January 2019
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Here's How To Help The Homeless During The Polar Vortex, Because This Is Bad

Svedka’s Rose Vodka Is Coming So Soon To Brighten Up Your Next Happy Hour

This Gmail App Design Update Coming To Mobile Looks Familiar, So Brace Yourselves

Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweet About 'SNL' Makes An Ironic Mistake

This Auntie Anne's BOGO Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Pretzel Deal Will Make Your Mouth Water

Cinnabon's Heart-Shaped CinnaPacks For Valentine's Day 2019 Are The Sweetest Gift

Pizza Hut's 2019 Super Bowl Deal Celebrates The First Baby Born After Kickoff

These Memes About The Polar Vortex 2019 Will Have You Laughing & Shivering Simultaneously

EduBirdie's Glory Days Conservation Specialist Job Will Let You Relive Your College Days

Jack In The Box’s Super Jack’d Monday Deal With DoorDash Includes So Much Tasty Food

Dairy Queen’s New Mint Shake Is Hand-Blended With Vanilla Soft Serve

California Pizza Kitchen's Heart-Shaped Pies For Valentine's Day Will Make You Swoon

What Time Is The 2019 State Of The Union? Here's When To Tune In

Chili's Free Delivery Via Bite Squad On Super Bowl Sunday 2019 Is A Game Day Miracle

Baskin-Robbins' February 2019 Menu Features Valentine's Day Flavors & Free Samples

Coors Light's Flamin' Hot Cheetos Garnish Recipe Is A Spicy Super Bowl Sip

These Photos Of The Polar Vortex In Chicago & The Midwest Will Give You Literal Chills

Snapchat's 2019 NFL Super Bowl Lens Is The Most Colorful Way To Support Your Team

How Long Will Reese’s Puffs Hearts Cereal Be Available? It’s Sticking Around For A Limited Time

Applebee’s’ Dollar Hurricane Drink For February 2019 Is A Boozy Sip In Time For Mardi Gras

Here's How To Stream The 2019 State Of The Union So You Don't Miss The Drama

Tim Hortons' Valentine's Day 2019 Be Mine Donuts Will Make Your Holiday Sparkle

What Is A Polar Vortex? Bundle Up, Everyone

Earny App's New Hotel Price-Tracking Feature Can Save You Money On Your Next Booking

Why Are Women Wearing White To The 2019 State Of The Union? It's To Send An Important Message

Tyson Foods' Chicken Nugget Recall For Possible Rubber Contamination Is For Certain Packages

Hinge x Society6 Valentine's Day Cards For Millennials Are Perfect In Every Way

The M&M's 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Features This Delicious New Candy Bar

This Domino's Points For Pies Program Rewards You For All Types Of Pizza Orders

Chick-Fil-A’s Heart-Shaped Nugget Tray For Valentine’s Day Is A Swoon-Worthy Snack

The Cars In Walmart’s 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Are Some Of Your Pop Culture Faves

KFC's Cheetos Chicken Sandwich Is Being Tested In States That'll Give You FOMO – UPDATE

What's Happening In Venezuela? The Trump Administration Is In A New Showdown

Who Will Deliver The Democratic Response To The 2019 State Of The Union? This Is Big

What Happens If The Government Shuts Down Again? It Wouldn't Be Good News

JetBlue’s Try Our Wings Flight Sale Has $44 Fares For An Inexpensive Getaway

Will Donald Trump Do A Super Bowl 2019 Interview? Get Your Popcorn Ready

How Much Did The 2019 Shutdown Cost? The Financial Impact Was Staggering

When Will The Mueller Investigation's Russia Report Be Released? It's Apparently Wrapping Up

Uber's "Unhappy Hour" Promotion Gives The Losing City Free Rides After The Super Bowl

Here’s How To Get A Free Wendy’s Baconator Using DoorDash For Juicy Bite

This FaceTime Bug That Reportedly Lets People Spy On You Is Super Creepy

Southwest’s January 2019 Flight Sale Will Save You Money On Your Next Trip

Will The Tax Cuts Help Me In 2019? It All Depends On How Much You Make

White Castle's 2019 Valentine's Day Dinner Is The Best Low-Key Way To Celebrate Your Love

Which Democrats Are Running For President In 2020? It's A Full List

What's The Amazon Beta Testing Program? The 2019 Super Bowl Ad Teased Something Big

Who Is Howard Schultz? Donald Trump Isn't Supporting His Presidential Ambitions

Will There Be Another Government Shutdown In 2019? Trump Isn't Ruling It Out

Dunkin's Valentine's Day 2019 Donuts Include Classic Bites & Brand New Treats

The Device In The Pringles Super Bowl Commercial Isn't What You Think It Is

Donald Trump's Claim About Non-Citizens Voting In Texas Didn't Tell The Whole Story

President Trump's Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019 Message Included A WWII Soldier's Account

Ivanka Trump's Message On Holocaust Remembrance Day Is A Commemorative One

When Do You Get Your W-2 Form? You Should Have It Before February

Here's How To Set Up Call Announcements For Your AirPods So You Know Who's Calling You

These Tweets About Trump Sharing A Border Wall Video Are Seriously Going In

These Tweets About Pets That Look Like Album Covers Feature The Coolest Cats & Dogs

What Does Roger Stone's Indictment Mean For Trump? This Is Tricky

Here's How To Find Where Girl Scout Cookies Are Sold, So You'll Never Run Low On Samoas

Dunkin' Is Giving DD Perks Members Extra Points On Jan. 27 To Celebrate 5 Years Of Loyalty

Nancy Pelosi's Response To The Roger Stone Indictment Took Aim At President Trump

How Do You Get Your W-2 Form? It's The Easiest Thing You'll Do All Month

What's The Deadline To Pay Your Taxes? It All Comes Bundled Together

When Will The Government Reopen? Trump Announced A Deal To End The Shutdown

The Poem In Coke's 2019 Super Bowl Ad Is Actually Inspired By Andy Warhol

Apple's iOS 12.1.3 Update Is Reportedly Causing Cellular Service Issues For Some Users

Roger Stone Has Been Indicted In Robert Mueller's Russia Probe, So Things Are Heating Up

Tostitos' World Record Livestream For The 2019 Super Bowl Includes Tasty Prizes

Here’s How To Help Federal Employees Impacted By The Ongoing Government Shutdown

When Will I Get My 2019 Tax Refund? The Shutdown Might Affect It

What Is The Great Unknowns Scholarship? Kia's 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Is Paying It Forward

Auntie Anne’s Game Day Pretzel Pack For The 2019 Super Bowl Is The Perfect Snack

What Do Thai Coconut Peanut M&M's Taste Like? The International Flavor Is Unique

These Tweets About Wilbur Ross' Comment On Federal Workers & Food Banks Call This Out

Sprinkles' Galentine's Day 2019 Cupcakes Are Coming To Make Your Girls' Night Complete

Disney's D-Lish Line Features Donut Minnie Ears That Look Just Like The Real Thing

Sonic's New Oreo & Cinnabon Cinnasnacks A La Mode Treats Are The Ultimate Desserts

Krispy Kreme's Valentine's Day Conversation Doughnuts Are Coming To Spread The Love

Michael Cohen Might Testify To The Senate Now, Because Everyone Wants A Piece Of Him

Donald Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Will Be Postponed Until After The Shutdown

Hulu's Ad-Supported Basic Subscription Price Is Going Down Without Losing Any Of The Perks

Donald Trump's Response To Michael Cohen Delaying His Testimony Ignores A Major Point

Oreo's "The Stuf Inside" Sweepstakes Could Help You Score A Trip To New York City

These New Oreo Fudge Covered Cookies Are A Seriously Decadent Dessert

This New Nitro Pepsi Drink Is A Unique Twist On Your Regular Can Of Soda

Starbucks’ Jan. 24 Happy Hour Has BOGO Drinks To Give You A Caffeinated Boost

Here's How To Get Burger King's Super Bowl Mystery Box So You're Set For The Big Game

This Google Maps Update Shows Speed Limits On The App For A Safer Ride

Here's How To Win Heinz Ketchup Caviar In January For A Unique Spin On The Condiment

Will The 2019 State Of The Union Be Canceled? Everything's Up In The Air

Where Will The 2019 State Of The Union Take Place? There's Some Back & Forth

Sour Patch Kids' Singles Only Amazon Store Has The Cutest Merch For Riding Solo

Can Federal Employees Strike During A Shutdown? Not So Fast

The "Yuengling Good Times" Celebration Could Win You Uber Eats & StubHub Gift Cards

Baked By Melissa's Valentine's Day Cupcake Flavors Will Make The Holiday So Sweet

These Tweets About Lara Trump's Shutdown Comments Roast Her Obliviousness

Michael Cohen's Testimony To Congress Has Been Postponed For A Troubling Reason

Cadbury's Shimmer Mini Eggs Are Here To Brighten Up Your Easter Basket

These National Pie Day 2019 Deals Will Save You Big On Your Next Slice

Buffalo Wild Wings' 2019 Super Bowl Free Wing Deal Depends On How Long The Game Lasts

Apple's Shot On iPhone Challenge Could Put Your Best iPhone Pic On A Billboard

These Memes About Donald Trump's New Border Wall Slogan Are Too Much

What's In The Senate Bills To End The Government Shutdown? The Parties Are Facing Off

Burger King’s New Funnel Cake Fries With Powdered Sugar Are Serving Theme Park Vibes

KFC's Funko Collectibles Featuring The Colonel Are Perfect For Fried Chicken Fans

Ben & Jerry’s New Cookie Dough Core Flavors Are Loaded With Sweets For An Epic Bite

The Strongest Starbucks Drinks With Mocha Will Sweeten Your Morning Coffee Run

Sweethearts Candy Won't Be Available For Valentine's Day 2019, But There's A Silver Lining

Here's How To Apply For Oscar Mayer's Hotdogger Position To Hit The Road In The Wienermobile

Halo Top's New Non-Dairy & Vegan Pint Flavors Will Be Your Go-To Desserts This Year

Donald Trump's Tweets On His Anniversary With Melania Missed Something Big

Jack In The Box Has $1 Curly Fries When You Order Using The App For A Savory Snack

Alaska Airlines’ January 2019 Flight Sale Has $39 Fares To Make Your Next Trip Cost Less

McDonald's' Bacon Hour On Jan. 29 Will Help You Score Your Favorite Side For Free

How Many People Attended The 2019 Women's March? Here's How The Crowd Size Has Changed

Many Women Still Can't Easily Access Abortion, 46 Years After Roe V. Wade

Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant With Her Third Child, So Welcome The Newest Addition

Burger King’s Vanilla Shake With M&M’s Chocolate Candies Is Like Sprinkles Sized Up

The Supreme Court Allowed Trump's Transgender Military Ban — For Now

Folly Farms’ Sloth Retirement Home Is Giving These Elderly Cuties Their Best Years

Apple Pay Is Coming To More Retailers In 2019, So Get Ready For Total Convenience

Disneyland’s Ballast Point Brewery Is Now Open With Over 50 Beers For Thirsty Visitors

Donald Trump's Tweet Supporting The MAGA Teens Said They Were "Treated Unfairly"

Spotify’s New Mute Feature Allows Users To Permanently Block Certain Artists

Frontier Airlines' Late January 2019 Flight Sale Will Help You Score So Many Cheap Fares

Shake Shack Food Trucks Are Coming In February To Serve You Burgers On-The-Go

Here’s How To Get KFC’s Gravy-Scented Candle, Because Vanilla Is So 2018

Where Does Starbucks Deliver Via Uber Eats? These New Cities Are Getting Access

Oreo Easter Egg Cookies With Purple Filling Are Coming For A Limited Time This Spring

Spotify's New Cosmic Playlists Personalize Songs With Your Astrological Sign In Mind

Fox News' Apology For This Ruth Bader Ginsburg Memorial Photo Called It A "Big Mistake"

Kamala Harris' Presidential Bid Announcement Reminds Us Truth & Justice Aren't Just Words

What's The Deadline To File Your Taxes In 2019? You've Got Some Time

Skittles' 2019 Super Bowl Ad Is A Live Broadway Musical That Won't Air During The Game

Donald Trump's Tweet About His Inauguration Anniversary Is Exactly What You'd Expect

Melania Trump's Tribute To Donald Trump's Inauguration Anniversary Is A Throwback Photo

Nestle Tollhouse's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough With Egg Sprinkles Is A Scoop Of Easter Flavor

Nancy Pelosi's Response To Donald Trump Saying She's "Lost Control" Is To The Point

What Do Doritos Flamin' Hot Taste Like? They Have A Major Kick At The End

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2019 Women’s March Speech Asked Women To “Shake The Table”

The Best Signs Of The 2019 Women's March Will Get You Pumped About The #WomensWave

Here's What's In Donald Trump's Offer To Exchange DACA Protections For Border Wall Funding

Deb Haaland Condemned Crowds Apparently Mocking The Indigenous Peoples March As “Heartbreaking” – UPDATE

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tax Plan Video Game Meme Is A Millennial AF Response

These Tweets About The 2019 Women's March Are Looking Forward To The Future

These Lay's Fried Pickles With Ranch Chips Are Back At Sam's Club For A Tangy Combo

These Throwback Photos Of Ivanka Trump Are So '90s It Hurts

Here Are 4 LGBTQ+ Rights Organizations To Donate To After Karen Pence's Job Announcement

Ahead Of The 2019 Women's March, This Activist Is Looking At How Far We've Come

Will Cell Phones Work At The 2019 Women's March? There Are Ways To Deal

Does Starbucks' Happy Hour Work At Target? Shopping Just Got 10 Times Better

What Is Suborning Perjury? Trump Allegedly Told Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress

Here's When To Book Your Spring Break 2019 Airfare, So You Don't Break The Bank

Cold Stone Creamery's Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream For Valentine's Day 2019 Is So Decadent

This Kit Kat Bouquet For Valentine's Day 2019 Is Literally The Sweetest Gift

Michael Cohen Reportedly Tried To Rig Polls For Trump & It Didn't Even Work

Carvel's New Take-Home Pints Available With Delivery For Valentine's Day Are Classic Flavors

Donald Trump's Letter Canceling Nancy Pelosi's Trip Abroad Is Wildly Petty

These Lay's Creamy Jalapeno Poppables Are A New Spicy Snack With A Crispy Crunch

Here's How To Use AirPods With Non-Apple Devices, Because It's Totally Possible

Can I Bring A Dog To The 2019 Women’s March? Here’s What We Know

These Valentine's Day "Double-Header Sweaters" On Zulily Are Perfect For Bae Or Your BFF

Rudy Giuliani's Comment On Collusion & The Trump Campaign Will Give You Whiplash

Croft Pink's Rose Port Is The Prettiest Sip To Compliment Any Valentine's Day Plans

On The Anniversary Of Roe V. Wade, I Remember My Grandmother's Experience

These New Bubly Sparkling Water Flavors Include Summery Classics Like Raspberry & Peach

Beyonce's Instagram Tribute For Michelle Obama's Birthday Is Fit For Queens

These Senators’ Tweets About Cardi B’s Shutdown Video Debate The Most Hilarious Dilemma

This Italian Town Is Selling $1 Homes In Sicily If You Do This One Thing

Barack Obama's Throwback Birthday Photo For Michelle Is The Absolute Cutest

TGI Fridays' TGIF*IT Menu Features An Electric Unicorn Cocktail That's Insta-Worthy AF

These Tweets About Remy The Harvard Law School Cat Purrfectly Sum Up His Cuteness

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Coming Back To The Menu So Soon For The Best Snack Ever

The M&M's Internationally-Inspired Flavor Vote Contest For 2019 Features Bold New Options

Burger King Is Offering Free Big King XL Sandwiches On Grubhub & With Expired MacCoins

What's The Theme Of The 2019 Women's March? It's Looking To The Future

Kirsten Gillibrand's 2020 Presidential Campaign Bid Takes On Donald Trump

Allegiant Air's $59 Flights To Alaska Will Be Available In Spring 2019 For A Dream Vacay

Reynolds Wrap's Hunger Harness For The 2019 Super Bowl Is Your Snack Time MVP

When Is The 2019 State Of The Union? This Might Be Delayed

This Report Claims Trump May Have Acted In Russian Interests & It Raises The Stakes On The Russia Investigation

These Grand Ferrero Rocher Valentine's Day Chocolates Are The Cutest 2-In-1 Gifts

Karen Pence's New Teaching Job Explicitly Bans LGBTQ Students For "Moral" Reasons

Disney’s Purple Potion Headband Has Sparkly Minnie Mouse Ears Fit For A Princess

Tic Tac's "Be Mine Mix" For Valentines Day 2019 Is A Fresh Twist On Conversation Hearts

Welch's Valentine's Day Fruit Snacks Have The Cutest Emoji Faces On Each Gummy

Apple's Smart Battery Case For iPhone XS, XS Max, & XR Means You Can Go Cord-Free

7-Eleven's $1 Hot Drink Deal Through Feb. 12 Is Coming In Clutch This Winter

This New Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal Is The Taste Of Spring You're Craving

7-Eleven's Chips Ahoy Hot Chocolate Will Remind You Of The Classic Cookie

Denny's New Blueberry Pancake Puppies With Warm Cream Cheese Icing Are A Bite-Sized Treat

White Castle's Valentine's Day 2019 Delivery Will Bring A "Crave Case" To Your Doorstep

DoorDash’s 50-Cent Delivery On Jan. 16 Will Save You Money On Your Next Meal In

Diet Coke's New Strawberry Guava & Blueberry Acai Flavors Sound So Refreshing

BON & VIV's New Botanical Spiked Seltzer Flavors Will Get You Stoked For Spring

Disney’s New Purple Churros Sparkle With Vibrant Sugar Crystals For A Magical Bite

Burger King's Tweet To Donald Trump Roasted Him Over A Typo

William Barr's Quotes About Mueller's Russia Probe At His Confirmation Hearing Take A Solid Stance

Will The Women's March Be Affected By The Government Shutdown? Don't Cancel Plans Yet

Spirit's January 2019 Flash Sale Has $25 Flights To Florida For A Sunny Vacay

The NYC Godiva Chocolate Cafe's New Treats Are Here Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Off The Map Travel’s “Night on a Glacier” Program Is Like Staying In Your Own Ice Palace

Mrs. Fields' Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Cookie Cakes Are Here To Make You Swoon

These Reese's Bouquets For Valentine's Day At Walmart Swap Roses For Chocolate

These Tweets About Trump Serving Fast Food To Football Champs Will Make You LOL

How Much Does Netflix Cost? Get Ready To Shell Out More

Here's Where To Get The Most Stuf Oreo Cookies So You Can Eat All The Creme You Want

Applebee’s Blue Mucho Shark Cocktail With Captain Morgan Is A Boozy Treat

Disney Parks’ African Violet Cupcake Has Gorgeous Buttercream Flowers For A Decadent Bite

WOW Air's January 2019 Flight Sale Has $49 Tickets To Europe, So Plan Your Dream Vacay

Land O’ Lakes’ Cookie-Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix Is A Warm Sip For Cold Winter Nights

Are Airports Affected By The Government Shutdown? This Doesn't Look Good

What Does The Trump Administration's Birth Control Policy Mean? It's Still A Big Deal

Taco Bell's Vegetarian Menu Is Giving You A New Option For Meat-Free Munchies

Donald Trump's Tweet About Wounded Knee & Elizabeth Warren Is So Epically Not OK

This Video Of Katelyn Ohashi's Gymnastics Floor Routine Will Give You Chills

This Nissin Cup Noodles' "Jump To Japan Sweepstakes" Could Win You A Free Trip To Tokyo

Kelly Camps Is Contiki's Head Of Operations Who's Traveling The World For Your Next Vacay

Here’s Where To Buy White Cheesecake M&M's For A Sweet Valentine’s Day Bite

Donald Trump's Response To Being Asked If He Works For Russia Dodged The Question

Kevin Hassett Seemingly Compared The Government Shutdown To A Vacation While Workers Are Without Pay

These Tweets About What People Thought Was "Fancy" As A Kid Are Super Relatable

These Important Supreme Court Cases For 2019 Have Some Major Stakes

Here Are The Best Places To Fly To In February 2019 That Won’t Break The Bank

Here's How To Use Apple AirPods For Eavesdropping With This Sneaky Live Listen Trick

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard? She's Running For President In 2020

When Is Restaurant Week Chicago 2019? You Can Score Major Deals This Winter

These Tweets About Trump Saying "Elections Have Consequences" Are Going In

When Was The Longest Government Shutdown? The 2019 Shutdown Stacks Up To Its Predecessors

Disney's Mickey-Shaped Ice Cream Bars Will Be In Grocery Stores Soon For A Magical Treat

These Throwback Photos Of Joe Biden Show He Hasn't Changed A Bit

Does The President Get Paid During A Government Shutdown? Lucky Him

What's The Difference Between Champagne & Prosecco? It's All About The Grapes

Trump's Federal Court Judge Appointments Are Reshaping The U.S. Judicial System In A Big Way

These Peeps Valentine's Day Vanilla Creme Hearts At Target Will Make The Holiday So Sweet

Who Will Pay For Trump's Wall? Trump Is Considering Using Disaster Aid Funds, Reports Say

This Instagram Story Update For Your Desktop Makes It So Easy To See Who Is Watching

These Entenmann's Little Bites Churro Muffins Feature A New Flavor To Start Your Morning

Can Donald Trump Declare A State Of Emergency To Build A Border Wall? It Looks Likely

Sugarfina's Valentine's Day 2019 Collection Has Both Rose & Champagne-Inspired Candies

This Video Of Donald Trump's Trip To The Border Is So Wild & So Uncomfortable

Southwest Airlines' 2019 New Year Flight Sale Will Score You So Many Cheap Fares

Here's How To Get Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts In January 2019 For A Tasty Winter Treat

Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Glaze Collection Features 4 New Doughnuts You'll Love

Is There A 2019 Women's March In Your City? Here's How To Find Out

How Long Is The 2019 State Of The Union? Here's What To Expect

What Are The Long Term Effects Of The Government Shutdown? It's Getting Serious

Baked By Melissa Is Offering Free Cupcakes On Jan. 11 For A Birthday Celebration

When Will Michael Cohen Testify To Congress? Set Your Calendars

Michael Cohen Is Going To Testify To Congress Publicly About His Work For Donald Trump

LuMee’s New Duo Vibe Phone Case Lights Up To The Beat Of All Your Tunes

Godiva's Cupcake Inspired Chocolate Gift Box For Valentine's Day 2019 Is Pretty Sweet

When Is Restaurant Week NYC 2019? The January Foodie Event Is Happening Soon

This Video Of Donald Trump Telling Students To Get Around Walls Is So Ironic

Disney's Free Dining Plan For 2019 Is Perfect For Foodies At The Happiest Place On Earth

Intrepid Travel's $1 Deposit Trip Deal Will Help You Secure The Vacation Of A Lifetime

When Is The Women's March 2019? Here's What To Know

Is It Safe To Fly During The Government Shutdown? You Might Want To Stay Grounded

Ivanka Trump's Birthday Instagram For Jared Kushner Is A Classic Snapshot

What Happens To The TSA In A Government Shutdown? It's Not Great

This Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar In Texas Is Offering The Most 'Gram-Worthy Bites Ever

The Doughnut Project's 2019 Restaurant Series Features Some Sweet & Savory Creations

Otter + Pop By OtterBox & PopSockets Will Be Your Go-To Phone Case In 2019

Doritos’ New Flamin’ Hot Nacho Flavor Is A Spicy Snack That'll Wake Up Your Tastebuds

Starbucks' Jan. 10 Happy Hour Has 50 Percent Off Lattes & Macchiatos, So Swing By

The Tweets About Donald Trump Jr. Comparing The Border Wall To Zoo Fences Are Wild

Trump Is Threatening To Cut FEMA Funds In California, 2 Months After Devastating Wildfires

Dana's Bakery's 2019 Valentine's Day Sale Features These Hilarious "Thank You, Next" Macarons

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks' Cinnamon Shortbread Latte? It'll Keep You Going

Will The Government Shutdown Affect Your Tax Return? It's Not All Bad

Sweeter Cards' Valentine's Day 2019 Chocolate Cards Are A Tasty Way To Show Your Love

These Tweets About Stormy Daniels Folding Laundry During Trump's Address Are Here For The Shade

KFC's $3 Famous Bowl Promo Includes This New Spicy Version With A Kick

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries Are Coming In January 2019 On The Classics With Bacon Menu

Paul Manafort's Redacted Court Filing Reveals He Met With A Russia-Linked Associate

These Memes Of Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi After Trump's Address Are Very Disappointed In You

CIE Tours' January 2019 Free Flight Promo Includes BOGO Fares To Explore The Emerald Isle

Baskin-Robbins’ Love Potion # 31 Ice Cream For Valentine’s Day 2019 Is A Delicious Mix

Fact Checks Of Trump's Address About The Border Wall Dispute This Major Claim

Heineken 0.0 Is A New Alcohol-Free Beer With The Same Refreshing Taste

Baskin-Robbins’ January 2019 Flavor Of The Month, Brownie Bar Mashup, Is A Chocolate Dream

Grounds & Hounds Coffee's Puppy Bowl Blend x Animal Planet Is A Sip That Also Does Good

The @WorkWeekLunch Instagram Account Is Changing The Food Prep Game One Meal At A Time

Nestle’s White Chip Lemon Cookie Dough Is Back For A Tangy-Sweet Treat

These Tweets About Trump's Prime-Time Address About The Border Wall Are Really Something

Georgia’s IX Millennium Project To Grow Wine Grapes On Mars Is Out Of This World

Ivanka Trump Could Have Been 'The Bachelorette,' So How Do I Get To That Timeline?

Does Congress Get Paid During A Government Shutdown? The Rules Are Different

Ben & Jerry's New AmazeMint & Candy Bar Pie Pint Slices Are Here For Dessert

Taco Bell’s Orange Cream Pop Freeze Is Back For A Sweet Afternoon Treat

How Long Will Trump's Prime Time Address Be? Get Your Popcorn Ready Early

Jelly Belly's New Sparkling Cupid Corn Is Here To Give Candy Corn The Romance Treatment

JetBlue's Big Winter Sale Is Back For A Second Round, Because Vacations Do Come True

Here's How To Watch Trump's Prime Time Address, Because You Don't Want To Miss It

This Video Of A Dog Who Learned 'Harry Potter' Spell Commands Is Too Cute For Words

Norwegian Airlines’ January Flight Sale Has $59 Fares To The Caribbean From NYC

Dunkin’s Go2s Value Menu Has Three Breakfast Meals For Under $5 For A Savory Bite

Pillsbury’s New Strawberry Cheesecake Sugar Cookies Are Only Available For A Limited Time

Reese's New Peanut Butter Cup Lovemojis Are The Cutest Valentine's Day Treats Yet

What Does Starbucks' Cinnamon Shortbread Latte Taste Like? This Treat Is Worth The Hype

Starbucks' Cinnamon Shortbread Latte Is A New Sip To Satisfy Your Winter Cravings

Cyntoia Brown's Release From Prison Has Been Granted In A Stunning Move

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Miss A Supreme Court Argument For The First Time Following Health Issues

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Called Trump A Racist, "No Question," On '60 Minutes'

International Delight's Peeps Coffee Creamer Is The Marshmallow-Flavored Sip You Need

Will Jared Kushner Be Indicted In The Russia Investigation? Drama May Be Coming

Shake Shack's New Tiramisu Shake For January 2019 Will Be Your New Favorite Dessert

These Tweets About Marie Kondo's KonMari Method For Books Are Conflicted About Throwing Them Out

Are TSA Workers Paid During The Shutdown? Many Are Reportedly Calling Out Sick

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Response To Her College Dance Video Is A Hilarious Clapback

The Meaning Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Swearing-In Outfit Holds A Connection To The Past

Tiffany Trump's Photo With Michael Boulos At The White House Looks Like They're Instagram Official

Will The Instagram Home Feed Update Still Happen? Here's What You Should Know

The Government Shutdown Might Go For Years, Trump Said, So That's Great

Trump Might Declare A National Emergency To Get His Wall, Which Is Mind-Boggling

Donald Trump's Tweets About Impeachment Say He's Too Successful For It To Happen

JetBlue's 'Hamilton' In Puerto Rico Ticket Giveaway Includes Free Flights & A Show

These Tweets About Rashida Tlaib's Palestinian Thobe Are Celebrating Her Swearing-In

Costco's 6.6-Pound Nutella Tubs Are Available So You Can Stock Up For The Year

These 5 National Spaghetti Day Deals On Jan. 4 Will Fill You Up On The Cheap

This Dance Meme Video Featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Actually Fun AF

McDonald's Is Reportedly Releasing Donut Sticks Soon, So Get Psyched For Mornings

Caribou Coffee's New Coconut Milk Lattes Will Give You Springtime Vibes With Every Sip

These New Unicorn Fudge Stripes Keebler Cookies Are Here To Add Magic To Dessert Time

Disney World's Sun & Fun Room Offer For 2019 Has Up To 30 Percent Off Resort Hotels

Can You Order 2019 Girl Scout Cookies Online? The Digital Cookie Platform Has You Covered

When Do Presidential Candidates Announce They're Running? Some 2020 Names Are Already Here

Kyrsten Sinema's Outfit For Her Senate Swearing-In Is Elle Woods Perfection

Donald Trump's Meme About Elizabeth Warren's Campaign Is Touching On This Controversy

Ilhan Omar's Tweet About Being Sworn In To Congress Is So Meaningful

These "Bad Movie Trope" Memes Hilariously Describe Every Stock Character Ever

Donald Trump Blamed The Shutdown On Democrats Trying To Take The Presidency

These Tweets About The 116th Congress Are Here For Both The Inspiration & The Drama

These CBD-Infused Gummy Bears By Pure Hemp CBD Helped Me Feel Relaxed After Stressful Days

Nancy Pelosi Said She Thinks A Sitting President Can Be Indicted, So, Well Then

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tweet Before Being Sworn In To Congress Is So Inspirational

Dunkin's New Energy Cold Brew Contains Espresso For An Early Morning Pick-Me-Up

These New Oreo Thin Bites Covered In White Fudge Are A Sweet Start To The New Year

What Will Democrats Investigate With Control Of The House? There's A Lot

These New Love Oreo Cookies Are Here To Replace Traditional Boxes Of Chocolate

Which Dunkin' Girl Scout Cookie Flavors Are Back For 2019? You Can Sip Your Favorites

Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign’s Sexual Harassment Allegations Are Deeply Upsetting

The 2019 Puppy Bowl Lineup Is Here To Show Off The Cutest Competitors In The Game

Aldi's Heart-Shaped Cheese For Valentine's Day 2019 Is Coming To Stores So Soon

When Is The 2019 Puppy Bowl? Here's How To Watch The Cutest Game In Sports

These New Oreo Carrot Cake Cookies Are Here To Replace Your Go-To Dessert

JetBlue's 2019 Big Winter Flight Sale Has Fares Starting At $44 For A Warm & Sunny Vacay

Ivanka Trump's 2019 Global Women's Initiative Is All About Empowerment, Again

The First Baby Of 2019 Is Highlighting This Important Cause

What Is The 'Bird Box' Challenge? Netflix Wants Viewers To Stop Doing It

What Does Kim Jong-Un's Speech Mean For Donald Trump? The Two Could Meet Again

These Tweets About Trump's 'Game Of Thrones' Poster At A Cabinet Meeting Make An Ironic Point

Yoplait’s New Dunkin’-Flavored Yogurts Are Inspired By Your Favorite Doughnuts

Unicorn Tears Rose Wine By Gik Live! Will Add So Much Magic To Your New Year

Donald Trump's Meeting About The Government Shutdown Will Reportedly Be Held In The Situation Room

This Ross From 'Friends' Meme About Jan. 2 Is The Most Relatable Thing You'll See Today

IHOP's All You Can Eat Pancake Deal For January & February 2019 Is The Sweetest Promo

Mitt Romney's Op-Ed About Donald Trump Has Apparently Restarted This Old Feud

Cicis Is Offering A Free Pizza Buffet On Jan. 2 If You Do This One Thing

The 2019 Girl Scout Cookies Are Here With A Brand New One For Caramel Lovers

Donald Trump's Response To Elizabeth Warren's 2020 Presidential Campaign Is Wildly Petty

Dairy Queen's Blizzard Of The Month For January 2019 Will Make Reese's Lovers Swoon

Pizza Hut's Half-Off Pizza Deal Through Jan. 8 Is The Cheesiest Way To Start The Year

Applebee’s $2 Captain & Cola For January 2019 Is Here For Your Next Happy Hour

Frontier’s January 2019 Flight Sale Will Get You Cheap Tickets For The New Year

Sonic's $2.99 Carhop Classic With Signature Slingers Is Back For A Limited Time

These "Calm Down & Enjoy The Ride" Memes Are Trolling Trump's New Year's Tweet

These Tweets About Breaking New Year's Resolutions Will Def Make You Feel Better About Your Own

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