January 2016
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Genius Shop Owner Uses Homemade Flame-Thrower To Attack Robbers (Video)

Chick-Fil-A Says You Can Eat Chicken Nuggets And Call It A 'Healthy Habit'

Read The Letter Steven Avery Wrote To His Supporters From Behind Bars

You Might Be Able To Buy That Time-Traveling Car From 'Back To The Future'

So What The F*ck Is The Iowa Caucus, And Why Should I Care?

Facebook Introduces Measure To Ban Private Firearm Sales On The Site

More Than 35 Refugees Reported Dead After Boat Crashes Off Turkish Shore

Politician Who Supports 'Confederate Memorial Day' Argues KKK Wasn't Racist

Get Off Your Ass: How A 20-Something Is Swaying The Presidential Vote

This Is What It's Like Inside Bernie Sanders' Iowa HQ Days Before The Caucus (Photos)

This Blog Post From The CIA Reveals The 'X-Files' Are Real After All

3-Legged Pitbull Hailed A Hero After Stopping An Armed Robbery

Shred A Picture Of Your Ex For Free Wings At Hooters This Valentine's Day

This One Thing Makes Or Breaks A Relationship, According To Researchers

Taking An Uber In New York City May Finally Fit Into Your Budget

Obama Just Announced New Executive Action To Combat The Gender Pay Gap

This Map Shows How The Crazier Trump Got, The More Popular He Became

This Airbnb Wants To Seriously Step Up Your 'Netflix And Chill' Game

Model Calls Out The Guys Who Harass Her Online By Posting Their Messages

We Asked Drake University Students Why They Wanted To See Donald Trump

13 Men Confess Their Thoughts On Dating Women Who Are 'Less Attractive'

Cheating Guy Goes Insane When He Gets Confronted By Two Women He's Dating

This Dad Completely Loses It When He Finds Out The Gender Of His Baby

Chilling PSA Reveals How Hypocritical The NFL Is About Domestic Abuse

No, Carrying A Koran Does Not Make Someone A Terrorist

Hugging Pandas Has To Be The Most Lucrative, Bullsh*t Career Ever

Trevor Noah Explains Why Donald Trump Is Basically An African Dictator

You Can Officially Study Tacos In College, So All Is Right In The World

The Number Of People With Zika Virus Is Growing Rapidly Across The Americas

Michigan Legislature Will Give $28 Million To Flint To Aid Water Crisis

Man Arrested For Carrying Two Guns Outside A Disneyland Theme Park

Guys Reveal How They Handled Liking Someone Who Didn't Want To Commit

If You've Eaten At Wendy's Lately, Check Your Bank Statement

This Daredevil Filmed Himself Climbing To The Top Of An Egyptian Pyramid

Guy Tries To Shoot Himself Underwater In A Life-Threatening Experiment

Here's How Your Instagram Habit Can Help Support Eye Care In Tanzania

Guy Hilariously Tweets A Story About Interrupting A Couple Having Car Sex

Major Scientific Breakthrough Reveals Possible Cause Of Schizophrenia

McDonald's Forgot To Put This Crucial Ingredient In Its Mozzarella Sticks

You Can Now Buy Big Mac Sauce By The Bottle, But There's A Catch

This Dad Got Arrested For Taking His 12-Year-Old Daughter's Phone Away

I Spent A Week With Syrian Refugees In Jordan, And No One Tried To Kill Me

Woman Who Lost Leg In Boston Marathon Bombings Will Run This Year's Race

We Can All Feel For This Kid Whose Dad Totally Embarrassed Him On Live TV

Science Says Your Favorite Candle Could Actually Be Giving You Cancer

Texts People Wish They Sent Their First Loves Will Give You All The Feels

This Guy Was Reportedly Masturbating To Porn When He Died In A Car Crash

If You Care About Women’s Health, You Should Give A Sh*t About This Amendment

An Italian Museum Covered Its Nude Statues For Iranian President's Visit

9 Guys Give Advice On How To Move On With Life After Being Cheated On

Teen Suffers Brain Aneurysm After Trying This Viral Internet Challenge

Uber Drivers Will Now Have Bop Its In Their Cars For Drunk Riders

Another Woman Has Been Senselessly Murdered By A Man She Turned Down

Thanks To El Niño, These California Homes Could Fall Into The Pacific

Milwaukee Man Arrested For Allegedly Planning Masonic Temple Attack

Ammon Bundy, Leader Of Armed Militia In Oregon, Arrested After Shootout

Pissed Off Mom Responds After Sales Associate Calls Her Daughter 'Fat'

Trending Twitter Hashtag 'My Truth Serum Confession' Proves We're All Freaks

This Dancing Starbucks Barista With Autism Will Totally Make Your Day

Guy Does The Funniest Thing After His Last Day At Burger King, Because YOLO

Here's Why This Filmmaker Made The British Film Board Watch Paint Dry

10 People Confess What They're Really Thinking While Having Sex

Denmark Gave Authorities The Right To Seize Valuables From Refugees

This Video Fights The Objectification Of Women In A Really Powerful Way

This 11-Year-Old Wants To Collect 1,000 Books With Black Female Leads

Someone In The US Was Just Diagnosed With The Zika Virus

Timeline Of The Zika Virus: How The Tropical Disease Affects The US

Tinder Wants You To Get Tested For STIs, And This Feature Will Help

B.o.B Released A Diss Track In Response To Feud With Neil deGrasse Tyson

It's Not Totally Your Fault You Can Never Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

People Revealed Their Biggest Regrets, And It Will Definitely Inspire You

15 Men Share The 'Immature' Things Women Do That Turn Them Off

Woman Takes Selfies To Break Down The Misconceptions About Mental Illness

This 15-Year-Old Waking Up From A Heart Transplant Surgery Will Make You Cry

Rock And Polls: How Music Impacts Politics In The 2016 Presidential Race

Man Transforms His Entire Home Into A Beautiful Tribute To His Late Wife

Hillary Owned Trump When A Muslim Veteran Asked Her About Islamophobia

This Terrified Sloth Was Rescued From A Highway In Ecuador And It Was Adorable (Photos)

This Tribute To David Bowie Is The Most New York Thing Ever

This Woman Just Found Out Her Husband Secretly Divorced Her 20 Years Ago

Anti-Abortion Activists Charged For Illegal Planned Parenthood Videos

Watch This Robot Actually Solve A Rubik's Cube In Less Than 2 Seconds

Matthew Perry Reveals Why He Can't Recall Three Years Of Filming 'Friends'

Little Girl Singing Song From 'The Little Mermaid' Will Give You Chills

Diddy And Mark Wahlberg To Send 5,000 Cases Of Water To Flint, Michigan

These Women Rowed 9,200 Miles In A Record-Breaking Trip Across The Pacific

Egypt Started A Revolution 5 Years Ago, But Freedom Seems Further Away

Family Rescues An Adorable Baby Pig Before It Freezes To Death In The Storm

9 Hilarious Problems People Consider Actual Emergencies

Neil deGrasse Tyson Slams B.o.B For Insisting The World Is Actually Flat

This Guy Built An Igloo During The Snowstorm And Listed It On Airbnb

Apparently, Dinosaurs Were Considered Sexy If They Had This One Trait

Health Officials Say Zika Virus Could End Up Spreading To North America

This Dog Casually Ran A Half Marathon And Finished In Seventh Place

Police Search For Three Inmates Who Escaped From Maximum Security Prison

12 Men Reveal How They Go From Hooking Up To Using The Word 'Girlfriend'

This Is The Phone Apple Will Release Ahead Of The iPhone 7

Supreme Court Declines Hearing North Dakota's 6-Week Abortion Ban Case

JK Rowling Just Called Out A Trump Supporter In The Greatest Way Possible

This Woman Had The Most Painful Walk Of Shame Ever Through Storm Jonas

These Dudes Took Advantage Of The Blizzard And Snowboarded Through NYC (Video)

This Video Of A Panda Playing In The Snow Will Make You Forget You Hate Snow

Burger King And Wendy's Threw Major Shade At Each Other On Twitter (Photos)

This Is Definitely The Most Insensitive Senior Picture Ever (Photo)

This New App Notifies You Every Time Someone Is Killed By The Police

This Is What Winter Storm Jonas Looks Like From Space (Video)

This Third Grader Destroys Donald Trump In The Best Essay You'll Ever Read

This Video Of A Dinosaur Shoveling Snow Will Make Your Winter Dreams Come True

Syrian Refugee Children Enjoy Snow For The First Time, And It's Inspiring (Video)

This Senior Dog Sanctuary Will Warm Your Heart... And Then Some (Photos)

This Beauty Product Turned A Woman's Entire Body Bright Pink

Here's Some Definitive Proof Men Actually Do Care About Valentine's Day

Someone Found The Man Who Was 'Kazoo Kid' In That Insane Viral Video

North Korea Arrests American Student For Completely Unexplained Reason

Giving Oral Sex Actually Increases Your Chances Of Getting Cancer

5 Things You Do Every Day That Are Lowering Your Sperm Count

This Is What Your Life Would Be Like If Roe V. Wade Never Happened

10 Men Reveal What They Fear Most About Having Sex With Someone New

Demi Lovato Is Officially Backing This Presidential Hopeful

Your Anxiety Could Actually Be Affecting The Way You Walk

This Monkey Basically Adopted A Stray Puppy And It's The Cutest Thing

Twitter's 'As A Child I Used To Think' Hashtag Reveals The Child In All Of Us

How to Say 'Netflix And Chill' In 9 Different Countries

This Woman Is Crowdfunding The Removal Of Her Truly Heinous Forehead Tattoo

If You Are A Netflix Lover We Have Some Bad News For You

These Drug Dealers Got So High They Called The Police On Themselves (Video)

20 Photos That Sum Up How F*cking Insane Your Subway Commute Is

Attention, Men: Having A Beard Can Actually Be Really Good For You

Cocaine Can Apparently Cause Your Brain Cells To 'Commit Suicide'

Woman's Selfie Shows What Moms Really Look Like Right After Giving Birth

16 Times The Internet Perfectly Defined Your Hatred Of Going Out In Winter

These Hospitals Keep Mixing Up Newborn Babies

11 Men Reveal What They Would Do If The Ones Who Got Away Came Back

Dozens Say They Were Sexually Abused While Attending Rhode Island School

13 Things Only People Obsessed With Peanut Butter Will Understand

Vatican Offers Housing To Homeless Woman Who Had Baby Outside St. Peter's

Bernie Sanders' New Campaign Ad Reminds You He's A Hippie At Heart

Sierra Leone Reports Second Ebola Case After Epidemic Was Declared Over

This Is The Perfect Amount Of People To Sleep With, According To A Study

Here's One Really Easy Way To Save Thousands Of Dollars A Year

Researchers Reveal The Trick To Getting More Money Out Of A Job Offer

Stacey Dash Says Black People Need To Get Rid Of BET To Desegregate (Video)

This Genius Gave The Most Epic Review Of A Sex Swing On Amazon

These Are The Cities You Should Travel To For The Most Instagram-Worthy Sunsets

Here's How Much Income You Need In Major US Cities To Buy A House And Live Comfortably

Round Airplane Windows Are Actually The Reason You Don't Die On Flights (Video)

2015 Is Officially The Hottest Year In Earth's Recorded History

These Adorable Premature Twins Holding Hands Will Make Your Heart Melt (Video)

8 Men Share The Best Thing Their Significant Other Ever Got Them

Lots Of People Stay In Their Relationships For This One Reason

The 12 Best Tweets About Sarah Palin's Insane Trump Endorsement Speech

Bernie’s Health Care Plan Sounds Nice, But Is It Actually Realistic?

There Might Be Another Planet In Our Solar System

Man Trolls Guy Trying To Get With His Sister Using Hannibal Lecter Quotes

13 Times The Internet Perfectly Understood Your Relationship With Cheese

Fitness Model Posts An Incredibly Honest Photo Of Her Stomach 'Rolls'

Here Are This Year's 25 Best Jobs To Have In The United States

You Can Only Be Close To This Number Of Facebook Friends, According To Science

This Guy's Fitbit Shows What A Breakup Can Physically Do To Your Heart

I Went To A NY Medical Cannabis Dispensary, And I Couldn't Get Weed

Twitter Hashtag 'How I Stay Sane In My Workspace' Offers Tips To Keep Cool

New Study Shows The Ocean Will Have More Plastic Junk Than Fish By 2050

Here's What Happened When A Woman Stabbed A Guy With Her Louboutin Heel

Disney Channel Star Dating His Biggest Fangirl Gives All Of Us Hope

Woman Freezes To Death After Going Outside In A Tank Top And Shorts (Video)

Domestic Violence Victim Sings Chilling Song To Bring Awareness To Abuse (Video)

Hillary Clinton Just Won The Support Of A Major LGBTQ-Rights Organization

This Is What I Realized When I Spent MLK Day At A Trump Rally

11 Women Share The Things They Just Cannot Understand About Men

This Is When Stephen Hawking Thinks The End Of The World Will Be

This Guy Spent Weeks Hand-Crafting The Perfect Engagement Ring For His GF

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

Gay Men Touch Vaginas For The First Time And It's Hilariously Awkward (Video)

Supreme Court Rejects Arkansas Ban On Abortions After 12 Weeks

If You Have Some Extra Money, You Can Rent This Super Private Island

Woman Writes Powerful Post On Absurd Expectations Mothers Face Every Day

This Many People Are As Wealthy As Half The World's Population Combined

Once Again, Women's Health Was Not Discussed At The Democratic Debate

Pizza Waffles Are Real And The Only Thing You Need In Life (Video)

12 Times Michelle Obama Proved She Was The Ultimate #GirlBoss

This Story About A Target Employee Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

This Guy Gave His Girlfriend The Perfect 'Friends' Proposal (Video)

A Sex Toy Company Just Put A Masturbation Booth In The Middle Of NYC (Video)

This Hoverboard Ballet Routine Is Weirdly Entrancing

Anderson Cooper Bought Bulletproof Vests For An Entire K-9 Unit Because He's Perfect

This Insane Video Shows US Pilots Blowing Up 'Millions' Of ISIS Dollars

This Mom's Inspiring Message To Her Son's Bullies Is A Lesson For All Of Us

There's An Awesome New Way To See Who Follows You On Instagram

New Method Could Cut HIV Transmission In High-Risk Men By 40 Percent

What The Actual F*ck Is Happening In Flint, Michigan?

2 Adorable Mountain Lion Kittens Found In LA Mountain Range (Video)

Nurse Who Thought She Won Powerball Jackpot Was Actually Pranked By Her Son

This Calculator Reveals How Much Of Your Town You've Actually Slept With

#GOMO: 10 Events That Prove You Should Go Out More Often in 2016

This Dance Rendition Of 'My Heart Will Go On' Will Give You The Feels (Video)

Stephen Hawking's New Theory About Black Holes Will Blow Your Mind

68-Year-Old Veteran Reunites With His Long-Lost Love After 45 Years (Video)

There's A Scientific Reason Men Are So Dramatic When They Have The Flu

Chipotle Is Trying To Win You Back With More Free Food At All Locations

9 Guys Reveal What They Think A Man's Equivalent To Flowers Should Be

There's One Thing More Important To Women Than Guys' Good Looks

Woman Gets Completely Naked In Waffle House And Attacks Other Customers

Dad Writes Hilarious Rejection Letter To 6-Year-Old Son Who Wanted $20

Top 11 New York Values Not Mentioned In The Republican Debate

Chipotle To Close Its Doors Nationwide Next Month For Your Own Safety

The Winning Powerball Ticket Was A Gift From This Woman's Boss

The Red Power Ranger Allegedly Killed His Roommate With A Sword

This Company Did The Best Thing When A Woman Tried To Return Her Winter Coat

Donald Trump Enlists Young Girls To Perform Terrible Rally Song (Video)

If Millennials Don't Vote In 2016, They Can't Complain About These 3 Things

Little Kid Cries Tears Of Happiness Reuniting With His Lost Dog (Video)

Adorable Couple Gets Remarried After Divorcing Nearly Two Decades Ago

Mom Posts Tragic Video Of Baby With Whooping Cough To Raise Awareness

#OscarsSoWhite Proves America Just Doesn’t Understand Hip-Hop

Veteran Claims State Took His Kids Away Because He Uses Medical Marijuana

Everyone Thinks Someone's Actual Butthole Is Photobombing This Baby Pic

Defunding Planned Parenthood Has The Potential To Hurt All Millennials

Doctor Under Investigation For Allegedly Ejaculating On Sedated Patient

One Of Alan Rickman's Final Recordings Was This Video To Help Refugees

Police Find Over $500K Worth Of Weed Disguised As Carrots At US Border

Someone In Chino, CA Is $1.5 Billion Richer After Winning The Powerball

Those Super Cheap Flights You See On Facebook Aren't So Cheap After All

The 'If I Won Powerball' Hashtag Reveals The Dreamer In All Of Us

New York Woman Accused Of Enslaving Two Children For Nearly 6 Years

The Remains Of This Bus-Sized, Saharan Crocodile Will Give You Nightmares

This Man Had To Propose 149 Times Before His Girlfriend Even Noticed

This Robot Drinking Buddy Will Keep You Company On Solo Nights Out (Video)

These Coworkers Were Tragically Fooled Into Thinking They Won The Lottery

Korean Girls Try Classic American BBQ Dishes For The First Time (Video)

Maybe It's Time For Zayn Malik To Stand Up Against Islamophobia

Here's A Good Reason To Never Stop Eating Cheese

The Lip Balm You're Using Might Be Giving People Severe Rashes

Police Woman Helps Save An Abandoned Baby's Life By Breastfeeding Her

11 Times President Obama Dropped The Mic During The State Of The Union

People Sent Oregon Militants A 'Bag Of D*cks' And Other Bizarre Hate Mail (Video)

The State Of The Union Was One Giant 'F*ck You' To Donald Trump

19th-Century Shipwreck Discovered During Search For Missing Flight MH370

'It's Poppin' Woman's Viral Interview Was Made Into An Autotune Remix (Video)

Here's How Men Should Be Using Tinder, According To Porn Stars (Video)

This Professor Fired His Student Just Because He Was In Love With Her

10 Men Reveal What Makes Them Call A Woman 'Crazy'

This Woman Makes A Living Turning Ugly D*ck Pics Into Works Of Art

The Wes Anderson Version Of The State Of The Union Address Is Too Precious

This Photo Of A Man's Sleeping Girlfriend Proves Love Is Real

The Shirt El Chapo Wore In His Rolling Stone Interview Is Now Selling Out

13 Tweets That Capture How Hot FLOTUS Looked At The State Of The Union

This Purse Is A Better Investment Than Gold, According To Study

President Obama's Entire 2016 State Of The Union Address

This Many Americans Would Kill Someone For $1 Billion

People Are Freaking Out Over 'Mermaid Pillows' You Can Draw On (Video)

Two US Navy Ships Carrying 10 Soldiers Are Being Held By The Iranian Government

Lyft Is Making It Easier For Your Grandma To Catch A Ride

This Church Is Shaped Like A High Heel To Attract More Female Worshippers

Twitter's 'Extreme Ways To Avoid People' Will Inspire You

This Teen Is Developing A 'Smart Gun' To Reduce Gun Violence (Video)

Trevor Noah Told Us Why We Have To Rely On Comedians For News These Days

10 Women Reveal Things Men Do That Completely Creep Them Out

Young Bernie Sanders Was Actually Really Hot And No One Can Handle It

Your Phone Actually Looks Insane When You Get Thousands Of Instagram Likes (Video)

This Is How Mark Cuban Thinks You Should Spend The Powerball Jackpot

Prison Officials Increase Security To Prevent Another El Chapo Escape

These Are All The Things People Want To Be Put In A Room With

Joe Biden Says Obama Wanted To Give Him Money When His Son Was Sick

Here's Definite Proof All The Best Gingers Come From The United Kingdom

There’s A Refugee Crisis Right Here In America That Nobody Is Talking About

A Capella Groups Join Forces To Honor MLK With Amazing James Taylor Cover (Video)

Here's What Men Really Think Of Women Who Sleep With Them On The First Date

Explosion In Istanbul That Killed 10 Believed To Be An Act Of Terror

The Amount A Blogger Gets Paid For Just One Instagram Will Make You Cry

Kendrick Lamar And Barack Obama Team Up In New PSA, 'Pay It Forward'

Wearing These Colors Will Get You More Tinder Dates, According To Science

This Woman Has The Best Reaction To Finding Out Her Ex Is With A Model (Video)

Thief Caught On Security Camera Stuffing Live Python Down His Pants (Video)

Badass Virginia Teen Lifts Truck, Saves Family From A Garage Fire

Ringling Brothers Circus Plans To Retire All Of Its Elephants By May

The White House Joins Snapchat, Securing Obama's Legacy As A Baller

6 Political Statements You Had No Idea David Bowie Made

There Are 3 Secret Valentine's Day Frappuccinos At Starbucks

5 Ways State Laws Could Bypass Obama's Executive Action On Gun Reform

Woman Completely Trashes Her Ex's Car And Then Almost Runs Him Over (Video)

Footage Was Released Of The Gunfight That Led To El Chapo's Recapture

Why Trump Falls Short Of The True Meaning Of The Term 'Political Outsider'

Man Sends Police A Selfie To Use In Place Of His 'Terrible' Mugshot

27 Men Share The Things They Want Single Women To Have In Their Homes

The UN Is Sending Aid To Starving People In Besieged Syrian Towns

'It's Poppin!': Woman Gives The Greatest Interview About Fire In Her Building (Video)

This Man Did The Most Amazing Thing For A Cold Stranger On The Subway (Video)

Legendary Musician David Bowie Is Dead After A Battle With Cancer

Leo DiCaprio Made A Powerful Political Statement At The Golden Globes

This Insane Sorority Recruitment Video Cost More Than Your House (Video)

WTF Is Peach? Here's What You Need To Know About Everyone's New Favorite App

Steven Avery Of 'Making A Murderer' Has A New Legal Team

The Powerball Jackpot Is Now At $1.3 Billion And You Still Probably Won't Win It

Sean Penn Secretly Interviewed Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Before His Capture (Video)

There's Finally An Answer To Whether Or Not Canadians Are Nicer Than Americans

Supervising Officer Charged In Connection With Eric Garner's Death

This Man And His Enormous, Cuddly Bear Will Make You Believe In Love (Video)

Pizza Rat Might Have Been A Hoax And Nothing Matters Anymore

Revolutionary New Male Birth Control Works By Turning Off Your Balls (Video)

The FDA Says Certain Chemicals In Pizza Boxes Are Trying To Kill You

Ben & Jerry's Reveals Bernie Sanders Ice Cream Flavor And It's Genius

Guy Has Craziest Idea Of How He'll Spend Powerball Money If He Wins (Video)

What's Shocking About Obama's Gun Reform Is Its Common Sense Factor

Man Confesses Allegiance To ISIS After He's Arrested For Shooting A Cop

Women Are Sharing Insane Things You Can Do To F*ck With Guys' Minds

Notorious Drug Lord El Chapo Recaptured, Says Mexican President

Guy Tweets The Most Epic Story Of How He Delivered His Baby At Home

M&M's Just Released Two Limited Edition Flavors And They Look Delicious (Photos)

Member Of ISIS Reportedly Executed His Own Mother In Front Of Audience

Paris Attackers Suspected To Have Been Hiding Out In Apartment In Belgium

Guy's Post About Brother's Suicide Sends Powerful Message About Bullying

Family's Vacation Was Ruined When Police Raided Airbnb And Found Drugs

Woman Answers Ex-Boyfriend's FaceTime While She's F*cking Another Guy (Photo)

New York's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are (Sort Of) Open For Business

Uber Driver Arrested For The Alleged Robbery And Sexual Assault Of Passenger

Tila Tequila Gets Cray Cray In Twitter Rant And It's Pure Gold

In Historic Announcement, Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary Clinton

This Woman Hilariously Reviewed All Her Bad Dates On Yelp (Photos)

Penn State Study Indicates Potential New Treatments For Severe Autism

A Year After Charlie Hebdo, Are Western Governments Embracing Islamophobia?

This Substance Is More Likely To Be A 'Gateway Drug' Than Marijuana

Trevor Noah Destroys Those Criticizing Obama For Crying About Sandy Hook (Video)

Starving People In A Besieged Syrian Town Are Eating Grass To Survive (Photos)

This 8-Year-Old Gave Himself A Drag Makeover, And It Looked Incredible (Photo)

Here's Where And When To Fly When You're Poor But Need A Vacation

Reporter Gets Stabbed While Giving Demonstration Of A Protective Vest (Video)

It Turns Out Sugar Might Actually Be Linked To Getting Breast Cancer

There Are A Lot Of Angry White People In America, And It’s A Problem

This Contraceptive Can Turn Sperm Flow On And Off With Just A Switch (Video)

Armed Attacker Killed In Paris On Anniversary Of Charlie Hebdo Attacks

News Crew Reportedly Gets Robbed At An Anti-Robbery Conference

Officer Who Pulled Over Sandra Bland Officially Charged With Perjury

Everyone Stay Calm: The World Is Apparently Running Out Of Coffee

Women Are Telling The Supreme Court How Abortions Improved Their Lives

Chipotle Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation Over Norovirus Outbreak

This Guy Ate Pizza Every Day For An Entire Year For An Amazing Reason

Transgender Woman Claims She Was Banned From Entering A Beauty Pageant

There's Nothing Cuter Than These 52 Working Dogs Taking A Play Break (Video)

If You Use A Lot Of Emojis, You Probably Have A Dirty Mind

Adorable Police Puppy Gets Named After Heroic Dog Killed In Paris Raid

This Is The Easy Way To Find Out Who Hates You On Twitter

Transgender Man Was Forced To Remove Prosthetic By Airport Security

This Is The Ideal Body Type For A Man, According To Women (Video)

Professor Fired After Calling Sandy Hook Shooting An 'Elaborate Hoax'

People Are Sharing The Most Hilarious 'Modest' Goals For 2016

17-Year-Old's 'Pregnancy Test For Ebola' Invention Will Blow You Away (Video)

This Woman Live-Tweeted Her Neighbors Having The Loudest Sex Ever (Video)

We Can't Stop Watching These People Trying To Get Around A Huge Puddle

Airbnb Guests Ruin Couple's Wedding Night By Having Orgy In Their Home

North Korea Says It Successfully Tested A Hydrogen Bomb

DJ Khaled Brings Us Another One With This Snapchat Featuring Kim Kardashian

These Gay Men Touching Boobs Will Make You Reevaluate Your Own Rack (Video)

California May Soon Eliminate The Controversial 'Tampon Tax'

The Afghanistan War Is Over, So Why Was A US Soldier Just Killed There?

Parents Claim Their 6-Year-Old Son Is On No-Fly List For 'Being Muslim'

People Are Freaking Out About Twitter's Possible New Character Count

Best Teacher Ever Performs Epic 'Whip/Nae Nae' Dance With His Students (Video)

This Toy From Your Childhood Might Just Be The Best Investment Plan Ever

Guy Who's Blind In One Eye Adopts One-Eyed Puppy Nobody Else Wanted (Photos)

President Obama Gets Super Emotional During Powerful Gun Control Speech (Video)

Blind Woman Gets Bionic Eye And Is Able To See For First Time In Years

This Is Why Saudi Arabia and Iran Are So Pissed At Each Other Right Now

This 6-Year-Old Boy Takes His Mom On The Cutest Monthly Dinner Dates (Photo)

People Share Insane Stories Of Weddings That Didn't End In Marriage

Starbucks Customer Calls Out Barista For Stealing Her Credit Card Info (Video)

1,000 Men Believed To Have Committed A Mass Sexual Assault In Germany

Woman's DUI Dismissed For Having Syndrome That Turns Yeast To Alcohol

Oregon Just Became The First State To Make Birth Control Available Over-The-Counter

The World's First Smart Bra Is Here And We Need It ASAP

For Real, Is This A Photo Of A Bear Or A Dog?

Lesbians Touching Penises For The First Time Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Week (Video)

Donald Trump's Campaign Unveils First TV Ad With One Glaring Mistake

Bouncer Wears A GoPro On NYE To Show How Drunk People Get (Video)

Woman Slammed For Saying A Heart Attack Victim Ruined Her New Year's

A School Shooting Happened Near My Home And No One Gave A Sh*t About It

2-Year-Old Toddler Named 2016's First Victim Of The Refugee Crisis

Yep, There's A Dating Site For White People

10 People Who Perfectly Summed Up Returning To Work After The Break

These Four New Elements Will Complete The Last Row Of The Periodic Table

Man's Final Facebook Post Before His Tragic Death Will Give You Chills

13 People Confess Their Regrets About How They Got Engaged (Photos)

Man Walks In On Wife F*cking Someone Else And Is Weirdly Chill About It (Video)

Millionaire Lends His Mansions To People Left Homeless By Tornadoes (Video)

Woman Loses It After Catching Her Husband In A Car With His Side Chick (Video)

There's A 'Cannibal Rat' Haunting New York City's Subway Stations (Video)

Mark Zuckerberg Responded Perfectly To Comment About Being A 'Nerd'

Kylie Jenner Just Posted The Most Bizarre Snapchat Story (Video)

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The First Meteor Shower Of 2016

People Are Obsessed With This Kid Who Ate An Entire Watermelon (Video)

This Is The Busiest Day Of The Year To Sign Up For Online Dating

Armed Militia Group Seizes Control Of Wildlife Refuge In Oregon

Man Attempts To 'Time Travel' By Driving His Car Through A Wall (Video)

This Person's Grandparents Look Just Like Taylor Swift And Hugh Hefner (Photo)

People Are Comparing This Picture Of Drunk Partygoers To Fine Art