April 2018
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Trump's Tweet About Michelle Wolf & Seth Meyers Proves He Never Got Over His WHCD Roast

The White House Correspondents' Association Statement About Michelle Wolf Was Unprecedented

Facebook Is Testing A New "Downvoting" Feature, But There’s A Catch

When Will Oreo's New Flavors Be Available? They're Finally Hitting The Shelves

Here's How To Get Free Chipotle Delivery On DoorDash If You're Craving A Burrito

How To Apply For Days Inn's "Sun-tern" Position & Get Paid To Travel The Country

Pizza Hut's Double Cheesy Crust Pan Pizza Is Here & It's A Cheese-Lover's Dream

Brigitte Macron's Comments About Melania Trump Have Me Kinda Worried

Will Meghan Markle Become A UK Citizen? It's Complicated

Where's The Tree That Trump & Macron Planted? I Guess That Friendship Is Done

Emma Gonzalez's Response To Kanye West's Tweet About Her Is Kind Of Perfect

Michelle Wolf's Joke About Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has People On Twitter Divided

Donald Trump Quotes About Don Jr. Explain Everything About Their Relationship

Trump's Tweet About The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner Called It A "Boring Bust"

Ivanka Trump's Response To The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner Is No Surprise

The Video Of Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech Is A Must-Watch

These Tweets About Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents' Speech Are So Ridiculous

The Best Jokes From Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents' Speech

Is Ivanka Trump At The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner? She Skipped Out For A Second Year

What Is Michelle Wolf's Netflix Show? 'The Break's Promo Will Get You So Hyped For It

Photos Of Obama's Vs. Trump's Second White House Correspondents' Dinner Show How Much Has Changed

Who Attended The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner? It's Quite The List

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Here's How Logan Paul’s Life Has Changed Since That Controversial Suicide Forest Video

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Tiffany Trump Wished Melania A Happy Birthday Right At The Buzzer

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Trump's Reaction To Kim Jong-un's South Korea Visit Was That "Korean War To End"

Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Speaking At The White House Correspondents' Dinner? It's A Maybe

How To Watch The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner, Because This Roast Is Timed

What Is Trump Doing Instead Of The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner? It's So Trump

Obama's Vs. Trump's Second White House Correspondents' Dinner Say So Much About Their Presidencies

Tweets About Donald Trump's Friday The 13th Trip To The UK Are A Little Too Real

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Rose Gold Rosé Marshmallows By XO Marshmallow Are Here & They're Coated In Glitter

Here's Where To Get Rainbow Mickey Ears At Disney To Show Your Pride This Summer

What Did Scott Pruitt Spend Money On? The EPA Official Is Getting Grilled In Congress

A Viral Video Of Women Crying After The Bill Cosby Verdict Shows How Much This Means

Tweets About Bill Cosby's Guilty Finding Show It's Never Too Late To Speak Up

Ivanka Trump Wished Melania A Happy Birthday But It's All Kinds of Awkward

How Many Women Are In Congress? We're At A New Record High, But Don't Celebrate Yet

Here's Where To Get Free Pretzels On National Pretzel Day, Because They're Delicious

The Hudson Hotel Serves 'Harry Potter'-Themed Cocktails & They're Magical

When You Host A Potluck And Everyone Only Brings Wine

Obama's Second White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech Was Hilarious

Is Melania Trump Going To The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner? She's In Solidarity

Melania Trump Reportedly Said Trump Men Are "Vain & Hungry," According To Source

Did Donald Trump Get Melania A Birthday Gift? It's Not Looking Great

Donald Trump Said Michael Cohen Represented Him In "This Crazy Stormy Daniels Deal"

What Is Starbucks' Cold Foam? It's The Smooth Layer You're Going To Love

These Michelle Wolf Quotes About Donald Trump Are Totally Roasting The President

Who Hosted Obama's Second White House Correspondents' Dinner? He's A Comedy Icon

Why Isn't Donald Trump Going To The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner? It's Messy

These Photos Of Melania Trump's Wax Figure Have Me Questioning Everything

Tweets About Michael Cohen & The Fifth Amendment Are Pointing Out The Irony

Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweet About Kim Kardashian's Defense Of Kanye Is So Wrong

These Tweets About Kanye West Supporting Donald Trump Say What We're All Thinking

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Grants Got Saved From The Trump Administration In Court

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Here's Where To Find Snapchat Tabs If You're Searching For The New Feature

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When Is Heinz Mayochup Coming To The United States? It'll Be Here Before You Know It

President Macron's Speech To Congress Went Against Trump's Ideals, So There's That Bromance

Ivanka Trump's French State Dinner Dress Has Some Celebrity Fans

Applebee's Dollarita Special Will Be Extended Through May, So Cheers

This Video Of Trump Brushing Macron's Shoulders Is So Awkward & I Can't Handle It

Photos Of Trump's Vs. Obama's First State Dinner Show Some Very Different Choices

Melania Trump's Dress At Her First State Dinner Sends A Subtle Message

Donald Trump's Reportedly Using His Personal Cell Phone Again Because Security, What's That?

Melania Trump Is Getting Her Own Wax Figure & There's No Way This Is A Bad Idea

Women & Millennials Are Massively Underemployed, Report Finds, & Your Side Hustle Isn't Alone

Kourtney Kardashian's Congressional Briefing Is So Important & So Her

The Video Of Donald Trump Trying To Hold Melania's Hand Is Too Much To Bear

Trump's Response To The Waffle House Shooting Has Been Nonexistent & People Are Noticing

How To Apply For WOW Air's Travel Guide Position & Get Paid To Travel All Summer

Melania Trump's White Hat When She Greeted The Macrons Got, Uh, Heads Turning

How To Use Snapchat Tabs So Everything Is Organized On Your App

Why Did The Waffle House Shooter Get Bond? Critics Claim A Double Standard

Melania Trump’s First State Dinner Menu Got Some Help From Michelle Obama

Sketch In London Is A Millennial Pink Teahouse That'll Make Your IG Dreams Come True

This Sugarfina x Corona Light Collaboration Made Beer Gummies & They're So Cute

Here's How To Get Tabs On Snapchat, Because They'll Make Your Life A Lot Easier

Is Stormy Daniels Attending The White House Correspondents' Dinner? She Reportedly Was Invited

Kourtney Kardashian Will Speak On Capitol Hill About Cosmetics & It's Actually Very Important

The Trumps' Vs. The Obamas' First State Dinners Are Total Opposites

Michelle & Barack Obama's Response To Princess Kate Giving Birth Is So Adorable

What Happened In Toronto? A Van Hit People On A Curb

Kanye West's Tweets Are Making Conservatives Happy & It's A Real Trip

Auntie Anne's "For The Love Of Pretzels" Collection Is A Twist On A Signature Snack

Who Was Stephen Lawrence? Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Paying Tribute To Him

Who Is Michelle Wolf? The White House Correspondents' Host Is Hilarious

Did North Korea Agree To Denuclearization? Trump's Tweet Was Kind Of Misleading

These Photos Of Prince George & Princess Charlotte At St. Mary's Hospital Are Way Too Cute

This Photo Of A Baby At Kate Middleton's Hospital Is Not The Royal Couple's & LOL

M&M's Orange Vanilla Cream Flavor Is Here & It'll Give You Summer Vibes

These Tweets About Donald Trump's Earth Day Statement Say What You're Thinking

This Royal Wedding Cruise With Quintessentially Will Treat You Like A Princess

Ivana Trump On Donald Trump Running Again In 2020: "I Don’t Think It’s Necessary"

Who Is James Shaw Jr.? The Waffle House Shooting Hero Saved "Many Lives" In Tennessee

Tweets About Melania Trump Smiling At Barack Obama At Barbara Bush's Funeral Are Lit Up

This Video Of Beyoncé & Solange's Fall At Coachella Proves They Are Still "Flawless"

Pippa Middleton Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Child & Twitter Is Excited

These Donald Trump Quotes About Melania Proves He Enjoys Their Distance

This Video Of Melania Trump & The Obamas At Barbara Bush's Funeral Says So Much

Does Stormy Daniels Have Evidence Of An Affair With Trump? Her Lawyer Says There's A DVD

Donald Trump's & Barack Obama's Family Vacations Both Seem Pretty Leisurely TBH

The Democratic Party Is Suing Trump, Russia, & Wikileaks Over Alleged Conspiracy

Here's Where To Donate To Support The Planet On Earth Day, Because It's Important

How To Get 90 Percent Off Expedia Hotels This Weekend If You're Planning A Trip

Here's How To Get Free French Fries At McDonald's Using The Company's App

These Tweets About Snapchat Tabs Appearing Will Get You Excited For The Change

This Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Coloring Book Will Get You Pumped For The Wedding

Why Is The National School Walkout On April 20? The Date Is Very Significant

Donald Trump Won't Attend Barbara Bush's Funeral "Out Of Respect"

Is Instagram's Focus Mode Better Than Portrait Mode? It's All About The Camera

Here's How To Make Heinz Mayochup If You're Craving The New Condiment

Where To Get Chocolate Hazelnut Dunkaroos If You Want To Relive Your Childhood

5 Phone Charger Accessories That Will Help Protect Your Cord

Who Is Hosting The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner? It's Another 'Daily Show' Alum

Burger King's Spicy Chicken Nuggets Are Back, So Get Ready For Your Old Favorite

How To Shop Sustainably For Earth Day, So Both You & Mother Earth Can Look Great

Tweets About Rudy Giuliani & Robert Mueller Show No One's Too Sure About This

What Has Ivanka Trump Done In The White House? She Might Be All Talk

Samantha Bee's Sean Hannity Segment Will Have You In Stitches

These States Are Working To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy, Because Yes, That's Still A Thing

Milky Way's New Fudge Candy Bar Is Here & It'll Be Your Favorite Sweet Treat

What Does Heinz Mayochup Taste Like? Here's What To Actually Expect When You Try It

Here's Where To Get Millennial Pink Champagne At Disney World, Because OMG

Can You Add Filters To Instagram Focus? You Might Be Disappointed

Barack Obama Praised The Parkland Students With Some Really Powerful Words

Can You Record Videos On Instagram Focus? Get Ready For Professional Stories

If Trump Is Impeached, Will He Automatically Go To Jail? There Are Factors To Consider

Here's How To Name Heinz Mayochup Before It Becomes Available In The United States

Where To Protest If Trump Fires Mueller, Because It'd Be A Big Deal

These Photos Of Melania & Ivanka Trump Show Their Relationship Is A Mixed Bag

Jordyn Wieber's Senate Testimony Is Demanding Some Important Changes

Chelsea Clinton's Quotes About Ivanka Trump Reveal How Much Their Relationship Has Changed

Is Melania Trump Connected To The Stormy Daniels Case? She Could Play A Big Role

Ivanka Trump's Brand Is Trying Online Shopping After Being Dumped By Stores

Stormy Daniels Plans To Donate $130K To Planned Parenthood In Trump's Name, & I Can't

McKayla Maroney's First Public Appearance Since The Nassar Trial Made An Important Statement

Here's Where To Buy Pink Starburst Merch In Celebration Of Your Favorite Candy

'Playboy's' White House Correspondents' Dinner Party Is A Bold Move

Is Michael Cohen A Republican? Trump's Lawyer Reportedly Voted For Obama in 2008

When Is Krispy Kreme's Lemon Glaze Doughnut Available? Get Ready For A Treat

What Are Starbucks' Cold Foam Drinks? They'll Be Your Favorite Brews This Summer

Bernie Sanders' Tweet About Cardi B Blew Twitter's Mind

How To Sign Up For Winc's Rosé Wine Subscription For A Glass That's Always Full

Nikki Haley's Response To The White House Was An Expert Clap Back

Trump Tweets About Stormy Daniels, Says Claims Of Threats Are "A Total Con Job"

Who is Tammie Jo Shults? The Southwest Pilot Kept Her Cool In Crisis & Saved Lives

Why Don't I Have Focus Mode On Instagram? There Are A Few Possible Reasons

These Trump Family Photos Compared To Past First Families Show A Big Shift

Memes About The Stormy Daniels Suspect Sketch Will Have You Crying With Laughter

What Is Attorney-Client Privilege? Michael Cohen Is Arguing It Protects His Clients

Barbara Bush Has Died At Age 92

Starbucks Will Close All Locations For One Day Following Racial Profiling Incident

Stormy Daniels' 'The View' Appearance Clapped Back About Being In It For Fame

Will Michael Cohen Turn On Trump? Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Thinks So

Why Is The IRS Website Down? I Have Some Bad News

Why Is Michael Cohen Being Investigated? It's Related To Stormy Daniels

Is Ivanka Trump Connected To Michael Cohen? They Have Ties

The Unicorn Inflatable Island In Asia Will Make Your Instagram Dreams Come True

Comey's Response To Trump's Jail Threat Is Stunning

You Can Use Venmo To Pay On Grubhub, So Ordering Food Just Got A Lot Easier

Domino's Delivers Pizza To Places Without An Address, So Order A Pie To The Beach

Kamala Harris' Message To The Class Of 2018

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Gabrielle Ruiz's College Experience Taught Her To Work For Her Dreams — EXCLUSIVE

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann Names OPI Nail Polishes For A Living & You'll Wish You Had Her Job

Here's How To Negotiate Your First Salary, Because It Shouldn't Be Scary

5 Things To Spend Your First Paycheck On That'll Make The Hard Work Pay Off

How To Deal With A Job Rejection After Graduating College, Because Yeah, It's Hard

How To Recover From A Reply-All Mistake, Because You Know It's Going To Happen

Here's How To Make Your Resume Stand Out, As Revealed By Hiring Managers

Here's How To Use Social Media To Get A Job, Because It's Totally Possible

Olympian Jordyn Wieber's College Experience Was All About Following What Felt Right — EXCLUSIVE

How To Move Back Home After College With Your Parents & Still Have A Relationship After

Here's What Makes A Great Assistant, As Revealed By Bosses & Hiring Managers

Here's The Best Advice From A Boss People Received & Wow, I'm Inspired

GirlEatWorld's Instagram Account Is Way Deeper Than You Think

How To Deal When Your Friends Get Jobs Before You Do After Graduating

These Options For Paying Off Student Loans Could Make Your Life Easier

These Embarrassing Office Party Moments Must Be Avoided At All Costs

Where To Get Food Deals On Tax Day 2018 If You're Running Low On Cash

James Comey Owns 'The Fault In Our Stars' & I Have So Many Questions

Donald Trump Won't Get First Look At Files Seized From Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels Slammed Michael Cohen For How He Treats "Women Like Me" & Hoo Boy

Michael Cohen Reportedly Stopped A 2013 Expose About Donald Jr. & Aubrey O'Day

Trump Admitted To His Staffing Mistakes & Yeah, We Noticed

Tweets About Michael Cohen & Sean Hannity Show This News Has People Shook

Who Are Michael Cohen's Clients? A Secret Third One Was Named In Court

How To Get Shake Shack's New Veggie Burger For A Tasty Meat-Free Meal

Kellyanne Conway's Comments About Comey Are Seriously Bold

Heinz "Mayochup" Is Coming To The United States, & You Can Decide What It's Called

7 Quotes From Comey's Stephanopoulos Interview About Trump That'll Raise Your Eyebrows

Donald Trump's Reelection Campaign Spent Over $800K On Legal Fees In 2018

Donald Trump's Response To James Comey's Book Is A Lot Even For Him

Marla Maples Explained How Tiffany Trump Deals With Internet Trolls & I'm Impressed

Starbucks' Response To Arrest Of Black Men In Philadelphia Is Promising Change

Margaret Atwood Says Season 2 Of 'The Handmaid's Tale' Is "Brutal & Riveting"

Donald Trump & Marla Maples' Relationship Was Full Of Unbelievable Twists & Turns

Lisa Murkowski's Comments On The Parkland Students' Activism Put Pressure On Congress

Can Trump Fire Rod Rosenstein? Here's What Could Happen

Is Heinz Mayochup Available In The United States? Right Now, It's Up To You

Tweets About The Viral Walmart Yodeling Kid Performing At Coachella Are Into It

Does Ivanka Trump Speak Spanish? Her Tweets Have Been Bilingual This Week

Here's Where To Get "Unicorn Poo" Bath Bombs To Make Your Tub Magical AF

Here's Where To Buy Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream If You're Craving A Sweet Dessert

Halo Top's "Stardust Sundae" Is The Sparkly Ice Cream Cone Of Your Dreams

Tweets About Trump Calling Comey An "Untruthful Slime Ball" Prove We Can Still Be Surprised

Here's How To Call 911 On Uber If You Ever Need Help During Your Ride

5 Taco Bell Dollar Menu Items To Try If You Love Burritos With All Your Heart

Donald Trump Joked About Being President For 16 Years & Just No

James Comey's Comment On Donald Trump's Alleged Golden Showers Tape Is So Awkward

These 7 Things You Never Knew About Tiffany Trump Will Change How You Picture Her

Uber's New Safety Features Will Make You Feel So Much Better During Your Ride

Tweets About Trump's Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement Are Calling Out The Irony

Donald Trump Reportedly Had A Secret Child With A Housekeeper

Can You Download Instagram Photos? Apparently, You'll Be Able To Soon

Here's How To Use Instagram's Mention Sticker To Easily Tag Your Friends

How Much Is The Red iPhone 8? The Vibrant New Color Is So Worth The Cash

These Tweets About Heinz Mayochup Are Confused About The Condiment Hybrid

Me Packing Two Minutes Before A Trip

The Confirmation Hearing Video Of Mike Pompeo Discussing Gay Marriage Is Startling

Parkland's David Hogg Just Turned 18 & He's Part Of A Huge Wave Of Voters

Here's How To Use "Focus" On Instagram For Professional-Looking Selfies

Here's Where To Buy Cable Bites If You Love The Adorable New Accessories

These 5 Things You Never Knew About Tiffany Trump & Donald Trump's Relationship Are So Awkward

Ivanka Trump Is Going To Peru While The White House Is Melting Down, & This Is Fine

A Bill To Protect Robert Mueller May Be In The Works & It's About Time

The FBI Took Info On The 'Access Hollywood' Tape In Raid On Michael Cohen, Report Says

When Are Burger King's Flower Crowns Available? They're Here For Coachella Weekend

Trump's Executive Order On Welfare & Food Stamps Would Make It Harder To Get

Where To Buy Disney's 'Little Mermaid' Pool Party Collection Floats For Your Bash

How To Get Free Coffee At Wawa On April 12 For "Wawa Day" If You Love Its Brews

Krispy Kreme's Cookie-Flavored Doughnut Collection Will Make You Feel So Nostalgic

Paul Ryan Isn't Seeking Reelection & TBH People Aren't Mad About It

Trump's Tweet About Missiles Heading To Syria Warns Russia To "Get Ready"

The Final Trump University Settlement Will Have Donald Trump Paying Back Millions

Will Donald Trump Fire Robert Mueller? He Apparently Thinks He Can Get Away With It

These 5 Things You Never Knew About Melania Trump Are Seriously Impressive

The 2018 Elections Are Deeply Personal For Many Progressive Candidates

These ‘Social Network’ Memes About Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony Are Cooler Than A Billion Dollars

These Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg Testifying In Congress Are 'Like'-worthy

Did Instagram Change Its Font? People Are Noticing A Difference In Their Profiles

What Are Instagram Nametags? The Convenient New Feature Is Being Tested

Kellyanne Conway's Husband's Tweet To Trump About Attorney-Client Privilege Is Shady AF

Will The Obamas Be At Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Wedding? There's Been An Update

Here's Where To Get Rose-Flavored Three Olives Vodka Just In Time For Rose Season

Here's How To Get Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream On Free Cone Day 2018, Because Yum

Tweets About Michael Cohen's Office Raid Are Making The Same "Says Who" Joke

The Prettiest Starbucks Drinks You Can Get This Spring, Ranked

Donald Trump's Response To The FBI Raid On Michael Cohen Is Absolutely Wild

Where Is David Hogg Going To College? He's Taking A Gap Year

These Donald Trump Quotes About Eric Make Me Wonder About Their Relationship

Ivanka Trump’s Company Is Exempt From New Tariffs, Report Says, & What?

Ivanka Trump's Tweet About "Healthy Lifestyles" Is Being Called Out & It's Brutal

What Is The New Facebook Camera 3D Drawing Tool? It Will Make All Your Videos Pop

Brenna Spencer's College Graduation Photo With A Gun Got Seriously Trolled

The FBI Raided Michael Cohen's Office For Files About Stormy Daniels, Report Says

These Celebrities Trolled Trump On Twitter & You Probably Missed It

Jimmy Kimmel Apologized For His Melania Trump Joke & Fight With Sean Hannity

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The Trump Sons' Trip To Dubai Cost Americans Thousands, So That's Nice

Tweets About Flint Ending Free Water Distribution Are Calling This Decision Out

These Tweets About Tony Robbins' Me Too Comments Show People Are Seriously Pissed

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Might Visit The U.S. & I'm So Pumped

Tweets About The 'SNL' DACA Skit Prove People Don't Know How To Feel About It

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Michelle Obama Compared Trump & Barack To Parenting Styles & It's Just Too Good

Logan Paul’s Yosemite Video Exploits A Car Crash, & C’mon, Man

Trump Claims His Approval Ratings Are Actually Much Higher & No One's Buying It

Snapchat Filters For iPhone X Users Are Here & They're Super Realistic

Ice Breakers' Ice Cube Glitter Gum Is Here & It Tastes Like A Cherry Snow Cone

Target's $5 California Roots Rosé Is Coming To Stores Soon, So Goodbye Money

Black Women Candidates Are Poised To Make History In 2018 & Beyond — EXCLUSIVE

Strongbow's Royal Rosé Teacup Sets Are Here & They'll Make You Feel Like A Princess

Is Trump Going To The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner? He's Been Flip-Flopping

How Long Is Southwest's Flash Sale? You Still Have Time To Book Cheap Flights

Dunkin' Donuts' "Donut Fries" Might Be Hitting Stores Soon & I'm So Excited

These Tax Return Memes Prove It's Spending Season

Did Donald Trump Know About The Stormy Daniels Payment? He Finally Weighed In

Tiffany Trump's Easter Photo Has People Pissed For A Ridiculous Reason

Donald Trump's Comment About Immigration & Rape Is So Wrong

Tiffany Trump's Quotes About Donald Trump Are So Admiring

Woman Dumps Boyfriend After His Comments About Her "Beer Gut" Went Viral

How To Enter Noosa's Flavor Finder Contest If You're A Foodie Who Loves To Travel

These 8 Things You Never Knew About Ivanka Trump Will Have You Shook

These Photos Of Service Dogs Visiting Disneyland Will Make Your Dreams Come True

What Is Naloxone? The Surgeon General Is Advising People To Carry It

Gang Of Four's 'Complicit' Album Cover Features Ivanka Trump & IDK How To Feel

Trump Jr.'s Quotes About Vanessa & The Playboy Mansion Are Just Too Much

Who Is Shaeed Vassell? The Brooklyn Man Was Shot Dead By Police

Here's Where To Get Tequila-Infused Sorbet For Cinco De Mayo For A Boozy Treat

Who Is Anthony Borges? This Parkland Teen Survivor Was Released From The Hospital

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Moe's Southwest Grill's Chief Taco Officer Job Is A Foodie Dream Come True

These Donald Trump Quotes About Tiffany Show Their Relationship Is A Work In Progress

The Results Of Snapchat’s Easter Egg Hunt Prove We're All Still Kids At Heart

This Photo Of Tiffany Trump With Her Nephews On Easter Is So Sweet

These Photos Of Trump's Vs. Obama's Interns Say So Much About Their Administrations

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Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Tried To Bribe Planned Parenthood To Stop Abortions, Report Says

These Ivanka Trump Quotes About Eric Trump Prove They Have Each Other's Backs

Apple Is Reportedly Working On Curved iPhone Screens, So Welcome To The Future

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Whole Foods’ Rosé Wine Sale Starts Now, So Stock Up For The Summer

Southwest Airlines' Flash Sale Has $59 Flights This Summer, So l'll Be #OOTO

Donald Trump Jr.'s #MeToo Tweet Is So, So Wrong

Tiffany Trump Feels "Awkward" Around Donald Trump, Report Says, & I Can Sympathize

When Do You Get 2018 Tax Returns? It Depends On How You Filed

Donald Trump's Tweet About The YouTube Headquarters Shooting Has People Pissed

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Donald Trump's Nickname For Barack Obama Is Pretty Ironic

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New York Is Banning Domestic Abusers From Owning Or Buying Guns

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YouTube's Policy Changes Are Getting Mixed Reviews