August 2019
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Are BTS' Jungkook & Justin Bieber Collaborating? Justin's Birthday Tweet To Him Is Cryptic

The ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 Trailer Introduces A Ton Of Mysterious New Characters

Lindsay Lohan’s New Song “Xanax” Is The Medicinal Bop Nobody Was Expecting

BTS’ Jungkook Teased A New Solo Song On His Birthday & ARMYs Are Stunned

Justin Bieber Gave A Surprise Performance At Church With Hailey Baldwin Backstage

BTS’ Tweets For Jungkook’s 22nd Birthday Are So Sweet & Supportive

Are Kim Kardashian & Sofia Richie Friends? Here's What To Know About Their Relationship

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Do Clay & Angela Get Back Together On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Fans Are Curious

Who Is Margaret Qualley? Pete Davidson’s Reported New GF Is Hollywood's Next Breakout Star

Netflix's 'Tall Girl' Trailer Is The Stuff Of Teen Rom-Com Dreams

BTS' Jimin & RM's Body Language Reveals Why They Complement Each Other So Perfectly

Lana Del Rey’s Cover Of Sublime’s “Doin’ Time” Is The Perfect Song To End Your Summer

Khloé Kardashian’s “Best Friends” Photo With True & North Is So Dang Cute

4 Kylie & Stormi Moments From Travis Scott’s ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ That'll Melt Your Heart

Why Did Khloé Kardashian Turn Off Comments On Her Selfie? This May Be The Sad Reason

'Merrily We Roll Along' Starring Ben Platt & Beanie Feldstein Will Span 20 Years

Here's How To Watch Classic 'Lizzie McGuire' Episodes Before The Reboot Happens

Kim Kardashian Teased Kanye West's New Album Title & Tracklist On Instagram

Colton Underwood's Quotes About Blake's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Drama Are On Point — EXCLUSIVE

Who Dies In 'A Million Little Things' Season 2? Apparently It's "Someone You've Seen"

This Video Of Justin Bieber Singing "Never Would Have Made It" At Church Is So Moving

Freeform's '31 Nights of Halloween' 2019 Lineup Is Scary Good

Who Is Grace Saif? The '13 Reasons Why' Actress Is Making A Splash As Ani

'The Haunting Of Hill House' Season 2 Cast Will Have A Ton Of Familiar Faces

Is Ed Sheeran Retiring From Music? He Opened Up About His Upcoming 18-Month Hiatus

BTS' Jungkook's New Photo Of His Hair Shows It's Longer Than Ever & Fans Have 1 Request

4 Clues Dean & Caelynn Are Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise' That Will Make You Think

Colton Underwood Is Reportedly Getting A TV Show That Won't Be In Bachelor Nation

Sophie Turner & Jonathan Van Ness' Reactions To Meeting Each Other Are Hilariously Extra

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams' Instagram Interaction About Her Flexibility Is So Dang Flirty

Liam Hemsworth's First Instagram After Confirming His Split From Miley Is Really Positive

What Is John Paul Jones' Job? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Has A Real Career

Quibi's 'Murder House Flip' Is The True Crime Home Renovation Mashup Fans Needed

20 Tweets About 'The King' Teaser Trailer That Will Get You Royally Pumped For It

These Photos Of Stormi's Red Carpet Debut With Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are Adorable

The Official 'Joker' Trailer With Joaquin Phoenix Is Going To Give You Chills

Spotify's Most-Streamed Song Of Summer 2019 Will Shock You, Since It's Not "Old Town Road"

Who Is Charlie In '13 Reasons Why'? The Season 3 Newcomer Is A Fan Favorite

This New Video Of Kylie Jenner Giving Birth To Stormi Will Make Your Heart Burst

What Is Derek's Podcast On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? 'The Betchelor' Had JPJ Pissed

This Video Of BTS' J-Hope Using Jimin's Legs To Exercise Is So Hilarious

These Memes Of Clay From The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Wedding Are Too Funny

This Video Of Kalen Allen Reacting To TXT's Elite Daily Dance Challenge Will Have You LOLing – EXCLUSIVE

Priyanka Chopra's Joke About Missing The Jonas Brothers' VMAs Performance Is So Funny

I Tried Kylie Jenner's Makeup Routine & It Was Honestly A Journey

Do Caelynn & Connor Get Together On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Sparks Were Flying

Clay & Angela's Reunion On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Was As Dramatic As You'd Expect

Derek & John Paul Jones’ Fight On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Got Super Heated

These Tweets About Chris & Krystal's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Wedding Are On Point

These Tweets About John Paul Jones Crying On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are Too Pure

Why Did Dean Leave 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 6? His Heart Wasn't In It

Why Is Leslie Jones Leaving 'Saturday Night Live'? She Won't Be Back For Season 45

Jamie Lynn Spears' Reaction To The 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot Will Make You LOL

Colton Underwood Thinks Peter Will Be The Next Bachelor For This Reason – EXCLUSIVE

How Many Piercings Does BTS' V Have? Here's Why Some Fans Wish The Answer Was 6

Drake Bell's Quotes About A 'Drake & Josh' Reboot Will Give Fans So Much Hope

Kim Kardashian's Close-Up Photo With Psalm West Will Make Your Heart Burst

This Video Of Khloé Kardashian & Kim Kardashian Talking About Lamar Odom's Book Is Eye-Opening

What Is Apple TV+'s 'Dickinson' About? Hailee Steinfeld Gets Turnt In The 1800s

Jameela Jamil's Quotes About The Kardashians Reveal The 1 Way She'll Leave Them Alone

Is Monty Still Alive In '13 Reasons Why'? This Fan Theory Could Change Everything

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Reactions To Shawn & Camila's VMAs Performance Was Hilarious

Viola Davis Will Play Michelle Obama In 'First Ladies' & The Show Sounds SO Good

Demi Lovato Is Joining 'Will & Grace' In A Recurring Role & Fans Are Pumped

Will Monty Be In '13 Reasons Why' Season 4? Actor Timothy Granaderos Has Opinions

Miley Cyrus' VMAs "Slide Away" Performance May Subtly Have Shaded Liam Hemsworth

The Official 'AHS: 1984' Trailer Reveals Emma Roberts & Billie Lourd's New Roles

Here's How To Sign Taylor Swift's Petition Supporting The Equality Act

The Tweets About BTS' 2019 VMAs Snub Perfectly Capture ARMYs' Mixed Feelings

Sophie Turner & Danielle Jonas’ Reaction To The Jonas Brothers’ 2019 VMAs Win Was So Sweet

Who Went Home On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Week 4? Things Got Kinda Messy

Taylor Swift's Donald Trump Dig At The 2019 VMAs Was Subtle But Powerful

Miley Cyrus & Kaitlynn Carter Attended The MTV VMAs Together, Because They're So Supportive

These Photos Of Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes' 2019 VMAs Performance Are So Steamy

The Tweets About Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello's MTV VMAs Performance All Say 1 Thing

The Tweets About Alyson Stoner In Missy Elliott's VMAs Performance Are Filled With Nostalgia

Taylor Swift’s Reaction To Lil Nas X’s 2019 VMAs Performance Will Make You Say “Same”

These Tweets About Missy Elliott's 2019 VMAs Performance Will Make You Lose Control

These Tweets About 'Bachelor In Paradise' Cast Members Calling Colton A "Bad Kisser" Are Too Much

These Tweets About John Paul Jones' Dates On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are Too Much

The Tweets About Lizzo's MTV VMAs Performance Hype This 1 Bootylicious Detail

Why Wasn't Offset At The 2019 MTV VMAs? Cardi B Showed Up Solo

Who Is Tahzjuan From 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Here's Your Refresher On Her

Why Wasn't EXO At The 2019 VMAs? They're Probably Busy Prepping Something Huge

Taylor Swift’s 2019 VMAs Performance Will Make You Fall In Love With ‘Lover’ Even More

Why Isn't BLACKPINK At The 2019 VMAs? Here's What They're Probably Up To On The Big Night

Why Isn't TXT At The 2019 VMAs? Here’s Why They Skipped Despite Their First U.S. Nomination

Is Tyler Cameron At The 2019 VMAs? Gigi Hadid Walked The Carpet With Someone Familiar

These Tweets About Kevin Jonas At The 2019 VMAs Call Out This 1 Thing

Why Isn't Ariana Grande At The 2019 VMAs? Here's What She Was Up To On The Big Night

Why Isn't BTS At The 2019 VMAs? Here's Why Their Absence Was No Surprise To ARMYs

What Does Haley Ferguson Do In 2019? The Bachelor Nation Alum Has Been Busy

Jackie Tohn Explains How ‘GLOW’ Embodies Female Empowerment On & Off Screen — EXCLUSIVE

Is Shawn Mendes' "If I Can't Have You" About Camila Cabello? The Lyrics Are So Romantic

Is Harry Styles Friends With One Direction In 2019? His 'Rolling Stone' Quotes Get So Real

Kit Harington Joins Marvel's 'Eternals' Movie With Fellow Stark Richard Madden

Will Ani Be In ‘13 Reasons Why’ Season 4? This Fan Theory May Have The Answer

Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday Instagram To Blake Lively Is, Of Course, A Total Troll Move

Taylor Swift’s ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Interview Is A Message For All Her Haters

Is “Cornelia Street” About Karlie Kloss? Taylor Swift Fans Have A Theory About The ‘Lover’ Song

Will Pilot Pete Be The Next Bachelor? The Fan Favorite Is Reportedly The Frontrunner

Jordyn Woods’ New Comments About Kylie Jenner Suggest Their Friendship Can Be Saved

Rachel Lindsay Married Bryan Abasolo & Bachelor Nation Is Freaking Out

The First Photo Of Emma Stone As Cruella De Vil For Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Is So Wicked

23 2019 Shows To Add To Your Fall TV Lineup

Scott Disick’s Birthday Present For Sofia Richie Was An Extravagant Luxury Car

Taylor Swift’s Favorite Lyric From ‘Lover’ Will Have You Hitting Replay On This Track

The Trailer For The ‘High School Musical’ TV Series Is A Theater-Kid Dream Come True

Will Gordo & Miranda Be In The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Revival? Here’s What Fans Should Know

A 'Lizzie McGuire' Revival Is Officially Happening With Hilary Duff Playing A 30-Year-Old Lizzie

20 Videos Of BTS Before They Were Famous That Capture Why They Were Born to Be Stars

This '13 Reasons Why' Theory About Bryce's Tape In Season 3 Will Blow Your Mind

Does Deputy Standall Know Who Killed Bryce In '13 Reasons Why'? It's So Cryptic

20 Tweets About Ani From '13 Reasons Why' That Are Filled With Teen Angst

The Meaning Of Taylor Swift's "Cornelia Street" Will Make Your Heart Melt

What Happened To Tyler's Guns In '13 Reasons Why'? It's A Major Cliffhanger

Who's The Guy In Taylor Swift's "Lover" Music Video? Christian Owens Is A Rising Star

These Tweets About Taylor Swift's "False God" Will Have You Hot & Bothered

These Tweets About Taylor Swift's "Soon You'll Get Better" Are So, So Emotional

Scooter Braun's Reaction To Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Is Actually Really Supportive

These Tweets About Taylor Swift's "Paper Rings" Basically All Thank Joe Alwyn

The Board Games In Taylor Swift's "Lover" Music Video Were A Last-Minute Album Hint

These Tweets About Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Album Will Give You Life

The Tweets About Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Diary Entries Show Fans Are Losing It

These Tweets About Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" Prove It's A Jam

Will Jessica Get Charged For Bryce's Murder In '13 Reasons Why'? Fans Are Worried

Will Alex Get Charged For Bryce's Murder In '13 Reasons Why'? Fans Are On Edge

What Happened To Monty In '13 Reasons Why'? Season 3 Ended With A Total Shock

Monty & Winston's Storyline On '13 Reasons Why' Led To A Huge Finale Twist

Who Is Winston On '13 Reasons Why'? He Low-Key Plays A Major Part In The Drama

4 Questions About '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 That Fans Have After The Finale

Who Is Ani On '13 Reasons Why'? The Season 3 Narrator Has Some Secrets

Who Killed Bryce In '13 Reasons Why'? The Big Mystery Was Finally Solved

What Happened At Homecoming On '13 Reasons Why' Season 3? A Lot Went Down

Is "I Forgot That You Existed" About Kanye West? Taylor Swift's New Song Hints At The Feud

Is Cornelia Street Real? Taylor Swift's New Song Has Fans Asking 1 Big Question

These 'Lover' Instagram Captions Are Perfect To Use For Your End-Of-Summer Pics

Whose Voice Is On Taylor Swift's "London Boy"? Idris Elba Is Fans' Best Guess

Taylor Swift's "Soon You'll Get Better" Lyrics Will Make You Cry For Hours

Is "Soon You'll Get Better" About Taylor Swift's Mom? The Dixie Chicks Collab Is So Emotional

Is Taylor Swift's "The Man" About Scooter Braun? Here's Why Fans Are Convinced

Taylor Swift's "The Man" Lyrics Are Pure, Perfect Girl Power

Taylor Swift's "False God" Lyrics Are Her Most Powerful Ones Yet

Who Is Taylor Swift's "False God" About? The Song Is So Powerful

These Lyrics About Joe Alwyn On Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Will Have You Swooning

Are Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Engaged? Her "Paper Rings" Lyrics Could Mean It's Coming

Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" Lyrics Will Give You All The Feels

These Tweets About Taylor Swift's "Lover" Music Video Are Full Of Swiftie Love

Taylor Swift's "Lover" Music Video Is So Romantic, You'll Want To Fall In Love

Here's How Miranda Sings' Colleen Ballinger Went From YouTube To Broadway – EXCLUSIVE

The Museum Of Missy Elliot Is Coming To Make You "Lose Control"

The Photos From Netflix's 'Living With Yourself' Deliver A Double-Dose Of Paul Rudd

Who Is Ava Max? Here's Everything She Wants You To Know About Her & Her Music – EXCLUSIVE

Netflix's 'We Can Be Heroes' Will Star Priyanka Chopra Jonas In A Whole New Role

These Marvels Actors' Reactions To Spider-Man Leaving The MCU Will Crush You

Richard Will Have A Standalone 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode In Season 16 & It's About Time

The Videos Of Taylor Swift's 2019 'GMA' Performance Are Everything & More

Taylor Swift Plans To Re-Record Her Old Songs Because Of The Scooter Braun Deal

Do Demi & Kristian Get Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? They Look So In Love

Who Is Megan Thee Stallion? The "Hot Girl Summer" Rapper Is Blowing Up For Good Reason

BTS' RM's Hair Evolution Is So Fun To Follow From Start To Finish

What's Coming To Netflix In September 2019? Get Excited For A Ton Of New Content

Yes, 'Blinded By The Light' Is A Bruce Springsteen Movie, But It's So Much More Than That– EXCLUSIVE

These 'Brittany Runs A Marathon' Ratings Will Have You Racing Into Theaters

Hillary Clinton's Reaction To Lizzo's Presidential "Truth Hurts" Video Is So Hilarious

Kim Kardashian's Video Of Chicago Playing With A Snake Is Adorable, But Also Scary AF

Is BTS' J-Hope Collaborating With Becky G? This Fan Theory Is Actually So Convincing

Will Demi Lovato Release An Album In 2019? She Just Hinted More Music Is Coming

What's Leaving Netflix In September? Here's What You Need To Watch ASAP

Cole Sprouse's Response To Photoshop Accusations Is Actually So Hilarious

15 Tweets About Spider-Man Leaving The MCU That Will Wreck You

The 'Dancing With The Stars' 2019 Cast Includes Hannah B., Karamo Brown, & More

This Video Of BTS' V Shooting The "Winter Bear" Cover Is So, So Serene

Will BTS Star In The Bangtan Universe Drama Series? Here's What Big Hit Revealed

Kenzie Ziegler Is On The Rise & You Should Be Paying Attention – EXCLUSIVE

Jessica Mulroney’s Response To Jameela Jamil’s Tweet About Meghan & Harry Bullying Is Epic

Is Spider-Man Leaving The MCU? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Jameela Jamil's Tweet About Meghan Markle Being Bullied By Media Makes Several Points

A Bangtan Universe Drama Series Is Coming, So Here's What The BTS ARMY Needs To Know

Demi & Kristian's Reunion On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Was So Emotional

These Tweets About Chris & Jen's Date On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are SO On Point

What Happened To Jen On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 3? Nick Viall's Ex Is Back

These Tweets About Derek Crying On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Show So Much Love

Kristina & Caitlin's Fight About Blake On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Got Super Tense

Khloe Kardashian's Response To Accusations She Uses True As An "Accessory" Is An Epic Clapback

The 'James Bond' 25 Movie Title Promises 007 Will Be Busy

This 'Downton Abbey' Sneak Peek Featurette Will Get You So Excited

Logic's "No Pressure" Lyrics May Reveal He's Expecting A Baby 1 Year After His Divorce

Kim Kardashian's Photos Of North, Saint, & Psalm Show The Older Sibling Rivalry Is Still Alive

'Harry Potter' Fans Don't Want Remakes Of The Movies For This Big Reason

These Video Of BTS' Jimin, Jungkook, & V Doing The Bottle Cap Challenge Are Hilarious

20 Memes About Cam On 'Bachelor In Paradise' To Commemorate His Time On The Show

Alfie Allen's Quotes About Theon Greyjoy Will Make 'GOT' Fans Appreciate Him Even More

Taylor Swift Is Leaking Her Own 'Lover' Lyrics On Spotify Ahead Of Her Album Release

Derek's Tweets About Demi's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Drama Are Super Mature

The 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Extended Cut Will Reveal A New Action Sequence

Who Is Kristian On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Demi's Love Interest Keeps Coming Up

This Video Of Ariana Grande Wishing Demi Lovato A Happy Birthday Backstage Is So Sweet

Who Is Dodger On 'Riverdale'? This New Season 4 Character Means Trouble For Archie

Lil Nas X's Reaction To Billie Eilish Dethroning "Old Town Road" On The Hot 100 Is So Funny

This Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Wedding Update May Mean The Ceremony Is Happening Soon

Harry Styles' 2019 'Rolling Stone' Cover Is So Beautiful, It Hurts

Hannah B.'s Appearance On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Shook Things Up On The Beach

Who Is Caitlin From 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Get To Know The Week 3 Addition

These Tweets About Wills Leaving 'Bachelor In Paradise' Will Hit You In The Feels

Who Went Home On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Week 2? There Were A Few Surprises

Why Did Onyeka Leave 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 6? She Was Ready To Go

These Tweets About Dylan Crying On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are So, So Supportive

These Tweets About The Fight On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Will Make You Say "WTF?"

Kim Kardashian's Instagram With Kylie Jenner Has Fans Blasting A Photoshop Fail

Ava Max's "Torn" Lyrics Will Make You Want To Hit The Dance Floor

Will Hannah Brown Be On 'Dancing With The Stars'? The Bachelorette Has Moves

Kit Harington Explained Why Jon Snow Killing Dany On 'GOT' Was The Only Answer

This Detail From The 'Stranger Things' Show Notes Might Confirm Will's Sexuality

The 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 3 Teaser Is Here To Make Your Day

'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 3 Premiere Date Has Been Announced, So Get Ready

Netflix's 'The Politician' Trailer Stars Ben Platt Like You've Never Seen Him Before

These Photos Of Khloe Kardashian & True's Beach Day Together Will Melt Your Heart

'The Morning Show' Trailer Reveals Major Plot Points For The Apple TV+ Series

This Video Of Kulture Giving Cardi B Side-Eye Will Crack You Up

What Happened With Tyler In '13 Reasons Why' Season 2? His Story Got Super Dark

BTS' 'Bring The Soul: Docu-Series' Trailer Will Fill You With So Many Emotions

Will There Be A 'Mindhunter' Season 3? Here's What Fans Should Know

Colton’s Ranking System On ‘The Bachelor’ Was Actually Kinda Genius

Kylie Jenner's Hair Evolution Is Filled With So Many Stylish Twists & Turns

This Video Of Kendall Jenner Giving Reign Disick Eskimo Kisses Is Too Precious

Molly Gordon's Story About Filming 'Good Boys' With 11-Year-Olds Will Crack You Up – EXCLUSIVE

This Video Of Harry Styles Dancing At Ariana Grande’s Concert Is Pure Joy

Here Are All The Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ Easter Eggs Fans Missed That Now Finally Make Sense

These Photos Of BTS’ Jimin At Alec Benjamin’s Concert In Korea Are Friendship Goals

Watch Kim Kardashian Thank Paris Hilton For Her Career In This New ‘KUWTK’ Clip

22 Movies About Dogs Like 'The Art Of Racing In The Rain' That'll Make You Sob

This Video Of Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Rehearsing For The “Senorita” Video Is So Steamy

Chrissy Teigen’s Photos Of Her Swollen Lips Will Make You Do A Double Take

Noah Centineo’s Tweet Saying Goodbye To Peter Kavinsky Has ‘To All The Boys’ Fans In Tears

Jessica Lange’s Least Favorite ‘AHS’ Season Will Come As A Total Shock To Fans

Sophie Turner’s Dream ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ending Would Have Definitely Had Fans Cheering

A ‘Haunting Of Hill House’ Extended Cut DVD Will Give Fans More To Scream About

This Video Of BTS’ Jungkook Taking Photos Of V & RM While They’re Sleeping Is So Pure

This Theory About Taylor Swift’s “Lover” Lyric Video Would Mean Major Wedding News

Who Is Liv Pollock? Dacre Montgomery's Girlfriend Is A Woman Of So Many Talents

This Reported Update On Miley & Liam Could Mean Their Breakup Is Only Temporary

Sophie Turner’s Birthday Surprise For Joe Jonas Was So Sweet

Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Tracklist Will Get You So Ready For The Album

This Throwback School Photo Of Ariana Grande With A High Ponytail Is Absolutely Everything

22 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couples Who Didn't Last

The Photos Of Kylie, Jordyn, & Sofia Wearing Matching Coverups Have Me So Confused

This 'Suits' Joke About Meghan Markle Is Subtle Comedy Gold

BTS' 'Bring The Soul: Docu-Series' Episode Descriptions Hint At A Super Emotional Storyline

What Happened To Clay In '13 Reasons Why' Season 2? Here's Your Refresher

Miley Cyrus' "Slide Away" Vs. "Malibu" Lyrics Will Break Your Heart

What Is 'This Is Us' Season 4 About? Its Creator Teased "Restarts For Everybody"

When Does The 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Sequel Premiere? It's So, So Soon

The Tweets About Miley Cyrus' "Slide Away" Show Fans Are Heartbroken Over Miley & Liam's Split

Miley Cyrus' "Slide Away" Lyrics Tell A Heartbreaking Story About Lovers Growing Apart

Is Miley Cyrus' "Slide Away" About Liam Hemsworth? The Track Is Pretty Telling

Is Taylor Swift's "Lover" About Joe Alwyn? Fans Are Certain It Is For Several Good Reasons

Taylor Swift's "Lover" Lyrics Are Pretty Much Her Love Letter To Joe Alwyn

These Tweets About Taylor Swift’s Song “Lover” Are Everything

Taylor Swift's Song "Lover" Is One Of Her Most Beautiful Love Songs Yet

Meghan & Harry's Rumored Trip To Ibiza Has Royal Fans Pissed For This Reason

The 'Good Boys' Ratings Are Everything Fans Expected

This Detail In 'Avengers: Endgame' Reveals A 'Captain America' Easter Egg You Definitely Missed

What Happened With Bryce In '13 Reasons Why' Season 2? Refresh Your Memory ASAP

Does Baby Archie Have Red Hair? He May Have Inherited Prince Harry's Hair

What's Coming To Hulu In September? Get Ready To FALL In Love

What Happened With Jordan & Christian Before 'Bachelor In Paradise'? It Was Tense

This Theory BTS' Next Single Will Be Called "Umbrella" Is Based On So Many Clues

This New 'Masked Singer' Season 2 Promo Introduces Even More Absurd Costumes

Linda Thompson's Response To Rumors She Shaded Kaitlynn Carter On Instagram Is On Point

Demi Burnett & Tanner Tolbert's Twitter Feud Has Bachelor Nation Totally Split

What Is BTS' Summer Package? The 2019 Trailer Confirms The Boys Are Keeping Things Local

Kim Kardashian's Throwback Photos From The '90s Are Seriously So Dang Nostalgic

This Video Of BTS' V Singing Bruno Major's "Places We Won't Walk" Has ARMYs In Their Feels

Sansa's Crown In 'Game Of Thrones' Was Red-Wedding Inspired, Because The North Remembers

Brandi Cyrus' Comments About Miley & Liam's Breakup Hint Miley Isn't Ready To Talk About It

Netflix's 'Falling Inn Love' Trailer Teases Christina Milian In A DIY Love Story

Chrissy Teigen's Childhood Photo With Her Mom Is Freaky, Since She Looks Exactly Like Luna

Who Is ROSALÍA? The Latin-Grammy-Winning Artist Got Her Start As A Flamenco Dancer

These Videos Of Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Jumping Off A Yacht Are Peak Vacation Goals

Andy Cohen's Comments About 'WWHL's 10-Year Anniversary Spill All The Tea — EXCLUSIVE

'The Wheel Of Time' Cast Will Get 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Excited For 2020

This 'Handmaid's Tale' Theory About Nick & Hannah Will Make You Feel Sick

Chrissy Teigen's Instagram About Botoxing Her Armpits Is The Type Of TMI You Love Her For

What Will Happen To The Kids On 'The Handmaid's Tale'? Canada Has A New Responsibility

The '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Full Trailer Will Get Your Heart Pumping

Liz Bissonette's Song Using Noah Centineo Tweets Is Going Viral Because It's So Good

Who Is Tuello On 'The Handmaid's Tale'? Here's What You Need To Know

Will Derek Be The Next Bachelor? The 'Paradise' Contestant Has Fans' Support

BTS' Jimin's VLIVE With Jin & RM Reveals He's Keeping A Solo Song Secret From ARMY

The Tweets About Harry Styles Not Playing Prince Eric In 'Little Mermaid' Are Clown Culture

The 'Last Christmas' Trailer Will Make You Want To Share It With Someone Special

Big Hit's Statement Clarifying BTS' Break Is Just A Break Has ARMY Saying "Told You So"

Harry Styles Will Not Play Prince Eric In Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' After All

Will Commander Lawrence Remarry On 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 4? Fans Are Convinced

5 Questions 'The Handmaid's Tale' Fans Have After The Season 3 Finale

Will The Waterfords Be In 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 4? Let's Break Down The Finale

Will June Die In 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 4? She Took A Bullet For The Cause

Jordan & Christian's Fight On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Got Way Out Of Hand

These Tweets About Hannah G.'s Love Triangle On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are A Lot

Demi's Quotes About Her Sexuality On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are So Empowering

These Tweets About Dean's Mustache On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Will Make You LOL

Brandi Cyrus' Instagram About "Darkness" Having "Purpose" May Be About Miley & Liam

Harry Styles Will Play Prince Eric In 'The Little Mermaid,' Since He's A Perfect Fit — UPDATE

This Photo Of Kylie Jenner & Stormi Kissing In Matching Outfits Is Too Precious To Handle

How Long Is BTS' Break? They'll Be Back So Soon, So Don't Let The ~Breakup~ Hype Get To You

Cardi B's Breast Implant Joke On Instagram Is So Hilariously Cardi

Shahadi Wright Joseph Takes ‘The Lion King’s Message Personally – EXCLUSIVE

Hannah Brown's Instagram Reveals She's "Struggling" After 'The Bachelorette'

The Jonas Brothers' "Only Human" Music Video Is A Ridiculously Fun Tribute To The '80s

Why Did Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Break Up? Here's Who Reportedly Broke Things Off

Who's Performing At The 2019 VMAs? Taylor Swift Is The Tip Of The Iceberg For An Epic Night

The 'Little Women' Trailer Is The Most Star-Studded Thing You'll Ever See

Will Katie & Chris Get Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? It's Getting Emotional

Will BTS Be At The 2019 VMAs? Here's Where You Can Catch Them On VMAs Night

Will There Be A Live-Action 'Aladdin' Sequel? Creators Have "More Story To Tell"

Are Taylor Swift & Idris Elba Friends? Here's How The Two Stars Are Connected

This Video Of BTS' V Rapping Amine's "Blackjack" Is Getting ARMYs So Hype

Did Hannah G. & Blake Date Before ‘Bachelor In Paradise’? Fans Are Suspicious

These Details About 'Haunting Of Hill House' Season 2 Promise A Scarier Story

Jordyn Woods' Photos With Megan Thee Stallion Have Fans So Happy For Her

Liam Hemsworth's Instagram About His Split From Miley Cyrus Is So Sad, But Full Of Love

Who Is Christian On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Here's The Refresher You Need

Will Mike Get Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Fans Want Him To Find Love

These Tweets About Cam & Caelynn On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Will Make You Cringe

Will Nicole & Clay Get Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? They Seem Pretty Close

Why Did Jordan & Jenna Break Up After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? It Was A Wild Ride

Who Went Home After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Week 1? These Ladies Were Eliminated

Kaitlynn Carter's Instagram Story After The Miley Cyrus Drama Sends A Clear Message

This Detail About Polly & The Farm On 'Riverdale' Clears Up A Lot

These Tiny Details About Iron Man In 'Avengers: Endgame' Will Crush You

Missy Elliott Is The 2019 MTV VMAs Video Vanguard Award Winner, Because She Deserves It

The 'Blinded By The Light' Ratings Will Have You Driving Down Thunder Road To See It

Will Ariana Grande Be At The 2019 VMAs? Here's Why She's Skipping This Year

Here's How To Watch 'Friends' Episodes In Theaters For Its 25th Anniversary

Here's Where To Watch The 2019 MTV VMAs If You Don't Have Cable

Will There Be A 'Succession' Season 3? Season 2 is Already Making Major Moves

Amanda Seyfried May Have Turned Down Playing Gamora In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

The Video Of BTS' Jimin Doing ASMR In His First VLIVE During Their Break Is A Soothing Gift

This Video Of BTS' V, Jimin, & Jungkook Singing "Scenery" Live Will Make Your Heart Burst

Will 'Loki' Connect To 'Thor: Love & Thunder'? Marvel Fans Should Get Excited

These Details About 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 3 Hint At Midge's Tour

'The Morning Show' Trailer Teases Drama With Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon

‘Grand Hotel’ Star Justina Adorno Is All About Self-Growth On & Off Screen — EXCLUSIVE

This Video Of Stormi Singing Happy Birthday To Kylie Jenner Is Too Sweet For Words

These Details About 'The Crown' Season 3 Will Get You Excited

These Details About Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon's Wedding Will Make You Swoon

The Photos From Taylor Swift's "YNTCD" Party Are Exactly Why "Drunk Taylor" Was Trending

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