August 2017
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Pizza Hut is Delivering Pizza In Kayaks To Texas Flood Victims & Twitter Is Proud

Will iPhone 8 Be Announced On September 12? Apple Event Might Confirm Its Release

Video Of 92-Year-Old Woman Flirting With Houston Rescuers While They Save Her From Flood Will Make You Smile

Where Was Obama During Hurricane Katrina? Visiting Evacuees In The Astrodome

How To Use Ikea Place App To Decorate Your Dorm Room With Augmented Reality

Video Of Georgia Cop Saying "We Only Kill Black People" Is Incredibly Disturbing

How To Get Free Breakfast At Chick-fil-A Throughout The Month Of September

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How Did Arkema Chemical Plant Explode In Texas Flooding? Here's What We Know

Red Velvet Cupcake-Inspired Nike Sneakers Exist, Here's Where To Buy Them

Disaster Aid Funding Could Be Cut To Pay For The Border Wall, & This Is Terrible Timing

Tweet About Dad Crashing Daughter’s First Grad School Lecture Is Making Twitter Go Nuts

Are Waffle Houses In Houston Open? Hurricane Harvey Is So Bad It’s Beating FEMA’s Waffle House Measurement

Photos Of Drag Queens Supporting A Cancer Patient Are Beautiful & Heartbreaking

When Are Auntie Anne's Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Nuggets Available? They Sound Delicious

What Did Ivanka Trump & Chelsea Clinton Tweet About Hurricane Harvey? Their Responses Were So Different

What Does Antifa Do? The Movement Exists In Many Places

Tweets About Trump’s Missouri Tax Reform Speech Is Horribly Timed, And Everyone’s Calling It Out

Tweet About Ted Cruz's Response To Hurricane Harvey Is Calling Out The Hypocrisy

Video Of Human Chain During Hurricane Harvey Is So Inspiring

Will Amazon Deliver Alcohol To Me? Here Are The Cities Prime Is Delivering Booze To

Mattress Mack Opens Hurricane Harvey Shelter & The Internet Is So Moved

Do Women-Only Taxi Services Exist? "Women Drive" In Paris Is Basically Uber For Girls

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Where To Buy Oreo Eggs If You're Super Excited For Halloween Candy

How To Make Moscato Cupcakes For Your Girls' Night In Because We Love Boozy Sweets

Ivanka Trump's Equal Pay Stance On Obama Plan Has People Shocked

Tomi Lahren Gets Job At Fox News, & We’re Not Surprised

Daryl Davis Befriends KKK Members To Convince Them To Leave The Group

Trump Didn't Meet Hurricane Harvey Victims In Texas & People Are Pissed

Where To Buy Pumpkin Spice Deodorant By Native If You Want To Smell Like A PSL

Video Of Luigi Dabbing In New Mario Game Is Bringing Our Childhood Full Circle

How Will iPhone 8 Multitasking Screen Work? Report Says It Will Be Similar To iPad

Can Trump Be A Good President? Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says He Can If He Does This One Thing

What Do "Trick Plays" Skittles Taste Like? The Flavors Don't Match The Colors

Trans Military Ban Frozen Pending A Study, Trans Troops Can Keep Serving

Sean Spicer Met Pope Francis After Getting Shut Down By Donald Trump’s Vatican Visit, & We’re Just Really Happy For Him

Video Of Hurricane Harvey Victim Lashing Out At Reporter Is So Upsetting: “People Are Really Breaking Down”

How Long Will Hurricane Harvey Recovery Take? It Could Be Years

Donald Trump’s Hurricane Harvey Speech During His Texas Visit Proves He’s Still Obsessed With His Crowds

Melania Trump's Hurricane FLOTUS Hat Is Oddly Timed

How Many Missiles Does North Korea Have? No One Really Knows For Sure

How To Get Free Whoppers From Burger King If You Were Fired From Your Job

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How To Donate To Hurricane Harvey Victims At Starbucks During Your Morning Coffee Run

Pumpkin Spice Latte Tracking Website Will Tell You When Starbucks' PSL Is Here

Tweets About Obama's Hurricane Katrina Response Are Just So Wrong You Guys

Pumpkin Spice Latte Candles On Etsy Are Essential For Your Basic Bedrooms

Tweets About Joel Osteen's Houston Church Get A Response

Domino's Self-Driving Delivery Cars Are Being Tested For Serious Pizza Lovers

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Is Uber Tracking My Location? The App Is Dropping Its Post-Trip Tracking Feature

Melania Trump Visits Texas In Heels & No One Can Get Over It

How To Find Parking With Google Maps Update, Because Sometimes It's Really Hard

Tiffany Trump Instagrams Georgetown Law First Day Of School In Basic Post

Houston's Mayor Will Help Undocumented Immigrants Seeking Hurricane Relief

How To See Hurricane Harvey Damage On Snapchat, Because It's Still Devastating

How Much Coffee Is Good For Me? Study Says 4 Cups Of Coffee A Day Lowers Chance Of Death

How Far Can North Korean Missiles Go? A New Test Just Fired A Missile Over Japan

Charlottesville Violence Was Planned By White Nationalists, According To Leaked Chats

Chelsea Clinton's Tweet About Ivanka Trump's Russia Visit Is So Cagey & We Love It

Photos Of Malia Obama At Harvard Are Really Not OK

Did Ivanka Trump Know About Russia & The Trump Campaign? Latest Email About Russian Involvement Directly Mentions Her

Viral Video Of Dog Sailing Through Texas Flood In A Bucket Shows Twitter's New Hero

Is Dancing Healthy For You? Science Says It Keeps Your Brain Young

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Cookie Dough-Nut Cannoli At Gelso & Grand Will Make Your Dessert Dreams Come True

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How To Donate To Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey Rainfall Is Monumental & This Is What It Means

Pictures Of Dogs In Bow Ties Are Making National Bow Tie Day A Holiday To Remember

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Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte Release Date Is Teased With This Hilarious Tweet

How To Help Houston With Hurricane Harvey

Donald Trump's Comments To Women As President Haven't Improved Much

How To Get Paid To Stay In Vacation Homes By Sharing Photos On Social Media

Videos Of Houston Rescues During Hurricane Harvey Are So Inspiring

Disney World's Strawberry Shiraz Wine Slushie Will Convince You To Take A Trip ASAP

Will iPhone 8 Have An OLED Screen? Leaked Photos Might Confirm It Will

Donald Trump Will Visit Texas After Hurricane Harvey Devastation

Video Of Hurricane Harvey Flooding Shows The Moment A TV Crew Saved A Man’s Life

Photos Of Donald Trump At The VMAs Are Really Weird To Look At Now

Photos & Videos Of Hurricane Harvey Show What's Happening In Texas

Tweets About Joe Arpaio After Trump’s Pardon Are Going Viral With A Thread Laying Out Why Everyone’s So Angry

What Is DACA? Trump Is Considering Ending The Program, Which Protects Some Illegal Immigrants

Hurricane Harvey Is Heading Towards Texas & This Is What You Need To Know

Viral Stock Photos Turned Into Memes & Twitter Is Having Too Much Fun

How To Win Free Pizza Hut For Life By Watching This Video Of Dominoes Falling

Will iPhone 8 Have Wireless Charging? New RAVpower Charging Pad Might Prove That It Will

Gary Cohn Critiques Trump’s Charlottesville Response, Says Admin Needs To “Do Better”

What Is Oreo's Mystery Flavor? If You Guess It Correctly, You Might Win $50,000

Roger Stone Says Trump Impeachment Would Lead To "Spasm Of Violence"

What Is The Debt Ceiling? Trump Keeps Tweeting About it

How To Make A Lucky Charms Cocktail Filled With Marshmallows & Nostalgia

What Is Diner En Blanc? I Drank Wine With Strangers & It Restored My Faith In Humanity

What Happens If Planned Parenthood Is Defunded? It's Tricky

Viral "Boy Poison" Note Given To Woman At Work Embraces Girl Power & Femininity

Ivanka Trump Instagrams TBT Of "Back To School" & It's So Relatable

Hillary Clinton Tweets About Trump's Trans Military Ban & It's Savage

Where To Buy A "Swan-Thing" Float If You're Just As Obsessed With It As Twitter

Trump's Tweets About Mitch McConnell Can Only Hurt Himself

Where To Buy Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats, Because We're Ready For Fall Flavors

What Is The Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino? The Drink Was Inspired By This One Detail

How To Make 360-Degree Cover Photos On Facebook, Because We Love Scenic Pics

Where Is The Disney Themed Bar Crawl? Here's What We Know About The "Magical Adventure"

Trump Tweets Obama Eclipse Meme & Twitter Is Pissed

When Will iPhone 8 Be Released By Apple? New Rumor "Confirms" September Date

Who Won The Powerball? Twitter Users Are Feeling Salty About The $758 Million Winner

Where Can I Buy Starbucks' Mermaid Frappuccino? The Drink Is Only In Mexico

When Will The Trans Military Ban Go Into Effect? White House Memo To Pentagon Is Laying out Details

One Tweet About A Confederate Statue Shows The Difference In The Way Black & White Protesters Are Treated

Who Is Rick Dearborn? Top Trump Aide Reportedly Emailed About Meeting With Vladimir Putin

Tweets About New Russia Email Being The Key To Impeach Trump Are All Over After CNN's Russia Email Report

What’s In The Trump Russia Email? Vladimir Putin Wanted To Set Up A Meeting

GoFundMe To Get Trump Off Twitter Is Going Viral, & Where Do We Sign Up

Daniel Kammen Hides “Impeach” Trump In His Resignation Letter, & It's The Best Breakup Note

How To Get Free Maple Pecan Coffee From Dunkin' Donuts Depending On Your Location

How To Vote For Dunkin' Donuts' New Coffee Flavor For Summer 2018

This Leaves Changing Color Map Will Remind You When To Take Your Fall IG Pics

A “Real” Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Exists & This Is What It He Told Me

How Do I Submit My Baby Koala Name? This Australia Zoo Is Asking For Help On Facebook

Myths About Immigration Debunked By An Attorney, Because Facts Matter

Who Is Robert Lee? ESPN Pulled The Announcer Over His Name

Mom Makes First Meme & Goes Viral On Twitter, Rightfully So

Snapchat Shows Might Include Scripted Content By The End Of The Year

How To Rewind Games On Nintendo SNES Classic, Because This Is A Privilege

When Will Taco Bell's Pop Rocks Slushy Be Availeble? Strawberry Poppin' Candy Freezes

Melania Trump Tweets Chelsea Clinton To Thank Her For Defending Barron

Hillary Clinton's Book Excerpt Recalls Moment Trump Stood Behind Her: "My Skin Crawled"

Tweets About Donald Trump’s Joe Arpaio Pardon Promise At His Phoenix Rally Are So Furious

Are Donald Trump & Mitch McConnell Fighting? The Senate Leader Might Be Trump’s Latest Feud

Charlottesville Will Cover Confederate Statues To Honor Victim Heather Heyer, But Is It Enough?

What Is Android Oreo? Android's New Software Update Sounds So Sweet

Tweet About McDonald's Charging For Nothing Is Really Confusing People

Malia Obama Moved Into Harvard With Some Help From Barack & Michelle Obama

Where To Buy Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs By Atlantic Fizz, Because We Need Them

This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dildo, “Game Of Moans,” Will Help Fans Get Really Into It

Video Of Skydivers During The Solar Eclipse Is So Breathtaking

Why Wasn't Jared Kushner With Ivanka At Trump's Afghanistan Address? Details Of Kushner's Diplomatic Trip

How Will iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Work? Rumors Says It'll Take "Millionths Of A Second"

This Viral Chameleon Holds Anything You Give Her & Twitter Is Cracking Up

A Justin Trudeau Butter Statue Exists & It's Everything We Love About Life

Lipslut Raised $40,000 For Charlottesville Victims & We're So Proud

Who Is Tiffany Trump's Boyfriend? Ross Mechanic Met Her In College

Where To Buy La Colombe’s Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte So You Can Be Festive On The Go

What Is ReachMe.TV? This Startup Will Make Waiting At Airports Less Terrible

Where To Buy Electric Rose Wine Pouches, Because We All Need A Sip

Paul Ryan On Trump's Charlottesville Response: He "Messed Up"

How Many Neo-Nazis Are In America? Poll Says 9 Percent Of Americans Think It’s OK To Hold White Supremacist Views

Chelsea Clinton Tweet Defending Barron Trump Proves She’s Taking The High Road

Tweets About Trump’s Afghanistan Plan Speech Are Calling Him Out For Not Actually Saying Anything About Afghanistan

Tweets About Ivanka Trump's Solar Eclipse Photo With NASA Are Calling Hypocrisy Because Of Climate Change Cuts

Photos Of Eclipse Shadows Are So Weird & Beautiful, & Twitter Is Going Crazy

How To Tell If You Damaged Your Eyes During The Solar Eclipse

Tweets About Trump Looking At The Sun During The Eclipse Are The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

Signs Of Eye Damage After An Eclipse Are Really Scary — Here’s What To Watch Out For

When Can I Take My Eclipse Glasses Off? Here's What You Need To Know

Tweets About The Eclipse Uniting America Will Give You Hope

The Moon Blocked The Sun On Twitter & We're So Ready For The Drama

Tweets & Memes About Trump Watching The Solar Eclipse

Tweets About Trump Retweeting A Pro-Trump Account Show No One Is Surprised

Where To Buy Last Minute Solar Eclipse Glasses If You Still Haven't Yet

How To Make Last-Minute Solar Eclipse Glasses, For All You Procrastinators

Rumored iPhone 8 Cases Will Get You Stoked To Accessorize Your New Phone

How To Get Solar Eclipse Geofilters On Snapchat, Because This Is Important

What Does Antifa Believe? The Militant Alt-Left Group Isn't What You Think

How Much Does Trump Spend On Vacations? The Secret Service Is Running Out Of Money Due To His Frequent Travel

Is It Safe To Photograph The Solar Eclipse? Here's What You Need To Know

How To Photograph The Solar Eclipse So You Don't Ruin Your Eyesight

How To Give Snap Map Bitmojis Sunglasses During The Eclipse On Snapchat

Could Trump’s Mental Health Get Him Removed From Office? Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s Bill Wants Trump To Be Examined

Tweets & Memes About Fake Eclipse Facts Aren’t Fooling Anybody, But They’re Definitely Hilarious

Lyft Partners With SPLC Against White Supremacy, Joining Uber, AirBnB, & Google After Charlottesville

Petition To Replace Confederate Statue With Missy Elliott In Portsmouth Is So Amazing

Donald Trump's Boston Tweet Is Misspelled & Twitter Is Roasting Him

Chuck E. Cheese Robots Are Going Away & All Our Nostalgia Nightmare Fuel Is Used Up

Twitter Reactions To Boston "Free Speech Rally" Will Make You Stand & Cheer

What's Happening In Boston? "Boston Free Speech Rally" Has Many Thinking About Charlottesville

Donald Trump's Steve Bannon Tweet Thanking Him After Firing Is Just Too Familiar

Tweets About Kennedy Center Honors & Donald Trump Are Calling Out The Real Reason Why He Won’t Attend

Ivanka Trump’s Tweet About The Eclipse During Bannon’s Exit Is Such Bad Timing

Steve Bannon 'Harry Potter' Jokes Prove We've Eliminted Another Horcrux

What Will Steve Bannon Do Next? Breitbart Is A Possibility, But Not The Only One

Jokes About Steve Bannon Resigning Show Twitter's Having A Field Day

What Is The Face Dance App? It's Basically DDR For Your Face

11 Nostalgic Clothing Items Every '90s Kid Needs Immediately

Tweets About Tina Fey's "Weekend Update" On 'SNL' Show Not Everyone Loved It

Tweets About Steve Bannon Getting Fired Are Basically A Party

Ivanka Trump's Instagram For Barcelona Draws Mixed Reactions

Best Travel Destinations For Fall Will Inspire You To Hop On A Plane

Who Was Roger B. Taney? His Statue Was Removed In Maryland Over Night

How To Get Free Black & White Cookies From DoorDash During The Eclipse

How To Get A Free Dairy Queen Blizzard During The Eclipse

What Is Malia Obama Studying At Harvard? Everyone Wants To Know

How To Use Instagram Direct Message Sticker Update, Because It's Really Fun

Heather Heyer's Mom Speaks Up & Slams Trump: "I'm Not Talking To The President

Photos Of The Barcelona Attack Exist, But Here's Why You Shouldn't Share Them

What Do Black Ribbons Mean For Barcelona?

Chelsea Clinton's Response To Barcelona Attack Is Being Praised On Twitter For All The Right Reasons

Obama's Response To Barcelona Attack Is The Route Trump Should Have Taken

How To Help The Barcelona Attack Victims Right Now, Even If You're Not There

Who Is General Pershing? Trump's Tweet After The Barcelona Van Crash Is Alarming

McDonald's Rich Chocolate Pies Are Only Available In South Korea, So Book Your Flight

Motorola Self-Repairing Screens May Exist Soon, So Don't Panic If You Drop It

Overnight App Lets Women Traveling Alone Book Safe Rooms To Sleep In

Twitter Reactions To Trump's Barcelona Statement Show They're Tired Of His Double Standard On Terrorism

PancakeBot Digital Pancake Designer Will Make Breakfast In Bed So Much Prettier

What Happened In Barcelona? A Van Crash In Spain Has The World Holding Its Breath

What Does Antifa Mean? The "Alt-Left" Explained

Reported Photos Of iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Pads Will Get You Excited To Ditch Your Charger

Ivanka Trump’s Response To Barcelona Van Crash Hasn’t Come Yet & People Are Waiting

Trump's Response To Barcelona Van Crash Will Need To Be A Major Change From Charlottesville

Why Were People Protesting The Robert E. Lee Statue In Charlottesville? Here's What You Need To Know

Tweets About The Barcelona Van Crash Show How Devastated The World Is

Bring Your Own Cup Day At 7-Eleven Is Coming, So Decide What You're Bringing

25 Tweets & Memes About Impeaching Trump To Lift Your Spirits

How To Get Free Cupcakes From Baked By Melissa

McDonald's Happy Meal Books Are Coming Back To Celebrate Literacy Month & It's Cute AF

Burger King Cheesy Tots Are Back For A Limited Time, So Go ASAP

Will Trump Be Impeached Soon? Poll Shows 40 Percent Of Americans Support Impeachment

Trump's Tweets About Confederate Statues, Says "History And Culture" Being Removed

Starbucks Employee Says Pumpkin Spice Sauce Has Arrived & We Feel Teased

Trump Blames "Fake News" For Charlottesville Comments Being Misrepresented, Again

Photos Of Charlottesville Vigils Are Reminding Us The World’s Not All Bad

Kim Kardashian & Kanye Did Karaoke With Obama & Now We Really Want To Know What They Sang

Mike Pence Supports Trump’s "Alt-Left" Comments About Charlottesville: “I Stand By The President”

This Instagram Shows Transgender Disney Characters & The Drawings Are Super Impressive

Pregnant Dog's Baby Shower Is So Adorable & Twitter Is Swooning

Elago Intelli Case Will Ensure You Never Lose Your Apple TV Remote Ever Again

Mario Kart Style Go-Kart Track In Niagara Falls Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True

Androids Might Have Facial Recognition Like The iPhone 8, Because Of Course They Will

Tweets About Ivanka Trump's Vacation After Charlottesville Full Of Criticism For President's Daughter

JetBlue Flash Sale Has $49 Plane Tickets, So Act Quickly

Napa Valley Wine Train Takes You On A Ride Through Vineyards & We Want To Sign Up

Woman Finds Lost Diamond Ring On A Garden Carrot, So Good Luck Does Exist

Baltimore Removes Four Confederate Monuments After Charlottesville Protests, Other Cities Set To Do The Same

Senator Mitch McConnell Statement On Neo-Nazis Says Exactly What Trump Should Have

Pink Tequila By Codigo 1530 Exists & It's Gorgeous In Cocktails

Who Is Hope Hicks? New Interim White House Communications Director Was Tapped By Trump, According To Reports

Videos Of Fox News Bashing Donald Trump After Press Release Prove This Is Bad

Tipsy Scoop's Spiced Mai Tai Sherbet Sundae Is Perfect For National Rum Day

Chelsea Clinton Tweet About “Alt-Left” Comment Is So Amazingly Real

Video Of Heather Heyer's Father Forgiving His Daughter’s Killer At Charlottesville Rally Is Gutwrenching & Beautiful

Republicans Are Avoiding White Supremacy Investigations After Paying Lip Service To Condemning Domestic Terrorism

Texas “Rape Insurance” Law Bans Coverage For Abortion — Even If You Buy Your Own Insurance

What Charlottesville Was Really Like Will Help Me Keep Protesting: “I Can’t Be Passive”

What Is Antifa? Trump Blames “Alt-Left” Protesters For Charlottesville, & Here’s What To Know

Twitter Reactions To Trump's "Alt-Left" Comment Show How Disgusted People Have Become

Trump Blames “Alt-Left” For Charlottesville Violence & That's Not A Thing

Tweets About The Lincoln Memorial Being Vandalized Show People Are Livid

Sugar Factory's Cotton Candy Cosmo Is Making Adulting So Much Tastier

Is MoviePass Worth It? New Subscription Lets You Go To The Movies As Much As You Want For 1 Price

How Does Amazon Instant Pickup Work? Follow These Steps For A Quick Pickup

This Dorm Room Decor Inspiration Will Help You Design A Gorgeous Bedroom

Scott Paul Leaves Trump Manufacturing Council After President's Response To Charlottesville

Trump's "Many Sides" Response To Charlottesville Was Ad-Libbed, So Maybe He Should Stick To The Script

Wakeout App Makes You Exercise In Bed Before Waking Up & It's Genius

These Cheap Flights To Hawaii Are Perfect For Your End-Of-Summer Vacation

Doctor Esther Choo Tweets About Racism In The ER & It's So Heartbreaking

FrontRow Necklace By Ubiquiti Will Film Your Life For You So You Don't Have To

Obama's Charlottesville Tweet Was So Popular It Made History

Tiffany Trump Starts Georgetown Law School Soon, As Trumps Continue D.C. Invasion

When Is Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Coffee Available? Our Favorite Flavor Is Coming Soon

Apple Pie Oreos Are Coming & They'll Be Your Favorite Autumn Snack

Seth Meyers' Response To Charlottesville & Trump Has The Internet Cheering

Jimmy Fallon's Charlottesville Monologue Gets Emotional: "We Can't Go Backward"

Chick-Fil-A Releases Breakfast Bowls With Chicken Nuggets & They're Great For Hangovers

Space Ice Cream Is Officially A Thing, Being An Astronaut Just Got More Appealing

FBI Warned Of White Supremacist Attacks Months Ago In A Report About The Likelihood Of Lethal Violence

Is White Supremacy Protected By Freedom Of Speech? The First Amendment Says Yes

Letter From Peter Tefft's Father To His White Nationalist Son Is Setting A Powerful Example

Trump's Approval Rating Drops After Charlottesville Attack Response Leads To Backlash, New Poll Shows

Will Trump Pardon Joe Arpaio? He's Reportedly Considering Doing So Because He's A "Great American Patriot"

Where Can I Buy Crystal Pepsi? Our Favorite '90s Soda Is Finally Back

These Hilarious "Troll Cakes" Will Turn Offensive Comments Into Delicious Treats

Tweets About Trump's Charlottesville "White Supremacist" Speech Show It Was Too Little, Too Late

Trump's Response To Ken Frazier's Resignation Has Twitter Up In Arms

Alleged Video Of iPhone 8 Being Made In Factory Suggests That It Really Does Exist

Jeff Sessions Calls Charlottesville Attack "Domestic Terrorism," & Trump Continues To Be Criticized For Response

Is Charlotteville Attack Domestic Terrorism Or Hate Crime? Maybe Both

iPhone 8 Blush Gold May Replace Rose Gold, According To A New Rumor

Donald & Melania Trump's Wedding Guest List Included A Lot Of Celebs

Naked Marshmallow Co. Marshmallow Gin Will Make Your Campfires Complete

Fire Steve Bannon Tweets Are Trending After White Supremacist Violence Leaves 1 Dead In Charlottesville

How Can I Support Charlottesville? Rallies & GoFundMes Are Helping Victims

Ted Cruz & GOP Condemn Trump's Charlottesville Speech For Not Mentioning “White Supremacy” Or “Terrorism”

Was Charlottesville Terrorism? This One Tweet Sums Up Why Trump Won’t Say

"Many Sides" Memes & Tweets From Trump's Charlottesville Speech Are Taking Over Twitter

Charlottesville Victims Are 1 Dead & At Least 19 Injured After Car Slams Into Crowd

Donald Trump’s Charlottesville Speech Has Twitter Outraged: “On Both Sides”

Ivanka Trump's Response To The Charlottesville Rally Is Heavily Anticipated

What Is Happening In Charlottesville? Here’s What To Know After Violence Erupts At Alt-Right Rally

Trumps & Clintons Tweet About Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally

Donald Trump Tweets About Charlottesville Violence & Misses The Point

Videos Of Charlottesville Alt-Right Rally Violence Are Horrifying Twitter

Trump Says North Korea Threats Will Help Guam Tourism & We’re Like, “What?”

Tweets About The Alt-Right March At UVA Are Roasting This Dumb Photo, & It’s Too Good

Ivanka Ignores Trump's North Korea Tweet, Focuses On Entrepreneurship Summit Instead

Server Allegedly Didn't Get A Tip Because Of LGBT Tattoo & Twitter Is Furious

President Trump's Trans Military Ban Will Cost $960 Million, According To Early Reports

What Is Jared Kushner's Net Worth? He's Made A Lot

Genius Thermos Ice Cream Hack Will Ensure Your Pint Never Melts Mid-Scoop

Video Of Copper Gold iPhone 8 Model Has Twitter Missing Rose Gold

Ivanka Trump Is Opening A Store In Trump Tower, Obviously

Taco Bell Is Testing Firecracker Burritos With Pop Rocks In These Locations

Will Trump Attack North Korea? He Says The U.S. Is "Locked & Loaded"

23 Tweets About Trump's Nuclear Threats Since You Need A Laugh

How Does Uber In-App Chat Work? You Can Message Your Driver, So No More Phone Tag

Trump's Immigration Plan Would Eliminate 4.6 Million Jobs, UPenn's Wharton School Says

How Is Hawaii Preparing For A Nuclear Attack? They're Doing A Lot

How To Make Boozy Fireball Cupcakes That'll Spice Up Your Party

What Nuclear Weapons Does North Korea Have? Hwasong-12 Is Their Stated Weapon Of Choice

How To Use “Watch” On Facebook To Find New TV Shows

When Will Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes Be Available? Starbucks Is Laying Low

National Lazy Day Tweets About Trump Are Hysterical

Starbucks’ Bottled Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are The Ready-To-Drink Treat We Need

Robert Jeffress Says Trump Has “Moral Authority” To Kill Kim Jong Un, Gets Skewered

If Trump’s Impeached, Ivanka & Jared Kushner Could Be In Trouble

Another Benefit Of Drinking Wine Says It’ll Make You More Creative, So Cheers

The Best Time To Book Thanksgiving Flights Is Coming Up, So Mark Your Calendar

Trump Tweets Senator McConnell On Twitter Over Health Care

Anthony Scaramucci Compared Himself To Monica Lewinsky & Twitter Made The Same Joke

Love Tribe's Nickelodeon Line Is At Macy's & It's All That

Pizzas Spilled Into Road After Tractor Trailer Accident & We're Sorry For The Lost Pies

Trump Chicken Tweets About This Protest At The White House Are Pure Gold

Anthony Scaramucci Will Be On Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ & We’re On The Edges Of Our Seats

Can North Korean Missiles Hit Us? Here’s Where In The United States They Could Hit

Trump's Childhood Home Is On Airbnb, So That's A Thing

Can The U.S. Stop A North Korean Missile? THAAD Could Be An Option

"Sexy Song For Mike Pence" Is Your Nuclear War Soundtrack

How To Get Free Ice Cream From Uber On Uber Ice Cream Day

Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears Exist & We'd Wear Them Every Day

Ivanka Trump’s First Tweet After Fire & Fury Nuclear Talk Is All About Small Businesses

Can North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Reach The U.S.? It’s Open To Debate

Black Tap's S'mores Milkshake Made With Hershey's Chocolate Is Insane

Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Is The Perfect Eclipse Snack

iPhone 8 Might Mute Notifications Using Rumored Face Sensor, So That's Nice

Transgender Service Members Sue Trump Over Military Ban

Trump’s “Fire And Fury” Threat To North Korea Was Improvised & Twitter Isn’t Surprised At All

Edible Oreo Cookie Dough Exists & Twitter Is Dying To Try A Scoop

Fried Breakfast In A Mason Jar Is Being Sold At A Cafe & Twitter Is Upset About It

Trump's "Fire And Fury" Threat Sounded Like North Korea, Experts Say

Deportation Rates Under Trump Are Lower Than Under Obama, But There's A Catch

Little Caesar's Pizza Vending Machines Exist & Our Dreams Have Come True

iPhone 8 Will Only Come In These 3 Colors, According To New Leak

Video Of Trump Talking About North Korea In 1999 Is So Eerie

Will North Korea Attack Guam? Here’s What To Know After Trump’s “Fire & Fury” Threat

Trump Gets “Propaganda” File Ego Boost Twice Daily With Positive News About Himself, Report Says

Sen. McConnell Says Trump Has “Excessive Expectations”

Hillary Clinton Nuclear Weapons Tweet Resurfaces As Trump Threatens North Korea

"Modern Away" Instagram Account Modernizes AIM Away Messages & It's Hilarious

Cheetos Restaurant Called "The Spotted Cheetah" Is Coming To NYC For 3 Nights

Wendy Davis On Democrats & Abortion Support — EXCLUSIVE

Video Of Dog Refusing To Leave Park Is All Of Us Getting Out Of Bed On A Monday

North Korea Has Missile-Ready Nuclear Weapons, & That’s Very Worrisome

Trump Losing Support From Republicans, New Poll Indicates

Colors In Your Instagram Pics Can Reveal If You're Depressed, New Study Says

Redhead Emojis Will Be Available In June 2018 & Twitter Is So Excited

DoorDash Is Delivering Wine In Major Cities & We're Excited To Order A Bottle

This Rainbow Unicorn Cake Is What Birthday Dreams Are Made Of

Apple's iPhone Photography Instagram Account Will Give You So Much Inspo

What Is The Google Manifesto? Here’s Why It’s Controversial

Trump Tweets North Korea Story With Anonymous Sources, Gets Called Out For Hypocrisy

What Does Starbucks' Horchata Almond Milk Frappuccino Taste Like?

Starbucks' Horchata Almond Milk Frappuccino Is Easy To Make, Here's How

How Long Will Starbucks' Horchata Almond Milk Frappuccino Be Available?

American's Don't Trust Trump Administration, New Poll Shows

Starbucks' Horchata Almond Milk Frappuccino Will Spice Up The End Of Summer

This Toilet Paper With Donald Trump's Tweets Was So Popular, It's Completely Sold Out

Viral Dear David Ghost Story About A Haunted Apartment Is So Terrifying You'll Never Sleep Again

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