December 2015
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Adorable Baby Eating Bacon For The First Time Is Actually All Of Us (Video)

Priest Suspended From Church After Hoverboarding At Christmas Eve Mass (Video)

Man Vandalizes Mosque By Wrapping A Bunch Of Raw Bacon Around Its Doors (Video)

Bill Cosby Has Been Charged With Sexual Assault

Here's What's Happening On The Other Side Of Adele's 'Hello' Call (Video)

This Man Proposed To GF On Facebook While Stuck At The Airport (Photos)

Science Says Facebook Stalking Your Ex Is Actually Really Bad For You

Mom's Reaction To Her Daughter Taking A Shot Like A Pro Is Priceless (Video)

Donald Trump Used To Think Hillary Clinton Would Be A 'Great President'

Country Singer Craig Strickland Is Still Missing After Hunting Trip

ISIS Released A Horrifying List Of Rules For Raping Female Sex Slaves

Everyone's Going To See This Flower That Literally Smells Like A Corpse (Photos)

Sleeping In This Position May Actually Be The Reason You Have Nightmares

Teen Pulls Horrible Pregnancy Prank On Her Dad And Ruins Christmas (Video)

17-Year-Old Speaks Out Against Bullying In Incredibly Powerful Video

Olive Garden Is Seriously Charging People This Much On New Year's Eve

An Environmental Disaster Is Happening In California And Nobody Is Talking About It

This Is The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex, According To Experts

Be The Life Of The New Year's Eve Party With This One Epic Champagne Trick (Video)

Female Comedian Opens Up About Abuse, Rape With Emotional Instagram Photo

Biggest 'Harry Potter' Fan Created The Iconic Cupboard Under The Stairs (Photos)

This Firefighter Proposing To His Teacher GF Is The Cutest Thing Ever (Video)

Let's Get Our Sh*t Together: 12 New Year's Resolutions For America In 2016

This Dad's Reaction To His Son's Christmas Gift Will Warm Your Cold Heart (Video)

29-Year-Old Man Reportedly Died Trying To Steal From A Condom Machine

News Anchor Passes Out In The Middle Of Delivering A Report On Live TV (Video)

US Police Shot And Killed Close To 1,000 People In 2015 Alone

Grandma Tried Virtual Reality Goggles For First Time, And It's Hilarious (Video)

33-Year-Old Man Falls To His Death While Looking At Electronic Device

Someone Just Discovered The Real Professor Snape From 'Harry Potter'

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Geeks Are More Likely To Be Total Narcissists, According To Science

11-Year-Old Dog, Missing for Six Years, Reunited With His Family (Video)

Watch These Men and Women Fail Miserably At Identifying Birth Control (Video)

Jingle Bud: This Charity Gave Free Joints To The Homeless For Christmas

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Science Says You Can Buy Your Happiness, But There's Just One Catch

13 Tinder Horror Stories That Will Give Your Nightmares For Months

US Authorities Reportedly Stop Muslim Family From Flying To Disneyland

Your Romantic Winter Expectations Vs. The Sad, Snowy Reality (Photos)

Hillary Clinton Compared Herself To An Abuela, And Twitter Wasn't Happy

Guy Adorably Recreates 'Love Actually' Scene To Propose To Girlfriend (Video)

These Women Tried To Sing 'Silent Night' While Sitting On A Vibrator (NSFW Video)

The Internet Wants To Know: Can You Spot The Panda Among Snowmen? (Photo)

Mysterious Light Illuminates The California And Nevada Skies (Photos)

I Was At The Roosevelt Field Mall When Another Shooting Happened

17 Of The Cutest 'Just Because' Things People Have Done For Partners

Who Said It: Presidential Candidates IRL Or Their ‘SNL' Parodies?

Karma's A B*tch: Guy With 'F*ck Cops' Tattooed On Forehead Got Arrested

Teacher Is Upset After Having To Take Christmas Tree Out Of Her Class

Porn Star Has The Greatest Comebacks To Creepy Messages She Receives (Photos)

Kenyan Muslims Risked Lives To Save Christians During Bus Terror Attack

This Man Actually Called The Police To Ask Them For More Rolling Papers

Texas Grand Jurors Decide Not To Indict Anyone In Sandra Bland Death

New Poll Reportedly Shows Millennials Turning Away From Donald Trump

'Star Wars' Stuntwoman Will Have Arm Amputated After On-Set Accident

Homosexual Men Can Finally Donate Blood, But There's A Catch

Girl Cuts Hair, Dances Like Ellen After Being Diagnosed With Cancer (Video)

These Netflix Socks Will Pause The Show You're Binging If You Fall Asleep

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Your Cheat Sheet For What's Going On With The Freddie Gray Trial

People Actually Held A Funeral Service For This Dead Cockroach (Photos)

Driver Identified In Crash On Las Vegas Strip That Left One Dead

F*ck The Haters: How A Badass Comedian Became Our Person Of The Year

People Try Competitive Eating For The First Time And Fail Miserably (Video)

Miss Puerto Rico Suspended After Posting Anti-Muslim Remarks On Twitter

Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Finding A Fake Bomb In The Bathroom

Here Are 25 Of The Best Costumes From The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant

Someone Hacked Into Drug Company CEO Martin Shkreli's Twitter Account

2015 Showed Us How College Students Can Take Control Of Their Schools

Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Fail Will Make You Cringe For Days (Video)

Pantone Releases Video Showing How Colors Are Made And It's Mesmerizing

Hillary Clinton Can't Stop Making Accidental Anal Jokes

These Boys Recreated The 'Jingle Bell Rock' Dance From 'Mean Girls' And It's Epic (Video)

GOP Candidate Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump A 'Jerk' During Campaign Event (Video)

Disabled Twin Girls Get Adorable Disabled Puppy For Christmas (Video)

This Is Why Soda Cans Are Shaped The Way They Are (Video)

Mark Zuckerberg Posts Adorable Pic Of His Dog Dressed Up For 'Star Wars'

Husband Posts Wife's Beautiful Letter On Facebook After Her Death (Photo)

Cat-Scented Room Spray Is Now A Thing All Cat Lovers Need

This Guy Will Come To Your House Dressed As Elf On The Shelf For $100

3-Year-Old Interrupts Wedding Ceremony For The Funniest Reason (Video)

These Kids Chose Between Gifts For Themselves Or For Their Families (Video)

Kids Took Lie Detector Tests With Santa, And The Results Were Hilarious (Video)

Mother Teresa Will Be Recognized As A Saint By Pope Francis

People Can't Stop Making Fun Of This 'Stoner Sloth' Campaign Against Weed

This Company Gave A Town A Holiday Surprise That Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

These 'Elf On The Shelfs' Are Definitely Going On Santa's Naughty List (Photos)

What 'Star Wars' And Luke Skywalker Can Teach Us About Terrorism

Man Plays Santa Claus After Little Girl Mistakes Him For St. Nick (Video)

Martin Shkreli Lied To Investors: He's Actually As Broke As The Rest Of Us

People Really Voted On Whether Or Not We Should Bomb Aladdin's Homeland

Bernie Sanders' Team Is In Trouble For Accessing Clinton Campaign Data

Some VA Schools Closed Because Students Were Assigned Homework On Islam

This Music Video Stars Adorable Shelter Dogs, And It's For A Good Cause

Jimmy Kimmel Called Out Donald Trump, Said Muslim Ban Is 'Un-American' (Video)

Meet The Woman Breaking The Rules To Give Us The News We Need To Hear

This Service Will Pay $10K For Your Wedding, But Under One Condition

Dad Dresses Up 4-Month-Old Son As The Most Adorable Elf On The Shelf (Photos)

This Hip-Hop Group Totally Crushed Its Performance Of 'The Nutcracker' (Video)

Drug Company CEO Martin Shkreli Reportedly Arrested On Charges Of Fraud

Three Things About The GOP Debate That Have Nothing To Do With Trump

TV Reporter Spotted Bank Robbery Suspect While Filming A Live Segment (Video)

FBI Says San Bernardino Attackers Didn't Post About Jihad On Social Media

Foreign UN Delegates Were Shocked By Lack Of Gender Equality In The US

Man Cleared Of Rape Charge After Saying He 'Fell' On Top Of 18-Year-Old

You Can Get An Ugly Christmas Sweater With Your Favorite Celebrity On It (Photos)

Messages Honoring Victims Of Paris Attacks Will Be Preserved Forever

This Woman Actually Found Her Real-Life Doppelgänger On A Website (Video)

27 Desserts That Will Make Your Holiday Season Even Sweeter (Photos)

Some Guy Dressed Up Like Heisenberg And Robbed A Starbucks (Video)

15-Month-Old Baby Meets Santa Long After Doctors Expected Him To Live

Man Lost At Sea Accused Of Eating Deceased Friend's Remains To Survive

Here's What Each State Searched For Most In 2015, According To Google

This Dude Actually Shuts Down A Highway So He Can Propose (Video)

What The US Would Look Like Post-2016 If Millennials Were In Control

Woman's Fiancé And Mom Tragically Died In Car Crash While She Gave Birth

Science Says Green Tea May Have An Impact On Your Ability To Reproduce

Mom Reportedly Lied About Her 7-Year-Old Having Cancer To Collect Money (Video)

Man Reportedly Stole Underwear From Women He Found Using Instagram

Baby Born In An Uber Gets The Most Obvious, Awkward Name Ever

Man With Herpes Was Arrested After Allegedly Spitting On A Cop's Burger

People Are Decorating Christmas Trees With Flowers, And It Looks Amazing (Photos)

Trump Supporter Yells 'Light That Motherf*cker On Fire' To Protester (Video)

Texas Plumber Sues Ford Dealership After Company Truck Ends Up With ISIS

This Video Of People Drinking Breast Milk Will Make You Squirm

This Video Of President Obama Singing 'Hotline Bling' Will Give You Life

Newtown Strong: Reflecting On The Tragedy 3 Years Later

The Best News Bloopers Of 2015 Are F*cking Hysterical (Video)

Family Helps Bring Frozen Kitten Stuck In The Snow Back To Life (Video)

Here's How Much Weight You'd Need To Lose For Anyone To Even Notice

Man Receives Gifts From A Christmas List He Wrote To Santa 72 Years Ago (Video)

Congress Has Not Passed A Single Gun Control Law Since Sandy Hook

Little Girl Who Lost Family In A Fire Gets Thousands Of Christmas Cards

This Sexy Guy Who Went For A Rainy Jog Is The Internet's New Obsession (Video)

Paris Teacher Admits Faking Story About Being Stabbed By ISIS Supporter

Mom Put On Sex Offender List For Sending Out Cheating BF's Explicit Pics

Holiday Fails: Christmas On Instagram Versus Christmas IRL (Photos)

Europe May Pass Bill Banning Teens Under 16 From Social Media

This Mailman Gets Attacked By A Pack Of Wild Turkeys Every Single Day (Video)

Christmas-Hating Grinch Gets His Entire Room Wrapped In Hilarious Prank (Video)

F*ck, Yes: People Who Swear A Lot Have Higher Verbal Abilities

The Biggest Meteor Shower Of The Year Peaks Tonight

Graphic Video Shows Officer Fatally Shoot Armed Man As He Crawls Away

People Are Freaking Out Over These Discontinued Starbucks Cookies (Photos)

Mother Of Four Dies After Delaying Cancer Treatment To Give Birth

This 81-Year-Old Grandmother Crushes The Beer Mile Like A True Champion

This Author Is Giving Away $100 Bills To Strangers For The Best Reason

The Cop Who Abused 13 Black Women Is Unique Because He Was Convicted

People Would Literally Rather Fight Donald Trump Than Make Him President

Woman Loses Her Sh*t When She Catches Her Husband With His Mistress (Video)

Canadians Welcome Syrian Refugees With Heartwarming Messages On Twitter

Anonymous Targets Donald Trump Over His Proposal To Ban Muslims

Banksy Used Steve Jobs To Make Compelling Statement On Refugee Crisis

People Confess The Reasons They Got Back Together With Exes Who Cheated (Photos)

26-Year-Old Cyclist Crashes Into High-Speed Train And Amazingly Survives (Video)

Prepare To Feel Jealous Of This Instagram-Perfect Couple’s Holiday Pics

Former Cop Found Guilty On Multiple Charges Of Rape And Sexual Assault

Man Writes Incredibly Touching Note To Wife Struggling With Depression (Photo)

30 Winter Cocktails To Get You Through The Holidays With Your Family (Photos)

This Physical Therapist Transforms Casts Into Fun, Wearable Art For Kids

This Horrifying Cake In China Screams Out In Pain As You Slice It (Video)

Drug Lord El Chapo Guzman Reportedly Ready To Fight ISIS Himself

Kristin Cavallari's Brother Michael Found Dead 3 Days After Going Missing

Think You Could Pass The US Citizenship Test? (Video)

Here's What It Would Be Like If The US Deported Over 11 Million People (Video)

Tenants Transformed Their 3-Bedroom Apartment Into 10 Bedrooms To Rent

George Takei Invited Donald Trump To His Play About Internment Camps (Video)

The Cheesiest Pick-Up Lines Porn Stars Have Ever Heard (Video)

This Powerful Video Gets Real About What It Meant To 'Be A Man' In 2015

Mom Criticized For Posting Pic Of Christmas Tree With 300 Gifts Under It

Obama Personally Welcomes Syrian Refugee After Seeing His Story On HONY

Cadets Suspended After Snapchats Are Posted Of Them Dressed Like The KKK

Is This Guy Wearing Pants Or Is He Half-Naked? (Photo)

Cab Driver Gets Dragged By Uber Car During Intense Anti-Uber Protest (Video)

Navy Sailors Secretly Filmed Female Officers In The Shower For 10 Months

21 Photos That Perfectly Describe How You're Feeling During Finals

The Internet Turned This Racist Meme Of A Sikh Man Into An Amazing Thing

Guy Shares His Story After Jumping Off Golden Gate Bridge And Surviving (Video)

Barack And Michelle Obama Release Their 2015 Pop Culture Picks

7 Beagle Puppies Are The First Dogs Born Successfully Through IVF

Gun Rights Groups Are Planning A Mock Mass Shooting At The University Of Texas

This Crazy Life Hack Shows How To Save Spoiled Wine With A Penny (Video)

This Emotional Dog Has To Be Adele's Biggest Fan (Video)

Why Scalia Saying Affirmative Action Hurts Black Students Is Dead Wrong

All Of The Emojis Are Available On Twitter Now, So Life Is Complete

This One Thing Could Actually Be Really Bad For Your Sperm

Cab Drivers Are Sharing The Craziest Things Passengers Have Ever Done

Dear Muslims Worldwide, I'm American And Donald Trump Doesn't Represent Me

A Millennial's Guide To The 4 Current Presidential Frontrunners

Facebook's Highlights Of 2015 Video Will Seriously Give You The Chills

Amazing Moving Company Donates Its Services To Domestic Violence Victims

What You Should Know About TIME's 'Person Of The Year' Angela Merkel

Father Surprises His Kids With Most Heartwarming Christmas Present Ever (Video)

This Groom's Reaction As His Bride Walks Down The Aisle Is Everything (Video)

Martin Shkreli​ Paid $2 Million For Wu-Tang Clan's One-Of-A-Kind Album

A University In Tennessee Was Granted The Right To Ban LGBTQ Students

Muslim Americans Raise Over $120K For San Bernardino Victims' Families

Women Of All Ages Reveal The Sexist Comments People Never Say To Men (Video)

72-Year-Old Founder Of North Face Dies After Tragic Kayaking Accident

Britain FTW: Thousands Sign Petition To Ban Trump From Entering The UK

Why Ferguson Resonates With Me, A Gay, White, American Male

This Santa's Conversation With An Autistic Boy Will Warm Your Heart

Russell Simmons Writes Honest, Open Letter To 'Old Friend' Donald Trump

Meet The World's Biggest Collector Of Darth Vader Memorabilia (Video)

This Dubstep Christmas Lights Show Crushes Neighborly Competition (Video)

This Video Perfectly Captures The Horrors Of Being An 'Instagram Husband'

'Kylie Jenner Does Stuff' Might Be The World's Best Instagram Account

Disabled War Vet Explains Why We Can't Blame Muslims For Terrorism

The Rock Gave This Family A Holiday Surprise By Doing The Simplest Thing

Ending Your Texts With A Period Actually Means You're Totally Heartless

This Guy Got An Insane Amount Of Tinder Matches For One Single Reason (Photos)

Father And Son Charged For Stealing Over $40,000 Worth Of Chicken Wings

Former Insta Model Essena O'Neill Says This One Thing Gets You Followers (Video)

Your Cheat Sheet For What's Going On With The Chicago Police Department

Apple Just Released Battery Cases That Keep iPhones Alive For 25 Hours

Scientist Believes He Uncovered Portraits Beneath Original 'Mona Lisa'

Train Conductor Leads Yale Glee Club In An Epic Performance On His Train (Video)

It Turns Out Flavored E-Cigs Could Actually Be Giving You Lung Disease

You Can Actually Hire This Woman To Help You Get Through A Breakup

This Is How You Should Go Down On A Woman, According To Porn Stars (Video)

Boob Twerking Woman Is Back With One Lit Ass Holiday Dance (Video)

Suspect Killed After Car Chase Turns Into Intense Police Shootout (Video)

What You Need To Understand About The Government In Order To Vote Smart

5 Reasons Millennials Think Bernie Sanders Should Be Person Of The Year

This Insanely Hot, Fashionable Santa Claus Is Making Everyone Freak Out (Photos)

San Bernardino Shooter Received Deposit Of Over $28K Just Before Attack

Woman Totals Her Husband's Car After Catching Him With His Side Chick (Video)

8-Year-Old Burn Victim Who Lost Her Family Is Getting Cards From All Over

You Can Actually Win Starbucks For Life, And We Couldn't Be More Excited

Yep, JK Rowling Just Compared Donald Trump To Lord Voldemort

Men Vs. Women: Tinder Experiment Shows Gender Disparity On Dating Apps

This Guy Is Getting Fined For Having A Zombie Nativity Scene In His Yard

This Family Of 8 Crushes Their Annual Christmas Dance (Video)

Dogs Getting Groomed In Slow-Motion Will Inspire You (Video)

The Happiest Donkey Alive Smiles After Being Rescued From A Flood (Photos)

Fox Analyst Suspended For Calling Obama A 'Total P*ssy' Live On Air

Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn't Give A F*ck If You Agree With Him About Climate Change

Class President Uses Commencement Speech To Call Out School For Censoring Her (Video)

What Pearl Harbor Can Teach Us About Terrorism And Muslims Today

Donald Trump Wants To Stop All Muslims From Entering The US

Obama Wants Us To Chill The F*ck Out About ISIS And He's Right

This 'Walking Octopus' Slithering On Land Will Haunt Your Dreams (Video)

10 People Reveal The Incredible Reasons They Knew They Found 'The One'

Science Says People Who Post Quotes Are Probably Really F*cking Stupid

President Obama's Speech: What I Hoped For Versus What I Got

Woman Casually Eats Pizza While Walking Away From Deadly Car Crash (Video)

'I Got You': San Bernardino Victim Sacrificed His Life To Shield Coworker

Attorney General Announces Investigation Of Chicago PD After Police Shooting

The 'Glitter Beard' Guys Just Made Their Beards Even More Festive (Photos)

People Are Sharing The Hilarious Reasons They've Defriended People

College Students Reveal Batsh*t Crazy Things That Happened In Their Dorms

Guys Disguise Bible As Quran And Surprise People With Shocking Verses (Video)

Soldier Is About To Have The First Penis Transplant Performed In The US

Guy Pretends To Be Woman's Baby Daddy When She Texts Wrong Number (Photos)

This Woman Who Posted About Her Breakup On Adele's Facebook Is All Of Us

Santa Talking To This Little Girl In Sign Language Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

Tinder's Most Swiped-Right Man Describes The Perfect Profile For Women (Video)

This City Is The Sexiest In The United States, According To Its Residents

Little Girls Freak Out When They Realize Santa Brought Them A Baby Brother

#YouAintNoMuslimBruv Is The Most British Reaction To Terrorism Ever

Three Stabbed In London Tube Station In Possible Terrorist Attack

Colombian Officials Found A Sunken Ship With $17 Billion In Treasure

Guy Named Bud Weisser Arrested For Breaking Into Budweiser Brewery

This Australian Man Just Found The Biggest F*cking Lizard Ever (Photo)

These Students Studying Pizza Will Make You Regret Your College Degree

Disabled Woman Had The Perfect Reaction To Kylie Jenner's Wheelchair Pic

These Three Brothers Getting A Puppy For Christmas Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

There's Actually A 'Hipster Santa' And He's In Portland, Obviously (Video)

Former Australian Politician Calls For US Travel Warning After Shootings

India's Monsoon Season Breaks 100-Year Record, Claims Nearly 300 Lives

3 Reasons Bernie Might Be A Better Advocate For Women Than Hillary

People Have The Best Reactions To Being Called 'Beautiful' In Moving Video

The GOP Cares More About Gun Rights Than Protecting Us From Terrorism

Man Accused Of Putting His GF's Toddler In Dryer Freed Of Charges

Should Abortion Clinic Attacks Be Investigated As 'Domestic Terrorism'?

Police Are Investigating This Disturbing Video Of A Toddler Smoking Weed

San Bernardino Shooter Allegedly Vowed Allegiance To ISIS On Facebook (Video)

This Female Scientist May Actually Have Invented The Perfect Condom

Couple Finds Perfect Pic Of Their Proposal With The Help Of The Internet

Little Girl Adorably Gives A Cop Her Teddy Bear To Help Protect Him

This 101-Year-Old Woman Playing In The Snow Is Literally All Of Us (Video)

Hundreds Of People Pay Tribute To The San Bernardino Victims With Vigil (Video)

Senate Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood, Repeal Obamacare

13-Year-Old Girl Posts Middle School Gun Threat To Instagram

George Zimmerman's Twitter Account Suspended After Posting Ex's Nudes

Why The UK's Decision To Bomb ISIS In Syria Will Only Make Things Worse

Democrats In Congress Call For Shutting Down Planned Parenthood Panel

3 American Pro-Gun Arguments That Have Been Debunked

This Single Dad Took The Most Epic Family Photos With His Daughters

What Makes Using The Term 'Terrorism' Really Complicated For Media

These Women Faked Being Pregnant For The Most Ridiculous Reasons Ever (Photos)

How Donald Trump Is Winning Support By Fueling People's Fears

This Guy Is Suing A Woman He Met On Tinder For Giving Him Genital Herpes

Two Total Strangers Talk About Sex, And It's So F*cking Uncomfortable (Video)

This Holiday Ad For Pornhub Gift Subscriptions Is The Funniest Thing Ever (Video)

The United States Military Will Open All Combat Roles To Women

Husband's Post About Having Wandering Eye Goes Viral For Amazing Reason

People Think This Bizarre Ad Uses Naked Women As Props And They're Angry (Photos)

Death Threats, Shootings And Hate: Just Another Day At Planned Parenthood

News Station Names Studio After Reporter And Cameraman Killed On Live TV

This Dad Gets Way Too Into His Music While Driving His Son To School (Video)

Group Of Fifth Graders Allegedly Planned To Bomb A School's Assembly

Mark Zuckerberg Made The Cutest Video For His Daughter To See One Day

Graphic Video Shows San Francisco Police Fatally Shooting Suspect

German Supermarket Releases Christmas Ad With An Unexpected Twist (Video)

The Only Thing Changing About Mass Shootings Is That I'm More Scared

Four Shocking Facts About Shootings And Gun Deaths In The United States

San Bernardino Shooters Are Reportedly Cornered

Obama Discusses California Shooting: US Has 'Pattern Of Mass Shootings'

Woman Shows Off Birthmark After Being Told It Makes Her 'Undateable' (Photos)

This 800-Pound Couple Has To Get Surgery So They Can Finally Have Sex

Man Surprises Preschool Teacher GF At School With Adorable Proposal (Video)

The Real Problem With Kylie Jenner Modeling In A Wheelchair

Kim K Apparently Photoshopped These Nude Photos, And Fans Are Upset

Trump Says In Order To Defeat ISIS He Would 'Take Out Their Families'

Officials Say There Are At Least 20 Victims In California Shooting

Woman Shames Cheating Husband And Mistress In Glorious Craigslist Post

These Nuns Go Undercover As Prostitutes To Save Sex Trafficking Victims

Starbucks Just Announced A Huge Recall Because Of An E. Coli Scare

Man Spends 13 Years At Guantánamo After He's Mistaken For Al-Qaeda Member

A Photo Of A Supermarket Birthday Cake Is Going Viral For The Best Reason

Mark Zuckerberg Welcomes New Child, Pledges 99% Of Fortune To 'Public Good'

This Brand Actually Used The Phrase 'Rape Us Now' In An Advertisement

US Marine Gets Up To 12 Years In Prison For Killing Transgender Woman

Parents Are Actually Naming Their Babies After These Instagram Filters

Three Simple Ways We Can Help Build An AIDS Free Generation

Six Quotes To Celebrate The 60th Anniversary Of Rosa Parks' Bus Ride

Former Planned Parenthood Employee Details 'Acts Of Terrorism' She Faced

This California Festival Wedding Gives Coachella A Run For Its Money (Photos)

Chicago PD Superintendent Fired After Video Of Teen Being Shot Released

20 Serial Daters Confess Why They Just Can’t Settle Down (Photos)

Adele's 'Hello' Actually Made This Crying Toddler Completely Calm Down (Video)

12-Year-Old's Hoverboard Bursts Into Flames And Burns Down Family's Home

Bill Gates Will Donate $3M To AIDS Prevention If You Use Snapchat Today

Woman Receives Hate Messages After A Man Gets Fired For Harassing Her

This Clinic Is Giving Out D*ck Measuring Tape For A Really Good Reason

This New Drug Could Actually Help People Live For More Than 120 Years

This Target Employee Is Becoming Famous Because He Looks Like Future (Photo)

Couple Films Family's Reactions To Pregnancy Announcement In Slow Motion (Video)

This Compilation Of Surprise Marriage Proposals Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

Weed Is The Most Popular Drug In The World, According To New Data

3 Ways To Begin To Understand The Appeal Of Donald Trump