February 2019
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What's In H.R. 8 & H.R. 1112? Congress Is Making Progress On 2 Major Gun Control Bill

What Is The Equal Rights Amendment? Kamala Harris Plans To Make It A Top Priority

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tweet About Her Bartending Experience Makes A Great Point

These Tweets About Pets Bonding With Their Owners Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Will Ivanka Trump Testify Before Congress? It's Not Impossible

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter's Hagrid Motorbike Ride Is A New Enchanting Coaster

Baskin-Robbins' Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream For March 2019 Is A Sweet Start To Spring

What Does Tasty's Vanilla Galaxy Twist Taste Like? This Ice Cream Is Next-Level

Michael Cohen's Body Language During His Congressional Hearing Says A Lot

These Reese’s Eggs Stuffed With Reese’s Pieces Will Up Your Candy Game This Easter

Subway's New Signature Wraps Feature A Guac-Filled Favorite & Thai-Inspired Chicken

What Is "Late-Term Abortion"? You Might Be Getting It All Wrong

These New Friendly’s Cake Singles Are The Perfect Way To Eat Your Fave Ice Cream Treat

These Tweets About Donald Trump's Failure To Make A Deal With Kim Jong-un Are Roasting Him

These Green Bruegger’s Bagels For St. Patrick’s Day Are Back For A Festive Breakfast

This DJ Mixer By Oreo With Most Stuf Oreos Will Make Your Parties Even Sweeter

Does Chick-Fil-A Sell Cheese Sauce Dip? Here's What We Know About The Tasty Side

These Lay's "Turn Up The Flavor" Chips With Bebe Rexha Bring Snacking To A New Level

The 7 Biggest Moments From Cohen's Hearing Will Have You Reaching For The Popcorn

This Video Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Questioning Michael Cohen Makes A Point

Michael Cohen's Claims Of Trump's Possible Crimes Have Me Wildly Curious

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Clapped Back At Ivanka Trump's Comments On The Green New Deal

Will Samsung's Galaxy Buds Work With An iPhone? Here's What To Know About Bixby & iOS

Saucony's Shadow 6000 "Avocado Toast" Sneakers Are Perfect For Any Brunch Enthusiast

Donald Trump Jr.'s Retweet About Michael Cohen Having "No Reason To Lie" Is So Ironic

Breckenridge Brewery’s Go Gold Sweepstakes Gives You A Chance To Win A Trip To Ireland

IHOP’s Free Pancake Day On March 12 Is Helping You Pay It Forward

Georgetown Cupcake's Baileys Chocolate Mint Cupcakes Are A Festive St. Patrick's Day Dessert

Donald Trump's Tweet About Michael Cohen's Testimony Ripped The Lawyer To Shreds

"Broke Black Girl" Is A Millennial Financial Advisor For Your IRL Money Problems

Michael Cohen's Comment About Melania Trump In His Testimony Is Kind Of Sad

What Are Donald Trump’s SAT Scores? Everyone Is Wildly Curious After Cohen's Testimony

JetBlue's All You Can Jet Pass Sweepstakes Could Get You Unlimited Flights For A Year

Michael Cohen's Testimony Documents To Congress About Trump Included Literal Receipts

Crispin’s New Pearsecco Is A Bubbly Twist On Pear Cider, So Pop Some Cans

These Memes About Michael Cohen's Testimony To Congress Are Thirsty For This Tea

Magnum’s Double Tub Ice Cream Flavors Launching In The U.S. Include Sea Salt Caramel

Michael Cohen's Comment About Donald Trump Jr. In His Testimony To Congress Is So Harsh

Here’s How To Get Free Hardee’s Coffee To Perk Yourself Up In The Morning

Hotels.com’s National Hotel Slipper Day Deal Gets You $25 Off Thanks To Justin Bieber

Starbucks' New Reserve Roastery In Tokyo Features So Many Instaworthy Drinks

Disney World’s New Dole Whip Flavors Are A Magical Twist On Your Favorite Films

Ivanka Trump's Comments About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Are Not Enthusiastic

JetBlue’s Blue Carpet Flight Sale Promo Code Will Give You 20 Percent Off Your Next Trip

The Double Stuf Oreo Waffle Cone From Sonic Is Back For A Sweet Take On Your Fave Cookie

Here’s How To See The Northern Lights In The U.S., If You Live In One Of These States

This Sugarfina x Barbie Collaboration Is A Celebration Of The Mattel Doll's Big Milestone

Southwest’s Spring 2019 Flight Sale Has Fares To So Many Tropical Destinations

These Tweets About Serena Williams' Nike Ad Reclaiming "Crazy" Are Full Of Feels

Fruity Lucky Charms Are Available For The Sweetest Nostalgia Flashbacks

How Much Do Samsung's Galaxy Buds Cost? They're More Affordable Than You Think

Kamala Harris' Response To Donald Trump's Plans For A 4th Of July Event Is A Clap Back

These Tweets About Alva Johnson's Lawsuit Against Donald Trump All Bring Up The Same Thing

Donald Trump Allegedly Kissed A Campaign Staffer Without Consent, New Lawsuit Claims

These Reported 'Game Of Thrones'-Themed Oreos Are The Tastiest Countdown To April

These Nancy Pelosi Quotes About Donald Trump Throw Shade In A Subtle Way

These Tweets About R. Kelly's Bail Hearing For Charges Of Alleged Sex Abuse Ask This Question

These Tweets About PETA Criticizing A Steve Irwin Google Doodle Have A Lot To Say

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Staff's Salary Is In Line With Her Call For A Livable Wage

These Tweets About Dianne Feinstein's Climate Change Discussion Are A Mixed Bag

Donald Trump's 2019 Razzie Awards Include Wins In These 2 Categories

Trump's Response To Democrats' National Emergency Resolution Relies On This Presidential Power

Here's How To Get Free Samsung Galaxy Buds With This Limited-Time Deal

What Forms Do You Need To File Taxes? It's Kind Of A Lot

The Trump Admin's Title X Rule Change Will Seriously Impact Access To Abortion

These Tweets Call Out Sarah Sanders' Comment About Trump Condemning Violence

Dollar Flight Club's Feb. 21 Deals To Hong Kong Can Save You Up To $400 On Your Fares

This Video Of A Cat Opening A Door Has Twitter Responding With Similar Feline Mischief

Trump Tweeted A Video Of The Wall Being Built, But There’s A Problem

Pillsbury's Ready-To-Bake Marshmallow Sugar Cookies Will Upgrade Your Dessert Game

Aldi's New Cheeses For St. Patrick's Day 2019 Feature This Whiskey-Infused Option

When Will Apple Release An iOS 12.1.4 Fix? You Could Have To Wait Until The 12.2 Release

Rosebud Ranch's Alpaca Yoga In England Is A Fun Way To Find Inner Peace

The Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA By Smartmouth Brewing Is A Super Nostalgic Brew

Lyft's New Shared Saver Feature Might Seem Familiar If You Use Uber Express Pool

What Are Shamrock Shakes Made Of? The Recipe Is More Simple Than You Think

This Disney World D-Lish Pop-Up Has Food-Themed Merch That Looks Good Enough To Eat

Here's How To Use Snap Camera On Your Desktop To Get A Puppy Lens Without Your Phone

Here's Where To Buy Reese's Thins To Get Your Peanut Butter & Chocolate Fix In A Smaller Size

Donald Trump's Tweet About Jussie Smollett Focused On "MAGA"

This Video of Tucker Carlson & Rutger Bregman Arguing Is Wild

Bubbies' Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites Combine Your 2 Favorite Desserts

Henry's Hard Sparkling Water's New Flavors For 2019 Include Refreshing Fruity Favorites

What Will Michael Cohen Testify About To Congress? He Knows A Lot About Trump

Will The Mueller Report Be Released Publicly? The Finale Could Come Soon

This 2019 Starbucks Favorites Oscars-Inspired Twitter Poll Wants To Know Your Fave Sips & Bites

Hostess' "Sweetennial" Birthday CupCakes Are A Celebration Of A Big Milestone

These National Margarita Day 2019 Deals Will Help You Celebrate Without Breaking The Bank

These Videos Of Barack Obama At A Duke-North Carolina Basketball Game Feature A Hype Crowd

Halo Top's New Strawberry Cheesecake Pint Is Literally Filled With Pieces Of Cheesecake

Taco Bell Canada's Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider Comes In 3 Flavors For The Ultimate Bite

Target's New $10 Wines, The Collection, Will Be Your Go-To Sips In Spring & Summer

This Girl Scout's Jason Momoa-Inspired Samoa Cookies Are Both Sweet & Swoon-Worthy

Frontier Airlines’ February 2019 Flight Sale Has 75 Percent Off Fares For A Cheap Vacay

When Will Apple AirPods 2 Come Out? You Might See Them Soon, Per Reports

Taco Bell's Steak Rattlesnake Fries Are About To Hit Menus Nationwide As A Spicy Snack

Burger King's New Grilled Chicken Sandwich Features Honey Mustard For A Tangy Bite

The Trump Admin's Campaign To Decriminalize Homosexuality Globally Was Prompted By Iran, Report Says

The Galaxy Buds Vs. Apple Airpods Include This One Major Difference

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Are A New Wireless Headphone, So Move Over, AirPods

This Video Of Samsung's Galaxy Fold Phone Looks So Good

How Much Does The Samsung Galaxy Fold Cost? The Innovative Phone Is Not Cheap

Bernie Sanders Raised $4 Million For His 2020 Campaign In 12 Hours, Report Says

Here's How To Make Starbucks' Medicine Ball Drink At Home For An Easy Get-Well Sip

Papa John’s' Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles Pizza Is A Like Having Breakfast For Dinner

Peeps' Easter 2019 Candy Collection Will Inspire You To Have Marshmallows For Breakfast

Who Is Jeffrey Rosen? Trump Nominated Him To Replace Rod Rosenstein

These "Crazy Bernie" Sanders Memes Are Trolling Donald Trump Over This Nickname

These Love Languages Of Dogs & Cats Include Some Subtle Displays Of Affection

Jack In The Box Is Testing Burger Dippers Filled With Cheese That You Can Eat Like Fries

This New White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M's Flavor Is Like A Twist On Easter Peeps

20 Quotes From Women For International Women's Day That'll Inspire You

This Cholula Hot Sauce Tacotopia Pop-Up Will Bring Your Instagram To The Next Level

This McDonald’s Matcha Green Tea McFlurry From Japan Features Crushed Oreo Cookies

The Cookie O’Puss Pastry Stout By Carvel & Captain Lawrence Brewing Is Here For St. Patty's Day

These New Starburst Duos Have 2-In-1 Flavors For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Cadbury’s Bunny Commercial Tryouts Are Open Now For A Chance To Make Your Pet Famous

Tiffany Trump's Presidents Day Instagram Message For Her Dad Included Some Sweet Photos

These Tweets Defending Malia Obama For Drinking Rose Call Out This Double Standard

Can States Block A National Emergency? These States Are Already On It

Root Beer Float-Flavored Peeps Are Here To Add Extra Flavor To Your Easter Basket

Where Is Lorena Bobbitt Now? She's Been Advocating For Domestic Abuse Survivors

These Tweets Remixing The Autotune Cat Meme Will Make You LOL

Bahama Breeze’s National Margarita Day 2019 Deal Celebrates Your Favorite Cocktail

Uber Eats' Oscars 2019 Deal Is A BOGO Offer That's Perfect For Any Viewing Party

Disney’s Princess Aurora Cupcake With Pink & Blue Icing Looks Just Like Sleeping Beauty's Dress

These Hardee's & Carl's Jr. Froot Loops Mini Donuts Are Back For A Colorful Start To Your Day

These New Oreo Cookie Sticks & Creme Packs Let You Dunk Your Cookies Into Creme

Here’s How To Win A Free Brunch Spread With Jarlsberg Cheese’s Easter Giveaway

These Tweets About Bernie Sanders' 2020 Presidential Announcement Are Pure Deja Vu

WOW Air's President's Day 2019 Flight Sale Still Has $45 Tickets Available, So Act Fast

Here’s How To Get Free Fries & A Drink From Wendy’s When You Order A Premium Burger

Has A President Ever Lost His Party's Nomination For Re-Election? It's Happened A Few Times

Can Congress Stop A National Emergency? It Would Take Some Real Commitment

Blue Bunny's Chocolate Donut & Caramel Cold Brew Ice Cream Flavors Are Decadent AF

These Edy's 'Toy Story 4' Ice Cream Flavors Will Get You Pumped For The Latest Movie

Is Apple's iOS 12.1.4 Update Draining My Battery? Some Users Are Reporting Problems

This Jose Cuervo Express Tequila Train Is The Boozy Vacation Of Your Dreams

These Tweets About Weird Food Habits From Childhood Will Make You Laugh, Then Gag

These Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows Will Be A Tart Addition To Your Easter Basket

Here's How To Turn Off Your Location On Instagram To Get You Off The Map

The Hotels.com Winter Swear Jar On Twitter Could Reward You For Cussing Out The Cold

Instagram's New Black History Month 2019 Feature Includes Stickers, Camera Effects, & More

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Response To Riley Roberts' Congressional Email Controversy Cited This Precedent

These New Ritas Spritz Cans With Rose & Sangria Flavors Are The Perfect Fizzy Sips

Does Your Tax Refund Count As Income? Double Check How You Filed

Donald Trump's Response To The Aurora, Illinois Shooting Is Missing One Thing

Trump's National Emergency Declaration Could Mean Some Big Consequences, Experts Say

Here's How To Get A Free Spotify Premium Trial From Starbucks, So You Can Earn Stars

Melania Trump's 2019 Valentine's Day Tweet Shared Some Sweet Photos

This Video Of Donald Trump's National Emergency Announcement Is A Wild Ride

Here's How To Get A Creamy Snickers Bouquet To Keep The Valentine's Day Celebrations Going

Virgin Voyages' Adults-Only Cruise Ship Features A Tattoo Parlor & Mark Ronson Tunes

How Long Will McDonald's Shamrock Shakes Be Available In 2019? Don't Wait Too Long To Sip

Can You Edit Old Tweets On Twitter? Jack Dorsey Reportedly Made A Surprising Announcement

What Did Paul Manafort Allegedly Lie About After His Plea Deal? This Could Be Bad For His Sentence

These Tweets About Sarah Sanders' Border Wall Deal Announcement Basically Ask, WTF?

Barack Obama's Tweet About The Parkland Anniversary Shares How "Proud" He Is

The 2019 Starbucks Zodiac Drink Recommendation Wheel Makes Me Wish I Were A Capricorn

Trump Will Apparently Declare A State Of Emergency For His Border Wall To Avoid A Shutdown

These Changes To Starbucks' Happy Hour Will Have You Finding Offers In A Different Spot

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle's Valentine's Day Plans Keep It Chill

Instagram's Valentine's Day 2019 Filters & Camera Effects Will Have You Feeling The Love

The DOJ Considered Using The 25th Amendment To Remove Trump, Report Says

Michelle Obama's Valentine's Day Instagram Isn't Just About Barack

Dollar Flight Club's Feb. 14 Flight Deals To Belize Offer Up To Half Off Your Tickets

Barack Obama's Valentine's Day Tweet For Michelle Obama Is 100% Husband Goals

These New Inflatable Party Island Floats At Sam's Club Feature Glitter-Filled Swans & Flamingos

Can You Pay Taxes Online For 2019? The Process Is So Easy

Are Donald & Melania Trump Spending Valentine's Day Together? She Has Other Plans

Donald Trump's Statement About The Parkland Anniversary Remembers The Tragedy

These Denny's Pancake Truffles For Valentine's Day Taste Just Like Your Fave Breakfast

These Tweets About Valentine's Day Zoo Puns Will Make You Say, "Love Is A Cattle Field"

Have Gun Laws Changed Since The Parkland Shooting? There's Still Work To Be Done

KFC Singapore's Mac 'N Cheese Zinger Sandwich Has All Your Favorite Comfort Foods

These Tweets About The Apple's iOS 12.1.4 Reported Bug Are Not Here For Data Issues

Starbucks' Valentine's Day 2019 Deal Is A BOGO Happy Hour For Double The Love

Here’s How To Fix Apple’s iOS 12.1.4 Reported Bug To Prevent Data Network Disruptions

Alaska Airlines' Fly 1, Get 1 Valentine's Day 2019 Sale Will Score You Free Flights

Do Student Loans Count As Taxable Income? You're In Luck

Chuck E. Cheese's Valentine's Day 2019 Deal With DoorDash Is A Delicious Celebration

These Tweets About The Mars Opportunity Rover's Death Are Full Of Feels

Trump Has A VR Golf Simulator At The White House So He Can Play Anytime, Reports Say

This Qdoba For A Kiss Valentine's Day 2019 Deal Is A Silly Twist On A BOGO Offer

These Tweets About McDonald's Shamrock Shake Coming Back For 2019 Are So, So Hype

Does Moving Back Home Help Millennials Save Money? This Study May Surprise You

Are Tax Refunds Lower In 2019? It's Not Just You

Ibotta’s Valentine’s Day 2019 Mobile Deal Lets You Raise A Glass To Discounted Champagne This Holiday

These New Dark Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Thins Might Outshine The OG Cups

Ilhan Omar's Response To Trump Calling For Her Resignation Is An Epic Clapback

The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Is Back To Help You Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

These Tweets About A Beagle Raising A Possum In Australia Are Here For The Unlikely Duo

Lyft's Valentines Day 2019 Deal Will Make Getting To Date Night So Much More Affordable

Popeyes’ 2 Can Dine Valentine’s Day Deal For $10 Is A Tasty Date Night Option

Here's How To Be On The Border's Chief Margarita Officer If You're A Total Tequila Expert

Is Panera's Double Bread Bowl Available Near Me? There's Good News For Soup Lovers

Paper Rebel’s Valentine’s Day Cards For 2019 Are Filled With Fun & Sassy Messages

This Husband Built An Everlasting "Mechanical Tulip" For His Wife, So Twitter Is Swooning

"Sexy Vet" Evan Antin's Instagram Account Is So Much More Than Adorable Puppy Photos

Here's How To Enter Southwest Airlines' Storyteller Contest To Win So Many Free Flights

Duncan Hines’ Perfect Size Red Velvet Crush Cake Mix Comes With A Heart-Shaped Pan

Post's Chicken & Waffles & Maple Bacon Donuts Flavored Cereals At Walmart Are Game-Changers

How Do Tax Brackets Work? Here's What You Need To Know

Who Is Mark Kelly? This Astronaut & Activist Is Running For Senate, So Get Inspired

Apple's iOS 12.1.4 Update Reportedly Has A Problem That May Disrupt Your Data Connection

Trump's El Paso Rally's Crowd Size Wasn't As Big As He Claims, Officials Say

The "Better" Butterfinger Candy Bar Is Here With A New Recipe That You'll Love

Pizza Hut’s Heart-Shaped Pizzas For Valentine’s Day Are A Cheesy Display Of Love

HotelTonight's Last Minute Valentine’s Day Deals Cost Less Than Dinner For 2

This Video Of A BBC Cameraman Being Attacked At A Trump Rally Is Really Disturbing

Ben & Jerry's New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors Will Have You Reaching For A Spoon

Will Trump Sign The Budget Deal To Avoid A Shutdown? This Update Isn't Reassuring

Tasty’s Four Limited-Edition Ice Cream Flavors Include A Pint Inspired By Lava Cake

Disney’s New Mermaid Tail Cupcake Features A White Chocolate Tail & Pineapple Filling

JetBlue's Valentine's Day 2019 Flight Sale Features Cheap Fares You'll Fall In Love With

Southwest’s Month of Love Flight Sale Has $59 Fares To Florida Until Feb. 21

Tarjimly's Translation App Lets You Help Refugees Right From Your Phone

When Will McDonald's Donut Sticks Be Available? They'll Be Here Before You Know It

Wendy’s Free Baconator Fries Deal Is Going On All Week Long For A Delicious Bite

What Is AIPAC? Ilhan Omar's Tweet About Israel & Lobbying Caused A Major Uproar

Snapchat's Black History Month Virtual Art Gallery Is Celebrating Black Creators

Democrats' Demand On Border Security Might Be A New Sticking Point In Shutdown Negotiations

Barbie's New Wheelchair-Using Doll Is A New Step Towards Inclusivity

Will I Get My Refund If The Government Shuts Down Again? It's Up In The Air

Flipboard's Pop Culture Curator Mia Quagliarello Keeps You Up To Date On, Well, Everything

How To Turn Off Your Location Settings On Snapchat For A More Private Experience

Amy Klobuchar’s 2020 Presidential Campaign Announcement Focuses On A Time For Change

Here's How To Get Olive Garden's Breadstick Bouquet To Satisfy Valentine's Day Cravings

Here's How To Get Apple's iOS 12.1.4 Update, So You Can FaceTime In Peace Again

Elizabeth Warren's Official 2020 Presidential Campaign Announcement Took Swipes At Trump

Meghan McCain’s Comments About Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner At John McCain’s Funeral Don't Hold Back

Here's How To Find Your Tax Bracket So You Have One Less Thing To Worry About

These Gun Violence Survivors' Stories Highlight The Real Effects Of Shootings In America

Ivanka Trump Doesn't Speak Out On Controversies Because It's Not Her Job, She Says

These 2019 National Bagel Day Deals Will Help You Score A Free Bagel & Schmear

The Supreme Court Blocked An Abortion Law, Which Is A Win For Pro-Choice Activists

Coca-Cola's New Orange Vanilla Flavor Is Giving Me Total Creamsicle Vibes

This Video Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talking Campaign Finance Laws Is A Brutal Take Down

Instagram's New Nonprofit Donation Stickers Will Let You Promote Your Fave Cause

Here's How To Get Dunkin's Dunkintines To Make Valentine's Day 2019 Totally Sweet

Here's How To Use Netflix's Smart Downloads With iOS, So You Never Miss An Episode

Chipotle’s New “Chipotlane” Drive-Thru Locations Will Make Waiting A Thing Of The Past

Ivanka Trump's White House Global Women's Initiative Might Actually Make Some Change

Nancy Pelosi Isn't Worried About Another Government Shutdown

These 2019 National Pizza Day Deals Will Save You Money On Your Next Slice

Can You Pay Taxes With A Credit Card? Get Ready To Pay For The Convenience

Aldi's Happy Farms '80s Music-Themed Cheeses Are Here, So "Pour Some Gouda On Me"

These Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Krispies Treats Available In NYC Are So Easy To Replicate

Aldi’s Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty Is Available All Year Long For A Sweet Sip

What's In The Green New Deal Proposal? It's Not Just About Climate Change

Grubhub Is Now Delivering Taco Bell Nationwide, With Free Delivery For A Limited Time

What's Happening In Virginia? The State Is Getting Rocked By Controversy

Here's How To Win An Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Music Box During The Grammy Awards On Feb. 10

This Instagram Update With IGTV Previews In Feed Will Connect You With More Cool Content

Haagen-Dazs' New Spirits Collection Features Boozy Ice Cream Flavors That You'll Love

DoorDash x IHOP Pancizza Deliveries Are Coming, So You Can Eat Pancakes Like Pizza

Starbucks’ Feb. 7 Happy Hour Has Half-Priced Espresso Drinks To Perk You Up

How Long Will Starbucks' Cherry Mocha Be Available? Drink Up Soon

Starbucks' Cherry Mocha For Valentine's Day 2019 Is Back For A Festive Sip

Starbucks' Valentine's Day 2019 Offerings Include Tasty Classics & At-Home Sips

Ivanka Trump's Body Language At The 2019 State Of The Union Was So Sweet

Melania Trump’s Body Language At The 2019 State Of The Union Showed Some Priorities

The Earth Could Change Color Because Of Climate Change, According To This Terrifying Study

What Are The New Abortion Laws In New York & Virginia? They're Controversial

Donald Trump's Body Language At The 2019 State Of The Union Was Pretty Telling

Unicode’s New Emojis For 2019 Include Gender Inclusive Couples & Mixed Skin Tones

Pure Leaf's Herbal Iced Teas Made With Hibiscus Will Brighten Up Your Fridge This Winter

Dairy Queen's Dipped Strawberry Blizzard For Valentine's Day 2019 Is A Chill AF Treat

This New Kellogg's Caticorn Cereal Will Add So Much Magic To Your Mornings

Nancy Pelosi's Body Language At the 2019 State Of The Union Said A Lot

How Many Times Did Trump Say "Wall" At The 2019 State Of The Union? He Said A Lot About The Border

This 'Harry Potter'-Themed Wizards & Witches Beer Festival Will Bring Butterbeer To Your City

Here’s Where To Buy Taco Bell’s New Shredded Cheese Flavors For Your Next Taco Night

Postmates Is Offering Free P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps If You Do This One Thing

These Photos Of Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Vs. Obama's 2011 Event Have Some Differences

These Memes Of Nancy Pelosi Clapping At The State Of The Union Are Loving Her Sass

These 2019 National Frozen Yogurt Day Deals Offer Free Cups Of The Sweet Stuff

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocotruck Captain Job Will Pay You To Eat Chocolate & Travel The U.S.

Papa John's' Heart-Shaped Pizza For Valentine's Day 2019 Is A Tasty Display Of Affection

Tim Hortons' Roll Up The Rim Game Is Back For A Chance To Win So Many Amazing Prizes

Lyft’s New Green Mode Option Uses Electric Cars For An Eco-Friendly Ride

Stuffed Ice Cream's 21-Scoop Bouquet Features So Many Flavors For A Sweet Bite

This Papa John's Pick Our Next Pizza Campaign Wants You To Vote On 4 Fun Flavors

JetBlue's Hip-Hop Somewhere Great February 2019 Flash Sale Has Super Low Fares

Kamala Harris' Reaction To The 2019 State Of The Union Took A Jab At Trump's Wall

These Tweets About Stacey Abrams' Rebuttal To The 2019 State Of The Union Are Real Talk

This Video Of Stacey Abrams' Response To The 2019 State Of The Union Shows Why It's A Big Deal

What Are The ERA Yes Buttons At The 2019 State Of The Union? This Is A Throwback

These Memes About The 2019 State Of The Union Go In On Everything

Donald Trump Called To Restrict Abortion During The 2019 State Of The Union

The Women Of Congress Stood During The 2019 State Of The Union In An Epic Viral Moment

Who Is The Designated Survivor For The 2019 State Of The Union? Here's Who's Not There

Donald Trump's Dig At The Mueller Investigation During The 2019 State Of The Union Was A Lot

Is Tiffany Trump At The 2019 State Of The Union? She's Supporting Her Dad

These Photos Of Women Wearing White At The 2019 State Of The Union Are So Powerful

Democrats Aren't Clapping At The 2019 State Of The Union For This Traditional Reason

These Tweets About Nancy Pelosi's Reaction At The 2019 State Of The Union Are Brutal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 2019 State Of The Union Outfit Included Her Hoop Earrings

Is Michael Boulos At The 2019 State Of The Union? Tiffany Trump Arrived With A Crew

Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg At The 2019 State Of The Union? Everyone Is Wondering About Her

Melania Trump's State Of The Union 2019 Outfit Was Some Pointed Commentary

Ivanka Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Dress Might Have Been Some Subtle Shade

Ivanka Trump Is At The 2019 State Of The Union With Jared Kushner, So Get Ready

Tiffany Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Dress Made A Surprising Statement

Is Donald Trump Jr. At The 2019 State Of The Union? He Made A Bold Move

Kimberly Guilfoyle Is At The 2019 State Of The Union Supporting The Trump Family

Victorina Morales & Sandra Diaz, Former Trump Housekeepers, Are Attending The 2019 State Of The Union

How Many Guests Will Trump Bring To The 2019 State Of The Union? It's A Big Group

Who Is Kamala Harris' Guest At The 2019 State Of The Union? Trisha Pesiri-Dybvik Has A Story

Who Are Donald Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Guests? Alice Johnson Will Be At The Big Night

The New Made To Crave Wendy's Cheeseburger Menu Introduces 3 Mouth-Watering Options

Mars Wrigley's Sweet ReTREAT Combines Beauty & Candy For Some Delicious Relaxation

Royal Caribbean’s Shore Explorer Apprentice-Ship Is The Dream Job You’ve Been Waiting For

These New Halo Top Pops Are Here To Help You Eat Your Favorite Ice Cream On The Go

Southwest's February 2019 Flight Sale Will Get You To New Orleans For Just $119

The McDonald's Twix McFlurry Is Back, So Thank You I'll Have Two

WOW Air's Valentine's Deal Is A Bargain For Some Lucky Lovers

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's State Of The Union Guest Ana Maria Archila Spoke Truth To Power

Donald Trump's "Executive Time" Takes Up More Than Half His Days, Report Says

Here’s How To Get Free Nutella on World Nutella Day

Tomi Lahren's Tweet About Her Ancestors "Discovering" America Is Getting Dragged

Ivanka Trump's Black History Month Post For 2019 Is Getting All Kinds Of Reactions

Aly Raisman Has Found A New Kind Of Strength In The Year Since #MeToo – EXCLUSIVE

Donald Trump's Super Bowl 2019 Interview Kept It Cagey About The Mueller Report

Puppy Bowl Referee Dan Schachner Has The Doggo-Lovin' Job Of Your Dreams

Magnum’s Non-Dairy Vegan Ice Cream Bars Are Now Available In The U.S. In 2 Tasty Flavors

OpenTable’s Matchmaker Tool For Valentine’s Day 2019 Will Pick Your Ideal Date Night

These Tweets About The Patriots Winning The 2019 Super Bowl Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Tom Hanks' 'Washington Post' Commercial At The 2019 Super Bowl Was So, So Emotional

Lyft's T-Mobile Tuesdays Deal Will Get Customers A Free Ride This Week

These Tweets About Michael Buble's 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Are Here For This Perfect Pairing

The Song In Mini's 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Is An Oldie But A Goodie

Mint Mobile's 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Is Grossing People Out Over The "Milk Chunks"

Taco Bell's T-Mobile Tuesdays Deal Gives Free Tacos To Customers For A Savory Treat

Bud Light's 2019 Super Bowl Commercial Called Out Miller Light & Coors Light

Did Players Kneel At The 2019 Super Bowl? Twitter Makes It Clear The Protest Isn't Over

These Tweets About RoboChild In TurboTax's Super Bowl Commercial Call Out This Nightmare Fuel

The Funniest Super Bowl 2019 Commercials Are Better Than The Game Itself

Can You Buy Heluva Good!’s No Double Dip-Spinner? The Brand Is Giving Away Super Bowl Prizes

Dunkin’s February 2019 Deal Is A Discount On Your Favorite Mini Donuts

What Happens If You File Your Taxes Late For 2019? You Could End Up Owing More Money

7-Eleven’s 2019 Super Bowl Deals Include $3 Pizza On Game Day & 53-Cent Advil

How Many Families Were Separated At The Border? The Trump Administration Is Reportedly Unsure

Here Are 6 Animal Rescues To Donate To After The Puppy Bowl To Help Next Year’s Contestants

Ralph Northam's Apology Video For His "Racist" Yearbook Photo Is Missing Something

Chili's' $5 Margarita For February 2019, The Grand Romance, Has A Valentine's Day Vibe

What Does Head Of Household Mean? It Could Mean Great Things For Your Taxes

Is Trump Throwing A Super Bowl 2019 Party? Well, He's Heading Out Of Town

Donald Trump's Comments About Losing Money As President Are Wildly Ironic

Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian's Wedding Photo In Bumble's Super Bowl Ad Is The Cutest

The Kids In Microsoft's Adaptive Controller Super Bowl Commercial Will Totally Inspire You

These Memes About The 2019 Super Bowl Are Already Better Than The Game

Cory Booker’s 2020 Presidential Campaign Announcement Video Is A Call To Action

Chipotle's 2019 Super Bowl Deal With Postmates Will Save You Money On Extra Guac