August 2016
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9 Cities Where You Can Buy Home For Less Than $75K A Year

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Victoria Beckham's New Makeup Line Comes With Professional Lighting, Obviously

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Teen Slams Sexism After School Tells Her To Wear Longer Skirts And No Makeup

Gymanst Aly Raisman Is Going Out With Colton Underwood

Prince Harry Wants To Race Usain Bolt And No One's Ever Been So Ready To Lose

Melania Trump's Skincare Line Vanished From The Internet

Oakland Raiders QB Connor Cook Has An Insanely Hot Sister And Her IG Is Lit

Michael Phelps Bought A New Mansion And Obviously The Pool Is The Best Part

Obama Congratulated Simone Biles After The Olympics With The Cutest Message

How To Be Less Passive-Aggressive

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We Put On Ryan Lochte Beer Goggles And Re-Watched The Rio Security Videos

The Total Cost Of Ryan Lochte's Drunken Night -- From Ciroc To The Bathroom Door

Doughnut Walls Are The New Wedding Cake Your Guests Will Thank You For

How To Tell If You've Been Blocked Or Deleted On Each Social Media Channel

The Swag Bags Athletes Get At The Olympics May Be Better Than Winning A Medal

Leslie Jones Lost Her Sh*t Meeting Katie Ledecky

Pissed Mom Leaves Detailed List Of Everything Daughter Did Wrong This Summer

Picking Your Nose Isn't Just Gross, It Can Actually Be Dangerous

Ryan Lochte's Teammates Say He Was The Mastermind Behind The Robbery Story

Conspiracy Theory Says Olympic Pool Gave Unfair Advantage To Certain Swimmers

Olympic Swimmers Have The Secret To Keeping Your Hair Perfect In Water

This Beauty Vlogger With A Facial Tumor Will Inspire You To Love Yourself

Twitter Is Hilariously Roasting Ryan Lochte Over The Rio Robbery Scandal

Police Say Ryan Lochte Lied About Robbery To Hide Drunken Gas Station Fight

Two Girls Transformed Their College Dorm Into A Palace, And Twitter Lost It

High School Girl Is Speaking Out Against 'Irrational' Dress Code

Michael Phelps Shares Photo With Son Boomer And Fiancée Nicole Johnson

Simone Biles' Protective 'Boyfriend' Calls Out Zac Efron Over Kiss

French Olympian Renaud Lavillenie Booed Twice At Rio

I Just Beat Usain Bolt's Starting Block Reaction Time (Kinda)

I Weigh Myself Every Day, And It's Led To My Healthiest Lifestyle Yet

Olympic Women's Soccer Coach Has Badass Answer For Whether She Can Coach Men

This Makeup Designed For The Gym By Pro Athletes Passed My Ultimate Sweat Test

4 Ways To Tell If Your Narcissism Is Healthy Or Dangerous

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Trolls Trump Supporters

Scientists Just Found A Googly-Eyed Squid That's Too Cute For Words

Never Forget When Simone Biles Totally Freaked Out On The Podium Over A Bee

3 Months Of Meditation Gave Me The Peace Therapy Never Could

Eerie Photos Show What Happens To Olympic Villages Once The Games Are Over

'Mermaid Thighs' Is The Trend Putting A Body-Positive Spin On The Thigh Gap

Free People Tried Selling Clip-In Dreads, Proving Fast Fashion Is Still Awful

If You Always Crave Food At The Same Time, You're Probably Just Nostalgic

Carmelo Anthony's And Ryan Lochte's Rio Experiences Couldn't Be More Different

Canadian Hurdler Sage Watson Is The Sexiest Athlete In Rio

Losing Weight Can Be As Simple As Changing The Way You Talk About It

I Went To A Professional Cuddler To Break Out Of My Comfort Zone

Aly Raisman Asked Zac Efron On A Date And We're Worried About Simone Biles

RG3's New Girlfriend Is FSU Athlete Grete Sadeiko

Sexy Olympic Swimmer Ning Zetao Has The Internet Head Over Heels

This Is How Much Wedding Cakes Have Changed Over The Last 100 Years

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This Security Video Is Making Everyone Question Ryan Lochte's Robbery Story

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Guy Tries To Solve Rubik's Cube Before Usain Bolt Wins His Race

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Simone Biles May Have The Floor To Thank For Her Unreal Olympic Flips

Olympic Hurdler Has The Most Embarrassing Fail 3 Seconds Into His Race

The Disturbing Amount Of Pee In Pools Could Be Making Olympic Swimmers Sick

Laura Trott And Jason Kenny Are The Ultimate Olympic Power Couple

The Benefits Of Having Characteristics Of An Introvert And An Extrovert

Abbey D'Agostino Helps Nikki Hamblin Finish Race After Fall

Pokémon Go User Find Couple Wearing Pig Masks Having Sex

Here's How To Eat More Calories And Still Lose Weight, According To An Expert

Turmeric Is The New Trendy Superfood, And Here's How To Use It

How To Treat Your Summer Acne Without Spending Any Money On Skincare

Mom's Note To Husband About Watching The Kids Is Both Hilarious And Terrifying

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Cold Medicine Pods Are The Most Convenient Thing You Never Asked For

People Can't Get Enough Of This Firefighter's Hilariously Honest Obituary

Sugar Highs Are A Myth And Your Parents Lied To You

3 Of The Biggest Names In The NFL Are Looking At Possible Suspension

Blake Lively's Diet For Her Post-Baby Body Cuts Out All Soy And Gluten

Labiaplasty Might Be Considered Cosmetic, But Here's Why It Shouldn't Be

Chipotle Has A Secret Kids Menu That Is Cheaper And Healthier

Reddit Tried To Shame A Model With Cancer And People Were Not Having It

Men's Cycling Got So Drunk In Rio, The Women's Team Left This Glorious Note

Stop Interrupting Your Significant Other's Accomplishments With A Proposal

This Female Olympian With No Ovaries Raises Really Interesting Questions

These Makeup Looks Inspired By Kanye West Album Covers Are Incredible

Gigi Hadid's Mom Shows Off Her Insane Body After Completing Master Cleanse

This App Breaks Down Food Labels To Show How To Burn Off What You Eat

There's A Hotel In Dubai With A Rainforest In The Middle, So Start Saving

Everyone's Pissed At Ellen Over This Tweet She Posted About Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Slayed The Cameras Again With This Perfect Mid-Race Photo

Here's How Much Money Michael Phelps Would Make If He Swam For Other Countries

If You're Too Scared To Get Your Nipple Pierced, You Need This T-Shirt

Michael Phelps Owes A Lot Of Money Because He Won So Many Gold Medals In Rio

Instagram's 'Red Filter' Is The Easiest Trick To Look Hotter In Every Photo

Kim Kardashian's Ex-Husband Probably Could Have Beaten Michael Phelps In Rio

Olympic Pole Vaulter's Penis Slams Into Bar And The Video Will Make You Cringe

Sprinter Shaunae Miller Dives Across Finish Line To Win Gold

Chinese Swimmer's Comment About Her Period During The Olympics Is A Huge Win

Simone Biles Won Bronze, But Her Sassy Snapchat Response Is Pure Gold

Cop's Smoothly Recovers After Baseball Player Collision

'Game Of Thrones' Fans Joke About Olympic High Jumper

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Apparently, Eating A Banana For Breakfast Is A Pretty Bad Idea

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You Don't Know How Sexist Gymnastics Is Until You See The Rules Side By Side

Who Cares About Diving? This Belly Flop Competition Is Pure Entertainment

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It Turns Out We've Been Holding Coffee Mugs Wrong Our Entire Lives

Gabby Douglas And Her Mom Could Teach Us All A Lesson About Cyberbullying

You'll Have Rose-Tinted Wanderlust From This Pink Lagoon

8 Ways To Take Action And Chase What You Want, Even If You Don't Have A Plan

If You Think Kale Is A Superfood, You're Missing The Point Of Healthy Foods

The New Naked Palette Will Make You Forget Kylie Ever Released Eyeshadow

Michael Phelps' Adorable Post-Olympics Plans Will Make You Love Him Even More

Ariel Winter Is Back At It Again With The Self-Confidence In Tiny Shorts

Woman Regrets Everything When Tinder Guy She Rejects Wins Olympic Gold

Cheering For Usain Bolt May Have Caused An Evacuation Of NY's Biggest Airport

Andy Murray Has Savage Response To Reporter Who Forgot Women Play Tennis

7 Steps To Building A $1,000 Emergency Fund Like The Adult You Are

Kylie Jenner Went Makeup Free To Show Rare Glimpse Of Her Beautiful Freckles

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Dairy

Usain Bolt Was Literally Laughing While Dominating His Olympic Race

Ryan Lochte Had The Most Ryan Lochte Reaction To Getting Robbed At Gunpoint

5 Legit Reasons Renting A Home Is Better Than Buying

How To Know If Your College Drinking Buddy Is Actually An Alcoholic

A 55-Year-Old Man Lost A Bet And Hosted A Major BBC TV Show In His Underwear

Officials Are Draining Rio's Green 'Swamp' Pool, But Their Excuse Is Weak AF

This Russian Olympic Diver Successfully Back-Flopped Her Way To Zero Points

Even Usain Bolt's Mom Isn't Happy Until He Gets Married And Settles Down

The Guy Who Beat Michael Phelps At The Rio Olympics Was Actually A Childhood Fan

6 Stages Of Accepting Your Life Isn't Going According To Plan

Usain Bolt Showed Up At The Olympics And Basically Won A Race Without Trying

Everything You Need To Know To Make A 15-Minute Workout Effective

How To Love Yourself If You Can't Be With The One You Want

Michael Jordan Sent Boxes Of Gifts To The Autistic Fan Who Dresses Like Him

People On Twitter Could Not Get Over Katie Ledecky's Insane 800-Meter Win

4 Reasons To Practice Being Alone Before You Head Out On A Solo Trip

Katie Ledecky Smashes 800-Meter Freestyle Record

Madeline Dirado Comes From Behind To Win Her Second Gold

Edible Flowers Make Food Insta-Worthy, But Would You Eat Them?

Hope Solo Had The Most Savage Message For Sweden After US Women's Soccer Loss

This Selfie Of The Simones Meeting After Their Gold Wins Is An Instant Classic

Science Will Grow Your Next 'Leather' Purse Out Of Mushrooms And Zippers

The Quickest Ways To Cool Down When You Can't Stop Sweating At Work

Do Not Get Drunk And Forget To Remove Your Tampon

Aly Raisman's Messy Bun Is A Major Clap Back At Gymnastics' Double Standards

This Makeup Artist Is 'Gramming A New, Over-The-Top Look Every Day For A Year

The Truth Behind 7 Of The Most Popular Weight Loss Myths

5 Questions We All Ask Ourselves While Watching The Olympics

Simone Manuel's Win Is Historic, But There's An Upsetting Truth We Can't Ignore

6 Ways To Finally Get To The Gym If You've Been Avoiding It All Summer

Olympian Breaks Arm While Lifting 429 Pounds And The Video Is Horrifying

WTF Is Up With Everyone's New LaCroix Obsession?

Simone Biles Eats Pizza After Every Single Competition Because She's Perfect

People Are Outraged Over This Paper's Racist Headline About Simone Manuel

Rihanna Seems To Have Accidentally Worn A Corset Over Her Clothes

Emily Ratajkowski Won Salsa-Inspired Trends, So You Can Stop Trying Now

Ryan Lochte Can't Go On Without Michael Phelps, According To This Sad Interview

Boomer Phelps Is So Over His Dad Winning Gold, He Slept Through His Big Race

Ariel Winter In Tiny Jean Shorts Has The Confidence All Of Us Should Have

Someone Got A Huge Michael Phelps Meme Tattoo And There's A Photo

Ryan Lochte Shuts Down Girlfriend Rumors With Douchey Comment About Tinder

Excited Broadcaster Calling Phelps 'Lochte' In Last Race Will Make You Cringe

Dad Of The Year Makes Toast Sculptures Every Day With Daughter's Breakfast

Michael Phelps And Ryan Lochte Share One Last Romantic Meal Before Final Swim

Simone Manuel And Simone Biles Are Crushing The 2016 Olympics

Your Emotions Affect Your Physical Health Way More Than You Realize

Simone Biles And Aly Raisman Won Gold And Silver And No One Can Stop Crying

12 Times Ryan Lochte's Douchiness Should've Won A Gold Medal

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A UK Politician Is Accusing ASOS Of Pretty Horrifying Worker Treatment

There's Now Jewelry Made From Breast Milk And We've Officially Seen It All

Brazilian Gymnast Jade Barbosa Injured Her Ankle And Everyone Feels The Pain

Guy Trolls Hotel With Ridiculous Room Requests And Hotel Doesn't Disappoint

You Probably Didn't Know Olympic Parents Have To Do Their Own Intense Training

How To Nail Your Fantasy Football Draft This Year, Commish

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People Are Obsessed With This Picture Of Young Katie Ledecky Meeting Phelps

The Internet Has Some Strong Opinions About Kim Kardashian's Newest Choker

Michael Phelps May Know Why The Pools Keep Turning Green: 'Everybody Pees'

Michael Phelps' Favorite Photo From The Rio Olympics Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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Your Addiction To Coffee Could Actually Save Your Life, According To Science

This Guy Quit His Job With The Most Savage Greeting Card Ever

Two New Girl Scout Cookies Are Coming Out And The World Is A Happy Place

Michael Phelps' Ex Claims He Cheated On Fiancée With Escorts In Vicious FB Rant

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Science Says If You Go To Music Festivals, You're Happier Than Most People

Fairy Floss Ice Cream Is The New Dessert Trend To Try ASAP

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No One Fangirled Over Michael Phelps More Than The US Men's Basketball Team

The Case For Ditching Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Abbi And Ilana From 'Broad City' Show Us What The Perfect Day At Work Is

Noah Syndergaard And Jacob DeGrom Talk Style And The Power Of Chicken Nuggets

Ryan Lochte Eats Pizza And Wings As Part Of His Ridiculous 8,000-Calorie Diet

We Should All Use Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez's Mantra On A Daily Basis

'Grandma Makeovers' Are Taking Over Instagram And They Are Seriously Fab

This Dog Found An Enormous Dildo On His Walk And Grew Extremely Attached To It

Pikachurros Are The Pokémon Go-Themed Dessert You Didn't Know You Needed

It Looks Like The Gross Olympic Pool Turned Ryan Lochte's Silver Hair Green

4 Reasons You Should Try Cupping To Improve Your Health

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