February 2015
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Astronauts Give Leonard Nimoy The Proper Farewell He Deserves

Man Tries Driving In Carpool Lane With Wooden Figure As Passenger

WTF: Somebody Managed To Steal An Entire House In Oregon

What To Name Your Babies If You Want People To Think They're Hot

The Model Of 'The Dress' Has Settled The Debate Once And For All (Photo)

Men With These Four Names Outnumber All Women On Corporate Boards

Woman Kidnapped Herself To Avoid Planning Her Boyfriend's Birthday

These Women Were The First To Argue About The Colors Of 'The Dress'

What One Dress Can Teach Us About Starting A Revolution

Research Shows People With ADHD Are Twice As Likely To Die Young

SCOTUS Delivers Justice To A Muslim Woman In Abercrombie & Fitch Case

NYC Schools Need To Offer Well-Rounded Opportunities For Both Genders

Here's All The Proof You Need The Dress Is Definitely Black And Blue (Photo)

What Privacy? How The Government Can Spy On You Via Your Smartphone

'The Dress' Looks White And Gold Because The Photo Is Overexposed

Everyone Go Home: Woman Who Saw The Dress Says It's Black And Blue

What F*cking Color Is This Dress?

Fifty Shades Of Swipe: Whiplr Is The Tinder For The BDSM Community

Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em—Marijuana is Now Legal in D.C.

ISIS Jihadists Destroy 3,000-Year-Old Statues Inside A Museum In Iraq

Why Net Neutrality Is The Most Important Issue For This Generation

Scientists Have Discovered A Black Hole As Big As 12 Billion Suns

Hot Australian Zoologist Loves Wild Animals So Much He Bathes With Them (Photos)

Man Wakes Up With No Testicles After Hooking Up With Woman In Sauna

A Company Combined A V-Neck And Turtleneck For The Worst Shirt Ever

400 Men Cut Their Balls Off Believing It Would Help Them Meet God

How An Undocumented Immigrant Made Her Way To The Top On Wall Street

South Korea Legalized Cheating, So Obviously Condom Stocks Skyrocketed

Warren Buffett Says Eating Like A 6-Year-Old Helps Him Stay Young

Thanks To Science It May Be Possible To Put Your Head On Another Body

Groom's Beautiful Vows To New 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter Will Make You Cry (Video)

Radio Station Pays For Woman's Mortgage After She Loses Her Son (Video)

This 2-Year-Old Singing The National Anthem Can't Get Any Cuter (Video)

Not Actually Drunk In Love: People In Love May Have Higher Tolerances

Infamous ISIS Beheader 'Jihadi John' Is Identified As London Man

Kids With Peanut Allergies Could Actually Benefit From Eating Peanuts

How Obama's Keystone Pipeline Veto Saved Our Soil

Three Brooklyn Men Arrested By FBI For Alleged Plans To Join ISIS

Someone Turned Poop Water Into Beer, And It's Supposedly Delicious

Parents Get Tattoo Of Daughter's Birthmark So She Won't Feel Different

10-Year-Old Girl Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Father Who Passed Away (Photo)

Photographer Takes Terminally Ill Dog To The Sea For The First Time (Photos)

Czech Porn Star Leads Police On 136 MPH Car Chase While High On Meth

Man Wants To Sell His Virginity As A Gift For International Women's Day

Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With Teen Student And Sent Thong Selfies

Genius Is Making Money By Selling Snow To People In Warmer Places

True Love Never Ends: Couple Married 67 Years Dies Holding Hands

Killer Of Real-Life 'American Sniper' Found Guilty, Gets Life Sentence

New Research Suggests Marijuana Is 114 Times Safer Than Alcohol

Ex-Porn Star Reportedly Makes $5M A Year From YouTube Channel For Kids (Photos)

Terrible Kids Strap Birds To Fireworks To Play Real-Life 'Angry Birds' (Photo)

Same Sex Couples May Be Able To Have Babies After Stem Cell Discovery

9-Year-Old Girl Pens Amazing Letter To Congress For Marriage Equality (Photos)

Homeless Man Is The Only One To React To A Kid Freezing On The Street (Video)

New Saudi King Decides To Give $32 Billion To His Country's Citizens

Mom Arrested After Making Daughter Wear A Shirt About Her Bad Grades

Blind People May Be Able To Aid In Detecting Breast Cancer Bumps

Five Thieves Have Stolen 73 ATMs In NYC With Just Crowbars And Chains

94-Year-Old Accused Nazi Charged For Over 3,000 Auschwitz Deaths

Gross: Company Will Let You Buy Farts From 80 Different Countries

Guy Gets Felony Charge After Recreating '50 Shades Of Grey' With Girl

Dad Teaches His Lying Son A Lesson By Planning To Murder His 'Bully' (Video)

Man Tragically Dies When He's Hit By A Train While Taking A Selfie

Traffic Stops In Dubai As Over $500K Mysteriously Falls From The Sky (Video)

It's About Time: Apple Has Created A Culturally Diverse Set Of Emoji (Photos)

Dads Wear 33-Pound 'Empathy Bellies' To Better Understand Pregnancy

Worst Hitman Ever Arrested After Using Facebook To Advertise Services

A 1,000-Year-Old Mummified Monk Was Discovered Inside A Buddha Statue

Sun Shining On Nutella Jar Allegedly Causes House Fire That Kills Dog

Human 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' Looks Like The Most Fun Game Ever (Video)

Scientists Claim People With Lower IQs Are More Likely To Binge Drink

Tiny Dog Helps Save Dog Friend Who Got Stuck In A Ditch For 18 Hours

Talented Dog Figures Out How To Shovel Snow So Owners Don't Have To (Video)

Caramel Coloring In Your Favorite Sodas May Increase Risk Of Cancer

Six Important Issues Oscar Winners Addressed In Speeches Last Night

By Texting This Number, You Can Get Anything (Legal) Delivered To You

Police Officers And Dogs Line Up To Honor Retired K9 Being Put Down (Photos)

Heartwarming Video Captures One Second A Day Of A Baby's First Year

Bionic Eye Gives Man Ability To See Wife For First Time In 10 Years

World War II Vet Reads A 70-Year-Old Letter He Wrote To His Late Wife (Video)

This Wearable Baby Flask Will Help You Look Like A Sober Idiot

Student In Viral Laser Cat Yearbook Photo Reportedly Commits Suicide

Men Are Wearing Skirts To Support Brave Woman Who Died Fighting Rapist

Nanny Diaries: 15-Year-Old CEO Makes Six Figures From 8th Grade Classroom

5 Things Jon Stewart Taught Me

Fake IDs For Student Named 'Dean' Accidentally Sent To School's Dean

360-Square-Foot NYC Apartments Will Only Run You $3,000 Per Month

Fantasy Fulfilled: Woman Handcuffed For Masturbating At 'Fifty Shades'

How Bill O'Reilly Gets Away With Blatantly Lying

This Is What It's Like To Walk Around Milan As A Muslim Imam (Video)

Bartenders Break Down How They Can Easily Tell You're On A Tinder Date (Video)

Women Are Convinced This Seattle Man Is The Real Christian Grey

Believe It Or Not, This Is One Of The Warmest Winters In History

Haircuts For The Homeless Video Shows That We're Really All The Same

Man Accidentally Burns Down Home After Girlfriend Says Yes To Proposal (Photos)

Scientists Created Chocolate That Could Reduce Wrinkles And Improve Skin

Jeep Leaves Frozen Imprint Of Bumper In Parking Lot After Ice Storm (Photos)

School Forces Girl To Cover Her Arms Because They're 'Sexual Objects'

The World's Oldest Twins Are 103 And Let Nothing Separate Them

Kim Jong-un Somehow Looks Even Crazier With New Eyebrows And Haircut (Photos)

'NBC Nightly News' Lost 700K Viewers After Brian Williams' Suspension

The Legendary Three-Breasted Woman Finally Confirms Her Boobs Are Real (Video)

Therapy Dogs Help Struggling Students Get Comfortable With Reading

Bird Feeds Adorable Dog Friend By Dropping Spaghetti Into Its Mouth (Video)

Instant Karma: Guy Learns The Hard Way Never To Be Rude To Strangers

Grannies Gone Wild: 63-Year-Old Grandma Has Had Sex With 3,000 Men

Autistic Boy Gets Special Gift From Deputies After No One Comes To Party (Video)

You May Soon Be Able To Plug The Internet Directly Into Your Brain

What's In A Name? Jeb Bush's Greatest Obstacle To Presidency

Guy F*cks Up Big Time By Accidentally Showing His Grandma To Use Tinder

Women Are Selling Their Breast Milk To Bodybuilders And Fetishists

Racist Vandals Prove How Stupid They Are With Amazing Graffiti Fail

Kind Teen Made Mom Stop Car So He Could Shovel Snow For Elderly Man

Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Six Students Aged 14 To 15

Deadly 'Superbug' Outbreak In LA Leads To 2 Deaths And Up To 179 Infected

There's Now A Dating Website Exclusively For People Who Love To Rave

CNN Says ISIS Is Using Nutella, Emoji And Kittens To Get Women To Join

Woman Wants To Divorce Husband For Not Having Sex Three Times A Day

Woman Manages To Make Almost $1 Million A Year Through Her Etsy Store

Brave Muslims In Norway Look To Form Human Wall To Protect Synagogue

Finally! Scientists Discover Why Marijuana Gives You The Munchies

#WeAreAllUMass: Why Schools Are Turning Away Iranian Nationals

Angry Bride Married A Wedding Guest After Groom Got Sick Mid-Ceremony

The Problem With The Westminster Dog Show

Why You Stop Giving A Sh*t About World Crises After 2 Weeks

Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Extort $450 From His Wealthier Wife (Photos)

Research Finds People Who Are Always On Their Phones Could Be Depressed

15-Year-Old Hip-Hop Dancer With One Arm Performs Incredible Routine (Video)

There's Finally A Scientific Explanation To Why Coffee Smells So Good

Oklahoma Looks To Ban AP US History To Preserve 'American Exceptionalism'

Man Proposes On V-Day To Ex-Wife Who Divorced Him 43 Years Ago

Brides Are Donating Wedding Dresses To Make Gowns For Babies Who Died

This Is What Actually Happens Every Time You Crack Your Knuckles

Girl Has Best Reaction When Her Boyfriend Proposes During Fake Selfie (Video)

How? Guy Solves 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzle By Knowing Only One Letter (Video)

18-Year-Old Female Hulk Has A Barbie Face And A 400-Pound Deadlift (Photos)

This Hot Veterinarian Posing With Cute Animals Will Make You Melt (Photos)

You're Probably Eating An Insane Amount Of Calories At Chipotle

Adorable 4-Year-Old Boy Writes Letter To 'Bad Men' Who Stole His Dog

ISIS Reportedly Sells Girls As Young As 1 Into Sex Slavery For $172

Why Our Enemies Won't Give Up WMDs Until The US Does

Greek Artist Draws On Euro Notes To Send A Powerful Message (Photos)

The New Barbie Can Actually Talk And Knows Hundreds Of Phrases (Video)

Mars One Has Selected 100 Finalists To Compete On TV For 24 Spots

Man With ALS Says 'I Love You' To Wife For The First Time In 15 Years (Video)

Bride Tells Off Parents In Amazing 'F*ck You' Non-Invitation To Wedding (Photo)

Woman Known As The 'Bouquet Slayer' Has Caught 46 Wedding Bouquets

Thai Officials Tell Boys To Buy Smaller Condoms To Stop Spreading STDs

You Will Soon Be Able To Remove Your Regrettable Tattoos With A Cream

93-Year-Old Nazi Guard Charged With 170K Counts Of Accessory To Murder

Police Smash Windshield Of A Sinking Car To Save Woman From Drowning

Scientists Developed A Telescopic Contact Lens With 3X Normal Zoom

Scientists Create Drug That Could Give Men And Women Natural Sex Drive

Man Arranged For Wife To Get Valentine's Roses Every Year After He Died

This Is What It's Like To Walk Around Paris For 10 Hours As A Jew (Video)

Bride Was Beaten After The Wedding When Groom Couldn't Remove Her Gown

Super Chill Baby Gives Parents A Thumbs Up For Ultrasound Photo

Drunk Dude Receives An Amazing Response About The Meaning Of Life

Head Of Nutella Empire, Worth $23.4 Billion, Dies On Valentine's Day

Couples Stare Into Each Other's Eyes For 4 Minutes In Love Experiment (Video)

Archeologists Discover 5,800-Year-Old Couple Who Died Spooning

Awesome Old Woman Confronts Two ISIS Fighters To Bravely Tell Them Off (Video)

Dogs Can Tell If You're Happy Or Angry Just By Looking At Your Face

You Can Now Bake Girl Scout Cookies At Home In This Little Oven

Good Luck Finding A Proposal More Creative Than This Guy's Flipbook (Video)

This Is The Average Number Of Dates People Go On Before Having Sex

Mother Burns Down The House Of The Man Who Killed Her Daughter

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dozed Off At The SOTU Because She 'Wasn't Sober'

Why De Blasio Wants To Put $15 Million Into The Fashion Industry

Meet The People Who Are Looking To Live (And Die) On Mars

Adorable Little Kids Tell Us What It Means To Be In Love (Video)

Seven Siblings Grew Up Locked In Apartment And Learned From Movies

Why Anonymous And ISIS Are Fighting Each Other, Ignoring Government

Someone Created A Kim Jong-un Golf Video Game With Only Holes-In-One

There's A Groupon To Get A Year's Worth Of Burgers For Only $144

Putting Down Your Phone For Once Will Actually Make You More Creative

Bonded For Life: Man Proposes At 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Premiere (Video)

Number Of Americans Who Renounced Citizenship Increased 14% Last Year

Research Says 'Fifty Shades' Is Getting More Women Interested In Porn

Heroic Guy Breaks Through Frozen River To Save A Dog Trapped In Ice (Video)

Study Finds Guys Night Is An Important Way For Men To Relieve Stress

74-Year-Old Man Has Written His Wife 10,000 Love Letters Over 40 Years

Human Trafficking: Do Our Advocacy Efforts Dehumanize Victims?

Adorable Dog Runs Away From Home To Visit Its Owner In The Hospital

Insane Girl Freaks Out When Guy She Messaged On Tinder Is Jewish (Photos)

Best Boyfriend Ever Has His Girlfriend Drawn Into Classic Disney Scenes

A Woman Donated Her Kidney To A Stranger And Now They're Engaged

Heartbreaking Photos Show Parents Saying 'Goodbye' To Newborn Babies

This Tiny Puppy Playing With Its Baby Tiger Friend Is Impossibly Cute (Video)

Badass Mom Takes Down Alleged Carjacker Who Slammed Into Her Minivan (Video)

Car Wash Sets Good Example By Hiring Autistic Employees (Video)

Scary Orange Cloud Takes Over Sky After Chemical Explosion In Spain (Photos)

Facebook Now Lets You Choose Who Controls Your Profile After You Die

Australia's Oldest Man Spends His Time Knitting Sweaters For Penguins

Scientists Find Plant Suggesting Dinosaurs May Have Been High On LSD

Heroes Travel Up A Mountain To Save A Man Trapped By Avalanche (Video)

There's Now A Pleasure-Enhancing Ice Cream Laced With 'Female Viagra'

17-Year-Old Has First-Ever Penis Reduction Surgery So He Can Have Sex (NSFW)

An Aspiring Model Is Actually Getting Surgery To Make Her Legs Longer

Intergalactic Emoji: Hubble Telescope Captures Smiley Face In Space (Photo)

This Electric Thinking Cap May Temporarily Make People Smarter

This Video Will Make You Drop Everything And Run Home To Your Dog

'Damn Right' This Husband And Wife Of 81 Years Are Still In Love (Video)

Seeing Green: Colorado Rakes In $44M In Recreational Weed Sales Taxes

President Obama Asks Congress To Authorize Military Force Against ISIS

Johnny Cash's Love Letter To His Wife In 1994 Will Melt Your Heart (Photos)

A Lot Of Jobless Millennials Are Convinced They'll Be Millionaires One Day

These Remade 'Fifty Shades' Movie Posters Highlight The Story's Abuse

The Male Swimming Sock Is So Ridiculous It Probably Shouldn't Exist (NSFW)

Girl Eats Insane Amount Of Food While Sleeping Due To Rare Disorder

Man With 26 Kids From 15 Different Women Just Now Regrets His Choices

There's A Quantum Theory Suggesting Time Might Be Moving Backward

Guy Secretly Records His Wife's Beautiful Singing On A Hidden Camera (Video)

Woman Afraid Of Turning 30 Without Husband And Kids Commits Suicide

Over 30 Romanian Women Arrested For $15K-A-Night Prostitution Ring

Three Muslim Students Horrifically Shot And Killed In North Carolina

This Owner Taught Her Deaf Dog Sign Language And It's Amazing (Video)

WTF: Woman Makes Yogurt With Her Vagina And Eats It With Blueberries

'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Will Likely Lead To More Sex Toy-Related Injuries

A Cuddle Convention Is Real So You Don't Have To Be Lonely This V-Day

You Can Actually Give Your Valentine A Chocolate Mold Of Your Butthole

This Girl Is Only 3 Years Old And Already More Fashionable Than You (Photos)

Drunk Teen Passes Out In Cab And Ends Up Watching TV At Driver's House (Photo)

Family Honors Late Daughter By Walking From Disneyland To Disney World (Video)

Science Says It Takes 2,500 Licks To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop

Weed-Growers Get Busted When Heat Lamps Melt The Snow Off Their Roof

Father Allegedly Beat Man To Death After Catching Him Filming His Daughter

Self-Proclaimed 'Feminist' Aborts Baby Because She Didn't Want A Boy

This Guy Flipped His Insane Sneaker Collection $160K To Buy Apartment

28 Days: Why Black History Month Is An Insult

From Its Humble Beginnings, Valentine's Day Now Costs $18.9 Billion A Year

Google Unveils New A Robotic Dog Proving The Future Is F*cking Scary

This Cronut Necklace Is The Most Basic Valentine's Day Gift Ever (Photos)

Two Skydivers Almost Getting Sliced In Half By A Plane Is Terrifying (Video)

Man Leads LAPD On Insane Police Chase Straight Out Of GTA (Video)

95-Year-Old Becomes Granddaughter's Bridesmaid And Has Best Time Ever

This Family Finally Broke Their 200-Year Spell Of Only Having Boy Babies

Why Decriminalizing Prostitution Could End Human Trafficking

A Doctor Was Caught Having Sex With Patients To Show Them The G-Spot

Russian Teen Sets Himself On Fire And Jumps 9 Stories Into The Snow (Video)

Millions Of People Don't Realize Facebook Is Part Of The Internet

Researchers Have Confirmed These Are The Sexiest Accents In The World

Guys Realize They're Feminists After Learning What The Word Means (Video)

The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Hot Guy Adopting A Puppy (Photo)

There Are Over 2,000 Billionaires In The World For The First Time

Short Film Shows A 'Proud Rapist' Facing The Aftermath Of His Actions

People Have A Harder Time Giving Up Chocolate Than Sex Or Alcohol

Today's College Freshmen Are Partying Less And Surfing The Web More

Uber India Introduces A Panic Button In Case Of Passenger Emergencies

Why Psychedelic Drugs Might Be The Key To Treating Mental Illness

Woman Sues 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Lube Maker After No Change In Sex

President Obama Gives Powerful Anti-Violence PSA During The Grammys (Video)

Teen Takes Selfie With Dead Body After Allegedly Shooting Classmate

Women Dressed As Sexy Cops Drug Prison Guards And Free Inmates

Adnan Syed From 'Serial' Granted Appeal

Family Accused Of Having 6-Year-Old Kidnapped To Teach Him A Lesson

Touching Ad Proves Even The Unlikeliest Of Animals Can Become Friends

Scientists Say Marijuana Could Be Helpful In Treating Depression

Target Staff Members Help Nervous Teen Prepare For First Job Interview (Video)

Does Vladimir Putin Have Asperger's?

Gross! Most Bacteria On NYC Subways Comes From Unknown Organisms

Young Boy's Life Saved Thanks To A Camera Flash Detecting Eye Cancer

Why Jordan's Badass King Plans To Destroy ISIS

Stoners, Rejoice: 'High There!' Is New Tinder-Like App For Smokers

Father Refuses To Give Up Baby With Down Syndrome So Wife Leaves Him

Zimbabwe Minister Tells Parents To Pack Condoms In Kids' Lunch Boxes

'Teacher Of The Year' Accused Of Sex With 14-Year-Old Student She Lived With

Watch An Adorable Baby Grow One Year Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Woman Gets Breast Implants She Can Refill Herself Up To Size 32K (Video)

WTF: Man In Japan Allegedly Rapes 100 Women During Fake Sleep Study

19 Times World Leaders Looked Way More Badass Than They Actually Are

Guy Only Has 100 Orgasms Left Before His Penis Literally Stops Working

Cash Cab: This Uber Driver Makes A Quarter Million Dollars Per Year

Disabled Woman Finally Gets To Touch The Ocean With Classmates' Help (Photo)

How 5 World Leaders' Mental Health Issues Shaped Our Entire History

Steve Jobs Showed Obama The Original iPhone Before Almost Anybody

3-Year-Old Celebrates Last Chemo Treatment By Dressing As Wonder Woman

You Will Never Use A Tanning Bed Again After Watching This Video

It Turns Out Drinking Some Whiskey Can Help Curb Your Cold Symptoms

Walk While You Work: A Treadmill Desk May Actually Make You Smarter

Woman Wins $1.5M After Brain Trauma Causes Her To Become A Dominatrix

You're Soon Going To Have To Pay To Endlessly Swipe Right On Tinder

Family Changed Seats Last Minute On Taiwan Plane And Survived Crash

Tech Company Is Apparently Offering Night With A Porn Star As Bonus (Photo)

8-Year-Old Writes Heartwarming Letter About Being Transgender

Why Oil Prices Are To Blame For Condoms Costing $755 In Venezuela

Morgue Worker Admits He Had Sex With Many Corpses As Part Of Training

Touching Moment Deaf 14-Year-Old Hears Dad's Voice For The First Time

Wife Discovers Husband's Affair After Seeing Office Sex Photos Online

Single People Who Flirt Using Emoji Are More Likely To Get Laid

Policeman Pays For Single Father He Caught Shoplifting Baby Formula (Video)

Apparently Obama Was Not Very Happy With Romney's Concession Call

Man In Uganda Avenges Wife's Death By Killing Crocodile That Ate Her

Heartwarming Ad Shows The Sacrifice A Father Makes For His Daughter

Inmate Manages To Escape From Jail By Walking Out The Front Door (Video)

Scumbag Uses Ex Girlfriend's Photos To Set Up A Fake Escort Profile

94-Year-Old Chinese Woman Woke Up From Coma Speaking Perfect English

The Herbal Supplements You're Taking Might Not Contain What They Say

Watch Out, Runners! Jogging Too Much Is Just As Bad As Not Exercising

Single Dad Goes To Beauty School To Learn To Braid Daughter's Hair

Dad Raps An Incredibly Touching Song He Wrote For His Disabled Son

Insane Footage Shows TransAsia Plane Just Before Crashing Into River (Video)

Man Gives Homeless Book Lover A Kindle So He Can Read More Books

The Person With A 'Left Shark' Tattoo Probably Didn't Think It Through (Photos)

Parents Freak The F*ck Out When Cub Scout Hike Cuts Through Nude Beach

Super Bowl Sex Sting Leads To Hundreds Of Johns Arrested In Phoenix

Brave 11-Year-Old Girl Scares Away Home Intruder With A Shotgun

Science Explains Why You Should Never Mix Energy Drinks And Alcohol

6-Year-Old Battling Cancer Gets Surprise Superhero Bedroom Makeover (Video)

Chinese Teen Cut Off His Hand Because He Was Addicted To The Internet

A Plane May Have Fatally Crashed Because The Pilot Was Taking Selfies

The Moment A Toddler Sees His Mom After Weeks Of Chemo Will Make You Cry

Mom Freaks Out After Son Comes Home After Years Of Being Abroad (Video)

Scientists May Be One Step Closer To Finding The Key To Eternal Life

NASA Has Plans To Visit Jupiter's Moon Europa For The Very First Time

Teen With Cancer Fulfills Dying Wish Of Taking His Girlfriend To Prom

The Problem With The Argument Against Vaccines

Obama’s Budget Proposal: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Best Husband Ever Surprises Wife With Dream Vacation In Amazing Way (Video)

Girl Pours Acid On Boyfriend's Penis After Their Sex Tape Gets Released

Father And Son Catch Rare Goblin Shark Straight From Your Nightmares (Photos)

6 Reasons Why Anti-Vaxxers Are Scarier Than Ebola

Volunteers Shovel Path So This Man Can Bring Flowers To His Late Wife (Video)

A British Marine Has More Confirmed Kills Than 'American Sniper'

Why Political Correctness Is Bullsh*t And It's Hurting Society

Companies Plan To Make Money By Mining The Moon For Its Resources

Heartbreaking Note Reveals What Could Have Saved Roald Dahl's Daughter

Woman Who Was Told She'd Never Walk Defies Odds And Becomes Model

Winter Is Here To Stay: 14 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Groundhog Day

Father In His 60s Kills 7 ISIS Fighters As Revenge For Son's Murder

Woman Bites Off Part Of Attacker's Tongue To Give Police His DNA

Detroit Man With Heroic Work Ethic Walks His 21-Mile Commute Each Day (Video)

Indian Woman Shames Man Who Tried Molesting Her On Flight

Why Obama Should Actually Bite The Bullet And Close Guantanamo Bay

This Woman Hasn't Smiled In 40 Years All So She Could Avoid Wrinkles

Red Power Ranger Allegedly Stabbed His Roommate To Death With A Sword

Brave Little Girl Gives No F*cks And Touches Giant Spider

Obama Goes Against Marijuana, Appoints Attorney General Loretta Lynch