August 2015
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Over 87K New Women Have Apparently Signed Up On Ashley Madison

Man Claims He Has A 19-Inch-Long Penis, And His Whole Life Has Suffered

Dad Pens Touching Note To Daughter With Down Syndrome On Day Of Wedding

Denny's Wants To Team Up With Burger King To Create A 'Peace Burger'

Couple Reveals Harsh Truths Of Leaving Behind Jobs To Travel The World (Photos)

Fishermen Literally Go 'Catfishing' And Rescue Two Swimming Kittens (Video)

NFL Cheerleader Gets Amazing Surprise From Marine Husband During Game

Mother Sparks Internet Debate After Charged For Leaving Baby In A Store

Woman's Powerful Tattoo Shows Truth Behind Struggling With Depression

Two Indian Sisters Ordered To Be Raped As Punishment For Brother's Crime

How The Media And Internet Have Come To Play A Huge Role In Violence

Photos Of Syrian Refugee Go Viral, Leads To Over $70k Raised For Family

Internet Reunites Two People After Their Love Note On A Euro Is Found

Husband Of Virginia Shooting Survivor Relays Wife's Account Of Attack

This Woman Had A Dance Party After Leading Police On A Crazy Chase

Siri Throws Nothing But Shade When Asked For Clues About The New iPhone (Photos)

This Bar Used Naked Women As Fruit Platters, And People Freaked Out

Rock Bottom: Man Drops The Engagement Ring In The Water While Proposing

Couple Left Their Baby On A Sidewalk To Go And Take Shots At A Bar

This Stunning Model Was Told To Gain Weight In Order To Be Successful

Science Says Drinking Water Before Meals Can Help You Lose More Weight

How Trump 'Tells It Like It Is' Instead Of Being Politically Correct

Finally! Instagram Just Added New Landscape And Portrait Options

Couple Films Crazy Wedding Dance Video With 250 Guests In Just One Take

How Mass Shootings Literally Spread Like A Virus Because Of The Media

Most Of Ashley Madison's Female Accounts Might Have Been Totally Fake

Homeless People Were Given Cameras, And The Photos Are Truly Stunning

Wine O'Clock, Hangry And Awesomesauce Are Now Officially Real Words

Man May Get Hand Amputated After Attempting A Selfie With A Rattlesnake

School Says Wonder Woman Lunch Box With 'Violent Images' Isn't Allowed

Couple Ties The Knot In Hospital Shortly Before Having A Baby Girl

Gay Couple Got Engaged At Church And Received Amazing Standing Ovation (Video)

Walmart Will Stop Selling High-Powered Rifles In All Of Its US Stores

5-Year-Old Has Sweetest Reaction To Finding Out He'll Be A Big Brother (Video)

Woman Is Selling Her College Diploma For $50,000 So She Can Pay Loans

Join The Movement: 9 Ways To Be A Better Ally To A Social Cause

American Kids Have Hilarious Reactions To Other Countries' School Lunches (Video)

Conrad Roy III: How Simple Messages Of Love Could Save Someone’s Life

ABC News Allegedly Got A 23-Page Fax From Gunman After WDBJ Shooting

How Therapy Could Actually Be The Biggest Weapon Against ISIS

Amazon's 1-Hour Alcohol Delivery Service Is Everything You Ever Wanted

Science Says People Who Live Near Nature Might Sleep Better At Night

Loved Ones Pay Tribute To Victims Of The Tragic Shooting In Virginia

Put Down The Latte: This Is How To Stay Awake All Day Without Caffeine (Video)

Coolest Wedding Reception Ever Has A Weed Bar And Even A Budtender

Scientists Finally Discover How To Turn Cancer Cells Into Normal Cells

Clever Twin Babies Pretend To Sleep When They Hear Their Mom's Voice (Video)

Magician Pulls Off One Heck Of A Trick To Propose To His Girlfriend (Video)

Student Sues His Mom For Keeping A $5,000 Present From His Bar Mitzvah

Cheers To This: People Are Now Drinking Way More Whiskey Than Vodka

Iconic Movie Posters Reimagined With Obama And Putin Are Pure Gold (Photos)

Photographer Finds Her Homeless Father And Helps Him Rebuild His Life

Gunman Bryce Williams Shot Himself, But He May Still Be Alive

Incredible Dog Sniffed Out Evidence That Helped Take Down Jared Fogle

Suspected Gunman Bryce Williams Tweeted First-Person Video Of Shooting

Squashing The Beef: Burger King Proposes 'McWhopper' To McDonald's

Dachshunds Throw Raddest Pool Party Just In Time For National Dog Day (Video)

Family Unearths Teen's Coffin After Hearing Her Scream From The Inside

Little Girls Prepare Women For First Dates With Makeovers And Advice (Video)

Gunman Shoots Cameraman And Reporter Dead During A Live TV Broadcast

Stolen Pug Totally Loses Her Mind When She Reunites With Her Owner (Video)

Porn Stars Reading Mean Comments About Themselves Is Pretty Hilarious (Video)

10-Year-Old Survives Almost 30 Hours In Wilderness After Getting Lost

You Can Dress As Cecil The Lion's Killer For Halloween If You're Awful

Your Hamburger Meat Contains Feces, So Do You Want Cheese With That?

Couple Celebrates Anniversary By Eating Cake From Their 1955 Wedding

Man Rides Right Into An Intimidating Kangaroo 'Apocalypse' On His Bike (Video)

There's A Terrifying Person In A Cloak Dropping Raw Meat At Playgrounds

Woman With 'Feminist' In Tinder Bio Completely Destroys Sexist Men

Jared Fogle's Foundation Might Not Have Ever Given Money To Charity

This College Student Avoids Landlords By Literally Living On A Train

Horrible Customers Leave 'LOL' Instead Of Tip On Bill For The Waitress

Woman Sues Porn Company After Unknowingly Giving Her Brother A Blowjob

This Gay Couple Had All The Bridesmaids Dress In Stunning Wedding Gowns

12-Year-Old Boy Trips And Accidentally Destroys A $1.6 Million Painting

19-Year-Old Model Who Was Called 'Too Big' Responds With Honest Video

Woman Banned From Plane After Allegedly Drinking Whole Bottle Of Cognac

This Adorable Bear Rolling Down A Hill Is Living Life To The Fullest (Video)

Oldest People Who Ever Lived Share Secrets To Living Over 100 Years (Video)

Coolest Dad Has The Best Response After Son Picks Out A Mermaid Doll (Video)

Non-Alcoholic 'Dog Brew' Lets Man's Best Friend Drink A Beer With You

Black Women In Book Club Allegedly Kicked Off A Wine Tour For Laughing

Study Finds 1 Out 3 Millennials Doesn't Identify As Straight Or Gay

Pregnant Meteorologist Is Being Praised For Her 'Message For The Haters'

Three People Allegedly Committed Suicide Because Of Ashley Madison Leak

Couple's Unique Wedding Cake Is Part Traditional, Part Superhero-Themed

Two Men Arrested For Attempting Shooting At Pokémon World Championships

Couple Responds To Annoying Baby Questions With Epic Puppy Photo Shoot

Students Cause Outrage With Idiotic 'Freshman Daughter Drop Off' Banners

Man Injects Drug Similar To Viagra And Says His D*ck Almost 'Exploded'

This Australian Slang Is So Crazy, You Probably Won't Understand A Word (Video)

Groom Has Amazing Fairytale Wedding Before Dying From Terminal Cancer

This Map Of Current NYC Rent Prices Is Nothing Short Of Depressing

'Butches And Babies' Shows Badass Women Totally Shattering Gender Norms

Cutest Little Girl Ever Is Completely Owning Her Killer Zumba Moves (Video)

Science Has Finally Proven Your Penis Is The Problem, Not The Condom

Parents Accidentally Take Pics Of Their Kids In Front Of An Active Bomb

Crazy Social Experiment Reveals How Fast Strangers Will Help A Lying BF

Jared Fogle Was Ultimately Busted By Wire-Tapped Woman Working With FBI

Florida Gun Range Will Begin Serving Alcohol Because That's A Good Idea

This High School Adopted A Cat Who Roams The Hallways Like A Student

Beagles See Grass For The First Time After Being Rescued From Test Labs (Video)

Man Travels To 11 Countries To Record People Kissing All Over The World (Video)

You Can Play A 'Real-Life' First-Person Shooting Game On Chatroulette

This Adorable Baby And His BFF Pug Puppies Will Make Your Entire Day

Woman Sends Crazy Text Rant After Guy Ends It After Tinder Date

Woman Adopts Heroic Stray Dog After It Saves Her From Being Attacked

Little Kid Was Not Happy When A Family Of Bears Took Over Family's Pool (Video)

Science Says Women End Up Handling Difficult Breakups Better Than Men

'Stay Weird': People Of All Ages Give Advice To Their Younger Selves (Video)

Man Wears Contacts To Sleep And Completely Loses His Vision In One Eye

Guy Scares Sh*t Out Of GF When He Proposes As Mike Myers In 'Halloween'

Women Were Asked To 'Shove Cucumbers Down Their Throats' On Radio Show

You Can Now Turn Your Favorite Pictures Into Incredible Emoji Artwork

Caitlyn Jenner Could Be Charged With Manslaughter For Fatal Car Crash

This Is What Life Inside A Tiny 100-Square-Foot NYC Apartment Is Like (Video)

'Miss' And ‘Mrs.' Didn't Always Indicate A Woman's Marriage Status (Video)

Scholarship Fund Started For Man Who Saved Woman From Potential Rape

Artist Pairs Classical Art With Vibrators In A Brilliant Photo Project

This Beautiful Brazilian Woman Could Totally Be Megan Fox's Doppelgänger (Photos)

6-Year-Old Boy Makes The 911 Call That Saves His Grandfather's Life

Why Hillary Clinton's Education Plan Doesn't Fool Millennials

Woman Kept Her Little Kids In Running Car So She Could Drink At The Bar

NASA Is Spending $200,000 A Year For Research On Turning Poop Into Food

This Touching Photo Project Captures Beloved Dogs As They Get Older

Genius Figured Out How To Get Free Starbucks For Your Entire Life

Bad News: The Burning Man Site Is Infested With Swarms Of Biting Bugs

Toddler's Reaction To Her First Summer Rain Is Incredibly Adorable (Video)

Colorblind Dad Is In Awe Of How The World Looks With His New Glasses (Video)

Firefighters Rescue Man's Lost Phone And Post A Series Of Funny Pics

Teen's 'Deez Nuts' Campaign Is Making Waves In The Presidential Polls

Jeans Designed By Paralyzed Woman Are Perfect For People In Wheelchairs

Trump Is Wrong: Immigrants Make America A Better, Stronger Country

Woman Finds Out Husband Is On Ashley Madison After Calling Radio Show

ISIS Allegedly Beheads 82-Year-Old Scholar Who Preserved Ancient Ruins

This Hands-Free Sex Toy Can Be Controlled By Your Apple Watch Or Phone

Jared Fogle Will Plead Guilty To Soliciting Sex From Underage Girls

Bonnie And Clyde Syndrome: Why Young Western Women May Be Drawn To ISIS

Study Says E-Cigarettes Are 95 Percent Better For You Than Tobacco Cigs

The US Navy Announces Women Will Soon Be Allowed To Become Navy SEALs

Awesome Locals Came To The Rescue And Attended 5-Year-Old's Birthday

Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Who Works In Trump Hotel Speaks Out (Video)

Hackers Are Now Revealing All Of Ashley Madison Users' Information

FDA Approves Libido-Boosting Drug That's Been Called 'Female Viagra'

Patrol Officer Saves A Driver's Life After Truck Veers Off The Road (Video)

3 Ways The Fight For Women's Rights Continues 95 Years After Suffrage

Father And GF Allegedly Lock 6-Year-Old Son In Hot Car To Finish Date

Daredevil's Insane Jogging In The French Alps Will Give You Vertigo (Video)

Obama Administration Employs First Transgender Woman At White House

Higher Education: College Now Has A Course On Growing And Selling Weed

Teen Bullied For Her Birthmarks Says She's 'Proud To Be Different'

These Roads In England Will Charge Electric Cars While They're Driving

Couple Wakes Up To Discover A Naked Man Sleeping In Bed Next To Them

Researchers Finally Found The Reason Your Eyes Flutter When You Sleep

Police Help Deliver A Baby After Pulling A Couple Over For Speeding

Adorable 7-Year-Old News Reporter Will Actually Make Your Heart Melt (Video)

Women Set To Graduate From US Army's Ranger School For First Time Ever

Why, For Donald Trump, All Publicity Is Good Publicity

16-Year-Old's Henna Tattoo Went Terribly Wrong And Became A Severe Burn

Why Bama's Alpha Phi Chapter Isn't Deserving Of Recruitment Scrutiny

Legendary 80-Year-Old Takes Up CrossFit After Her Husband Passes Away

Hillary Clinton Discusses Black Lives Matter With Several Activists (Video)

4-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Stars In Amazing 'Back To School' Ads

Mother's Powerful C-Section Photo Is Receiving Both Backlash And Praise

This Guy Is The Real MVP After Taking His Taxi Driver To A Theme Park

Couple Sues Hotel For $880,000 After Two Luxury Watches Disappear

What ISIS And American College Campuses Surprisingly Have In Common

Pumpkin Spice Lattes At Starbucks Will Finally Contain Actual Pumpkin

Sorority Video Criticized For Being 'Worse For Women Than Donald Trump'

Man Who Visited Sick Kids As Batman Dies After Batmobile Breaks Down

Football Player Blows Cheerleaders Out Of The Water With Epic Dancing (Video)

Classic Mixup: Woman Ends Up With Blind Girl On Cake Due To Text Error

These Groomsmen Win The Wedding Game With This Surprise Dance Routine (Video)

Man Plants An Amazing 4-Mile Sunflower Garden To Honor His Late Wife

Soldier Surprises Her Son At SeaWorld, And It Will Leave You Sobbing

Woman Sets Her Boyfriend's D*ck On Fire After Finding Out He Cheated (Video)

Woman Publicly Strips To Her Underwear To Encourage Body Acceptance (Video)

Tetris Could Actually Reduce Your Cravings For Food, Sleep, Wine and Sex

Deadly Bomb Explosion Kills At Least 16 At Tourist Hotspot In Bangkok

Dads Watch Their Daughters Get Catcalled In This Eye-Opening Video

Colorblind Guy Gets Super Emotional While Seeing A Sunset's True Colors (Video)

Koala Chases This Woman Down And Completely Scares The Sh*t Out Her (Video)

Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter Tragically Stabbed To Death In New York

Woman Posts Both Natural And Edited Pics On Tinder To See How Men React (Video)

The Angriest Baby Ever Is Totally Crushing His Resting B*tch Face (Video)

Hands-Off Parenting: A Self-Driving Stroller Is Now A Real Thing

Lazy People, Rejoice! This New Robot Will Actually Bring You Your Beer

What White Liberals Angry At #BlackLivesMatter Are Getting All Wrong

Peeing In The Shower Could Possibly Lead To Having Way Better Sex

New York Man Used Minions And Olaf From 'Frozen' To Smuggle Cocaine

What We Can Learn From The Restored Relations Between The US And Cuba

These Are All The Ways People Around The World Toast Each Other (Video)

Little Boy Dealing With A Kitten 'Situation' Is Actually The Cutest (Video)

Amazing Barber Gives Free Haircuts To Any Kids Who Will Read To Him

11-Year-Old Raped By Stepfather Has Baby After Officials Deny Abortion

The 'Uber For Escorts' App Pairs You With The Perfect Date, For A Price

Great-Grandmother Returns To College And Graduates After Losing Husband

It's Not In The Genes: Study Says Wealth Results From How You're Raised

This Underwater Marriage Proposal Is The Most Adorable Thing Ever (Video)

This Couple's Time-Lapse Video Of Their Pregnancy Will Melt Your Heart

Guy Acts As Target Rep And Trolls People Against Gender-Neutral Toys

Like It Or Not: Why America Needs Donald Trump In The White House

Man Divorces Wife Because He Reportedly Says She Cooks Dinner Too Late

Biggest Great White Shark Ever Caught On Camera Swims Next To Divers (Video)

Unpaid UN Intern Who Slept In A Tent Resigns Amid All The Controversy

Living At Home Might Be Your Best Bet At Becoming Financially Stable

Student Chops Off And Flushes Man's D*ck After Learning Wife Cheated

An Old Associate Of 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Spotted Sleeping In NYC Park

Hillary Clinton Wants To Know Your Thoughts On Student Debt Via Emoji

Paralyzed 3-Year-Old Had The Most Heartwarming, Humble Wish Granted

OMFG: Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini-Wheats Will Actually Be Here Soon

Dying St. Bernard With Bone Cancer Plays In The Snow One Last Time (Video)

A Deer And Rabbit Played Together, And It's Basically Just 'Bambi' IRL

Dog Has The Most Adorable Reaction To Learning She Doesn’t Have Cancer (Video)

Ouch! Guy Gets The Skin Of His Penis Completely Bitten Off By A Dog (Video)

4 Things This Generation Can Do To Prepare For The 2016 Election

19-Year-Old Wanted A New Ferrari, So He Set His Current One On Fire

Republicans Stop Giving A Sh*t About Babies Once They're Actually Born

Mother And Daughter Find Each Other 71 Years After Nazis Separated Them

Science Says Having A Baby Can Be More Depressing Than Losing A Spouse

Unbelievable Video Shows A Huge Explosion In Chinese City Of Tianjin

Shocking Experiment Shows Just How Easily Predators Can Strike Online (Video)

Woman Shuts Down The 'Idiot' Who Called Her Fat With An Amazing Letter

The Woman Who Inspired 'OITNB' Asks Congress To Reform US Prison System

American Newlyweds Allegedly Planned To Join ISIS During 'Honeymoon'

Woman Shuts Down Rude Passenger On The Train In The Best Way Possible

How Trump Is Simply Playing The Game In An Environment We've Created

Teeny Little Hamster Goes To Disney World And Of Course It's Adorable (Video)

Study Says Over Half Of Black People Think Police Treated Them Unfairly

'Shade Balls' Were Dumped Into LA's Reservoirs To Help Conserve Water (Video)

Tinder Goes On Twitter Rant Slamming Vanity Fair For A Recent Article

Inmates Say They Were Abused By Officers After 'Shawshank'-Style Escape

Orphaned Baby Rhino Thinks A Car Is Its New Mom, And We're Sobbing

Woman Says Police Searched Her Vagina While Looking For Marijuana

Male Dancer Totally Crushes His Audition For The Miami Heat Dance Team (Video)

Scary Ad Shows How Technology Has Taken Over The Lives Of Kids Today

23-Year-Old Discovers Stranger Online Who Looks Like Her Identical Twin (Photos)

Mom Criticized For Breastfeeding Friend's Son Along With Her Own Child

Turkey Is Letting Some Employees Go To Work Late So They Can Exercise

Educators Fight Back Against Discrimination With #ILookLikeAProfessor

Researchers Think Video Games Might Be Able To Increase Brain Function

Hospital Staff Surprises Cancer Patient With A Whip/Nae Nae Flash Mob (Video)

'I'm Tired' Photographs Aim To Show How Harmful Discrimination Can Be

Insane New Weed Oils Let You Choose The Exact Type Of High You Want

Why I'm Hopeful UPS Will Stop Shipping Prize Carcasses

Why We Should Congratulate Kiran Gandhi For Fighting Period Shaming

Armed White Militia Freely Patrols Ferguson, Yet Peaceful Protestors Arrested

Woman Loses Some Vision After Being Bitten By Mosquitoes On Vacation

This Freaky 4D Ultrasound Will Completely Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

CrossFit Guru Faces Backlash For Doing Handstand On Holocaust Memorial

Man Shot During Ferguson Protest Has Now Been Charged With 10 Counts

Hillary Clinton Wants To End College Debt With Her $350 Billion Plan

A Woman's Bra Literally Saved Her From Being Shot By A Stray Bullet

Men Prefer Mistresses Who Are Single, Blonde And Have Green Eyes

Astronauts Eat Food Grown In Space For The First Time And It's 'Awesome'

Science Says Sexting Can Actually Be Really Good For Your Love Life

How Donald Trump's Run For Presidency Turns US Politics Into A Charade

Amazing Guy Brings People Together To Remodel An Elderly Man's House

Woman Drowns Because Her Father Didn't Want Lifeguards Touching Her

One Of Cecil The Lion's Cubs Has Been Killed By A Rival Male Lion

Couple Saved From A Lightning Strike Because They Were Holding Hands

Grandfather Leaves His Home And Family To Fight Against ISIS In Iraq

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke: Shakespeare's Tobacco Pipes Contained Weed

This Man Put His Gender Transition On Hold In Order To Have A Child

Man Shot After Allegedly Firing At Police On Michael Brown Anniversary

Woman Runs Entire Marathon Without A Tampon To Protest Period-Shaming

This Teen's Senior Photos Inside Taco Bell Are Absolutely Everything

How Jon Stewart Got Millennials To Care About The News

Unarmed White Teen Was Killed By Officer In South Carolina Over Weed

Teen Is Now A Sex Offender After Sleeping With Girl Who Lied About Age

No Sh*t: DEA Chief Says Heroin Is 'Clearly More Dangeorus' Than Weed

Jessica Alba Makes A Move After People Complain About Her Sunscreen

'Popeye' Arm Wrestling Champ Has The Biggest Forearms You've Ever Seen

Donald Trump Hardcore Trolled A News Anchor On Twitter After The Debate

Science Says Being Lonely Might Have To Do With The Way You Think

Adorable Girls Totally Crush The Nae Nae While In Their Wheelchairs

People Try To Identify A Lesbian Just By Using The Sound Of Her Voice (Video)

How The Clean Power Plan Helps The Divestment Movement

Student Told She Was 'Idiotic' For Petitioning To Get Free Tampons

Man Makes WWII Veteran Dad An Amazing Wheelchair Resembling A Tank (Video)

Why All Men Should Support Abortion Rights And Planned Parenthood

Stranger Surprises Woman By Giving Her A New Juicer For Mom With Cancer

Photos Of Hot 'Men And Wine' Will Give New Meaning To Your Happy Hour

Third Graders Wrote Open Letter To Disney Asking It To End Stereotyping

Dad Jet Skis From Finland To Africa After Son Asked If It Could Be Done

WTF? You Can Get Beer Injected With Semen At This Bar In New Zealand

World Leaders Weigh In On What Exactly The Iran Nuclear Deal Means

Husband Completely Surprises His Wife By Telling Her She's Pregnant (Video)

Why Americans Mourning Cecil Is Ironic For Zimbabwe

The 'Granny Ripper' Might Have Chopped Up And Eaten Over 10 People

Zimbabwean Explains His Take On America's Reaction To Cecil's Death

Orphaned Wallaby Cuddling A Teddy Bear Is All You Need To See Today

Husband And Wife Totally Crush Their First Dance With A Hip-Hop Medley (Video)

VRA Anniversary: Why This Generation Needs To Register Now To Vote

Best Dad Ever Gets Tattoo To Match His Young Daughter's Hearing Aid

Model Takes Us Through 100 Years Of Hilariously Awkward Male Swimwear (Video)

This Turkish Couple Used Money For Their Wedding To Feed Syrian Refugees

People Vandalized The Florida Vacation Home Of Cecil The Lion's Killer

The FDA Just Approved A 3D-Printed Pill For The First Time Ever

Bust Out The Sriracha: Science Says Spicy Food Can Help You Live Longer

Study Says The Weed You Smoked As A Teen Won't Harm You In The Future

Women Of All Ages React To ‘She Was Asking For It’ In This Moving Video

Native Americans Are Actually The Most Likely To Be Killed By Police

OMG: New Parents Who Work At Netflix Can Seriously Take A Whole Year Off

Boy Gets Amazing Surprise After Stopping Man From Jumping Off A Bridge

Man In A Wheelchair Crowd Surfed At A Concert, And It'll Warm Your Heart (Video)

This Insane Supersonic Jet Could Fly From London To NY In Only 1 Hour

Why The LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill Is Needed In The Name Of Equality

Traffic On The NJ Turnpike Was So Insane, People Decided To Sunbathe

Heroic Cops Save Driver Moments Before A Train Crashes Into His Car (Video)

Paramedic Goes On A Viral Rant About 'Burger Flippers' Making Same Wage

Expert Says Sex With Robots Could Be An Actual Thing In Just 50 Years

110-Year-Old Woman Used To Drink 3 Beers And A Shot Of Scotch Every Day

Charles Koch Says He's Just Like MLK And He's Completely In The Wrong

Idiot Picks Fight With Gay Couple And Proceeds To Get His Ass Kicked

Obama Joins World Leaders To Promote Climate Change With New Plan

How US Politicians And Hollywood Can Unite For Gun Control

Two Women Mixed Up At Birth Find Out The Truth Around 24 Years Later

Woman Goes On A Date With 'Perfect Match' To Test Their Compatibility (Video)

'Lion King' Artist Creates Incredibly Moving Portrait Of Cecil The Lion (Video)

Sandra Bland's Family Plans To File A Federal Lawsuit Against Trooper

90-Year-Old Celebrates His Birthday By Flying On The Wing Of A Plane (Video)

Cecil The Lion's New Beanie Baby Will Make Sure His Memory Lives On

Man Reportedly Sues Wife For Fraud After Seeing Her With No Makeup On

Magazine Used A White Model In Afro Tutorial, And People Aren't Happy

Researchers Find Hormones Might Be Why Certain People Tend To Cheat

This App Basically Puts All Your Old Memories With An Ex In One Place

Chinese Distillers Accused Of Allegedly Putting Viagra In Their Liquor

Robot On A World Journey Lasted 2 Weeks In US Before It Was Vandalized

Couple Gets Married For The Second Time After Wife Loses Her Memory (Photos)

Balloon Released At Father's Grave Made Its Way Back To Family's Home

5-Year-Old Amazingly Unclips Car Seat, Rescues Her Family In Car Crash

How Kendrick Lamar Is Proof Hip-Hop Can Influence Society In Big Ways

Mind = Blown: Woman Discovers You Can Remove Plastic Backs Of Earrings

Britney Spears' 'Toxic' Once Helped A Young Girl Recover From A Stroke

Science Says Eating Pears Before Drinking Can Prevent Your Hangover

WTF? Man Tries Chewing Off Fingerprints So Police Can't Identify Him

Woman's Amazing Letter To Her Cat's Next Owner Will Touch Your Heart

Uh Oh: Jessica Alba's Sunscreen Is Giving A Lot Of People Bad Sunburns

The German Way Or No Way? The Crisis Of The Euro