July 2014
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Dear Bros, Please Stop Using the Word ‘Epic’

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Women Are The New Black

The Gen-Y Curse: Why We Need To Forget About Tomorrow And Live For Today

How To Weigh The Importance Of A College Education In Today's Job Market

3 Motivators To Help You Commit To Getting Fit

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That Awkward Moment When Your 'CANADA' Shirt Looks Like It Says 'ANAL' (Photos)

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New Dolls App Allows Young Girls To Interact With And Look Up To Strong Female Role Models

Two Sides To The Story: This Is The Wife's Version Of The Sexually Frustrated Spreadsheet (Photo)

4 Ways The Tragic Malaysia Airlines Crash Reminds Us To Cherish Our Lives

There's Always Later: 5 Scientific Explanations For Your Unexplainable Procrastination

Wanderers And Dreamers: How Generation-Y Is The Next 'Lost Generation'

How We've Become So Consumed By 'Likes' That We've Forgotten How To Love

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If You've Ever Wondered, This Is What's In A Rape Kit (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo Says His Son Will Never Know Who His Mother Is

Never Give Up On Something You Can't Go A Day Without Thinking About

30 Inappropriate Children's Toys That Should've Never Been Created To Begin With (Photos)

Elle Macpherson Might Be The Hottest 50-Year-Old Woman Ever (Photos)

Let’s Get Serious: Yes, Women Can Be Interested In Both Politics And New York Fashion Week

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Why Doing Nothing Translates To Productivity In The End

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4 Reasons To Wait Until You're In Your Late 20s To Travel

The Real Deal: Why The New Batch Of Inspirational Models Is Here To Stay

How Netflix Could Actually Be The Best Dating Site Out There

Dan Bilzerian Puts His PR Guy In His Place For Telling Him What To Do (Photo)

30 Crazy Nightlife Photos That Prove The Irish Party Way Harder Than Anyone

Move Over Plastics: 50 Differences Between Fake Girls And Real Girls

This Is Still The Greatest Baby Shower Invitation Of All Time

The Science Behind Nostalgia And Why We're So Obsessed With The Past

Drake Awkwardly Dedicates Song To The 'Side Pieces' Of Every Athlete (Video)

Beauty And Brains: What Career And Family-Oriented Women Can Learn From The 'Having It All' Feud

Learning From The Best: How Studying The Wealthy Helped Me Achieve Success

How The American Dream Is Still Alive And Well For This Generation

Tokens Of Travel: 15 Life Lessons I Took Away From 6 Months Abroad

Break Out Of Your Shell: Why True Beauty Is Found On The Inside

12 Common White Lies We Tell Kids, And What We Really Mean

How One Generation Can Redefine Feminism For A Modern Society

Don't Call Me Crazy: How This 'C' Word Is Continually Used To Hold Women Back

Unfortunately, Your Childhood Cartoons Weren't As Innocent As You Thought (Photos)

13 Times That Yoga Can, Literally, Save Your Life

You Won't Believe Why A Village In India Called For The Rape Of A 14-Year-Old Girl

Your Future Already Started: Never Settle For Being Content When Glory Is An Option

Ladies, Rejoice! An Essie Nail Polish Vending Machine Actually Exists (Photos)

13 Reasons Why You Should Adopt The Hustler Mindset — Even If You Don't Sell Drugs

Please Mind The Gap: It May Take Women 75 Years To Make As Much As Men

The Dictionary Of Everything Girls Do That Guys Label Crazy (Even Though They're Not)

This Hollywood Actress Says She's Never Relied On Her Looks For Her Success

Why Worrying About Your Looks Is Proven To Kill You Before You Die

5 Reasons Letting Go Of Everything That Isn't Your Ultimate Goal Is The Only Way To Be Happy

This Badass Woman Is The First Ever To Finish The 'American Ninja Warrior' Course (Video)

Why We're So Afraid Of Being Alone — And How We Can Change

NYC Must EEEEEATS: If You're In The Big Apple, You Need To Try These 15 Foods

Why We Must Be Grateful For What We Do Have Before We Can Have 'It All'

15 Things We Learned From Carrie Bradshaw About Sex And The City

'Babywearing Ballet' Lets Mothers Dance With And Embrace Their Babies (Photos)

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7 Facts Of Life In NYC You Should Know Before Moving In

5 Reasons Why Unemployment Shouldn't Be The Scariest Thing In The World

Why You Don't Need To Share Every Aspect Of Your Life With The World

How The Wedding Industry And Media Are Joining Forces To Create A Generation of Bridezillas

Time Is On Your Side: How You Can Cope And Eventually Heal Your Heartache

8 Things You Should Know About The Penny Stock Market Before You Dive Into It

These Are The 15 Best Cocktails To Make Now That 'Ciroc Pineapple' Exists

Lamar Odom's Rise And Fall: Where Will He Go From Here?

Women May Be Hired As Executives To Clean Up Messes, But They Also Make Companies More Profitable

This Woman's Slam Poem On The Definition Of Consent Is Something Everyone Must Hear (Video)

The Psychology Behind Why Girls Are So Willing To Join Sororities

Women With 'Sexy' Profile Pictures On Social Media Are Apparently Looked Down Upon

8 Reasons Why Women Should, Literally, Be Scared Sh*tless Of Childbirth

11 Times The Rich Kids Of Instagram's Lives Are Just Way Better Than Yours

How Women Are So Afraid Of Uncertainty That They Keep Giving The Wrong Men Chances

16 Struggles You And Your Friends Go Through When Getting A Share House In The Summer

The 10 Books (Yes, That's Right, Books) Every Man Should Pick Up This Summer

At The Risk Of Dying, This Generation Needs To Put Those Energy Drinks Down

11 Hemingway Quotes Every Young Man Should Memorize, Live By And Breathe

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Coloring Your World: Creating A Beautiful Life

Life Is About Affirmation: 7 Things We Should Learn To Say 'Yes' To More Often

Why I Gave Up Dancing After My Mom Passed Away

Everyone Starts Somewhere: Why You Need To Measure Your Success In The Long-Term

Retired Prostitutes Open Sex College To Help Younger Sex Workers Learn The Business

17 Things I Would Tell My 17-Year-Old Self To Do Differently So I'd Be Happier Now

Why Being Reserved Makes You Sexy, Not Boring

10 Ways Real Life Is Actually Just A Continuation Of High School

Science Says The Hook-up Culture Isn't Actually Hurting Your Psyche At All

Don't Lose Yourself In Love: 6 Reasons You Should Always Remain Your Own Top Priority

10 Reasons Why You'll Fall For The Funny Guy Every Time

4 Reasons Why Going To College Right Out Of High School Doesn't Have To Be For You

How Angelina Jolie Can Singlehandedly Change The Way We Talk About Sexual Violence

15 Scary Facts About Your Obsession With Your Phone That Should Worry You For The Future

Why You Can't (And Shouldn't) Try To Escape From Your 20-Something Life

Artist Pastes Photos Of Real Women's Eyes Around The World To Show 'Women Are Heroes'

The 29 Classiest Tramp Stamps Ever To Grace The Human Back (NSFW Photos)

It's Cheat Day: 10 Excuses Every Girl Makes So She Can Cheat On Her Diet

9 Simple Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Good Enough

16 Signs You Completely Lost Against The Weekend As Told By 'Pretty Little Liars'

It's Proven: Why The Greatest People Are Many Times The Loneliest

15 Ways You're Actually Making Your Life Much Harder Than It Needs To Be

#StopCensoringMotherhood Looks To End Instagram's Hypocritical Censorship Of Moms

If Asked, How Would You Define Yourself At This Exact Moment?

Frappin' And Fashion: The 'Coffee N Clothes' Instagram Is Absolutely Perfect (Photos)

Mario Götze's Penis Is Really, Really Happy To See His Girlfriend

I Forgave My Cousin's Killer: How Forgiveness Can Change And Shape Your Entire Life

Texas Bred: 20 Bizarre Things About Growing Up In San Antonio

An Apple A Day: Women Who Eat Apples Actually Have Better Sex

Not Only Did Mario Götze Win The World Cup, He Has The Hottest Girlfriend Ever (Photos)

The 'Beyoncé Voters' Tumblr Combines Bey Lyrics And Powerful Images Of Women

5 Things I've Learned About My Life And Career From My First Post-Grad Job

Terry Richardson's Untouched Photos Of Mariah Carey Show How Much They've Been Edited

In Defense Of The Bitchy Resting Face, As Told By 'Clueless'

This Powerful Music Video Proves Women Don't Need Photoshop Or Makeup To Be Beautiful

8 Things I Figured Out The Hard Way When I Moved To Manhattan

The Best Way To Benefit From College Is To Go Somewhere Far From Home

You Will Never Be Free Until You Escape Your Old Life And Start A New One

Dear 7-Eleven: Thank You For Always Being Open Through The Hard Times

This Sports Illustrated Model Was Actually Fired From A Forever 21 Shoot For Being 'Fat'

18 Reasons Why Overly Attached Boyfriends Are The Absolute Worst People Ever

Women Who Have Children After 33 May Actually Live Longer

That Awkward Moment You Realize ESPN Analyst Brian Windhorst And Jonah Hill Are The Same Person

Words From The King: The 10 Most Powerful Quotes From LeBron James’ Open Letter Decision

Here's What The NBA Would Look Like If Every Star Went Home Like LeBron James (Photos)

The 10 Differences Between Those Who Appreciate Life And Those Who Don’t

10 Values Every 20-Something Man Should Strive To Embody

What If NBA Players Were Snapchatting Each Other In The Offseason?

The Legend Of Ribera: Visiting This Steakhouse In Japan Is A Rite Of Passage For Pro Wrestlers

When Men Are Objectified The Way Women Are In Ads, It Just Seems Weird (Photos)

Why This Generation Is So Completely Obsessed With The Idea Of Celebrity

Around The World And Back Again: 5 Life Lessons From My Travels Away From Home

What To Do When You're Broke: 13 Deliciously Cheap Brunch Spots In NYC

John Legend's Brilliant New Music Video Highlights The Natural Beauty Of All Women

On The Grind: 4 Ways To Make Yourself The True Definition Of A Hustler

These Strangers Were Asked To Take Off Each Other's Clothes And The Results Are Epic (Video)

Starting Over: 5 Truths No One Tells You About Moving Somewhere New

5 Very Specific And Extremely Common Mistakes We're All Guilty Of Making

7 Lessons Learned In Improv Class That Directly Translate To Real-Life Advice

Separating The Real From The Fake: 10 Ways To Tell If Someone Is A True Artist

Failure To Launch: 8 Ways To Stay Motivated, Not Stunted, During Your First Job

3 Ways To Find Happiness While Struggling To Discover A Job You Love

People Are Flipping Out Over J. Crew's New 000 'Vanity Size'

It's Not Guns, Crime Or Hate: We The People Are The Problem With Society

#TBT: What Every Basic Girl Loved Most About Limited Too

10 Impossible-To-Prove Facts That Every Girl Will Swear By Religiously

23 Gen-Y Movie Quotes For Basically Any Situation You Might Find Yourself In

20 Everyday, First World Stresses Of 20-Something Female Life

Get Runway Ready With These DIY Stylish Outfits Made From Thrift Shop Clothes (Photos)

Everyone's A Winner! The 20 Sexiest Fans At The 2014 World Cup

8 Common Misconceptions Of Bisexuality That Need To Be Gone

There Are Only 16 Cities In The United States Where Women Make More Than Men

6 Simple Ways To Clear The Clutter And Keep Your Mind Stress-Free

Why Listening To People Who Tell You That You're Not Good Enough Is A Waste Of Time

The List Of The Hottest Baby Names For 2014 Will Make You Scared For The Future Of Humanity

What 'Having It All' Really Means For Gen-Y Women Managing Jobs And Relationships

4 Ways Living In Another Country Will Change Your Life For The Better

It Can Happen To Anyone: Drawings Show Disney Princesses As Domestic Violence Victims

Not Your Typical Makeup Tutorial: Woman Uses YouTube Video To Promote Self-Acceptance

These Ads Show The Lengths Women Have To Go To Breastfeed In Public (Photos)

The Worst People Ever: 8 Ways To Spot The Annoying Social Climber

This Plus-Size Retailer Compliments Customers On How They Look When They Try On Clothes

Why College Is About Finding Yourself, Not Your Prince Charming

Something Has To Change: 40 Percent Of Schools Haven't Investigated Any Sexual Assault Claims In 5 Years

This Emotional Pain Chart Shows You Where Your Negative Emotions Manifest On Your Body

It's Been Too Long: 7 Reasons Why You Should Reconnect With Old Friends

These Regrettable Sexual Encounter Stories Will Make You Feel Better About Your Sex Life (Photos)

Cuddlers, Rejoice! Science Proves Sleeping With Someone Else Is Good For Your Health

Nom Nom: 11 Times Food Absolutely Tastes Better Than Skinny Feels

Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

18 Toxic Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Live A Stress-Free Life

Dear Indra Nooyi: 'Having It All' Is An Outdated Concept For This Generation

There Are Only 2 Types Of Pain: The One That Hurts You And The Other That Changes You

These Body Image Confessions Show Everyone Goes Through The Same Issues (Photos)

8 Things All Women Literally. Just. Must. Stop Doing

Janelle Monáe Gives Women Powerful New Motto To Live By

There Comes A Time In Every Relationship When You Have To Decide If You're All In Or Out

Grow Up!: 5 Things That Make You Look Like More Of A Boy Than A Man

4 Ways Rejection Is Actually One Of The Biggest Blessings In Disguise

Unsurprisingly, Fox News Puts Together Some Pretty Sexist Advice For Working Women (Video)

From Minesweeper To Twitter: How The Rise Of The Internet Has Changed The Way We 'Work'

Waves Of Friendship: The Harsh Truth That Not All Friendships Will Last Forever

Emma Watson Becomes UN Ambassador To Urge Men To Talk About Gender Equality

If You Can Learn To Be Naturally Happy, Everything Else Will Fall Into Place

What About Me? How To Deal With Your Friends Finding Success Before You Do

5 Reasons You Should Make It A Goal To Run A Half Marathon In Your 20s

Tiny Waist, Big Dreams: Why Business Barbie Is A Confusing Role Model For Young Girls

College Girl Accidentally Sends Nude Photo To Her Father, His Reaction Is Priceless (Photos)

Mother Undergoes Head Cooling Procedures To Keep Her Hair While Going Through Chemo

Thanks To The State's Birth Control Program, Colorado's Teen Pregnancy Rate Plummeted

How Juicy Sweatpants Are Responsible For This Generation's Obsession With Asses

7 Ways The Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' Taught Young Girls To Be Independent Women

14 Ways Old People Make Social Media A Terrible Place For Everyone

Ladies, You Can Have It All — But You Won't Like How You Have To Get It

You Only Realize Your True Strength When Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have

A Remote Control Contraceptive Chip Could Soon Change The Game For Birth Control

The Oxygen Mask Complex: Why You Should Help Yourself Before You Help Others

Tech Troubles: 5 Common Challenges For Women In The Industry

Why Every Yuppie Should Have A Side Hustle In Addition To A 9-To-5 Job

Living For Likes: 5 Ways Insecure People Use Social Media

Is This Your Song? The Science Behind What Determines Your Taste In Music

Why Everyone Should Live In New York At Least Once In Their Lives...And Then Leave

6 Habits Of People Who Thrive Without Jobs And What They Do Differently

Why Doing Things 'Like A Girl' Doesn't Mean Doing Them Poorly

10 Reasons Why Name Droppers Are The Worst People On Planet Earth

From The Pole To The Dough: How Two 20-Something Strippers Are Ready To Retire Rich

An Open Letter To My Future Husband: How I Plan To Make You Happy Every Day Of Your Life

What Makes America, America: 14 Things The US Does Differently

It's Easy To Be Mean Behind A Screen: How Social Media Has De-Sensitized This Generation

This Kegel Exercise Machine Rewards Hard Work With Some Good Vibrations (Video)

Why Being Happy Should Make You Beautiful And Not The Other Way Around

11 Things Every Girl Does Before Responding To A Text, As Told By 'Alice In Wonderland'

Is He Doing Coke? Scandalous Photo Of Johnny Manziel Rolling Dollar Bill Is Not A Good Look

Hi Haters: A Token Of Gratitude To Those Who Didn't Believe In You

People With Crohn's Disease Are Posting Bikini Selfies Inspired By The Fearless Model (Photos)

What Are You Waiting For? 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Dreams Don't Stay Dreams Forever

Approximately 60 Kidnapped Girls Escaped From Boko Haram And Are Now Safe

'You Are Not Your Job': How To Handle Post-Grad Anxiety And The Myth Of The 'Perfect Job'

Recognizing The Glue Between Success And Happiness Is The Key To Life

The 5 C's You Need To Run A Great, Successful Business

Inexcusable: Indian Minister Makes Ridiculous Claim That Women's Bikinis Provoke Rape

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How Your Elementary Years Can Come In Handy During Your 9 To 5 Work Life

Nothing Says America Quite Like The 40 Worst Photos Ever Taken At Walmart

Two Sides of F.E.A.R.: Forget Everything And Run Or Face Everything And Rise

Hobby Lobby Won't Pay For Birth Control, But It Will Cover Viagra And Vasectomies

Cooking Is An Art: What Makes A Chef An Artist, Craftsman And Visionary

You Seriously Need To Stop Apologizing For Your Creativity. Here's Why:

11 Things You Can Do On Fire Island This Summer That You Can’t Do Elsewhere

The 2 Week Timeline Of The Emotions Every Girl Feels When Starting A Diet

My Mother And I Are Close: 5 Things Your Mom Teaches You That Cosmo Never Could

Why Being Indecisive May Or May Not Be The Worst Thing Ever

Why Having A Plan B Is So Much More Important Than Having An Amazing Plan A

Woman Creates Hilarious 'Professional Bridesmaid' Craigslist Ad That Is A Must-Read

Artist Draws Female Cartoon Characters As Domestic Violence Victims In Shocking Series (Photos)

5 Ways Learning To Play An Instrument Will Provide Great Insight To Life

Mindful Meditation: 5 Ways Meditating Will Benefit Your Well-Being And Overall Life

Why Winning The Lottery Won't Make You Happy — It's Scientifically Proven

Embrace The Unplanned: What To Do When Your Dream Career Is No Longer An Option

13 Lies All Women Tell Each Other To Feel Better… Whether They Believe Them Or Not

Kendall Jones: Why One 19-Year-Old Cheerleader Is Hunting And Killing Endangered Species

10 Crazy (And Important) Things You Can Only Learn From Living In A Sorority House

#WholeFoodHacks: 6 Ways To Make Sure You Win At Whole Foods

Success Is Like Wine, Better With Age: Why You Shouldn't Be Working This Hard In Your 20s

16 Things Your Mom Taught You That Should Be Definitive Girl Code

It's Always The Quiet Ones… You'll See At The Top

9 Times You Literally. Can't. Even. Deal With The Humidity

Why 'Living The Dream' Might Not Be Everything It's Cracked Up To Be

Woman Shares Her Inspiring Journey From Being A Teen Mom To Becoming A Boss

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How People Are Really Missing The Point About What's Wrong With The Hobby Lobby Case

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