August 2016
News Articles

Many Divided Over Trump's Meeting With Mexico's President

People Work Harder For Pizza Than They Do For Money, According To New Study

People Are Really Furious Over 'Premature Pumpkin Spicing,' As They Should Be

Guy's Side-By-Side Mugshots Show How Much You Change When Addicted To Meth

Kid Laughing At Idea Of Pizza Being Her BF Is Really Laughing At All Of Us

Hillary Clinton Compiled Every Trump Tweet About Mexico

Woman Posts Angry Rant Over Restaurant Reusing Uneaten Chips And Salsa

Trump's Campaign Manager Says 'Rape Would Not Exist' If Women Were Stronger

Girl Posts Video Of Guy Getting Kicked Off Plane For Trying To Kiss Cabin Crew

You Can Finally Zoom In On Instagram Photos, So Let The Stalking Begin

High School Senior Throws Insane Temper Tantrum When GF Goes Off To College

Guy Confronts Festival Hat Thief After Finding It Being Sold Online

Twitter Is Predicting All The Embarrassing Things Trump Will Say In Mexico

Woman Hilariously Rewrites Captions On Old Instagram Pics After BF Cheats

Guy's Snapchats Of Subway Rider Fingering Girl Next To Him Are So, So Angry

Bride Sends Store Manager Pic Of DIY Wedding Cake, Gets Brutal Response Back

No One's Ever Had Less Fun At A Theme Park Than This Miserable Guy

Women Post Beach Selfies While Allegedly Smuggling Cocaine Onto Cruise

Strangers Post Best Message On Girl's Lost Phone After Finding It At Festival

Woman's Text Screenshots Show Anthony Weiner Using Son As 'Chick Magnet'

If You're In College, There's Now A Great Excuse To Eat Chipotle Every Day

Everyone Wants To Move After The Creepy Clown Sightings In South Carolina

Who Is Baylee Curran, The Woman Accusing Chris Brown Of Assault?

Military Personnel Tweet Out Their Support For Colin Kaepernick

Donald Trump Is Going To Meet With Mexico's President

Girlfriend Loses It When A Stripper Gives Her BF A Lap Dance

You Can Now Facebook Chat With A Pumpkin Spice Latte

President Obama Commutes 35 Life Sentences

Coffee Could Go Extinct In Our Lifetimes, Terrifying New Study Finds

Couple Banned From Climbing Mountains After Photoshopping Mount Everest Pics

STDs Are Getting So Hard To Cure, Doctors Are Turning To Butt Injections

New Poll Shows Republicans Panicking About Donald Trump

Every Party You Go To Can Have Its Own Snapchat Geofilter Thanks To New Tool

Abortion Laws Meant To 'Protect Women' Are Actually Hurting Them, Study Proves

Girl Texts BF Hilariously Detailed Story From Bathroom While Boss Poops Pants

You Can Now Order Pizza On Your TV, So Binge-Watching Will Never Be The Same

Lena Headey Writes Beautiful Open Letter About Falling In Love With Refugee

Your Ex's Stories May Pop Up On Instagram Even If You Don't Follow Each Other

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Calls Kaepernick's National Anthem Snub 'Truly Patriotic'

Trump Advisor Posts Bizarre Apology Video For Hillary Clinton Blackface Tweet

Ryan Lochte Still Denies Rio Accusations: 'Vandalizing The Bathroom Is Absurd'

You Won't Be Able To Stop Crying Over Video Of Teen Asking Stepdad To Adopt Her

This Woman's Tweets About Sexist Record Store Labels Will Make You So Angry

Pic Shows How Letters Are Addressed Only In Iceland: '3 Kids And A Lot Of Sheep'

'Strong Signal' May Mean We Found Aliens -- And They're More Advanced Than Us

Naked Dog Walker Appears In Teen's Senior Photo Shoot

Comedian Leaves Strangers Random Instagram Comments

Children Are Being Lured Into Woods By Creepy Clowns

Mark Zuckerberg Gifts Pope Francis A Facebook Drone

Trump Told Colin Kaepernick To Stop Complaining Or Leave

Harambe's Death Reenacted At A High School Football Game

Mom Posts The Most Relatable Story About Her Son Catching Her Having Sex

Convicted Rapist Brock Turner Is Scheduled To Get Out Of Jail This Week

Ice Cube's Tweet About Donald Trump Won The Internet

'Willy Wonka' Actor Gene Wilder Just Died, But Our Childhood Memories Will Live Forever

This Guy Can't Stop Using Puns On Tinder Even After Getting Totally Rejected

There's A Fatal iPhone 'Disease' Going Around — Here Are Signs You Have It

5-Time Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky Couldn't Even Get Into Local Swimming Club

Girl Can't Stop Telling Mom She's Choking On Penis After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Guy's 'Flour' Bouquet Inspires SOs To Share Creative Ways They've Apologized

President Obama Officially Met His Goal Of Welcoming In 10,000 Syrian Refugees

Teen Running From Police Takes Break To Send In More Flattering Mugshot

Anthony Weiner's Wife Reveals She's Leaving Him Amid Latest Sexting Scandal

Facebook Steals A Lot Of Your Private Information From Another Messaging App

Teen Commits Suicide After 'Racist' Selfie Sent In Private Message Leaks

Twitter Is Loving This Girl's Snaps Of Her Grandpa Attending College With Her

Why A 3-Day Weekend is Healthier For You

Anthony Weiner Sent Another Sext -- And His Son Accidentally Photobombed It

Everyone's Super Pissed At This Rich Dude's Description Of His Daily Routine

Scientists Just Found The Milky Way's 'Dark Twin,' And It Sounds Creepy AF

People Are Really Regretting Finding Out Why 'McChicken' Is Trending

This Letter Proves You've Probably Been Pronouncing 'Ralph Lauren' All Wrong

Terror As Southwest Plane Engine Rips Apart, Forcing Emergency Landing

Usain Bolt Allegedly Got Women To Show Their Boobs For A Mock Medal Ceremony

Bride And Groom Accidently Put 'Child' On Wedding Reception Dinner Menu

Mom And Daughter Get Into Hilarious Fight Over Feeding Their Cat Ice Cream

Yup, This Guy Bathed In 1,250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce And It Did Not Go Well

Woman's Snapchats Of Last Day With Her Dog Will Seriously Bring You To Tears

Trump Thinks Death Of Dwyane Wade's Cousin Is Somehow Related To Black Votes

People Get Rescued From Uninhabited Island In The Most Stereotypical Way Ever

This Doctor Decided Trump Would Be 'Healthiest' President In Only 5 Minutes

Some Guy Stole A Truck And Rammed It Into A Plane For No Good Reason

Vogue Brazil Edited Actors To Look Like Paralympians, And People Are Furious

Dog Rescues An 8-Year-Old Trapped For 16 Hours After Italy's Tragic Earthquake

FSU Frat Guy Who Ate Man's Face Off Finally Wakes Up From Coma

Breaking Down The Shady Pasts Of All The People Who've Run Trump's Campaign

Women Explain Why It's So Important For Them To Vote In Empowering Video

Everyone's Talking About This Police Officer's Sexy Headshot

High School Students Ensure Harambe's Memory Lives On

Girl Makes Boyfriend T-Shirt With Her Face Before Ibiza Trip

#CocksNotGlocks Uses Dildos To Protest Open Carry Laws At Texas Universities

The iPhone 8 May Not Have A Home Button

French Women Can Wear Burkinis At The Beach Again And The World's Celebrating

Urban Decay 'Didn't Intend' To Make Fun Of Self-Harm, But Twitter Is Mad

Two Syrian Boys Sob After Losing Their Brother

Anchor Posts Moving Tribute To GF 1 Year After She Was Fatally Shot On Live TV

Aly Raisman And Chrissy Teigen Are BFFs Now, Thanks To These Hilarious Tweets

Ryan Lochte Could Face Up To 18 Months In Brazilian Prison

Orlando Hospitals Won't Charge Pulse Shooting Victims

Hillary Clinton Came To Leslie Jones' Defense With Tweet

A Man Is Serving 40 Years In Prison, But Not For The Hate Crime He Committed

Racists Respond To Hillary Clinton's Speech On Racism

Subway Riders Live-Tweet Chaos After Woman Lets Bugs Loose On Crowded Train

We Can All Feel For Boy Hoping To 'Make More Friends Than Just 1' At School

14 Breathtaking Pics That Will Make You Want To Visit All Our National Parks

High School Seniors Personalized Their Parking Spaces With The Coolest Art Ever

A 5th Grader Wrote The Most Adorable Love Letter To His GF

No One Can Get Over How Excited This 2-Year-Old Girl Is To Go To School

Guy Live-Streams His Fight To Show Off, Ends Up Getting His Ass Kicked Instead

Here's How Aly Raisman Plans On Getting Into Taylor Swift's Girl Squad

Dad Of Teen Who Ate Man's Face Breaks Down Apologizing

Woman Gets Disturbing Letter: 'Neighborhood Doesn't Need Any Blacks In It'

Facebook Released A New Private Comment Feature

Domino's Delivered A Pizza By Drone, And Everything Is Right In The World

Aly Raisman Reacted How We All Would If Our Embarrassing Parents Went Viral

Michael Phelps Says He's Had The Same Key To Success Since He Was 9 Years Old

Mom Gets 23K Responses After Finding Autistic Son Making Own Birthday Cards

Prince William's Message To Boy Who Lost Mom Will Tear Your Heart To Shreds

Italy Earthquake: Video Of Girl Being Pulled From Rubble

No One's Ever Regretted A Drunk Purchase More Than Guy Who Bought $37K Bus

Man Thinks Posting Emotional FB Statuses Is Key To Getting Away With Murder

Climate Change Will Cost Each Millennial $187K -- So Yeah, We're Screwed

A Plane Passenger Live-Tweeted A Bizarre Fight

No One Can Figure Out WTF Was Pulled Out Of This Girl's Belly Button

Scientists Discovered A Planet Super Similar To Earth

You Feel More Stressed In Your 20s Than Any Other Age, According To Science

Washing Your Hair Is Making Orangutans Go Completely Extinct

This Photo Made Everyone Care About Syria, But Google Says Only For One Week

Devastating Photo From Earthquake In Italy Captures Just How Bad The Damage Is

Sexist Guy Who Asked Woman's BF To Make Her Watch Her 'Tone' Gets Owned

Guy Puts Up Desperate Posters Around Town After Falling For Girl At Festival

Parents Trolled Kids Who Had To Go Back To School

This Girl Thought Her Dentist Was The Tooth Fairy And Wrote The Cutest Note

Kid Writes "Dick" Instead Of "Deck" On His Homework -- A Lot

People Are Horrified This 'Proud Dad' Let His Daughter Bite Into A Deer Heart

Guy Gets Caught Filming Couple Having Loud Fight In Public And Pays The Price

A Mom Calls Out Drug Dealers On Her Daughter's Birthday

It Looks Like Usain Bolt's Girlfriend Is Dragging Him For Cheating On Twitter

Usain Bolt Snapchats Second Wild Night In London, Takes 8 Women Back To Hotel

Woman Perfectly Claps Back At Trolls Body-Shaming Simone Biles' Bikini Pic

Michelle Obama Is Never Been Afraid To Be 'A Little Silly'

Science Says You Need To Stop Over-Planning Your Vacation

Reporter Accidentally Finds KFC's Secret Recipe On Back Of Old Family Photo

Women Only Like Donald Trump In One US State, According To New Poll

Serena Williams Totally Fails At Twerking In This Awkward Snapchat Video

Your iPhone Battery Could Last Twice As Long This Time Next Year

Woman Stabbed In The Leg After Ignoring A Man Who 'Complimented' Her Legs

North Korea Just Added A Dog Exhibit To One Of Its Zoos

Usain Bolt Takes Two More Women Back To Hotel In New Pics From Wild Birthday

Kid's Story About A Caterpillar Becoming A Butterfly Is Perfect

Chelsea Clinton Is All Of Us Helping Our Moms Use Technology In Hillary Emails

A Song About Ryan Lochte's Fake Rio Robbery Is True Art

American Men Don't Believe Sexism Still Exists, According To New Study

'Cheating' Guy Posts Divorce Story After Angry Ex Sells Wedding Dress On eBay

Stanford Bans Liquor, Posts Warning: Alcohol Arouses Men In 'Rape Scenarios'

Your Dumb Harambe Jokes Officially Made The Cincinnati Zoo Quit Social Media

Usain Bolt's Sister Reveals How Relationship With GF Works: She's 'Used To It'

Airline Staff Suspended After Posting Snapchats With Blow-Up Sex Doll On Plane

Usain Bolt Has Wild Birthday Party With Tons Of Women Amid Cheating Drama

We've All Been Simone Biles Getting Trolled By Aly Raisman For Falling Asleep

Ryan Lochte's Rumored Girlfriend Stands Up For Him With Sweet Comment

The Most Swiped-Right Olympic Athletes On Tinder

Usain Bolt Was With A Third Woman That Night And Photos Show Them Making Out

#WomenWithDegrees Is Empowering Women On Twitter

Trump Supporters Are Pathetically Trolling Oreos On Facebook

Chilling Tweets Seem To Reveal 21-Year-Old's Plan To Murder His Roommate

Girl Claps Back At Slut-Shamers On Snapchat With 2 Perfect Photos

Man Who Started YOLO Says We've Been Using It Wrong

Mom Gifts College-Bound Son With Cutout Of His Dog

Usain Bolt Cheated On His Girlfriend With A Drug Lord Widow

John Oliver Has A Genius Plan To Make Donald Trump An American Hero

Facebook Launched A Snapchat-Like App, But You Have To Be 21 Or Under To Use It

105-Year-Old Woman Wanted A Hot Firefighter For Her Birthday And She Got One

Usain Bolt's GF Breaks Her Silence On Twitter Following The Cheating Drama

Everyone's Defending Usain Bolt's Girlfriend Over All The Cheating Drama

Ryan Lochte Just Lost His Deal With Speedo

People Are Pissed At Recruiter's Advice To Women On Linkedin: 'Lose The Ring!'

This iPhone Hack Is A Genius Way To Text In Class Without Anyone Noticing

If Donald Trump Wins Colorado, He'll Have His 12-Year-Old Manager To Thank

Women Live-Tweet Their Harrowing Journey To Get Abortion In Another Country

Donald Trump Was Strangely Quiet As Team USA Dominated The Rio Olympics

Woman Caught In Bed With Usain Bolt Speaks Out: 'I'm Dying Of Shame'

Rio Student Shares Photos Of Herself In Bed With Usain Bolt -- Who Has GF

12 Confessions All True Introverts Will Relate To But Never Admit

Doll Left In Hot Car Was So Realistic, A Police Officer Performed CPR On It

The US Women's Gymnastics Team On A Rio Beach Is The Definition Of Ab Goals

Women Who Live Outside Of Major Cities Live Longer, According To Study

An Orlando Shooting Survivor Can Walk Again, And His Smile Will Make Your Day

A Waiter Got A Huge Tip For A Random Act Of Kindness, So Karma's Real

The Cop Who Shot And Killed Philando Castile Went Back To Work This Week

Snapchat Released An Anime-Inspired Filter And People Think It's Racist AF

Simone Biles Will Carry The American Flag At The Olympics Closing Ceremony

Omran Daqneesh's Big Brother, Ali, Has Died And We Are All Heartbroken

An Alleged Drug Trafficker Thought Dressing Up As An Old Man Would Fool Cops

'Bad Lip Reading' Made The Inspiring DNC Speeches Hilarious

Hillary Clinton Wished Bill 'Happy Birthday' With #TBT Photo

Woman Hacks Her BF's Phone In The Most Genius Way To Stop Him From Cheating

Trump's New Campaign Manager Was Trashing Him On Live TV Just Months Ago

Teen Waitress Is Calling Out A Couple Who Left Racist Note Instead Of Tip

Sasha Obama's Real Name Is Not Sasha And America Feels Totally Betrayed

This Netflix Hack Guarantees You'll Get Movie Suggestions You Actually Want

Michael Phelps Had The Most Big Brother Response To Ryan Lochte's Rio Drama

Frat Bros Of Guy Who Ate Man's Face Blow Up Reporter's Phone With Harambe Jokes

This Guy Used Wax For Probably The Most Dangerous 100 Layers Video Ever

The Internet Has A Major Career Change In Mind For Ryan Lochte Post-Olympics

People Are Mad At Ivanka Trump's Emoji Choice In Tweet About Unpaid Interns

No One Looked Less Impressed By Usain Bolt's 8th Gold Medal Than His Mom

Reporter Interrupts Olympics Broadcast To Narrate Couple Having Sex Behind Him

Malia Obama Ditching Family Vacation For A Crazy Party Is All Of Us As Teens

Raccoon Stuck In Sewer Grate Is All Of Us At Summer's End

Parks Dept.'s Response To Naked Trump Statue Is Savage

Science Says Your Dog Wants Affection More Than Snacks

Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Care About Ryan Lochte's 'Stupid As Shit' Problems

Ryan Lochte Breaks Silence With Video After Police Say He Lied About Robbery

Drunk Man Had Sex With A Parked Van, So His Night Got Weirder Than Yours

Michael Phelps Shutting Down This Enthusiastic Reporter Will Make You Cringe

Netflix Coming To Hotel Rooms Through Enseo Deal

Kid Who Swallowed A Dog Toy Can't Stop Squeaking When He Breathes And Talks

This Sorority's Recruitment Video Is Terrifying Everyone On The Internet

Little Boy Gives Mom Stern Punishment In Hilarious Note About Bedtime

Uber Will Launch Its High-Tech Fleet Of Driverless Cars Next Month

This Is What Trump Actually Meant When He Called Himself 'Mr. Brexit'

Son Of Man Killed By Student On 'Zombie' Drug Speaks Out About Father's Death

Photo Of Syrian Boy Omran Daqneesh After Airstrike Shocks The World

US Swimmers Are Being Held In Brazil Over The Ryan Lochte 'Robbery' Madness

Hollywood Is Getting A 'Star Wars' Cantina Bar

#SaysWho Trends On Twitter After Trump's Lawyer Owned

West Virginia City Suffers 27 Heroin Overdoses In Four Hours

Here's The Question A Nazi Prisoner's Son Never Got To Ask Donald Trump

What Is Flakka, The 'Zombie' Drug?

Steven Avery Of 'Making A Murderer' Says Judge's Decision Means He'll Go Free

Jewelry Company Rejects Ivanka Trump's Money With Bold, Personal Note

Woman Goes IN On Man She Allegedly Catches Masturbating On Subway

People Are Furious These Olympic Runners Finished Their Race Holding Hands

Female Golfer Challenges Obama To 'Play A Round With A Woman'

Gymnast Epke Zonderland Knocked Out In Olympics Routine

Louisiana Kid Cheers Everyone Up By Busting Dance Moves Behind Flood Reporter

Accused Murderer, Face-Eater Austin Harrouff May Have Been On Flakka, Cops Say

Simone Biles Posts Picture On Instagram Kissing Zac Efron

This Super Mario Bros. Corn Maze Will Get You Hyped For Fall

Most Dramatic Guy Ever Sends GF Absurd List Of Rules When She Goes To College

The Scientific Reason It's More Fulfilling To Win Bronze Than Silver At The Olympics

Woman Destroys Cheating Ex-Husband In Brutal eBay Ad For Wedding Dress

Snapchat's Latest Move May Let You Online Shop While Watching Friends' Stories

You Probably Didn't Know Clinton's VP Tim Kaine Is Savage At The Harmonica

Man Texts A Phone Number He Found On A Bathroom Wall -- And Falls In Love

New Photos Reveal The iPhone 7 May Come In Another Badass Color

Devastating Pics Show Floods Have Turned Louisiana Into A Floating Graveyard

Mom Posts Side-By-Side Pic Of Stomach To Show Effects Of Losing 100 Pounds

More Millennials Hate Donald Trump Than We Thought, According To New Poll

Iskra Lawrence Shows How Easy It Is To Fake 'Perfection'

You'll Never Wait At A Red Light Again With Audi's Futuristic New Feature

Air Conditioning Is Actually Making You Hotter In The Long Run, Science Says

Orlando Pulse Shooting Survivor Hopes Bullies Watch Her On MTV's 'True Life'

Simone Biles' Tragic Fall Ended Her Gold Medal Streak And Everyone's In Tears

Guy Epically Shuts Down Tinder Match Who Makes Rude Comment About His Height

Ivanka's Latest Instagram Proves The Trumps Are Closer To Putin Than We Think

Girl Writes Letter Asking Obama To Wear Tie-Dye Shirt, He Has Hilarious Reply

Yep, Pro Skateboarders Might Choose Weed Over Competing In The Next Olympics

iPhone 7 Could Be Waterproof, New Photos Reveal

The iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Might Not Be Replaced With What Everyone Thought

This Diver Proposed To His GF At The Olympics And Couldn't Keep It Together

Sylville Smith Killed By Police, Milwaukee Erupts With Violence

A Guy Hooked Up With A Pirate Hooker Who Took All His Money, So You're Fine

Now There's Proof: People Who Post Workout Pics On Facebook Are Narcissists

Milwaukee Explodes In Violence After Police Kill A Man During A Traffic Stop

A 13-Year-Old Killed Himself Over Bullying After His School Refused To Help

Muslim Imam And His Assistant Fatally Shot In NYC In Potential Hate Crime

Someone Offered This Grandpa A Seat And He Responded With Gymnastics

This New Product Is Basically A Tampon You Can Still Wear During Sex

Donald Trump Rep. Katrina Pierson Wrong About Afghanistan

This Video Of A Teen Asking Her Father Figure To Adopt Her Is Everything

Simone Biles And Team USA Congratulated Aly Raisman In The Sweetest Way

Rare 'Harry Potter' Typo Could Be Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Video Of Young Simone Biles Proves Her Flips Were Always Legendary

Olympians Have So Much Sex, This Guy's Job Is To Carry A Bag Of Condoms Around

Body-Shaming Has Reached Its Lowest Level After Trolls Called A Baby Fat

Simone Biles' Next Stop After The Olympics Is The 'Pretty Little Liars' Set

Using The Same Water Bottle Twice May Be As Gross As Drinking From A Toilet

The Green Olympic Pool Smelled 'Like A Fart,' So Officials Finally Closed It

These Perseid Meteor Shower Pics Are Breathtaking — Now Take Your Own Tonight

Science Says Political Facebook Rants Don't Change Minds

There's A Mystery Object Orbiting Beyond Neptune

General Tso's Chicken Invades The Panda Express Menu

Salesman Will Forever Regret Texting Guy Who Won't Stop Trolling Him

400-Year-Old Shark Crowned The Longest Living Vertebrate

Trump Doesn't Regret Saying Obama Founded ISIS: He's 'Literally' Its 'MVP'

No One Is Happier To Be At The Olympics Than This Adorable Chinese Swimmer

Yelling 'Katie Ledecky' Is The New Way To Cheer For Team USA During Any Sport

'DonaldGayTrump' Twitter Account Is The Best Thing To Come From His Campaign

Definitive Proof Michael Phelps And Ryan Lochte Have The Best Bromance Ever

President Obama Says He's Been 'Waiting To Drop' This Steamy Sex Playlist

Zac Efron's Response To Simone Bile's Crush On Him Is The Lamest Thing Ever

This Bizarre Photo Of Donald And Ivanka Trump Next To Parrots Humping Is Going Viral

This Gym Tried To Encourage People By Telling Them To Be Ugly, Not Fat

Ryan Lochte Hijacked A Puppy Photo Shoot And Had The Best Day Of His Life

Trump Calling Obama ISIS Founder Isn't The Worst Thing He's Said, Poll Finds

Simone Biles Hilariously Snapchats Struggle To Save Gold Medal In Fire Drill

14-Year-Old Jesse Romero Killed By Cops After Allegedly Shooting At Them

Oreo Debuts Swedish Fish-Flavored Cookie And It's Blasphemy

Trump Tower Climber Allegedly Posts Joker-Style Video

NYPD's Sick Grab Ends Man's Crazy Live Trump Tower Climb

The Best Twitter Reactions To The Trump Tower Climber

Everyone's Anxiously Watching This Live-Stream Of A Guy Scaling Trump Tower

Carlotta Ferlito Might Finally Win Gold Without Having To 'Paint Herself Black' Like Simone Biles

People Who Hate Working Out Are More Intelligent, According To Science

Woman Shuts Down Non-Committal BF's Attempt To Sext With Epic Ultimatum

Science Says You're A Total Idiot For Thinking You And Your Dog Are BFFs

Instagram's New Draft Update Will Totally Change How You Edit Your Photos

People Are Mad At Gabby Douglas For Being 'Disrespectful' During National Anthem

You Can Now Slide Into President Obama's DMs On Facebook

Malia Obama Got Caught Smoking At Lollapalooza And There's A Video

Simone Biles Has A Life-Size Zac Efron Cutout And Obviously She Kisses It

We Are All This Guy Reacting To Trump's Suggestion To Shoot Hillary Clinton

An Olympic Gymnast Was Body Shamed And Twitter Immediately Shut Down Haters

A Wardrobe Malfunction Couldn't Stop Michael Phelps From Winning A Gold Medal

Kylie Jenner's BFF Gigi Gorgeous Pens Post On Transphobic Airport Detaining

Simone Biles' Biological Mom Recorded A Video To Clear Her Drug Addict Image

Twitter Explodes After Final Five Take Home The Gold

Couple Wedded For 63 Years Pass Away Minutes Apart

Michael Phelps And Obama Listen To The Same Pump-Up Song, So Download It ASAP

Horrifying Video Shows Exact Moment Woman Sips Poison Coffee That Killed Her

This Couple Figured Out The Secret To Building An IKEA Dresser: Trip On Acid

It Sounded A Lot Like Trump Suggested Hillary Clinton Should Be Assassinated

Ryan Lochte's Grandma Cheering Him On With A Paper Olympic Torch Is Too Cute

If You Want A Favor From Someone, Science Says You Shouldn't Say 'Please'

No One Can Get Over This Olympic Gymnast's Floor Routine To Beyoncé

Barack And Michelle Obama Watching Olympic Gymnastics Is Literally All Of Us

It Turns Out Olympic Gold Medals Actually Aren't Worth Very Much Money

Olympian's Grandmother Dies While Celebrating His Bronze Medal Win

Rapper Hilariously Live-Tweets From Jail, Claims He's 'Too Sexy' For Prison

Newspapers Cropped This Olympian Out Of His Big Moment And His Mom Is Pissed

Michael Phelps Ate An Entire Pound Of Pasta To 'Recover' After Winning Gold

Couple Tells Scary Story Of Their Near Accident On Waterslide Where Boy Died

Dopey And Goofy Injured After Insane Fall At Disney World

Hackers Could Know How You're Using Your Smart Sex Toy

Guy Documents His Infuriating Text Exchanges With The Neighbors From Hell

Crying Old Couple Gets Police Called On Them, Cops Show Up And Cook Pasta

Guy Posted His GF's Absurd Rules For Him On Vacation And We're Concerned

Guy Snapchats Savage Employee Quitting Job By Flashing Her Bare Butt In Public

A Magical Cat Sanctuary Exists In Hawaii, And You Can Go Visit It

This Family's Selfie Got Photobombed By A 'Ghost' And It's Seriously Creepy

This Is How Third-Party Candidates Hugely Impact Elections Even When They Lose

Trump Said 'Titties' During His Speech And No One Will Let Him Live It Down

This New Mom's FB Post Is Going Viral After She Was Body Shamed At The Pool

People Keep Shipping Simone Biles And Another Gymnast Over Their Twitter PDA

Olympic Reporter's Video Shows Crazy Thing That Happens When You Shower In Rio

Hulu Is Finally Cutting Back On Ads, But You Won't Be Happy About It

A Teen Lost His Fast Food Job For Giving A Homeless Veteran Free Tacos

Before You Stalk Your Ex's Instagram Story, You Should Know This Sneaky Detail

Guy's 'Fabulous Letter' Perfectly Trolls Trump Without Even Mentioning His Name

The Stunning Perseid Meteor Shower Will Light Up Your Instagram This Weekend

Woman Wins $500K Suit Against Chipotle After She Was Fired For Being Pregnant

#KayakSofa Is Already The Best Trend To Come Out Of The Rio Olympics

This Man Was So Loved His Wife And Girlfriend Both Got Obituaries For Him

90-Year-Old Man Arrested After Calling Cops About Hooker Who Robbed Him

Here Are 5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Says You Should Support Hillary Clinton

The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Tonga's Oiled-Up Olympics Flag Bearer

Refugee Olympian Reveals How He Went From Fleeing Syria To Competing In Rio

How Much $100 Is Really Worth In Each State Will Make You Want To Move

Facebook's New Filter Feature Completely Destroys The Need To Use Snapchat

Barbie's Bizarre Middle Name Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Childhood

Obama Violently Head Bangs To Eminem Before A Speech And There's A Video

If You Like Really Bad Movies, You're Probably Smarter Than Most People

Disturbing Video Shows Cops High-Fiving After Shooting Unarmed Teen

Little Girl's Brutally Honest Thoughts On Disney Love Stories Are So Accurate

Donald Trump Admitted He Made A Mistake And There's Proof

These Companies Got Busted Trying To Sell Products That Claim To Prevent Zika

Yep, Taxing You For Netflix Is The Newest Way States Are Handling Their Debts

The Internet Really Wants To Find The Kid Who Sent This Message In A Bottle

US Coaches Sexually Abused Gymnasts For Years, And Nobody's Done Anything

Muslim Women Get Kicked Off Plane Just For Making One Man Feel 'Unsafe'

The Harvard Republican Club Refuses To Endorse Donald Trump

George Zimmerman Punched After Allegedly Bragging About Killing Trayvon Martin

This Simple Hack Lets You Hatch Pokémon Go Eggs Without Leaving The House

This 'Cat Lady' Word Search Is Going Viral For Its Disturbing Hidden Message

What Hillary Clinton Wore Last Night Doesn't Matter, So Stop Talking About It

This Pic Of Victoria's Secret Models May Be Photoshopped And People Are Pissed

London Is Going To Be The Next City To Open Up A Blowjob Coffee Shop

Melania Trump's Nude Pics Are Making Everyone Question Her Immigration Status

No One Can Get Over What Joe Biden Got His BFF Obama For His Birthday

What President Obama Taught Me About Hope, On His 55th Birthday

The Olympics Haven't Started Yet And Rio Athletes Already Broke A Major Record

We Can All Feel For Sasha Obama Working This Miserable Summer Job

This Is The Closest We'll Get To Seeing What The iPhone 7 Will Look Like

Facebook Shut Down This Woman's Live Stream Before She Was Killed By Police

Michelle Obama Just Posted The Most Adorable Message For Barack's Birthday

This Hilarious Prank Video Lets Pokémon Get The Ultimate Revenge On Humans

Obama Just Made The Cutest Dad Joke About The Perks Of Being President

This Olympian Racked Up Nearly $5K In Phone Charges Playing Pokémon Go

Clint Eastwood Is Everyone's Racist Grandpa With These Comments About Trump

This 45-Year-Old Model Probably Looks Better Than Most Of Us Did In Our 20s

Here's Proof Donald Trump Actually Has Really Small Hands

These Savage Monkeys Casually Decided To Have Sex On This Family's Car

Seattle Just Unanimously Voted To Ban 'Gay Cure Therapy' For Kids

Guy Live-Streaming Storm Is Way Too Casual About Insane Lightning Encounter

Michelle Obama Just Picked Barack's Nose In Public And There's A Video

Guy Reveals What It's Like To Have A GF With 2 Vaginas -- Yep, That's A Thing

Pornhub Is Giving This Away To Olympic Athletes Who Used All 43 Free Condoms

This Woman Cheated On Her Husband With Her Cousin

One State Just Took A Major Step For Women By Banning This Interview Question

Jailed Terrorist Reveals How ISIS Uses America's Gun Laws To Its Advantage

People Can't Get Enough Of This Guy's Videos With His 'Squad' Of Deer Friends

No One's More Sad About President Obama Leaving Office Than This 4-Year-Old

Sick Little Girl Leaves Dad Graphic Note About What He'll Find In Her Bed

This Actor Got President Obama's Blessing To Play Him In A Movie

Donald Trump's Question About Nuclear Weapons Is Absolutely Terrifying

Woman Live-Streams Boss Demanding Oral Sex If She Wants To Leave Early

Obama's Reaction To Michelle's Last State Dinner Look Was Too Perfect

Siri Actually Has Spot-On Descriptions For All Of Your Favorite Emojis

This New Temporary Tattoo Can Actually Tell How Much Alcohol You've Had

Reporter Tries To Kiss Co-Worker On Live TV And Gets Painfully Rejected

We Tested 'Instagram Stories' To See If It's Worth Using Instead Of Snapchat

This Guy Fatally Shot His 'Dream Girl' After She Refused To Date Him

Republican Rep. Richard Hanna Endorsed Hillary Clinton

A 17-Year-Old Who Was Filmed Raping A Girl Was Reportedly Called "Legend" By His Friends — UPDATE

You'll Never Put Your Phone In Your Pocket Again After Seeing This Scary Pic

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