Day At 7-Eleven -- And There's A Sweet New Flavor To Try

This White Cop Is Going Viral For His Police Work In Black Communities

The Mayor Of Dallas Said What Most Politicians Would Never Say About Race

DeRay Mckesson Was Violently Arrested For No Reason And Twitter Is Furious

These Inmates Literally Broke Out Of Jail To Save Their Guard's Life

Dog Hilariously Ruins Owner's Home By Running All Over It Covered In Poop

Guy Tells Epic Story About Recruiting A Cop To Play Pokémon Go

People Are Actually Getting Seriously Hurt While Playing Pokémon Go

This Amazing Hashtag Brings A Little Bit Of Brightness To A Week Of Heartbreak

Couple Who Met After An Airbnb Mistake Ties The Knot In The Company's Lobby

Two Women On 'HONY' Who Like To Bitch About Things Are All of Us

If You're Doing This With Your Netflix Account, You're Actually Breaking The Law

Law Professor Shuts Down Students Who Criticized His Black Lives Matter Shirt

Life Is Complete, Disney Emojis Are Actually Becoming A Thing

This Teen Found The Most Horrifying Thing IRL While Playing Pokémon Go

Adorable Video Of Cop's Dance Battle With Little Boy Will Brighten Your Day

Guy Receives Epic Rant From Wrong Number Who Wants Ex To Stop Sending Sexts

Facebook Messenger Is Testing A New Feature To Keep All Your Secrets Safe

Grandpa Sends Hilarious Warning Note With Wedding RSVP

People Think El Chapo Escaped Again And Obviously The Tweets Are Pure Gold

If You Live In This Place, You'll Now Have To Pay A 'Fat Tax' For Junk Food

Jada Pinkett Smith Actually Predicted The Dallas Shooting Before It Happened

Woman Posts Pic Of 'Giant Mom Diaper' To Prove Important Point On Childbirth

Kim Kardashian Writes Emotional Letter About Son In Wake Of Police Violence

Donald Trump Jr.'s Latest Twitter Follow Is Seriously Alarming

Girl Seeks Revenge On Cheating BF By Publicizing Nudes Of The Other Woman

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Predicted Our Next President With This One Word

These Photos Show Peaceful Moments Before The Dallas Protest Turned Deadly

This Brave Woman Took A Bullet To Save Her Sons During The Dallas Shooting

The Minnesota Governor Just Declared The Castile Shooting An Act Of Racism

Kevin Hart's Heartbreaking Video About Dallas Will Move You To Tears

Over 2,000 Doctors Have Been Punished For Sexually Abusing Their Patients

These Are The Officers Who Lost Their Lives In The Dallas Shooting

This Former Congressman Just Declared War On President Obama

Dallas Shootings That Killed Police Officers Caught On Video

20 Tweets That Perfectly Explain Why Killing Police Is Not The Answer

Everyone's Angry Over This Police Tweet Wrongly Identifying A Dallas Suspect

Multiple Dallas Cops Killed In Deadliest Event For US Law Enforcement Since 9/11

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