February 2018
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Me Trying To Bake Something

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Donald Trump's Tweets About School Shootings & The NRA Are Something

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What Are Snapchat Tabs? The New Feature Will Make It Easier To Use The Update

Video Of Karen Chen's Short Program Is Seriously Angelic & I Feel So Serene

Video Of Mirai Nagasu's Short Program Shows Why She's A Champion

Rachel Crooks Clapped Back At Donald Trump's Tweets & I Am So Here For It

Lindsey Vonn's Bronze Medal Win In Downhill Skiing Is So Bittersweet

Tweets About Mae-Berenice Meite's Beyonce Short Program Prove She Did Bey Proud

Tweets About Lindsey Vonn’s Downhill Skiing Run Prove She’s Still The Main Event

Who Is Mae-Berenice Meite? This French Skater Is Performing To Beyonce

The Video of Bradie Tennell's Short Program Shows A Strong Start For Team USA

How To Donate To The March For Our Lives, If You Can't Get To The March

Maia Shibutani's Cardio Workout For The Olympics Honestly Looks Like A Blast

Are The Gun Violence Walkouts Led By Students? Teens Are Taking Actions

Mirai Nagasu's Short Program Music Is A Classic, Just Like Herself

Donald Trump Recommends Banning Bump Stocks After The Parkland Shooting

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Bradie Tennell's Short Program Song Is A Perfect Choice For These Olympics

This Photo Of Gus Kenworthy's Bruised Butt On Instagram Looks So, So Painful

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Karen Chen's Short Program Song Is All About Melody

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Donald Trump's Tweets About Rachel Crooks Are As Bad As You Think

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A Video Of The Nigerian Bobsled Team At The 2018 Olympics Will Impress You

The Video Of The Jamaican Bobsled Team's 2018 Olympic Debut Will Fire You Up

These Tweets About The Jamaican Bobsled Team Show How Pumped Everyone Is

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Is Bobsled Dangerous? It's No Walk In The Park

These Team USA Olympians Called Out Donald Trump, & They Didn't Hold Back

Tweets About Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir's Chemistry Are So Thrilled

The Video Of Alex & Maia Shibutani's Free Dance Will Have You Jumping & Cheering

Tweets About The ShibSibs Free Dance Routine Just Can't Handle Their Performance

How Did Madison Chock & Evan Bates Fall In Ice Dancing? It Was So Devastating

Chelsea Clinton's Tweet About Donald Trump Jr.'s Foreign Policy Speech Is So Shady

This Video Of Elizabeth Swaney’s Halfpipe Run Proves Anything Is Possible

What Does "OAR" Stand For At The 2018 Winter Olympics? It's A Different Name

Donald Trump’s Tweet About Oprah Running For President Is So Pathetic

Photos Of The “Lie-In” Protest For Gun Reform At The White House Are So Powerful

The Global Gag Rule Is Harming Women Around The World — EXCLUSIVE

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Do Olympic Athletes Have Rest Days? Here's How They Find Downtime In Their Training

Why Did Mikaela Shiffrin Withdraw From The Downhill Olympic Competition? Scheduling Got In The Way

How To Donate To The Parkland Shooting Victims & Protests To Send Support

Who Is Mikaela Shiffrin? The Alpine Skier Is Full Of Talents

Alex & Maia Shibutani's Free Dance Song Is A Coldplay Hit With So Much Meaning

Chloe Kim's Go To Workouts May Be Simple, But Here's Why They'll Challenge You

Are Students Walking Out For Gun Control? Demonstrations Are Being Planned

Me Trying To Get Back Into My Workout Routine

Gabriella Papadakis' Wardrobe Malfunction Can't Keep Her From Going For Olympic Gold

Survivors Of The Parkland School Shooting Are Slamming Donald Trump's FBI Tweet

Video Of The Shibutani Siblings' Short Ice Dance Routine Is Incredible & I'm Dying

Tweets About "Despacito'" During The Short Dance Are Roasting These Music Picks

The Shibutani Siblings’ Short Dance Music Is Keeping With A Theme, & Here’s Why

Rick Gates Will Plead Guilty In The Russia Investigation, Report Says

The Jamaican Women's Bobsled Team's Sled Was Saved By Red Stripe Beer & It's Wild

Tweets About Adam Rippon As NBC's New Olympic Correspondent Show Everyone's Pumped — UPDATE

What Is The March For Our Lives? Parkland Shooting Survivors Are Demanding Gun Control

Sally Field Tried Hooking Up Adam Rippon & Her Son & Twitter Is Losing It

Tweets About Gus Kenworthy & Matthew Wilkas’ Olympic Kiss Prove That Everyone Is Loving Their Sweet Moment

The Video of Paul Fentz's 'Game Of Thrones' Skate Is Just As Intense As The Show

The Video Of Lindsey Vonn's Super-G Shows How Hard She Tried To Win The Gold

The Video of Yuzuru Hanyu's Free Skate Will Make You Proud That He Won The Gold

The Video Of Adam Rippon's Individual Free Skate Will Give You So Many Goosebumps

These Tweets About Paul Fentz's 'Game Of Thrones' Skate Are Loving His Creativity

The Video Of Nathan Chen's Free Skate Will Seriously Blow Your Mind

Why Do People Throw Winnie The Pooh Dolls For Yuzuru Hanyu? The Olympic Skater Loves Him

Moris Kvitelashvili Is Skating To Imagine Dragons Songs & It's Intense

Which Wine To Pair With Winter Olympic Sports, Depending On What You're Watching

What Are The Charges For Interfering In The 2016 Election? 13 Russians Were Indicted

Where To Get Rose Gold Churros In Disneyland If You're Craving A Gorgeous Snack

5 Rosé-Flavored Foods & Desserts You Never Knew Existed

When Is Disney's 'Toy Story' Land Opening? Mark Your Calendars & Start Planning

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Women Are Running Campaigns To Get Women Elected In 2018 & It's Fantastic — EXCLUSIVE

4 Ways To Save Money At Starbucks That You Should Try Immediately

What Song Is In Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski's Google Home Commercial? It's A K-Pop Hit

What Does It Cost To Renew A Passport? Prices Are About To Go Up, So Be Prepared

How Are Russian Athletes Competing At The 2018 Winter Olympics? It's A Process

Is The New Snapchat Permanent? Snapchat's CEO Made His Opinion Loud & Clear

Mikaela Shiffrin's Slalom Race Didn't Earn A Medal & Nerves Caused Her Downfall

The Video Of Yuzuru Hanyu's Short Program Ends With An Adorable Surprise

Video Of Vincent Zhou’s Short Program Routine Shows His Historic Quad Lutz

Tweets About Nathan Chen's Short Program Prove His Fans Are Here For Him

The Video Of Adam Rippon's Short Program Shows Exactly Why We All Love Him

Tweets About "Didn't Make The Olympics Because" Are Hilarious (& So Validating)

Tweets About Adam Rippon's Short Program Are Cheering So Hard

Donald Trump's Action On Gun Control In 2017 Undid Mental Health Restrictions

Donald Trump’s Budget Would Cut Millions From Gun Background Checks

Nathan Chen's Skating Songs Are As Fierce As He Is

Adam Rippon's Short Program Skate Song Will Make You Get Up & Dance

Michael Ian Black's Tweets About Masculinity & Guns Are So Important

Tweets About Lucky Charms' Hourglass Marshmallow Going Away Will Make You Sob

How Do Bobsledders Train For The Olympics? Their Workouts Look Ridiculously Intense

This Viral Tweet About Retweets For The Old Snapchat Will Get Your Hopes Up

Tomi Lahren's Tweet About The Parkland School Shooting Was So Misguided

Adam Rippon's Quotes About Body Image Issues In The Olympics Are So, So Important

Barack Obama's Tweet About The Parkland Shooting Says What We're All Thinking

Parkland School Shooting Survivors Are Calling For Gun Control Now

Lindsey Vonn's Favorite Workouts Are So Easy To Do At Home & Here's How To Try Them

How To Call Your Representatives About Gun Control Following The Parkland School Shooting

Me The Day After Valentine’s Day

Donald Trump's Florida School Shooting Address Didn't Address Gun Control

This Video Of The French Olympic Pair Skating To "Sound Of Silence" Is Breathtaking

Donald Trump's Tweet About The Florida School Shooting Misses The Point

This Video Of The German Medal Winning Pair Skating At The Olympics Is Chilling

How To Help After The Parkland School Shooting With Donations, Petitions, & More

Mikaela Shiffrin Won A Gold Medal In PyeongChang & She's Going For More

Kim Kardashian’s Tweet About The Parkland School Shooting Is Calling For Change

Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet About Adam Rippon Has Everyone Rolling Their Eyes

This Video Of A Couple Proposing To Each Other At The Same Time Has Me Sobbing

This Champagne-Infused Gold Donut For Valentine's Day Is So Extra & I Want It

Tinder, Postmates, & Adam Levine's #VDayAndChill Partnership Is So Sweet

Melania Trump’s Valentine’s Day Tweet Didn’t Mention Donald & It’s So Awkward

Mikaela Shiffrin's Sleep Schedule Sounds Like A Dream & Here's Why It Works So Well

What’s Happening In Parkland, Florida? A School Shooting Has America Horrified

Tweets About Team Snapchat's Valentine's Day Snap After The Update Are So Bitter

Michelle Obama's Valentine's Day Playlist For Barack Is Full Of Cute Love Songs

Lindsey Vonn's Tweet About Valentine's Day Is Making Everyone On Twitter Freak Out

Alexa & Chris Knierim's Free Skate Song Is From 'Ghost The Musical,' & It's Chilling

Donald Trump's Lawyer Claims He Paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 Of His Own Money, & Yikes

Follow the Jamaican Bobsled Team on Instagram To Watch History In The Making

Shaun White Responds To His Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Apology For "Gossip" Comment

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Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About Mirai Nagasu & "Perpetual Foreigner Syndrome" Is Perfect

How Tall Is The South Korea Olympics Ski Jump? There's More Than One Answer

Adam Rippon's Tweets During The Olympics Have Been So, So Hilarious

The Video Of Shaun White's Gold Medal Winning Halfpipe Run Will Leave You Breathless

Shaun White Won Gold On Men’s Snowboarding Halfpipe & Fans Are Freaking

Alexa & Chris Knierim's Pairs Short Program Song Is Romantic AF & I Love It

Tweets About SNAP & Blue Apron Show People Aren’t Into Trump’s Food Assistance Plan

Aly Raisman's ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Photo Shoot Is Inspiring AF

Michelle Obama’s Instagram Post About Her Portrait Is So Inspiring

Jet Blue's $39 Flash Sale Arrived Just in Time for Valentines Day

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Mirai Nagasu’s Quotes About Her Boyfriend, Darian Weiss, Are Literally Goals

Donald Trump's Domestic Violence Comments Are Causing Controversy For Good Reason

Gus Kenworthy's Competition Song During The 2018 Olympics Is By Britney Spears – EXCLUSIVE

These Tweets About Adam Rippon's Butt Pads During His Olympic Debut Are Too Funny

21 Instagram Captions For Your Flowers On Valentine's Day, No Matter What Your Relationship Status Happens to Be

How To Apply To Be A Chief Flamingo Officer At Baha Mar In The Bahamas, Because OMG

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Chloe Kim's Net Worth Will Make You Want To Hit The Slopes ASAP

7 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas With Your Best Friend If You’re Broke & Single

Chloe Kim's Dad Is The Ultimate Supporter Of His Gold Medalist Daughter

Trump's Approval Rating By State Reveals One Pretty Sad Point For Him

Olympic Skier Ashley Caldwell's Morning Routine Is Absolute Goals & Here's Why

This Video Of Shaun White's Halfpipe Run Shows His Epic Comeback At The Olympics

How To Get Free Halo Top Ice Cream Through Postmates Fresh On Valentine's Day

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Why Don’t North Korean Athletes Defect? They’re Under Close Watch, Report Says

Adam Rippon’s Post-Olympic Plans Involve Cheap Wine & I’m Feeling It

Tweets About Chloe Kim’s Gold Medal Win For Halfpipe Are Just So Impressed

This Video Of Chloe Kim’s Gold Medal Halfpipe Run Is Just So Epic

The Schedule Of Adam Rippon's Competitions At The 2018 Olympics Will Keep You Busy

Nancy Pelosi Used Donald Trump's Old Tweet Against Him & It's An Epic Burn

The U.S. Women's Figure Skating Olympic Team's Ages Are Breaking Tradition

Tweets About Matt Hamilton & Super Mario Are Absolutely Hilarious

Red Gerard Won Gold After Oversleeping Thanks To Netflix, & It’s All Of Us

Tweets About Jeff Sessions’ “Anglo-American Heritage” Comment Are So Upset

Vanessa Trump Taken To The Hospital Over A Suspicious Letter

Who Painted Barack & Michelle Obama's Portraits? Kehinde Wiley & Amy Sherald Share How They Got Close To The Pair

What’s In Donald Trump’s Budget? He Really Wants That Border Wall

Me When I Order Something Online

Tweets About Betsy DeVos' Transgender Bathroom Decision Are Absolutely Furious

Olympians Jamie Anderson & Tyler Nicholson Are Dating & They're Incredibly Cute

10 Pictures Of Dogs In Love That'll Melt Your Heart This Valentine's Day

Who Is Gabrielle Daleman? The Kim Kardashian Lookalike Is An Olympic Figure Skater

The Women's Jamaican Bobsled Team Schedule At The 2018 Winter Olympics Will Get You Pumped

These 3 Zodiac Signs' Valentine’s Day May Not Be The Best & Here's Why

Instagram Might Show When You Screenshot A Story & Twitter Is Panicking

Barack Obama Says Michelle Obama’s New Portrait Shows Her “Hotness” & Twitter Is Swooning

This Video Of Olympic Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu Training For Her Triple Axel Jump Is Wild

Paul Nehlen's Racist Tweet About Meghan Markle Is As Bad As It Sounds

Mirai Nagasu's Net Worth Shows The Olympic Athlete Is Killing It On And Off The Ice

Adam Rippon Won’t Visit The White House After The Olympics, But Here's How He Plans To Celebrate His Olympic Victory

Is Adam Rippon Single? The Olympian Is Completely Slaying In PyeongChang

Are Chris Knierim & Alexa Scimeca-Knierim Married? They're Representing The U.S.

I Can't Afford A Valentine's Day Gift, So Instead I'm Planning An Adorable Surprise For My SO

The Video of Mirai Nagasu’s 2018 Olympics Triple Axel Shows History in the Making

Tweets About Johnny Weir's 2018 Olympics Outfits & Commentary Are Definitely Mixed

The Song From Adam Rippon's 2018 Olympics Free Skate Routine Is Fittingly Beautiful

The Video Of Adam Rippon’s 2018 Olympics Free Skate Routine Has Twitter Screaming

New Details About Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Should Come As A Relief For Anyone In The U.S.

Who Is Amy Schumer Dating? Chris Fischer Is One Multi-Talented Chef

Gus Kenworthy Quotes About Being LGBT At The 2018 Winter Olympics Are Seriously Inspirational

Tweets About Obama’s Facial Hair “Photo” Have Twitter So Damn Thirsty

Ben Axelrod & Torey Stachowicz's Tweet Engagement Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See Today

This Beyonce Ice Skating Routine At The Winter Olympics Proves "Who Run The World"

Who Are The North Korean Cheerleaders? The Peppy Bunch Is Getting Mixed Reactions On Twitter

7 Clever Valentine's Cards To Give To The Wittiest Partner Ever

How To Apply To Be A Chocolate Taster For Cadbury, Because This Is Your Dream Job

Who Is Maggie Voisin? The Olympic Freestyle Skier Is Coming Back — EXCLUSIVE

What Does Starbucks' Cherry Mocha Taste Like? You're Gonna Fall In Love With It

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5 Last-Minute Things To Do On Valentine's Day With Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend That Are Romantic AF

A Man Crashed The Olympics Opening Ceremony & Wait What Now?

Tweets About The Drones In The Opening Ceremony Show How Impressed Everyone Is

Where To Watch The Full Olympic Opening Ceremony So You Don’t Miss A Moment

This Video Of Jamaica’s Opening Ceremony Entrance Already Won The Olympics

Tweets About Tonga Flagbearer Pita Taufatofua Have Fans Thirstier Than Skiiers After A Race

Kim Jong-Un’s Sister’s Face At The Olympics Opening Ceremony Is Twitter’s Favorite Meme

Where To Buy Team USA’s Gloves From The Olympic Opening Ceremony Since They're So Epic

Katie Couric Called This Speed Skating Event "Nascar On Ice" & I Want To See That

Tweets About The “Fairy Outfits” At The 2018 Opening Ceremony Will Make You Want To Submit Your Resume ASAP

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How To Have A Date With Yourself This Valentine's Day, According To Experts

IOC President Thomas Bach’s Opening Ceremony Speech Referenced Russia, According To Many Shook People On Twitter

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The Olympic Oath Is A Huge Deal During The Opening Ceremony — Here's Why

Mike Pence & Fred Warmbier Share Emotional Moment With North Korean Defector

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The Olympic Anthem Lyrics Will Make You Feel So Inspired For The Games

6 Valentine's Day 2018 Ideas For Him That He'll Never Forget

7 Romantic Movies On Netflix To Get You In The Mood For Valentine's Day

The Closing Song At The 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony Will Blow Your Mind

Who Is Ahn Ji-young? The Bolbbalgan4 Star Sang "Imagine" At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Who Is Jeon In Kwon? Deulgukhwa's Main Member Sang At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Who Is Ha Hyun-woo? Guckkasten's Leading Member Performed At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

The “Imagine” Cover At The Olympics Opening Ceremony Was A Beautiful Message Of Peace

Tweets About BTS At The 2018 Olympics Ceremony Show How Hyped Fans Are

Who Is Su-mi Hwang? The Korean Opera Singer Crushed Her Olympic Anthem Performance

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