December 2018
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When Will The Government Shutdown End? Democrats Reportedly Have A New Proposal

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Barack Obama's New Year's Tweets For 2019 Are Highlighting The Good In 2018

Vladimir Putin's Christmas Message To Donald Trump Says He Wants To Talk

Elizabeth Warren's 2020 Presidential Campaign Video Is Kicking This Off Early

Baskin-Robbins Is Selling $1.50 Ice Cream On New Year's Eve 2018 For A Sweet End To The Year

These Memes About The "Energy You're Taking Into 2019" Will Get You Ready For The New Year

7-Eleven Is Selling 19-Cent Coffee & Water On Jan. 1 For A Much-Needed New Year's Sip

This Comedian's 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' Day Featured Twitter Making All Their Choices

These Uber New Year's Eve 2018 Deals Will Save You Money On Your Holiday Rides

These Tweets About A Dog Petting A Cat Are Swooning Over This Unlikely Friendship

Does Dunkin' Deliver? You Can Order Your Coffee Fix From Home

These Tweets About Trump Blaming Democrats For Child Deaths At The Border Are Strong Responses

Will Dunkin’ Be Open On New Year’s Day 2019? It Depends On Where You Get Your Coffee

Donald Trump's Latest Comments On Border Security Took A Confusing Turn

These 12 Restaurants Open On New Year's Eve 2018 Won't Leave You Hungry

These Tweets About Melania Trump's Brown Leather Pants Are All Saying The Same Thing

Can Donald Trump Close The Southern Border Entirely? It's Complicated

These Memes About Grover Dropping An F-Bomb On 'Sesame Street' — According To Fans — Are The New Yanny & Laurel

These 'Bird Box' Con Edison "Explosion" Memes Will Have You Searching For Blindfolds

Arby's Oreo Bites Are Back On The Menu To Satisfy All Your Cookie Cravings

Barack Obama's Favorite Book Of 2018 Is So Perfect You'll Be Cheering

Here's Where To Get Go-Gurt Dunkers That'll Give You Total '90s Dunkaroos Vibes

These Pushpin Location Memes Are Going Viral Because They're Way Too Relatable

Here’s How To Get Free Rides On New Year's Eve 2018 Wherever You're Celebrating

This Giant Crocheted Monopoly Game Blanket Is Twitter's Most Coveted Christmas Gift

These Lyft New Year's Eve 2018 Deals Will Help You Get Home Safely After Celebrating

What Closes In A Partial Government Shutdown? Here's The Rundown

Barack Obama Is America's Most Admired Man For The 11th Year In A Row

These Tweets About Michael Cohen & Prague Are All Saying The Same Thing About Trump

Donald Trump Claimed The Government Shutdown Is Hurting Democrats More, But That's Iffy

Tipsy Scoop's Strawberry Prosecco Delight Ice Cream With Cavit Is A Worthy New Year's Treat

Donald Trump Signed MAGA Swag While Visiting The Troops In Iraq, Because Of Course

This 400-Pound Peeps Drop On New Year's Eve 2018 In Pennsylvania Is A Big Celebration

Here's How To Get A Free Shake Shack Burger Until Jan. 2 In Honor Of The New Year

Here's How To Switch Back To The Old Instagram Feed If You're Already Over This Switch

Donald Trump's Tweet About Visiting Iraq Might Have Revealed Military Info

The Music Year In Review App By NoiseHub Gives Apple Music Users Their 2018 Roundups

These Tweets About Instagram's Home Feed Update Are Not Here For The Major Change – UPDATE

This Instagram Home Feed Update To Tap Through Posts Like Stories Is Very Jarring – UPDATE

These Tweets About Sniffles, A Foster Dog Without A Nose, Are Filled With Support For The Pup

These Tweets About The Week Between Christmas & New Year's Are All Too Real

How Long Will Southwest Airlines' New Year's Flight Sale Last? It Goes Through 2019

These New Goldfish Epic Crunch Nacho & Ranch Flavors Coming In January 2019 Sound So Savory

The Volkswagen Beetle Will Be Discontinued After 2019 In A Blow To "Bug" Lovers Everywhere

These Tweets About Ruth Bader Ginsburg Getting Home From The Hospital Are Hype

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks' Black & White Mocha? It’ll Wake You Up

This Niagara Icewine Festival In January 2019 Will Help You Toast To The New Year

These Lava Cake Hershey's Kisses For Valentine's Day Are A Dark Chocolate Dream

You Can Upgrade To An iPhone XS For $699 When You Trade In Select Phone Models To Apple

Disney's New Orange & Raspberry Dole Whip Flavors Are A Tropical Getaway For Your Tastebuds

Will Starbucks' Black & White Mocha Collection Be Available In 2019? Here's What We Know

This Walmart Chicken Dipping Sauce Tastes Like Chick-Fil-A Sauce, Per Customer Reviews

These Tweets About Finding '90s Stuff In Your Childhood Room Are So Relatable

Southwest Airlines' New Year's Flight Sale Will Kick Off 2019 With Cheap Fares Nationwide

Frontier Airlines’ December 2018 Flight Sale Has $20 Fares For A New Year’s Getaway

Starbucks' Black & White Mocha Collection Is Back To End 2018 On A Sweet Note

Pete Souza's Christmas 2018 Instagram Of Barack Obama Is Filled With Holiday Throwbacks

Donald Trump's Christmas 2018 Speech Had A Lot To Say About This Country's "Disgrace"

These Surprise Holiday 2018 Visits Taking Over Twitter Will Completely Melt Your Heart

Donald Trump's NORAD Call Questioning A Kid's Belief In Santa Has Twitter Conflicted

Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama's Christmas 2018 Tweet Proves Just How Different These Two Are

Barack Obama's Christmas 2018 Tweet Made Everyone's Heart Grow Three Sizes

What’s The Difference Between Champagne & Sparkling Wine? It's Based On Two Things

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Snapchat's New Dog Lenses For Your Pup Let You Pose Alongside Your Furry Pal

This New Snapchat Lens Challenge Lets You Sing Along To Gwen Stefani This Holiday

These Reported Apple iOS 12.1.2 Update Problems Could Affect Your Cellular Data

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Can I Change My Snapchat 2018 Year End Story? You Can Edit Your Fave Memories

These Tweets About Low-Rise Jeans Making A Possible Comeback Are Relatable AF

Chuck Schumer Told Trump To "Abandon" His Wall To End The Government Shutdown

Taco Bell's Buffalo Chicken Nachos & Beefy Potato Flatbread Test Items Sound So Yummy

Barack Obama & Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' Remix Is A Presidential Jam

McDonald's' 2 For $5 Mix & Match Deal Is Back With All Your Tasty Favorites

Donald Trump's Tweet About The 2018 Government Shutdown Was All About The Wall

Here's Where To Donate For The 2018 Holidays, Because 'Tis The Season To Give Back

How Many Americans Celebrate Kwanzaa? The Number Is Interesting

These Tweets About Ruth Bader's Ginsburg's Cancer Surgery Are Going All Out With Support

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Will The Russia Investigation Be Affected By A Government Shutdown? Justice Never Sleeps

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Jim Mattis’ Resignation Letter Was All About Donald Trump

You Could Win Free Papa John’s Pizza For A Year With The Papa Dough Sweepstakes

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Why Is Trump Withdrawing Troops From Syria? The Move Is Controversial

How Many Americans Celebrate Hanukkah? It's More Than You Think

Will Donald Trump Veto The Spending Bill Over The Border Wall? He's Threatening A Shutdown

Can You Crowdfund The Border Wall? This Plan Is Kind Of Complicated

Can I Change My 2018 Best Nine? The App Let’s You Customize Your Year On Instagram

Wendy's' $5 Giant Junior Bacon Cheeseburger Meal Will Fill You Up On The Cheap

Postmates' #BetterThanSanta Twitter Campaign Could Grant Your Wildest Holiday Wish

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Instagram's New Countdown Sticker For Stories Helps You Prepare For Big Moments

This Video Of Barack Obama Surprising Kids For Christmas Might Start A New Holiday Tradition

Instagram's New Music Reply For Questions In Stories Lets You Share Your Go-To Songs

These Dark Chocolate Oreos Coming On Jan. 2 Have A Brand-New Filling You'll Love

Taco Bell's Big City Bell Pilsner By Blue Point Brewing Is Coming To Select Cantinas

Here's How To Find Your Snapchat 2018 Year End Story To Relive Your Best Memories

Starbucks' Dec. 20 Happy Hour Has $3 Holiday Drinks So You Can Get In The Spirit

Here's How To Disconnect Your Facebook From Spotify After The Company Shared DMs

Does Starbucks Deliver? All Your Caffeine Dreams Are Coming True

Donald Trump Signed A Letter About The Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Despite Denials

What Is The First Step Act? This Bipartisan Bill Focuses On Criminal Justice Reform

Donald Trump Hates Christmas Parties Because They’re “Not About Him,” Report Says

Michelle Obama's Thoughts After Donald Trump's Inauguration Were All, "Bye Felicia"

What Happens To The Mail In A Government Shutdown? Here's What It Could Mean For Holiday Packages

Domino’s BIG ONE Pizza Is The Chain’s Biggest Pie For Pizza Lovers

Donald Trump's 2018 Christmas Portrait Vs. Barack Obama's 2010 Portrait Show One Big Difference

These Christmas 2018 Memes Are Honestly Making Me Feel So Seen

Donald & Melania Trump's 2018 White House Christmas Portrait Is A Festive End To The Year

Michael Flynn's Sentencing Got Pushed Back, So The Drama Isn't Over Just Yet

The Doughnut Project's Bourbon Eggnog Doughnut Is Here To Be Your Boozy Breakfast

What's The Worst Airport In America? These Are The Most Stressful Places To Fly

The Trump Foundation Is Shutting Down After Allegations Trump Used The Money On Himself

Here’s How To Get A Free Scoop Of Tipsy Scoop & Lime-A-Rita’s Boozy "Not Gram's Cran" Ice Cream

These 2018 Holiday Shipping Deadlines Are Coming Up Quick, Here’s When To Order By

Marla Maples' Comment About Donald Trump Running For President Included A Surprising Detail

JetBlue’s Dash Away Sale Has Flights As Low As $34 For An Affordable Winter Vacay

Chocolate Toast Crunch Cereal Is Back Because Wishes Really Do Come True

Student Loan Debt Has Increased To Nearly $1.5 Trillion, Reports Say

Will New York Legalize Weed? Andrew Cuomo Is Lending His Support To This Cause

Russians Targeted Instagram Even More Than We Knew About, Senate Report Says

Donald Trump's Comment About A New Health Care Plan Doesn't Sound Promising

Hillary Clinton’s Letter To An 8-Year-Old Who Lost Her School Election Is Uplifting

Donald Trump's Tweet About 'SNL' After An Episode Criticizing His Presidency Is A Lot

Is IHOP Open On Christmas Day 2018? Plan Ahead For Holiday Hours

This Monopoly Pizza Game Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For Cheese Lovers

What Does Obamacare Being Ruled As Unconstitutional Mean? It's Not The End

Kanye West's Response To Ariana Grande's Tweet About Him Is A Lot

Secretary Of The Interior Ryan Zinke Will Leave The Trump Administration At The End Of 2018

Donald Trump's Reaction To The Affordable Care Act Being Ruled Unconstitutional By A Texas Judge Is Celebratory

Will Trump Appoint Another Supreme Court Justice In 2019? Here's What Could Happen

Can Nancy Pelosi Become President? Here's Why She's Got Everyone's Attention

Mick Mulvaney Has Been Announced As Donald Trump's Acting Chief Of Staff

What Happens If A President Breaks The Law? It's Complicated

A Guatemalan Migrant Girl Reportedly Died Of Thirst In Border Patrol Custody — UPDATE

SeatGeek's New Snapchat Widget Will Make Sharing Your Concert Snaps So Much Easier

Is Chick-Fil-A Open On Christmas Day 2018? The Company Has Something Else In Mind

Is McDonald's Open On Christmas Day 2018? It Depends On Where You're Located

Will Jared Kushner Be Trump's Chief Of Staff? He's Being Considered, Reports Say

Here's How To Share Your Best Nine To Instagram So You Can Show Off Your Pics

Here's How To Share Your Top Nine To Instagram To Rake In Even More "Likes" In 2018

These Facebook Portal Updates On Dec. 14 Will Let You Do So Much More With Your Device

Here Are The Best Places To Fly To In January 2019 If You're Traveling On A Budget

Butterfinger's New Candy Bar Recipe Is All About Better Ingredients

Congress Passed A Bill To Fight Sexual Misconduct On Capitol Hill

What's In The Maria Butina Guilty Plea? This Agreement Reveals A Lot

What's The Deadline For A Government Shutdown? A Decision Needs To Be Made Soon

Taco Bell's New Cravings Value Menu Will Include $1 Burritos For An Affordable Bite

Can A President Be Indicted? The Rules Are More Complicated Than They Seem

JetBlue's Dec. 13 Holiday Flash Sale Has $25 Flights For Your Christmas Travel

What Is An Unindicted Co-Conspirator? Trump Might Be In Danger After Cohen's Sentencing

These Tweets About Trump Canceling The White House Press Christmas Party Call It A Grinch Move

Where Will Donald Trump Spend Christmas? Apparently Not At The White House

Alaska Airlines’ National Ugly Sweater Day 2018 Offer Will Make Holiday Travel So Easy

Melania Trump Slammed "Opportunists" For Talking About Her, Which Isn't How This Works

Amtrak's Holiday Photo Contest Is Here To Help You Score A $100 Dunkin' Gift Card

Burger King’s 12 Days Of Cheesemas Includes A Chance To Win $30,000

Donald Trump’s Response To Michael Cohen’s Sentence Puts All The Blame On His Ex-Lawyer

Disney's Grand Floridian Gingerbread House Is A 14-Foot-Tall Holiday Masterpiece

IHOP's Holiday PancakeWear Clothing Line Features Christmas Sweaters That You'll Love

This KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog Will Give Your Home A Different Scent For The Holidays

Perry’s "Elf Trash" Ice Cream Is Loaded With Holiday Treats For A Sweet Bite

Chipotle & Hinge Are Offering BOGO Burritos For You & Your Match This December

WOW Air's Christmas 2018 Flight Sale Will Score You 50 Percent Off Plane Tickets

Starbucks' Dec. 14 Weekend Happy Hour Has BOGO Espresso Drinks & Hot Chocolates

Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery In NYC Is Finally Opening, But It's More Than Just Coffee

Here's Why The Government Might Shut Down Again, & It's All About What Gets Funded

Who Is Julian Castro? He's Making The First Step Toward A Presidential Bid

What Does The AMI & 'National Enquirer's Non-Prosecution Agreement Mean? Here's What We Know

Where Is Alice Marie Johnson Now? She's Been Speaking Out On Criminal Justice Reform

Christine Blasey Ford's First Appearance After The Kavanaugh Hearing Was So Fitting

PolitiFact's 2018 Lie Of The Year Is A Troubling Look At How Bad Things Are

This Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector Will Protect Your Fave Holiday Party Snacks

Here’s How To Get Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream On Grubhub With Your Wawa Order

Here's The Top Nine Vs. Best Nine 2018 Apps To Help Find Your Fave Instagram Photos

Dunkin's "Dozen Days Of Joy" Program Is Offering $120,000 Worth Of Free Gift Cards

These Tweets About Michael Cohen's Sentence Are Using His Own Words Against Him

Expedia’s End Of The Year Getaway Coupons Can Save You Up To $100 On Flights

This 'Harry Potter' Gingerbread Hogwarts Castle By Reynolds Kitchens Is So Magical

Michael Cohen Was Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For His Multiple Guilty Pleas

Google's Year In Search 2018 YouTube Video Is All About Finding "Good" In The World

These Memes Of Nancy Pelosi Leaving Her White House Meeting With Trump Are Pure Fire

‘High School Musical’s Bart Johnson Is Bringing Coach Bolton & The Wildcats To Instagram

Do I Need To Get The Top Nine 2018 App? It's One Way To See Your Best Instagram Photos

BeReal's New Holiday Cookie Dough Flavors Are Here To Be Your Favorite Winter Desserts

Is There A Best Nine 2018 App? You Can See Your Top Instagram Moments Of The Year

Dunkin's Dogs For Joy Program Includes The Cutest Canine As Its Chief Joy Officer

Who Is Maria Butina? The Accused Russian Spy Is Reportedly Taking A Plea Deal

Florida Didn't Count Thousands Of Absentee Ballots In The 2018 Midterms, Officials Say

These Tweets About Mike Pence Are Joking That He's Taken A Vow of Silence

Here's How To Get A Free Burger King Peppermint Oreo Shake Using Postmates' Latest Deal

Donald Trump Thinks Impeachment Is A "Real Possibility," Reports Say

Dunkin's Trefoils Coffee Flavor Is Inspired by Your Fave Girl Scout Treat

What Is Happening With Brexit? This New Development Spells Trouble

JetBlue’s Go Go Go December 2018 Sale Has Flights Starting At $44 For A Winter Vacay

This Video Of Donald Trump & Democrats Arguing About The Border Wall In The Oval Office Is Wild

Instagram's #InstaGiftGuide Pairs Hashtags With Brands So You Can Find The Best Gifts

Who Will Be Donald Trump's Next Chief Of Staff? Some Names Have Come Up

McDonald's Chicken Nugget Christmas Tree Ornaments Are The Tastiest New Tradition

Alaska Railroad’s Aurora Train Gets You So Close To The Northern Lights

Here's How To Get Free Bagels At Panera Bread Every Day Until Dec. 31

Target's Christmas Crunch Popcorn By Dylan's Candy Bar Tastes Like Birthday Cake

These Tweets About 'TIME's 2018 Person Of The Year Show That People Think The Truth Is Important

'TIME's 2018 Person Of The Year Highlights "The Guardians” In The War On Truth

Vinebox's 12 Nights Of Wine Advent Calendar Is A Boozy Way To Count Down To The Holidays

The Sugar Plum ICEE Is The Chilly Sip You Need To Try This Holiday Season

Uber Eats' 2018 Year-In-Review Basically Confirms Millennials Are Still Obsessed With Avocado Toast

Here's How To Find Your 2018 Instagram Best Nine To See Your Top Photos From The Year

What Is Oreo Drink Mix? This Chocolate Sip Will Change The Cookie Dunking Game

Will Instagram Have Best Nine In 2018? You Can See Your Top Photos From The Year

These Disney Ugly Christmas Sweaters Featuring Mickey Mouse Are Holiday Must-Haves

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries Could Reportedly Get A National Rollout In 2019

This Dog Guarding His Owner's Home After California Wildfires Has All Of Twitter Sobbing

When Does JetBlue's Go Get Gifted Contest End? You Should Enter Soon

Burger King’s $6 King Box Is A Meal Deal To Treat Yourself On A Budget

What Does The Manafort Sentencing Memo Mean For Trump? It's Tough

What Does The Cohen Sentencing Memo Mean For Trump? It Could Be Bad

This Lip Smacker Advent Calendar Is The Throwback Gift You Need This Holiday Season

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks' Juniper Latte? It's A Festive Pick-Me-Up

John Kelly Will Reportedly Resign As Chief Of Staff By The End Of 2018, Per President Trump

Mueller’s Sentencing Memo For Manafort Provides Details On His Alleged Lies

This Coca-Cola Mini Fridge From Aldi Is The Coolest Way To Chill Your Drinks

Will Starbucks Be Open On New Year’s Eve 2018? You Can Ring Out The Year With Your Faves

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Response To Donald Trump Jr.'s Meme About Her Is Brutal

The Michael Cohen Sentencing Memo Is Recommending A "Substantial" Sentence For Trump's Ex-Lawyer

Juicy Fruit Is Celebrating Its 125th Anniversary With Some Super Nostalgic Facts About The Gum – EXCLUSIVE

These 5 Facebook Groups About Food Will Make This Holiday Season Tasty AF

Who Is Heather Nauert? Donald Trump Just Tapped His Next U.N. Ambassador

JetBlue's Florida Flight Sale For Winter 2019 Will Help You Escape The Cold Weather

What Does The Green New Deal Do? These Experts Break Down An Old Myth About Climate Change

Who Is William Barr? Trump's New Attorney General Pick Is Familiar With The Role

These Tweets About The Coughing Cat Meme Show That It Is Way Too Real

Kellogg's Snap Crackle Poppers Are Mini Rice Krispies Treats You're Gonna Love

How Many Incoming Members Of Congress Are Women? 2019 Is Looking Promising

Here's How To Find Your Top Spotify Songs Of 2018 For A Playlist You'll Love

Will Donald Trump Jr. Get Indicted In The Russia Investigation? He's Reportedly Worried

Will Dunkin’ Be Open On New Year’s Eve 2018? It Depends On Where You Live

How Long Is Starbucks' Juniper Latte Available? You Should Sip One Soon

Donald Trump's Tweet After George H.W. Bush's Funeral Was All About His Approval Rating

Here's How To Stream Hallmark's Christmas Radio Station For Free On Your Alexa

Wisconsin Republicans Are Stripping Power From Governors After A Democratic Victory

How Did Spotify Pick My 2018 Top 100 Playlist? It's Based Off Your Favorites

Here's How To Get A Free Baileys VooDoo Doughnut Inspired By Your Favorite Holiday Sip

Michelle Obama’s Comments About Imposter Syndrome Are So Relatable

Baked By Melissa’s 2018 Holiday Cupcakes Are A Sweet Gift For Anyone On Your List

These Tweets About Spotify Wrapped 2018 Have People Questioning Their Results

Here's How To Get Your Spotify Wrapped 2018 Playlist For Nostalgic Throwback Songs

What Does Starbucks' Juniper Latte Taste Like? It’s Like Christmas In A Cup

Southwest's Takeoffs To Touchdowns Flight Sale Will Score You Major 2019 Discounts

Starbucks’ Dec. 6 Happy Hour Offers BOGO Holiday Drinks For A Jolly Good Time

What Does The Michael Flynn Sentencing Memo Mean For Donald Trump? This Is Interesting

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Pay Her Interns, So Slow Clap For Her

Baskin-Robbins' Red Velvet Roll Cake From The 2018 Holiday Lineup Is Festive AF

Beto O'Rourke's Reported Meeting With President Obama Could Mean Something Major

How Long Are Burger King’s Cini Minis Available? Don’t Miss These Limited-Time Bites

Whole Foods' 12 Days Of Cheese 2018 Is The Tastiest Holiday Celebration Yet

"Your Dog's Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest" By Wag! & Tipsy Elves Is Way Too Cute

Alaska Airlines’ December 2018 Flight Sale Has $39 Flights For A Wallet-Friendly Vacay

Dunkin's Christmas 2018 Hours Depend On Where You Get Your Holiday Sip

These Tweets About Donald Trump At George H.W. Bush's Funeral Are So Uncomfortable

Michelle Obama & George W. Bush Shared A Sweet Moment At George H.W. Bush's Funeral

This Video Of George W. Bush's Eulogy For His Father Is So Emotional

Will Starbucks Be Open On New Year's Day 2019? Here's What We Know

Here's How To Vote For Chili's January 2019 Monthly Marg So You Can Sip On Your Fave

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton's Meeting At George H.W. Bush's Funeral Was Uncomfortable

These Photos Of The Trumps & Obamas At George H.W. Bush's Funeral Are So Awkward

Jack In The Box’s New Sauced & Loaded Fries Are A Cozy Bite This Winter

The Michael Flynn Sentencing Memo Says He Gave "Substantial" Info In The Russia Probe

Pillsbury's Ugly Sweater Line Is What Your Entire Family Needs This Holiday Season

Sonic's 50-Cent Corn Dog Deal For December 2018 Will Have You Visiting ASAP

Uber’s Week Of Cheers Includes A BOGO Starbucks Coupon With Your Next Ride

Kellogg's New Strawberry Krispies Are Here To Turn Your Breakfast Millennial Pink

Subway's Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Will Take Your Sandwich Game To The Next Level

Ivanka Trump's Tweet About Hanukkah 2018 Is A Festive Message

Republican Campaign Officials Say They Were Hacked During The 2018 Midterms

These Starbucks Holiday Gifts From Around The World Will Give You Major Wanderlust

Is There Voter Fraud In North Carolina? These Reports Are Complicated

Universal’s Whoville Is Open This Holiday So You Can Meet The Grinch & Max IRL

Virgin's Rock 'N' Roll-Themed Wine Bottles Are The Perfect Gifts For Music Lovers

What Are Starbucks’ Christmas Day 2018 Hours? The Times Will Vary By Store

Meghan Markle & Michelle Obama's First Conversation Was Reportedly A "Power Meeting"

Krispy Kreme’s "Day Of The Dozens" Special Is The BOGO For $1 Deal For Doughnut-Lovers

Spotify's Top Songs Of 2018 Say So Much About What This Year Has Been

This Video Of Justin Trudeau At A G20 Event With Donald Trump Is Right Out Of 'The Office'

Smirnoff's Middle Seat Upgrade Contest Will Make Holiday Traveling So Much Comfier

Donald Trump Jr.'s Instagram Calling His Father An "Angel" Is So Ridiculous

Giphy's Top 10 GIFs Of 2018 Will Give You Flashbacks To All Of Your Funniest Convos

Norwegian Air’s Spring 2019 Flight Sale Includes $200 Tickets To Europe

Here's How To Get A Burger King Whopper For Only 1 Cent Because Dreams Do Come True

Dunkin’ Donuts’ December Deals Have $2 Espresso Drinks For A Cheerful Afternoon Sip

Heather Askinosie Is The Crystal Healer Bringing Good Energy To Others' Lives

5 National Cookie Day Deals That Will Have You Singing "That's Good Enough For Me"

Are Millennials Poorer Than Baby Boomers? This Study Is Pure Validation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tweets About Health Care Point Out Something Major

Barack Obama's Tweet About Hanukkah Captures The Holiday Perfectly

Donald Trump’s Tweets About Michael Cohen’s Sentence Are So Wild

This Photo Of George H.W. Bush's Service Dog At His Casket Has Me Sobbing

This Sugarfina x Tipsy Elves Holiday 2018 Collection Is A Sweet Spin On Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Michelle Obama's Advice To Meghan Markle About Dealing With Pressure Is So Thoughtful

Michelle Obama Postponing Book Tour Dates For George H.W. Bush's Funeral Is Heartwarming

Burger King's "Dogpper" & Whopper DoorDash Deal Will Give You & Your Pup A Tasty Bite

Michelle Obama's Comments On Donald Trump's Presidency Raise An Important Question

This Video Of A Man Dropping An Engagement Ring In An NYC Grate Had Twitter Stressing Out

'SNL's Tribute To George H.W. Bush Highlighted A President Who Could Laugh At Himself

Trump's 2018 Vs. Obama's 2010 Christmas Decorations Are Drastically Different

These Skittles Christmas Ugly Sweater Packages Are Super Sweet Stocking Stuffers

Amazon's "12 Days Of Deals" For December 2108 Are Coming To Save You Money On Holiday Gifts

Donald Trump's Meeting With Putin At The G20 Summit Was An "Informal" Conversation

Will Donald Trump Attend George H.W. Bush's Funeral? It Looks Like He'll Be There

George Bush's Statement After George H.W. Bush's Death Honored Him As The "Best Dad"

Barack Obama's Message After George H.W. Bush's Death Called Him A “Devoted Patriot"

Donald Trump’s Statement After George H.W. Bush's Death Applauded His Leadership

Chili's' $5 Margarita For December, The Red Nose Rita, Will Put You Into The Spirit

George H.W. Bush Has Died At 94 Years Old, According To Reports