February 2016
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Scientists Create Sperm Cells That Could Potentially End Male Infertility

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This Dad Gives Zero F*cks When His Daughter Sees His D*ck Pic On Snapchat

18-Year-Old Arrested After Allegedly Posing As A Doctor And Giving Exams

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Bride Almost Dies On Her Wedding Day After Mistaking Illness For Nerves

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A 404-Carat Diamond Worth $14 Million Was Just Uncovered And It Looks Insane

People Are Trying To Crowdfund Money For Kanye To Get Him Out Of Debt

Having A Low Level Of This Hormone Could Be The Reason A Woman Gets Divorced

Millennials Buy More Of This Type Of Alcohol Than Anyone Else In The US

Presidents Day History: Reasons To Get Drunk

How Will Justice Scalia's Death Affect The Supreme Court?

This Man Stopped Going To Work For Six Years, And No One Noticed

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia Is Dead At 79

Steven Avery Allegedly Molested Nephew Brendan Dassey

Strangers Guess What Sex With Their Blind Dates Would Be Like (Video)

Two Girls Shot Dead At Arizona High School In Likely Murder-Suicide

This Woman Lost Half Her Body Weight And Won A Bikini Competition

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Hillary Clinton Campaign Office: A Primary Election Day Tour

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The 10 Most Romantic US Cities To Go To With Your Valentine's Day Date

The Impact Of 'Broken Windows' Policing On Black Communities In New York City

Australians Can Grow Weed Legally As Long As This Law Gets Passed

Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban Plans To Open A School For Wealthy Kids

Chris Christie Officially Drops Out Of The 2016 Presidential Race

Beyoncé Sends A Personal Thank You Note To Writer For 'Formation' Review

Friends Dress Up As Mario Kart Characters And Race Go-Karts Through A Mall

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It May Soon Be Illegal For You To Have Anal And Oral Sex In Michigan

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Larry David's 'Bern Your Enthusiasm' Is Pure 'SNL' Gold (Video)

Twitter Might Change One Thing And People Are Really Pissed About It

Drink Up: This Man Downed Four Bottles Of Wine A Day And Lived To Be 107

Taiwan earthquake death tolls rise after buildings collapse

The CDC Issued Another Zika Virus Warning, But This Time It's For Men

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Politician Gets Hit In The Face With A Dildo, Barely Bats An Eyelash

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Woman Crashes Her Own Funeral After Her Husband Tries To Have Her Killed

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Crane Collapsed In New York City, 1 Reported Dead

This Massive Volcano Caused An Insane Lightning Storm When It Erupted

This Guy Getting Pranked For Falling Asleep At Work Is All Of Us

In Lieu Of Real Rain, Flower Petals Will Shower Downtown LA This Weekend

Hae Min Lee's Family Releases Statement For The First Time Since 'Serial'

Woman Quits Job At Retail Store After Being Body-Shamed By Company CEO

Powerful ‘HONY’ Posts Remind Us Inmates Are More Than Just Criminals

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Maid Of Honor Performs Epic Rap To 'Ice Ice Baby' Instead Of Giving A Speech

This Woman Engraved A Hilarious Message On Her Husband's Wedding Ring

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Mind-Blowing Study Suggests Earth Is Actually Two Planets Fused Together

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Pop culture Valentine's Day cards are everything right now

Bernie Sanders Finally Admitted He’s Actually Larry David

Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson Launches Bid For Baltimore Mayor

Donald Trump Was Actually Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize

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'Better Ways To Elect POTUS' Hashtag Makes Presidential Elections Way Funnier

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