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'Orange Is The New Black' Star Uzo Aduba On Self-Worth

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This Blue Latte Tastes Terrible And Proves We Only Care About Instagram

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5 Actions You Can Take To Help A Survivor Of Domestic Violence Heal

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It's OK To Not Feel Totally 'Changed' After Traveling The World

'Facekinis' Are The Newest Trend Taking Over China Beaches

Kylie Jenner's Makeup Artist Uses A Laxative As A Primer

The Diet Oliva Munn Used To Lose 12 Pounds Is One Of The Easiest To Follow

Lindsey Vonn Talked About JJ Watt's Groin At The ESPYs And Twitter Went Wild

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The Phenomenal ESPY Tribute To Zaevion Dobson Is Worthy Of Tears

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How To Not Get A Yeast Infection This Summer

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This Is Exactly What Your Poop Is Made Of

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Ronda Rousey Makes Powerful Statement About Imperfections In New Commercial

I Unfollowed Every 'Fitspo' Account On Social Media And Lost 40 Pounds

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Here's How You Can Travel Around The World In First Class For Free

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Derek Jeter Reportedly Married To Model Hannah Davis

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Yes, You Can Literally Swim In A Pool Of Sprinkles This Summer

Keep Your Nose Clean And Stick To Getting Drunk

This Unlikely Insect Inspired Nike's Team USA Olympic Uniforms

Girls Holding 'Fish Bras' In Front Of Their Boobs Are Taking Over Instagram

The State That Fat-Shames Least On Twitter Will Surprise You

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Steph Curry And The Warriors Got The 'Full House' Treatment And It's Amazing

The New Black Hot Dog At IKEA Will Ruin Your Day

This Is How Tinder Is Completely Changing Another Major Part Of Your Life

8 Times I've Been Sexually Harassed And Didn't Realize It Until Now

The One Thing We Can Do To End Violence On Both Sides Is Recognize Our Bias

Boss Leaves Employee Savage Note Scolding Him For Playing Pokémon Go

Gilbert Arenas Savagely Called Out Nick Young Over Iggy Azalea On Snapchat

What It Was Like When I Found Out My SO Of 8 Years Was A Secret Alcoholic

Forget The 'Naked Dress,' This Actress Actually Wore A Dress With A Bush

This Is What To Do When You Run Out Of Deodorant

This Woman Known As A 'Gluttonous Beauty' Completely Crushed 150 McNuggets

You Can Now Drink The World's First Beer Brewed Using Artificial Intelligence

People Are Using Peaches On Instagram To Make Fun Of Booty Standards

Twitter Loved How Amy Schumer And Ashley Graham Handled The 'Plus Size' Thing

Beer Ice Cream Floats Are The Adult Drink You Dreamed Of As A Kid

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This One Bunch Of Grapes Sold For More Money Than You Make In A Month

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These Edible Booze Bubbles Will Make Any Party Seriously Lit

Including These In Your Diet Can Cut Your Chance Of Dying By 27 Percent

In A Crazy Coincidence, Identical Twins Gave Birth At The Same Exact Time

The TSA Is About To Get A Makeover So Airport Security Doesn't Suck So Much

This Side-By-Side Photo Of Two Pregnant Women Makes The Perfect Point

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Worst Robber Ever Leaves Victim Hilarious Apology Note On $20 Bill

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Apparently There's Another Major Problem If You Buy Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits

12-Year-Old Trolls Little Sister's Bullies With Savage Fake Party Invitation

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