December 2016
News Articles

Thanks To A Leap Second, 2016 Is Even Longer

Times Square Will Be Guarded By 7k Cops On New Year's Eve

The World's Highest Bridge Opened In China

Twitter Steals Snapchat Filters' Look For Its NYE Stickers

This Hangover Hack Is Perfect For New Year's Day

Small Plane And Its 6 Passengers Vanish After Takeoff

Girl's Butt Implants Fall Out As She Dances Her Ass Off

Former Aleppo Tour Guide Urges An End To War In Syria

Video Shows Drunk Pilot Stumbling Before Attempting To Fly

Amazon's Alexa Accidentally Plays Porn For Toddler

The Best Memes About US Politics From 2016

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Singer Quits Over Trump Inaguration

Girl Unwraps Xmas Gift From Mom, Thinks It's A Dildo

This 2016 Horror Movie Trailer Is As Scary As You'd Think

Russia Trolls Obama With Memes After Expulsion Of Diplomats

Uber Driver Saves Teen Girl From Sex Trafficking

Twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque Discuss Marrying Same Man In YouTube Video

Guy Films Co-Workers Having Sex At Office Christmas Party

Amazon Plans Airship To Deliver Drunk Buys To You Faster

Little Boy Found Next To Dad's Body Says 'Ninjas' Killed Family

Man's Positive Facebook Post About 2016 Goes Viral

Guy Kicked Off Plane With GF Beats Up Cheering Passenger

Clinger Sends Ex 1,200 Texts, Threatens To Cut Her 'Like A Pig'

Man Caught Destroying Laundromat That Ruined His Sweater

Trump Book On Why He's A Great Pick Has Hilarious Twist

New Book Releases That Make Us Look Forward To 2017

BF Chugs Beer Instead Of Kissing GF On Kiss Cam

Guy Writes Out Entire 'Bee Movie' Script In Card For Girlfriend

Man Beats Guy Caught In Bed With Cheating Wife

Dolls With Breasts Cut Off Found In Home Of Alleged Child Killer

Red Solo Cups Inventor Died And 2016 Is Officially A Buzz Kill

Boss Bringing 800 Employees On Cruise Gives Us Job Envy

Baby Backflips Off Stroller And Stops Dad's Mall Proposal

Obama Said His Close Friends Never Call Him 'Mr. President'

Men Are Hitting On The Cowboys Fan Whose Revenge On Ex-Fiancé Went Viral

Donald Trump Plans To Write A 'Short' Inaugural Address

Worker Accidentally Plays Porn While Testing Billboard Screen

Trump Holds Bizarre Press Conference With Don King

Man Beat Up With Firewood After Breaking Into Ex's Apartment

27 Powerful Pics From The Emotional Roller Coaster Of 2016

This Man Destroyed A Teen's Ankles With His Dribbling Skills

Guy Tweets About Plane Passenger Not Wearing Pants

Woman Responded To Fiancé's Break-Up Text Like A Boss

Drinking Water From Boiling Sweet Potatoes Is A New Detox

We Lost Our Minds Over Pic Of 6 Friends And 2 Missing Legs

President Barack Obama Named America's Most Admired Man

'Unicorn Snot' Is The Sparkly Beauty Trend You Need For NYE

Dog Gives Owner Amazing Accidental Christmas Gift

Dad Makes Video About Daughter Being Home From College

Driver Uses Kung Fu Moves On Phone Thief In Viral Video

Weather Forecast: Weather Bomb Due To Hit East Coast

Gwyneth Paltrow Promotes Philosophy Of 'Clean Sleeping'

Amazon Echo Recordings Sought For Hot Tub Murder Case

'Rich Girls' Instagrammer Jailed For Designer Handbag Con

Donald Trump Mocked After Thanking Himself On Twitter

These Are The Most-Returned Christmas Gifts Of 2016

Warwick Rowers Get Naked To Fight Homophobia

Baby Starves To Death After Parents Overdose On Heroin

President Obama Discusses His Childhood With David Axelrod

Man Assaulted GF And Poured Superglue Down Her Throat

Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro Killed, Forced To Eat Cat Feces On Snapchat

Boy's Adoptive Dad Gives His Last Name As Christmas Gift

Savage Dog Ruins Family's Christmas Pic By Taking A Dump

Student Says He Killed Teacher, Love Child Over Clothing

Ex-Versace Employee Claims Staff Used Racist Secret Codes

Instagram-Famous Sisters Arrested For Blackmailing Billionaire

Guy's Real-Life 'Love Actually' Moment Goes Viral

Guy Gets A Big Bag of Weed For Christmas From His Girlfriend

Brother Pens Tragic Post For Actress Who Was Found Dead

A Guy Made His Gay Brother An Epic "RuPaul's Drag Race" Board Game

Obama Is A Belieber In This 'Let Me Love You' Parody Video

Video Of Girls Hearing Late Grandpa's Voice Makes Us Sob

Obama Says He Could've Won Running Against Donald Trump

16 Apps That Made 2016 Suck Slightly Less

Man Killed Tinder Date And Destroyed Body With Acid

RNC Calls Donald Trump The New King On Christmas

The Obamas' Final Holiday Message Will Make You Emotional

Man Speeding To Vegas With Condoms After Wife's Death

Guy Rides Baggage Carousel At The Airport To Propose To His Girlfriend

Man's Pregnancy Announcement For GF Who Died In Crash

President Obama's To Do List Before He Leaves Office

3 Friends' Ride On An Empty Plane Will Make You Jealous

Photo Series Captures Last Meals Of Inmates On Death Row

New Orleans Santa Of 20-Plus Years Trends On Twitter

States' '16 Google Searches Prove Missouri Had A Great Year

Couple's Adorable Foodie Wedding Photo Shoot Goes Viral

Kid's Reindeer Drawing Looks Like A Bunch Of Penises

Temperature Near North Pole Reaches Melting Point

Putin's Xmas Card To Trump Keeps Scariest Bromance Alive

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Threatens UN In Rant

Drunk Driver Speeds Through Airport While Fleeing Cops

Sex Therapist Says Trump's Win Inhibiting Sex Drives

Trump Just Casually Threatened A Nuclear Arms Race

Teen On Trip To See Snow For The First Time Dies

Rockette Speaks Out Against Forced Trump Inauguration Performance

Beauty Queen Vanessa Barcelo Arrested After Baseball Bat Attack

Students Surprise Teacher With Sneakers In Viral Video

Guy's Helping Sleeping GF Put On Bonnet Is True Love

This Guy's Story About Pooping In Antartica Will Scar You

Guy Brings Photos Of Ex Giving A Blowjob To Her Wedding Reception

Woman's Note For Waitress After Leaving $900 Tip Goes Viral

Woman Banned From Kentucky Mall Over Racist Rant

Mom Freaks Out When Daughter Crops Her Out Of Family Photo

Woman Sets Boyfriend's Bed On Fire, Trapped In Burning House

Woman Beaten For Not Speaking English Faces Attacker

Trump And Putin's Remarks On Nuclear Weapons Raise Alarm

Girl Ditches Date'To Be Around Someone Better Looking'

3-Year-Old Michael Brown's Reaction To Being Adopted Goes Viral

Mom's Post To Stranger Who Paid Her Bill Goes Viral

Santa-Themed Porn Gets Really Popular Around Holidays

A Gay Couple Who First Turned To Adoption Can Now Legally Marry

How To Fix 'Black Screen Of Death' On iPhone 7s

Dad Kicked Off Plane After Allegedly Harassing Ivanka Trump

Girl's Wrong Number Phone Call Comforts Grieving Mom

Couple Living In Walmart Lot With Malnourished Kids Arrested

Dr. Harold Bornstein's Casual Reply On Donald Trump's Health

Obama Halts Trump's Muslim Registry With Badass Move

Couple Accidentally Live-Streams Awkward Skype Sex

Woman Shares Before-And-After Heroin Pictures

Leaked Apple Docs Reveal New iPhone Called "Ferrari"

Sea Creatures Photographed By Fisherman Are Nightmare Fuel

Sugar Daddy Murders Mistress Who Wanted To Expose Him

Menomonie Police Officer Helps Speeding Student Put On Tie

Teen Loses It When Accepted To Dream College In Viral Video

Christmas Tree Hair Is Festive AF, Will Win All Holiday Parties

Dani Mathers Worried Conviction Will Ruin Real Estate Career

What To Read To Win The Political Debate Over The Holidays

'Nasty Woman' T-Shirts Raise Over $100K For Planned Parenthood

Family's Viral Texts About Their Cat Dying Have Hilarious Twist

Drunk Woman Forces Man To Perform Oral Sex In Public Vid

Uber To Person Feature Has You Ride To A Person, Not Place

Photo Released Of Lisa Marie Naegle Posing With Her Killer The Night Of

Naked Guy Arrested For His Sex-Themed Xmas Decorations

8 Book Releases That Remind Us 2016 Wasn't All Bad

Kids In US Immigration Detention Center Write Sad Xmas Lists

Woman Tells Story About Boyfriend's Gift-Wrapping Fail

South Carolina Bill Would Require $20 Fee To Watch Porn

Woman Trolls Family Who Ask Why She's Single With Dog Pic

Video Shows Male Wedding Guests Attacking Bridesmaid

911 Audio In Acen King Little Rock Road Rage Shooting Released

Facebook's Launching Live Audio For Podcast Fans

People Are Using Marijuana Edibles To Treat Their Dogs

Richard Marx Tackles Passenger Who Goes Crazy On Flight

YouTube Star Removed From Flight 'For Speaking Arabic'

911 Call Elderly Woman Made After Rape By Husband Released

Mom Left 2-Year-Old In Freezing Car For 14 Hours

'Bridalplasty' Lisa Marie Naegle Found Murdered

Twitter Story Of Girl Asking Out Barista Shows Love Is Real

Stoned Guy Shops For Christmas Tree, Gets Inflatable Dragon

Mexico Fireworks Market Explosion Kills At Least 29 People

Aleppo's Wounded Civilians Will Be Brought To Israel

Man's GF Re-Gifting Him His Ex's Present Is Cringeworthy

Teen Curses At Grandpa In Crowded Mall In Infuriating Video

Science Says Everyone's Eyes Are Actually Brown

Daughter's Tweet About Parents' Divorce Party Goes Viral

Bloggers Love The 'Insta Sit,' And It's Basically Man-Spreading

Teen Accidentally Orders 144 Pairs Of Fuzzy Socks For GF

It Snowed In The Sahara For The First Time In 37 Years

Instagram Stories Has An Amazing New Update

Guy Live-Tweets Cafe Workers' Love Confession And Kiss

Man Kills GF's Cousin And Rapes Her Body

Man Believes He Killed Donald Trump At Ithaca Walmart

Mom Thinks Partner Is Cheating Because Of Haircut, Stabs Him

106 Lawmakers Ask Trump To Repeal Hyde Amendment

'Kissenger' Robot Attempts To Mimic Your Partner's Kiss

Drone Video Shows Killer Whales Eating Shark Alive

Man Texts Friend Before House Party Murder: 'Killing Everyone'

Woman Sells Her Positive Pregnancy Tests To Pay For Tuition

Weatherman Leaves Mid-Forecast To Puke After 'Hangover'

Smoking-Hot Santas Give Us A New Appreciation For St. Nick

JOY Clothing Store Slammed For Sexist Facebook Ad

Man Charged With Using Coat Hanger To Rape Teen

The Electoral College Voted For Trump Anyway

This Couple Threw A 'Just Divorced' Party With Champagne

Gun Scare At NYC Movie Theater Results In Stampede

Irishman's Obituary: He Died 'Trying To Box' Bikini-Clad Nurse

Teen Pens FB Post About Men Days Before She's Murdered

This Boy Loves His Toilet Paper Christmas Gift

Guy Gave Empty Box To GF And She Loved It

Woman's Makeup Tutorial Narrated By Drunk Boyfriend

TV Anchors Have Meltdown After Tasting Co-Host's Gross Dip

Anne Frank's Story May Have Ended Differently Than We Thought

Woman's Reaction To Stranger Proposing To GF Goes Viral

Bill Clinton Tears Up After Casting Electoral Vote For Hillary

Woman Served Penis-Shaped Plane Meal On Qantas

Boss Steals Co-Worker's Phone To Leave NSFW Comments

This Couple Is Going Viral Because They Look Like Twins

Hit-And-Run Victim Gets Incredibly Rude Note From Driver

Wedding Guest Dies In Whittier Penn Park After Tree Falls

Fears Of WWII After Russia Ambassador To Turkey Killed

JonBenét Ramsey Juror Shares Who He Thinks Is Responsible

New Law Trains Hairstylists To Spot Signs Of Domestic Abuse

Woman Finds Giant Snake In Christmas Tree

Michelle Obama Tells Oprah About Meeting Melania Trump

Cell Phone Blocking Technology Being Considered In Cars

Bana Alabed Among Those Safely Evacuated From Aleppo

Teacher Fired After Seducing Teen Into Sex By Crying

Kieran Lister's Ex-GF Writes Emotional Facebook Tribute Post

How To Turn Your Ice Machine Into A Pizza Roll Dispenser

Canberra Boys Grammar School Teacher Sent Sexts To Girl

52 Percent Of Republicans Think Trump Won Popular Vote

Man Commits Suicide After Posting Status About XMas Gifts

Donald Trump Misspells 'Unpresidented' In Tweet About China

Video Released That Shows OK Football Player Punching Woman In Face

Guy Live-Tweets The Night His Friend's Marriage Falls Apart

Pug Puppy’s Eyes Can't Stop Rolling Back During First Bath

Twitter Loved Obama's 'Latte-Sipping' Liberals Comment

Woman Gets Bill Gates When She Plays Reddit Secret Santa

Woman Trolls Guy Who Won't Stop Asking For Naked Pictures

New Study Reveals Why Boners Dosn't Actually Have Bones

Experts Say Trump's Election Makes End Of World More Likely

Experts Worry Black Kids Are Misdiagnosed With ADHD

Bisexual Guy Writes Thank You Note To Straight GF

National Geographic Puts A Transgender Person On The Cover

Chipotle's Having A Food, Time To Cut Back On Burrito Runs

Internet Loses It Over Stylist Dying Woman's Hair With Nutella

JonBenét Ramsey Sings Christmas Carols In Final Video

Hillary Clinton Says Election Loss Due To Russians In Part

Michelle Obama's Interview On Hope Is Election Talk We Need

Stephen Colbert Performs 'It's The End Of The Year As We Know It'

McDonald's Plans To Deliver, Answers Our Hangover Prayers

Clueless Dad Narrates Daughter's YouTube Makeup Tutorial

Florida Man Draws Fake Beard On Face For Robbery Disguise

Scientists Named Spider After Sorting Hat And We're Stoked

Google Releases 2016 'Year In Search' Video

Sex Shop Workers Fight Off Robber With Dildos

Plane Of Raiders Fans Drink All Of The Alcohol Onboard

Orangutan Will Have Baby Shower, Is Registered At Target

Scientists Say They've Found A Way To Reverse Aging

Dylann Roof Found Guilty On All 33 Charges

The Number Of Days You'll Be Hungover In Your Lifetime

Teacher Amy Hood Sentenced For Giving Student A Blowjob

Trump Supporter Hugs Black Protester He Sucker-Punched

Mom Posts Tragic Plea To Find Missing Son, Karl Melo-Richards

Offensive Study Reveals Names Of The 'Best Wives'

Teen Got Creepy Answer When She Asked For Homework Help

These Brothers Plan to Row Naked Across The Atlantic Ocean

Internet Searches For Girl Who Wrote X-Mas Letter To Dead Dad

Christmas Gifts Need To Be Sent Out Before These Dates

NJ State Trooper Arrested For Pulling Women Over To Ask Out

Heroic Boy Saves 7-Year-Old Girl From Sexual Predator

Teen Sends Snapchat Pointing Gun At Himself Before Dying

Hilarious Video Of Adam Rosenberg's Vulgar Sleep Talking

Firefighter Arrested After Sending Pics Raping Woman To Cops

Man Dies After Friends Throw Him Overboard At Bachelor Party

Powerful Images Of The World Showing Support For Aleppo

People Troll Trump By Giving Ivanka's Boots Brutal Reviews

Woman Adopts Dying Best Friend's 3 Children

Svetlana Roslina Dies After Falling In Molten Chocolate Vat

Woman Completely Misses Boyfriend's Proposal In Video

Woman Loses Leg After Blister From Heels

Viral Story Of Boy Dying In Santa's Arms Might Be Fake

Ivanka Trump To Get White House Office For First Lady

Cannabis Water Exists Now, So Say Goodbye To Dry Mouth

Single Girl's Bitter Holiday Cards Spreads Christmas Cheer

Teen Gives Girlfriend Adorable Winter-Themed Surprise

Trump Kicked Twitter Out Of Meeting Because Of Emojis

GrubHub Releases 2016's Most Popular Takeout Food

Local Marching Bands Refuse To Perform At Trump Inauguration

Man Convicted Of Dragging Teen Out Of Pizza Hut To Attack

Jury Heard 911 Call During Charleston Church Trial

Starbucks Theory Says Baristas Purposely Misspell Names

Here's Who Would Succeed Donald Trump If He's Unable To Serve As President

A Taco Bell Ring Is The Cheesy Holiday Gift We All Need

Kathy Cadle Makes Baby Dolls That Look Too Realistic

This Girl's Reaction To Getting Puppy For Christmas Is Magical

Women Charged For Molesting Drunk Football Player In Video

Donald Trump Picks Jackie Evancho To Sing At Inauguration

You Can Finally Save Instagram Pics, And Here's What To Do

Studies Show Drinking Coffee Before Wine Will Reduce Hangover

Slack Has New Video Feature For Conference Calls

Woman Posts On Facebook In Real Time As Stranger Follows Her

Healthy Relationships Make You Happier Than Money Will

Woman Getting Married Soon Finds Out Her Fiancé Is Her Brother

Study Shows Abortion Doesn't Cause Mental Health Issues

US UN Ambassador Samantha Power Slams Leaders On Syria

Guy Immediately Asks For Sex On Tinder, YouTubes Results

Dalia Dippolito Caught On Video Ordering Hit On Husband

There's Now A Mini Drone That Makes It Easier To Take Selfies

Girl Flips Out On New BF For Playing Video Games With His Friends

NASA Says Asteroid May Come That Would Cause Extinction

New DNA Test Could Determine JonBenét Ramsey's Killer

Heartbreaking Before And After Photos Of Aleppo

Man Jailed For Sexual Assault Plays Santa At Petco

Bullies Make Fake FB Pages Mocking Teen's Suicide

WWE Star Has Porn On TV In Christmas Tree Pic

Unicorn Hot Chocolate Exists And It's Pure Magic

Video Of Hedgehog Getting A Massage Will De-Stress You

Depressing Study Says White Wine Increases Risk Of Cancer

Monique Earle Offered $500 And Juicy Couture Bag In Exchange For Murder

Santa's Shares Sad Story Of 5-Year-Old Who Died In His Arms

Colorado's Marijuana Industry Made $1.1 Billion In 2016

Russian Hackers Got Into Podesta Emails From One Typo

Site Shows Exactly How Much Less Women Make Than Men

Parents Arrested For Abuse After Maggots Found On Child

Kanye And Trump Are Trending Over Aleppo, Google Shows

Sex Shop Displays 'Nativity Scene' Dildos In Window

Oklahoma Thinks Signs Are Effective Way To Lower Abortion

Monsters In 'Dungeons & Dragons' Cover Up Their Boobs

This Adorable Lip Gloss Is Made From Wine Extract

Dad Sends Mom Eerie Text Before Drowning Kid

Sassy Oldest Woman In US Is 114 Is So Over Birthdays

How To Make Sure Everyone Loves Your Christmas Gifts

New iPhone App Helps You Pick Out The Best Cheap Wine

Look At These Gifs Of Rick Perry On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Student Writes Our Future President's Sexist Comments On Naked Female Bodies

Dr. Pimple Popper Patient Has Huge Cyst Popped In Video

What Donald Trump Has No Time For Because He's Meeting Kanye West

Chinese Wedding Traditions Are So Dangerous That Bridesmaids Are Dying

Twitter Thinks The Gorilla Emoji In The New iOS Is Harambe

London Company Advertises For First 'Emoji Translator' Job

Bryce Cartwright's Ex Brittany Hura Arrested For Death Threat Video

Disturbing Picture of Cannibal Killer Detlav Guenzel Goes Viral

People In Aleppo Are Tweeting Their 'Final Messages'

Uber Employee Says Drivers Abuse Private Trip Data

Snapchat Introduces Group Messaging In Exciting Update

Man Rapes Woman While She Was Asleep At A Party

Drunk Guy Live-Streams Himself Shooting Friend At Party

Barack Obama Reveals Advice He Gave Donald Trump

Spider Looks Like 'Harry Potter' Sorting Hat, Named Gryffindor

Cop Gives Drunk Guy Every Chance NOT To Get Arrested

Dylann Roof Was Able To Buy A Gun Due To Database Error

Woman Hacks Fridge To Dispense Wine Instead Of Water

Woman's Last Texts To Dad During Abduction Lead To Rescue

Man Fakes His Own Arrest In Order To Propose To His Cop GF

This Is What's Happening With Russia Hacking, The Election

Christmas-Themed Bar Serves Snow Globe Cocktails

Amazon Email Scam Is Tricking Christmas Shoppers

Susan Olsen Fired From LA Radio Over Homophobic Post

Pink, Blue Christmas Trees Make You Rethink Boring Ones

Video Of Doctor Removing 5-Foot Tapeworm From Man's Nose Goes Viral

Chelsea Handler Blames Hillary Clinton's Loss On Misogyny

Best Buy Employees Buy Kid Nintendo Wii U In Moving Video

Drunk Guy Used Every App To Ask His GF If She's Mad At Him

Darren Byrne Guilty Of Burning Wife Alive After Cheating Text

Firefighter Saves Dog By Performing CPR

Longest Ride In Uber History Took Girl From Virginia To NYC

Dad Discovers Foam Paintbrush Hack For Daughter

Girlfriend Of Oakland Fire Victim Uses Facebook To Find Missing Kiss Photo

Whole Woman's Health Is Fighting Texas Abortion Law

Elmira Naymark Sues Ron Ozer Over $75k Abortion Offer

Election Recount Efforts Went Through Setback In Pennsylvania

Mom Catches Son Getting Blowjob And Freaks Out

When You See A Guy Aggressively Hitting On A Girl, Stop Him, Science Says

Victoria's Secret Store Kicks Out Black Customers

High School Students Mix Semen Into Food For Teacher

Girl Tweets Story About Trying To Hook Up With Uber Driver

Me At The Beginning Of 2016 Vs. Me At The End Meme

Black Santa Larry Jefferson Faces Racist Backlash

Trump Will Not Receive Daily Intelligence Briefings

Explosion Near Istanbul Soccer Stadium Caught On Camera

Teen Murders Friend Who Was Dating His Mom

Donald Trump Picks Rex Tillerson For Secretary Of State

Gay Mike Pence Look-Alike Raises Money For LGBTQ Causes

Top Clinton Aide Called Russia Hacking Story 'Soul Crushing'

Facebook's 'Year In Review' Has A Hidden 'Like' Count

Meteor Shower And Supermoon Will Light Up The Sky

Brother Trolls Sister With The Family Christmas Card

Video Of Real Life 'Catwoman' Attacking BF Surfaces

US Marines Reunite To Watch 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

Ivanka Trump Wants You To Pay $50,000 For A Coffee Date

Trinidad Is Providing A Significant Number Of Fighters For ISIS

This Santa Hat Flask Is Perfect For SantaCon

Theory Claims Sherri Papini May Be Lying For Her Kidnappers

Cops Hope To Use DNA Test To Find Karina Vetrano's Killer

Man Gets Destroyed Online For Asking About Wife's Sex Drive

'Badvent Calendar' Lists The 25 Worst Events Of 2016

Dylann Roof Confesses To Killing 9 While Eating A Burger

The Obamas Stun In Their Final White House Holiday Card

Donald Trump's Cabinet So Far

UPS Guy Saved Woman From Hostage By Husband

Ohio Other Abortion Bill Is Even Worse Than The 6-Week Ban

Ohio Is Making Bestiality Illegal, So Apparently It Was Already Legal

Teacher Arrested For Sending Nudes And Having Oral Sex With Student

Couple's Tipping Method Will Make You Cringe

Woman's Bizarre Rant On Rich Boyfriend's Fetish Goes Viral

Trump Supporters Threatening To Boycott 'Star Wars'

You Can Get Plan B Delivered, So No More Pharmacy Runs

Man, 39, Caught Sending Naked Pics To Boy, 14

Boy's Note Tied To Balloon For Dead Dad Found In Woman's Yard

How I'll Persevere As A Muslim Immigrant In Trump's America

Ikea Renamed Products After Google Searches About Love

Devastating Video Shows Dog's Goodbye To Dying Owner

Teen Live-Streamed Her Own Fatal Car Crash

Shopping Can Make You Happier, Science Says

New Video Shows Dylann Roof Leaving Charleston Church After Shooting

Trump Whines About 'Person Of The Year' Title

These 7 Penguins Drowned In A Zoo Proving That 2016 Sucks

Naked Man Gets On Top Of A Bus In West Hollywood

Woman In Her 60s Flew For The First Time And It's Adorable

Topless Chick Crashed Her Car, Tried Seducing Cop

Trump Will Remain On 'Celebrity Apprentice' Payroll

Dancing Santa Performed A Savage Death Drop Like It's NBD

Uber Driver Gets Riders To Sing Christmas Classic

These Dogs Recreated Kanye West's 'Famous' Music Video

Is America At War With ISIS?

Why You Should Always Remove Makeup Before The Gym

GIPHY Released The Most Popular GIFs Of Michelle And Barack Obama

Sherri Papini's Mom Posts Picture After Daughter's Discovery

Greig Tonkins Faces Threats From Animal Rights Activists After Punching Kangaroo

Christmas Light Beard Trend Dominates Holiday Instagrams

Police Investigate Racist Post in Sherri Papini Case

BF Says GF's Choker Makes Her Like 'Spongebob' Character

Weed Dealer Has Best Response After Texting Teen's Mom

Car Crash Prank Gets Unexpected Response From Girl's Mom

Girl's Birthday Invite Goes Viral With 1.2 Million RSVPing

North Carolina Santa Body-Shames Boy, Makes Him Cry

Black Model Recreates Fashion Shoots Of White Models

Teacher Has Sex With Student While Her Fiancé Is At His Bachelor Party

Uber Bans Having Sex And Flirting In The Backseat

Woman Who Rode Severely Underweight Horse Receives Ban

Couple Jailed For Filming Horrific Abuse Of Newborn Baby

'Catwoman' Jocelyn Wildenstein Stabbed BF And Poured Hot Wax On Him

Dylann Roof Trial Begins With Survivor's Devestating Story

Journalist Shuts Down Troll Who Shared Her Nude Photos

Sophie Cachia Shares Instagram Photo Of Her On Toilet

Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student In Texas

Maryland Woman In Love Triangle Kills Husband And Mistress

Teens Charged For Dragging Girl From School For Sex

US Life Expectancy Dropped For First Time In Two Decades

Leonardo DiCaprio Met With Trump For The Environment

Boyfriend Got His Makeup Done To Help GF Buy Coachella Tix

Forever 21's 'Neck Brace' Choker Is Getting Dissed On Twitter

Guy's Sexy Bath With His Girlfriend Turns Super Painful Fast

People Compared This Christmas Tree To Erectile Dysfunction

Women With These 10 Names Are Most Likely To Get Pregnant In 2017

Winter Cold Is Killing iPhone's Lithium Batteries

Ohio Passing A Ban On Abortions After 6 Weeks Is A Bad Sign

Wait Till You Spot The Savage Joke In Trump's Time Cover

Kid Rock Reveals New Line Of Trump Graphic T-Shirts

Dad's Text To Daughter About Alpaca In Peru Goes Viral

White House Mood 'Traumatic' Since Trump's Win

Guy Threatens Ex With Bomb Made Of Sausages

Gidi's Giftbot Helps You Find Perfect Christmas Presents

Walmart Shopper Caught On Video Looking Up Women's Skirts

Video Of Man Popping 20-Year-Old Blackhead Goes Viral

David Grunwald Found Dead After Smoking Friend's Weed

Kellyanne Conway Says Moms Shouldn't Work in White House

Woman Uses Leftover Food As Makeup In Instagram Tutorial

College Student Killed In Crash On Way To Friend's Funeral

Sherri Papini's Friend Tera Smith Went Missing On Same Trail

Photo Shows Racist WiFi Name Used At Richard Spencer's Alt-Right Event

Keith Papini Still Suspect In Sherri's Kidnapping After Lie Detector Test

Joe Biden Said He Won't Run For President In 2020

Graphic Hazing Photos Of Hofstra's Sigma Pi Frat Revealed

Trump Is Time's Man Of The Year, So Was Hitler In 1938

Woman Finds Feather In McDonald's Chicken Nugget

Escort Aleexandra Khefren Is Selling Her Virginity For Millions

Michelle Obama Says She Slept Instead Of Watching Election

This Giant Spider Ate A Lizard Right Next To A Family Eating

Marshawn Lynch Narrating 'Planet Earth' Iguana Chase Is Epic

Drunk Guy Dies After Friends Throw Him Outside For Snoring

On This Girl's Fifth Birthday, Her BFF Saved The Day

'Pathetic' Engagement Ring Gets Shamed By Jeweler

Guys Decided To Surf On A Train In Paris And There's Video

Mom's FB Plea Convinces Thieves To Return Boy's Bike

Daughter's Tweets On Dad's Texts About Falling In Love With Her Mom Go Viral

Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Buy For Your Next Party

Lack Of Sleep Has Similar Risk Factors To Driving Drunk, AAA Study Says

New Netflix Update Lets You Preview TV Shows And Movies

Canada's 'No Big Deal' Campaign Gives Us All A Lesson On Gender Pronouns

Tufts University Frats Suspended After Graphic Hazing Detailed

Kendall Scheid Killed College Roommate Over Fast Food

Instagram Fashion Blogger Susie Lau Posts About Missing BF

Top Politics Tweet From 2016 Is From Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech

Instagram's Update Is Big Change To Comments Feature

Video Shows Moments Before Oakland Warehouse Fire Kills 36

Parents Kill Buenos Aires Pedophile With Own Trumpet

Nordstrom Is Selling Rock In A Leather Pouch For $85

Restaurant In Sidcup Offers Free Christmas Meal To Homeless

Loud Neighbors Have Sarcastic Note Exchange

Matthew Borges Charged For Beheading Classmate

Man Jailed For Revenge Porn Wanted To 'Memorialize' His Life

Mom Posts About 'Masturbating' With Husband At Cinema

Dog Goes Viral After Cops Find Him In A Sweater And Pants

Joe Biden Opens Door For Presidential Run In 2020

Drunk Guy Pens Letter After Destroying Kid's Reindeer Display

Santa Gave Kids Goodie Bags With Penis Toys Inside

Neighborhood's Christmas Lights Display Is Magical

Dad Jailed After Sexting While Son Died In Hot Car

Michelle Obama's Upcoming Final Interview Is With Oprah

Evidence For Sherri Papini Case Might Be Planted

Woman Trolls Homophobic Neighbor With Rainbow Lights

Graphic Video Shows Moment Wedding Dancer Shot Dead By Guest

Amazon Go Grocery Store Ensures No More Lines, Small Talk

Man Jailed After Chopping Victim's Thumbs Off With Ax

Petition To Elect Hillary Clinton Most Popular Ever

Video Shows Teen Throwing Cat From Balcony In New Jersey

This Gun Violence PSA Has A Chilling Twist

Mom Charged With Attempted Murder For Injecting Son With Feces

Uber's Latest Update Tracks Your Location After Using App

Man Stabs Girlfriend's Lover After Caught In Bed Together

Man Enters Restaurant With Gun To 'Self-Investigate' Pizzagate

Plano Senior High School Teacher Has Sex With Student

Dad Defends High Schooler Accused Of Sexual Assault

Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Has Been Halted

Parents Share Kids' Christmas Lists On Twitter And Instrgram

'Last Tango In Paris' Rape Scene Was Not Consenual

Man Punches Kangaroo In The Face In Facebook Video

5-Year-Old Girl Drowns In Pool While Babysitter Smokes Inside

Insta Account Posts Nip Pics To Prove We're All The Same

Massive Fire in Oakland, CA Warehouse, At Least 9 Dead

Lost ID Returned After A 21-Year-Old Was Done Using It

New Research Shows Sleep Deprivation Linked To Eating More

Woman Tricks Husband Into Thinking She Adopted A Coyote

Walter Scott Trial Fails To Reach Verdict Because Of One Juror

Woman Frames Ex With Fake FB Account And Threats

Trump Was Caught Using Scotch Tape To Fix His Tie

Beer Can Christmas Tree Gives Holiday Spirit A New Meaning

Cops Pile Tickets On Car Before Dead Man Found Up Front

Using White Privilege To Combat Racism

Man Murders GF Who Ignores Him, Rapes Her Dead Body

Creator Of General Tso's Chicken Just Died

Man Fatally Shoots Intruder During 911 Call

Colorado Springs Landlord Caught Having Sex In Tenant's Bed

The Most Popular Songs To Have Sex To

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