July 2015
News Articles

Heroic 12-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Saves Little Sister From Drowning

Women Post Pictures Eating Cake To Fight Back Against Rude Body Shamer

25-Year-Old Documentary Exposing Donald Trump Is Finally Released (Video)

911 Dispatcher's Medical License Suspended After Hanging Up On Caller

After Tragedy: What It's Like To Live In Lafayette, Louisiana

Parents Create Visual Bucket List For Daughter Before She Loses Eyesight

Malaysia Airlines Confirms Washed Up Debris Belonged To A Boeing 777

Teen Who Was Missing For Two Years Comes Out Of Hiding After Turning 18

Cecil's Brother Is Now Watching Over All Of The Pride's Cubs

Zimbabwe Wants To Bring Cecil's Killer Back To Africa To Be Punished

Teen's Eyebrows Are Not 'On Fleek' After Beauty Treatment Goes Wrong

Man Put A Restaurant Robber Who Interrupted His Proposal In A Chokehold

‘The Lion King’ Reimagined With Cecil The Lion Is Actually Perfect (Video)

This 19-Year-Old Has An Illness That Makes Him Allergic To All Food

Artist Uses Amazing Time-Lapse Drawing To Announce Wife's Pregnancy (Video)

Employee Sent Home For 'Revealing' Shorts She Bought At The Same Store

Why My $230 Donation To The Clinton Foundation Was Money Well Spent

Model May Face Death Penalty For Reportedly Smuggling Drugs Into China

Three Women Used Social Media To Trick ISIS Into Giving Them Money

Teen With Cancer Takes Graduation Pics In Hospital Shortly Before Dying

$150,000 In Donations Poured In After Jimmy Kimmel's Speech On Cecil

Say What? Music Actually Has The Ability To Give People 'Skin Orgasms'

3-Year-Old With No Arms Got To Hug Her Hero, The First Armless Pilot

WTF? Donald Trump Once Told A Breastfeeding Mom She Was 'Disgusting'

Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty To Murder In The Cincinnati Shooting

This Happy Baby Elephant Chasing Birds Is The Most Precious Thing Ever (Video)

Stroller Ad Featuring Bikini-Clad Model Running Faces A Lot Of Backlash

Anti-Uber Protests In Mexico City Have Erupted Into Violent Riots

Google's New App Translates The World Around You Into Your Language (Video)

Informant Deaths Are Another Sign That The War On Drugs Needs To Go

Form An Opinion: 10 Policies To Care About Now And During Elections

People In China Are Anxiously Approaching Escalators After Woman Dies

Ohio Police Officer Charged With Murder In Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man

Dad And Son Come Full Circle After Recreating Photo For Almost 30 Years

Vero Is A New Social Network That Lets You Be Completely Yourself

The 911 Operator Who Told Caller To 'Deal With It' Has Resigned

Two Zimbabweans Are Reportedly Charged For Poaching Cecil The Lion

Heroic Man Rescues Drowning Girl After Brushing Against Her Body In Lake

Protesters Respond To Police Harassment With Kendrick Lamar's 'Alright'

Having A Crush Outside Your Relationship Can Actually Be A Good Thing

This Doctor Claims He Can Actually Feel His Patients' Physical Pain

Couple Met Their Adopted Baby For The First Time, And It'll Make You Sob (Photos)

Interracial Couples Sit Down To Get Real About Stereotypes They Face (Video)

This Adorable Pouting Puppy Is The Internet's Brand New Grumpy Cat (Photos)

Family Completes 4,000-Mile Walking Journey Honoring Late Daughter

Protesters Create A Memorial For Cecil The Lion Outside Killer's Office

The Killing Of Cecil The Lion Is A Reminder We're Doing It Wrong

Why #CecilTheLion's Death Is Especially Sad During The Month Of The Leo

Man Gets Surgery To Reconstruct Earlobes After Wearing Plugs For Years

The Ugly Truth Behind Your Pet's Food And Its Connection To Slave Labor

Officials Release New Jail Footage Of Sandra Bland To End Mugshot Rumors

Trans Rights: Why The Government Shouldn't Choose A Restroom For You

Teen Dies After 911 Dispatcher Tells Caller To 'Deal With It' Herself

No Way! Study Says Being Sarcastic May Actually Make You More Creative

Obama Said He Could Win A Third Term As President If He Was Eligible

WTF? Instagram Banned Its Users From Posting #Goddess But Not #God

This Incredible Spray-On Condom Just Might Be The Future Of Safe Sex

Man Who Slayed Cecil The African Lion Is Reportedly An American Dentist

20-Year-Old Warns About Domestic Violence After Her BF Tears Her Throat

Hundreds Donate Books To 12-Year-Old Who Resorted To Reading Junk Mail

Adorable Corgi Puppy Tries To Go Down Steps And Literally Can't Even (Video)

Donald Trump's Lawyer Responds After Saying Marital Rape Isn't A Thing

Insanely Strong Guy Actually Picks Up A Car To Move It Off A Bike Path (Video)

1,700 Students Perform A Moving Haka Dance At Their Teacher's Funeral (Video)

Topshop Pulls Its 'Ridiculously' Small Mannequins After Woman Complains

Homicide Or Not, Let's Not Forget The Nature Of Sandra Bland's Arrest

Two Little Boys Were Left With Horrific Sunburns From A Daycare Outing

Why Voting For Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Make Me Less Of A Feminist

Man Shaves 14-Year-Old Beard And His Family's Reaction Is Priceless (Video)

This Is How Guys React To Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled In Public (Video)

Mother Saves Son From Broken Escalator Seconds Before It Kills Her (Video)

People Everywhere Are Showing Love For Their Thighs With #ThighReading

Science Says Dogs Are Man's Best Friend Because We’re Wired The Same (Video)

In 2015 The US Has Already Seen 207 Mass Shootings In 207 Days

Man Killed By Woman In Her Home Might Have Been A Serial Killer

Plane Landing During A Storm Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again (Video)

Having Lots Of Friends In Your 20s Could Be The Secret To A Better Life

Dog The Bounty Hunter Admits Even He Couldn't Take Down El Chapo

Adorable Orangutan Kisses The Belly Of A Pregnant Woman At The Zoo (Video)

Woman Says Her Cousin Set Fire To Her House Because He Couldn't Date Her

This Poem Found In A London Bar Has The Most Amazing Twist Ending

Woman Shuts Down The Haters Who Accused Her Of Faking Her Weight Loss

YouTube University: How Millennials Are Gaining Knowledge From Videos

Google May Soon Be Able To Help Us Record And Replay Our Memories

Chrysler Pulls 1.4M Cars Off The Road After A Hacking Video Went Viral

Brothers Save Shark With Hooks Caught In Its Mouth At A Florida Beach (Video)

Heroic Teachers Saved Others, Pulled Fire Alarm During Theater Shooting

Hate Hackers: Why Exposing Ashley Madison Users Is A Crime

Woman Shares Photo Of Man Masturbating In Public, And Police Catch Him

Officials Say Sandra Bland's Autopsy Shows No Signs Of Homicide

Marching Band Surprises Woman On Her Very Last Day Of Chemotherapy (Video)

Plus-Size Model Smashes Stereotypes On The Cover Of Running Magazine

3 Dead, Including Gunman, In Tragic Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting

Badass Woman Attacks 7-Foot Alligator To Save Her 9-Year-Old Dog

Some People Believe Sandra Bland Is Already Dead In Her Mugshot

Gay Men React To The Word ‘Marriage’ In This Extremely Powerful Video

#BlackLivesMatter Leader Has A Message For Millennials: Tell The Truth

Guys Drive Around Denver And Hand Out Free Joints To Homeless People (Video)

Amazing Service Dog Uses Her Talents To Surf With Disabled People (Photos)

Woman Shuts Down Her Bullies With A Gorgeous, Proud Bikini Photo

NASA Discovered A Planet That Could Be Earth's 'Older, Bigger Cousin'

Man Found Hiding Under Ex's Bed After Breaking In Several Days Earlier

Woman Who Died After Taking Diet Pills Sent Chilling Text Before Death

Mind = Blown: Almond Milk Has Barely Any Almonds In It At All

Woman Tweets A Request For Weed, And Police Have The Perfect Response

Orphan With Down Syndrome Meets Her New Mom, And It'll Warm Your Heart (Video)

'Drunk' Passenger Gets Tied Up With Seatbelts After Incident On Flight

Sandra Bland Was 'At A Loss For Words' In Voicemail To Friend From Jail

Guy Surprises His Mom With Dream Vacation To Disney For Her Birthday (Video)

This Kid Has No Idea How To Eat A Hotdog And It's Straight-Up Adorable (Video)

Finally! There's Going To Be A Dating App For Netflix Binge Watchers

New Pill Will Let Gluten-Free People Eat Pizza And Actually Enjoy Life

Your Entire Life Is A Lie: Researchers Find Sex Doesn't Actually Sell

WTF: Mutant Flowers Have Appeared At The Fukushima Disaster Site

Officials Are Saying Sandra Bland Might Have Attempted Suicide Before

Dylann Roof Has Been Indicted On Federal Hate Crime Charges

Mom Dying Of Cancer Writes Her Daughter A Lifetime Of Greeting Cards

Guy Eats 12 Pints Of Ice Cream And Somehow Doesn’t Die Of Brain Freeze (Video)

Forget Smoking, You Can Now Get High By Drinking A Weed Smoothie

In One Honest Quote, Obama Tells Jon Stewart Why America Isn't Working

6 Ways The Images Of Pluto Will Positively Influence Future Generations

Millennial Allies: Democrats Are Crafting A Plan For Tuition-Free College

This Amazing Retirement Home For Dogs And Cats Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

Dadbod Is A Real Thing: Study Shows Being A Father Could Make You Fat

Family Adopts Friend's Four Daughters After She Dies Of Brain Cancer

Hackers Easily Took Over The Brakes Of This Jeep, And It's Terrifying (Video)

Small Penises, Rejoice! Science Says Length Isn't Really That Important

This Magical Tree Is Able To Grow 40 Different Kinds Of Fruit At Once (Video)

Sandra Bland Dash Cam Video Sparks Controversy For Possibly Being Edited

People Ages 0 To 105 Explain What They Would Change About The World (Video)

School Chorus Performed A Moving Song For Teacher With Breast Cancer (Video)

Veteran Rubs People The Wrong Way With Rant Against Overweight People (Video)

Man With Asthma Dies After Being Tied Face Down To Stretcher By Police

People Are Freaking Out About This Super Hot Street Cleaner In Brazil (Photos)

Man Ordered Fried Chicken But Got $4,500 In His Bojangles' Bag Instead

Woman Smashes Car Window In Order To Rescue A 2-Year-Old Stuck Inside (Video)

This Bulldog Loves Pinball More Than Anything Else In The Entire World (Video)

Sandra Bland's Death Is Now Being Treated Like A 'Murder Investigation'

Fake Doctor Arrested For Passing Off A Bag Of Dirt As Cancer Treatment

Study Shows Men Who Harass Women On The Web Are Straight-Up 'Losers'

3-Year-Old Lands First Skateboarding Trick With Help From Awesome Dad (Video)

Friend Of 4 Women Killed In Limo Crash Canceled On Trip At Last Minute

Woman Falls To Death Off NYC Rooftop Bar While Others Keep Drinking

Black Officer Reveals Why He Helped The Man Wearing A Swastika Shirt

Dancing 'Twins’ Bust Out Some Sick Moves To Beyoncé’s ‘Run The World' (Video)

Diner Owner Receives Backlash And Praise For Yelling At Crying Toddler

Twitter Deleted All The Homepage Backgrounds, And People Are Going Nuts

Empty Clicks: Why Online Activism Is Often Meaningless

Doctors Thought This Woman Was Pregnant, But She Actually Had A Tumor

Popular Toll Collector Fired For Generously Paying Someone Else's Toll

Two Sisters Are Taking Selfies With All Of The Presidential Candidates

Bride Tragically Killed By Lightning Less Than A Week After Her Wedding

Stephen Hawking Endorses $100M Plan To Search For Life In Outer Space

22-Year-Old Blows $90,000 Meant For Tuition And Blames Parents For It

Woman Explains Why Shaming 'Fat People' For Eating Junk Food Is So Bad (Video)

Man Honors GF's Late Father With The Most Amazing Marriage Proposal (Video)

Drunk Driver Kills 4 Bridesmaids, Injures Bride In Horrific Car Crash

Dad Actually Filmed Wife Giving Birth To A 10-Pound Baby In Their Car

Dogs Are Rocking Donald Trump Hair And Look Way Better Than He Does (Photos)

Black Cop Helps Man Wearing A Swastika Suffering From Heat At KKK Rally

Rachel Dolezal Says She Still Identifies As Black Despite The Backlash

Ashley Madison Gets Hacked And 37 Million Cheaters May Be F*cked Over

How Obama And The SAFE Justice Act Will Push Prison Reform

Awesome Drone Anonymously Drops All Kinds Of Sweet Gifts To People (Video)

Doctors Save Man's Severed Hand By Actually Attaching It To His Leg

Researchers Find There Are Four Distinct Types Of Drunks In The World

4-Year-Old With Leukemia 'Marries' Favorite Nurse In Adorable Ceremony (Video)

It's Happening: Robot Passed A Self-Awareness Test And We're Terrified

Arguments Against Voting Debunked: Why You Have No Excuse Not To Vote

Sandra Bland Attempted To Post Bail Herself Before Her Alleged Suicide

Got Weed? Science Says Marijuana May Actually Help Heal Broken Bones

A Singer's Pad Fell Off On Live TV And She Handled It Like A Boss (Video)

These Two Sisters Crushed Their Wedding Toast With An Epic Mashup Song (Video)

Black Woman's Roadtrip To New Job Ends In Suspicious Jailhouse Hanging

Heroic 5-Year-Old Dressed As Batman Saves Baby Trapped In A Hot Car

Chattanooga Shooting Results In Deaths Of 4 Marines And Lone Gunman

This Homemade Drone Can Fire A Handgun So We Are All Pretty Much Doomed (Video)

Man Shares The Powerful Reality Of Losing 260 Pounds In 3 Years

Protesters In Oklahoma City Greeted Obama With Confederate Flags

Woman Was Arrested With No Clothes On After Cop Came In House Illegally

This Model With Three Kids Is 50 Years Old But You'd Never Believe It (Photos)

This Is How To Survive A Workday If You Didn't Sleep The Night Before (Video)

Study Finds Restaurant Food Isn't Much Better For You Than Fast Food

Instagram Blocked The Hashtag #Curvy But Still Allows #Fat And #Skinny

Stage 5 Clinger: Guy Got A Beyond Creepy Email From Obsessed Coworker

El Chapo Might Have Used A Bird To Test Out His Prison Escape Tunnel

Crazy Talented Guy Beatboxes And Plays A Recorder At The Same Damn Time

Guy Films One Second Each Day While Hiking From Mexico To Canada (Video)

Rappers Don't Even Bother To Walk Anymore After Buying 'Skywalker' Boards

Gay Men Respond To The Word 'Faggot' In This Incredibly Moving Video

WTF? Man Tries To Bake His Girlfriend After Pouring Hot Sauce On Her

Colorblind Man Sees Purple For The First Time And Literally Can't Even (Video)

Adults Challenged To Sit In A Hot Car Learn Shocking Lesson On Safety (Video)

This Genius Professor's Extra Credit Test Question Is Straight-Up Cruel

These Bitcoin Documentaries That Will Change Your Views

A Jewish Man Saved From Nazis Is Now Rescuing Christians From ISIS

This Site Is Helping Students Pay Off Loans With A Simple Trivia Game

18-Year-Old Expertly Proves No Guy Is 'Too Big' To Wear A Condom

Uh Oh: Public Hipster Sex Is Ruining The Summer For Montauk Residents

President Obama Addresses Bill Cosby Allegations, Says 'That's Rape' (Video)

This Legendary Man Is Scoring Dates On Tinder By Only Using Emoji (Photos)

Psychosurgeons Are Now Using Lasers To Treat OCD And Mental Illness

How Conservatives Deny Racism Is A Problem, While Proving That It Is

Restaurant Has Amazing Response After Woman Buys Beer For Fallen Soldier

Bride Spent 1,000 Hours Crocheting An Amazing Dress For Her Wedding

Groom Serenades Bride With Bollywood Song At Their Interfaith Wedding (Video)

Man Claims This Gun Range Uses A Photo Of Black Teenager As The Target

Graphic Video Shows California Police Shoot And Kill An Unarmed Man

Teen Celebrates Beating Cancer By Running Up The Steps From 'Rocky' (Video)

What Is The Cost Of A Black Life? Why Money Won't Make Injustice Right

Some Guy Made A Facebook For The World, And Complete Chaos Followed

How The Eric Garner Settlement Evokes An Admission Of Guilt From NYC

Brave Beachgoers Rescue A Stranded Great White Shark In Cape Cod (Video)

New Footage Shows El Chapo Just Moments Before His Escape From Prison

The Nuclear Deal In Context: Understanding Iran’s Dangerous Rise

This Drone Footage Of A Tornado In Kansas Is Absolutely Incredible

Nike Created An Amazing Shoe Specifically For People With Disabilities

Cop Buys Clothes, Shoes And Diapers For Mother Of 6 Caught Stealing

WTF? Some Doctors Are Taking Selfies With Women's Vaginas During Birth

How The Pluto Mission Reminds Us NASA Is Vital To The Future Of Mankind

People Are Snatching Confederate Flags In The 'No Flaggin Challenge'

Insane Footage Shows El Chapo's Intricate, Million-Dollar Escape Tunnel

Man Gets Stabbed In The Heart, Goes On To Become A Champion Bodybuilder

Guys In The Dark Learn Important Life Lesson About Not Judging People (Video)

Teen Survives Plane Crash And Walks Through The Wilderness For Days

20 Or More Women Were Sexually Assaulted At A Vietnam Water Park And Nobody Seems To Care

Boy Begging His Dad To Quit Smoking And Drinking Will Break Your Heart (Video)

People Of All Ages Reveal Meaning Of Love In Incredibly Moving Video

Donald Trump Reached Out To The FBI After El Chapo Threatened Him

Dad Breaks Down When He Finds Out His Son Actually Bought Him A House (Video)

The Trick To Speaking Aussie Is Abbreviating Almost Every Single Word

Guy Grows A Completely Epic Beard In This 365-Day Time-Lapse Video

Mom Perfectly Responds To The Same Annoying Questions About Her Twins

Science Says Ignoring Your Phone Doesn't Actually Help You Focus

Newly Escaped Drug Lord El Chapo Threatened Donald Trump On Twitter

Boxers That Hide Your Boner Finally Exist, And They're Called 'Bloxers'

Hands On The Wheel! Woman Crashes Her Car While Using A Sex Toy

Woman Changes Her Name Just So She Can Access Her Facebook Account

5-Year-Old Boy Finds A Rolling Camera Hidden In A Starbucks Bathroom

Rafting Guide Was Able To Rescue This Stranded 5-Month-Old Bear Cub

Selfie Stick Helps Save Father And Daughter Caught In Strong Riptide (Video)

Man Gets Two And A Half Years In Prison For Having Sex On Beach

Compelling Ads Reveal The Impact Phone Addiction Has On Relationships (Photos)

This Woman Is Being Praised For Reportedly Killing Her Abusive Husband

Snapchat Takes The West Bank: Why It Was So Important To Go Live

Adorable Baby Trying On Glasses For The First Time Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

An Open Letter To My Alma Mater On Rape Victims, Panic Attacks And Screwing Up

FBI Reports Failed Background Check Let Charleston Shooter Buy A Gun

Man Walks 645 Miles To Comic-Con Dressed As Stormtrooper To Honor Wife

Ride's Bungee Rope Snapped Right Before A Launch And It's Terrifying (Video)

Study Says Childhood Stress Could Be Why Women Gain Weight As Adults

Brothers And Their Wives Reveal They're All Expecting In An Epic Parody (Video)

You Can Now Have A VR Threesome If You Can't Have One In Real Life

Bees Are A Lot More Important Than You Might Have Originally Thought (Video)

This Little Bulldog Only Has Half His Body, But He's Twice As Adorable (Photos)

11-Year-Old Reading Mean Comments About Himself Will Bring You To Tears (Video)

100 Million Sharks Are Killed Each Year: If They Keep Dying, So Will We

The Confederate Flag Has Finally Been Taken Down At The SC Statehouse

There Was A Memorial For A Dead Raccoon Left On The Street In Toronto (Photos)

Footage Of Caitlyn Jenner's Deadly February Car Crash Just Released

17-Year-Old Completes Bucket List, Dies After Saving Friend's Life

Fuzzberta The Guinea Pig Is The Most Adorable Thing To Ever Exist (Photos)

Scientists Discover A New Horned Dinosaur Related To The Triceratops

Incredible Pilot Born Without Arms Won't Let Anything Crush Her Dreams

Nobody Can Figure Out Which Color Actually Matches This Shoe

My Ancestors Fought For The Confederacy And I'm Glad The Flag Is Coming Down

Pornhub Built A Twerking Robot Butt, And It Can Be Yours For $1,000

Facebook's New Update Will Make All That Stalking You Do So Much Easier

This 18-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Just Got A Big Modeling Contract

Father Gets Letter From Late Son That Was Lost In The Mail For 26 Years

Man Allegedly Drugged His GF So He Could Continue Playing Video Games

Taco Bell Is Finally Testing Delivery, And Our Lives Are Now Complete

Could Our Planet Really Be Headed Toward The Sixth Mass Extinction?

Anonymous May Have Had Something To Do With The NYSE Shutting Down

This Adorable Baby With Down Syndrome Is Taking After His Model Mom (Photos)

F*ck The Treadmill: Women Are Actually Twerking In Order To Stay Fit

Video Series Shows Appalling Lack Of Speaking Roles For People Of Color

Brooklyn Bar Fights Wage Gap By Charging Women 77 Cents To The Dollar

3 Ways Society Can Assist Victims Of Sexual Assault

Powerful Video Shows Why We Can't Ignore America's History Of Racism

Oops! A Man Raised Two 'Puppies,' But They Were Actually Black Bears

Uber CEO Wants To Buy All Of Tesla's Self-Driving Cars Made By 2020

Woman Has Amazing Response After Overhearing Fat Shaming In Old Navy

Science Says Junk Food Might Actually Be Making You A Complete Idiot

'Hands-Free Tinder' Uses Heart Rate To Show Whom You're Attracted To

Subway Suspends Spokesman Jared Fogle Amid His Child Porn Scandal

These Geniuses Just Won Summer With This Incredible Beer Pong Invention

Men Of All Ages Explain What It Means To 'Be A Man' In Touching Video

This Is How US Army Uniforms Have Changed Over 240 Years Of Service (Video)

Young Women Take Down Gender Limitations In Powerful #LikeAGirl Video

Idiot Shoots Two People While Distracting Beer Pong Opponent With Gun

Brave Blogger Speaks Out After An Ex-Lover Brutally Attacked Her (Video)

Widower Recovers Late Wife's Signed Dollar Bill Years After It Was Lost

This 'Daycare' Just For Pandas Will Seriously Make Your Heart Melt (Photos)

One Swedish YouTuber Brought In $7.4 Million From Playing Video Games

Grizzly Bear Lifted A 50-Pound Rock And Destroyed Zoo's Glass Barrier

This Model Just Called Out The Entire Fashion World For Being Racist

A Giant Beach-Themed Ball Pit Is The Only Thing You Need Right Now

Sources Say Man May Have Been Struck By Lightning Due To Selfie Stick

If You Find This Man A Girlfriend, He Will Seriously Give You $10,000

People Are Obsessed With Drawing Dick Pics On Their Apple Watches

Social Media Myths Vs. Reality: Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton

Hundreds Attend 10-Year-Old's Birthday Party After Invite Goes Viral (Video)

Jared From Subway Is Under Investigation For Possession Of Child Porn

Women Are 'Tweaking' Pregnancy Tests In Order To Get Results Earlier

There's Actually A Way To See Who Has Unfriended You On Facebook

Airbnb Listing Removed After Neighbors Claim Guests Had Sex In Public

Why Social Advocacy Hashtags Aren't Enough To Evoke Necessary Change

Women Are Literally Burning Off Their Hair For This Bizarre Reason

Coolest Mom Ever Designs Superhero Hearing Aids Just For Children (Photos)

Teen With Asperger's Teaches Gang That Beat Him Up Meaningful Lesson

Teens Are Turning 'Ugly' Into 'Beautiful' With The #Don'tJudgeChallenge

Burt Shavitz, Legendary Cofounder Of Burt's Bees, Passed Away At 80

These People Actually Had A Minion-Themed Wedding And It's Incredible (Photos)

Man Tragically Dies After Launching Fireworks From His Head On July 4

11-Year-Old Shoots Her Loose Tooth Out Of Her Mouth With A Slingbow (Video)

Privilege Beyond Right: Why I Didn't Vote In The Last Election

Woman Responds To Rude Comments With Emotional Video About Her Acne

The New Bubble Wrap Won't Pop, And Everything Is Wrong With The World

Two Brothers Have Been Swapping Same Birthday Card For Over 40 Years

Why The Conversation On Female Genital Mutilation Needs Our Attention

Amnesia Patient Battling Cancer Found Family After Viral Facebook Post

Childhood Sweethearts Die Holding Hands After 75 Years Of Marriage

Canadian Sex Positions Will Make You Want To Go Down South Up North (Video)

Volkswagen Claims A Robot Actually Picked Up And Killed A Contractor

This Model's 'Perfect' Butt Is Used By Elite Denim Brands For Designs

A Homeless Man Is Stealing Hearts With His Incredible Piano Playing (Video)

'Til Dinner Do Us Part: This Is How Much Weight You'll Gain In Marriage

British Man Who Saved 669 Children From The Holocaust Dies At Age 106

Badass 70-Year-Old Finishes 100-Mile Race With Only 6 Seconds Remaining

Scientists Found A Way To Get Mosquitoes To Leave You The F*ck Alone

World Leaders Must Move Faster on Climate Change

WTF? 14-Year-Old Pulls A Massive 4-Inch Centipede Out Of His Ear

There's An Amazing Reason You're Seeing Semicolon Tattoos Everywhere (Photos)

Awesome First Grader Stood Up To A Man And His Homophobic Preaching

Harvard Study Finds Daughters Of Working Moms Are More Likely To Succeed

Cuba Becomes First Country To End Mother-Child HIV Transmission

Giving Your Dog A Bath Just Got A Lot More Fun With This 'Woof Washer' (Video)

3 Ways Conservatives Will Continue To Fight Against Marriage Equality

The Creatures Crawling In This Salmon Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

This 20-Month-Old Baby Is Already Rock Climbing Like A Champion (Video)