April 2016
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Trump's Foreign Policy Speech Was Basically The 'Team America' Theme Song

Chipotle Just Announced A New Plan To Give You More Free Burritos

This Teen Woke Up From Wisdom Teeth Surgery Thinking Her Mouth Was A Nipple

Ted Cruz Just Selected Carly Fiorina As His VP And It Was F*cking Weird

Drinking Beer Might Actually Help You Lose Weight, According To A Study

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Kid Rock Makes A Frantic 911 Call After Finding His Assistant Dead At His Home

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This State Is Basically Trying To Completely Ban Abortions With New Law

5 Surprising Impacts Climate Change Is Having On Human Health

This Kid Set Up A Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For His Own Adoption

These Guys Pranked Their Friend By Covering His Entire Car In Plastic Wrap

Women Started Tweeting Sex Stories And Some Men Really Couldn't Handle It

Samantha Bee Just Owned Anyone Against Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill

Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Cancel Shows To Protest Anti-LGBTQ+ Law

Science Says You're Stressing Your Dog Out When You Do This One Thing

Still Think Fracking Is OK? See This River Catch On Fire And Get Back To Me

Obama Is Sending More Troops To Syria After Saying 'No Boots On The Ground'

This British Woman Ate A Triple-Sized Burrito In Less Than 10 Minutes

Millions Of Our Tax Dollars Help Silence Families Of People Killed By Police

This Couple Was Caught Having Sex On A Busy Train Platform In NSFW Video

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'Humans Of New York' Creator Just Wrote The Most Touching Tribute To His Dog

Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Has People Confusing Rachael Ray For Rachel Roy

You Won't Believe How Many Mass Shootings Occurred In The US In One Week

McDonald's Customer Ends Up Arrested After Putting Soda In A Water Cup

Go Figure: New Study Suggests Men Fear Women Who Earn More Money

Kid Absolutely Schools Teacher With A Genius Test Answer

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How US Policy Continues To Leave Puerto Rico In Bankruptcy Limbo

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Woman Posts Epic Tale Of Catching BF Cheating While Riding In Trunk Of Car

Melting Ice Is Forcing Polar Bears To Swim For Days Without Food Or Rest

Leo DiCaprio Urged World Leaders To Save The Planet In Powerful UN Speech

These Police Officers' Parody Of 'Hotline Bling' Will Make You Cringe

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A Rainbow Appeared In The Sky Over Prince's Home Soon After He Died

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Cheerios Are A Thing, And We Want To Try Them ASAP

This Breathtaking Virtual Reality Video Of Nepal Will Move You To Make Change

Bernie Sanders Has Officially Opened A Campaign Office In Los Angeles

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This Drug Tunnel Connecting Mexico And The US Is The Longest Ever Discovered

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You'll Soon Be Able To Buy Recreational Weed In Canada

Climate Change Could Actually Be Destroying The Great Barrier Reef

If You Have These Two Traits, You May Not Live As Long As Previously Thought

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These Teens Are All Wearing The Same Dress To Prom For An Amazing Reason

It Turns Out Those Juice Cleanses You Keep Doing Are Complete Bullsh*t

This 'Dildo Drone' Is The Genius Product You Never Knew You Needed

Yep, You Can Actually Pay Someone $30,000 To Name Your Baby For You

People Confess The Reasons They Continue To Stay In Dead-End Relationships

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Flint, Michigan May Finally See Justice Served After Being Poisoned

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These 'Deep Thoughts' From Stoners Are The Perfect Way To Celebrate 420

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Hillary Clinton Won New York Because She Gets This One Important Thing

These 12 New Yorkers Celebrated Hillary Clinton's Win With The Sickest Swag

This Adorable Baby Donkey Just Wants To Cuddle And Smother You With Love

Bernie Sanders Supporters Organize A Massive $4.20 Donation Push On 420

This Guy Somehow Nails An Insane Backflip Over A Speeding Race Car

This Little Boy Saying Goodbye To His Babysitter Is The Cutest Thing Ever

An Insane 5-Story Slide Was Built Inside This Mall And It Looks Amazing

These Hilarious Memes Perfectly Troll Over-The-Top Prom Proposals

Donald Trump Has Been Flying His Private Jet Around The Country Illegally

Mom Writes Emotional Letter To A Stranger About Why She Isn't Breastfeeding

People Are Making Up Fake Ben & Jerry's Flavors To Honor Co-Founders' Arrest

A Gay Pastor Is Suing Whole Foods Over Homophobic Slur Written On Cake

This Video Proves Being A Working Woman Isn't As Glamorous As You Think

Your Weekly Bottomless Brunch Is Causing A Worldwide Prosecco Shortage

Women Are Sharing Emotional Stories About Experiencing Sexual Harassment

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This Mattress Can Apparently Tell You If Your Partner Is Cheating

This Is Why People Cheat On Their Partners Even Though They Love Them

The Age You Lose Your Virginity May Be Determined By This One Thing

This Dad Literally Can't Even When His Daughter Asks Him To Buy Her Pads

Donald Trump Accidentally Called 9/11 '7-Eleven' During A Campaign Speech

This Gay Couple Received The Most Horrible RSVP Letter To Their Wedding

This Pint-Sized Boston Marathon Fan Showed Her Support In The Sweetest Way

People Are Really Mad At Kylie Jenner Over Her New Lip Glosses

Miami Had A Festival Filled With Beach Floats And It Turned Into An Utter Mess

These Memes Of Basic Dogs At Coachella Are So Accurate

This Super Flexible Camera Could Take Your Instagrams To The Next Level

You Need To Try These Insane Burgers Inspired By Adele And James Corden

Hillary Clinton Lives By This One Rule From Beyoncé's 'Formation'

7 Ways To Save Money When You Move Out On Your Own

Stoners Could Help Defeat ISIS…Seriously

This Device Can Apparently Turn Off The Pain Caused By Your Period

This Rat Carrying A Giant Bagel In The Subway Is All Of Us In The Morning

There's Now A Real-Time Video Of The Sinking Of The Titanic

This Video Shows The Frightening Reality Immigrant Families Face In The US

Scientists Just Discovered A Rare New Galaxy Orbiting The Milky Way

Adorable Little Boy Blames Batman After Getting Caught Drawing On A Mirror

These Photos Of The Insane Food At Coachella Will Make You So F*cking Hungry

You Can Now Live At Disney World All Year Long For An Insane Amount Of Money

We Finally Know Whether Or Not Being Circumcised Affects Sexual Pleasure

Couple Has The Best Reaction To Finding Out They'll Be Great-Grandparents

A Devastating 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Ecuador And Killed At Least 238

Adorable Cat Has No Problem Telling Owner When It's Hungry

Here's The Spider Catcher You Never Knew You Needed

This Former Dance Teacher Is Now Allergic To Her Own Sweat And Tears

This Cat Can Stand On His Back Legs For An Insane Amount Of Time

Host Of The Young Turks Says The Media Is Afraid Of Bernie

Parents Are Sharing Their Kids' Detention Slips, And They're Hilarious

What Bernie And Hillary Should've Talked About At The Debate

Drinking Tequila May Prevent You From Getting This Serious Health Condition

70-Year-Old Completely Loses It When She Tries Out Tesla's Self-Driving Car

This New McDonald's Is Going To Have All-You-Can-Eat Fries And Table Service

This Guy Accidentally Deleted His Entire Company By Inputting A Wrong Code

Bernie Sanders Will Look Incredible In A Flower Crown At His Own Coachella

This Man Just Became The First Quadripledgic To Regain Control Of His Hand

Woman Perfectly Trolls Guy On Twitter For Mansplaining Her Own Tweet To Her

No One Can Get Over What Bernie Sanders Said About Israel Last Night

Woman Perfectly Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Said She Shouldn't Buy A Bikini

This Is The Major Reason Democrats Should Be Thanking Bernie Sanders

This CEO Might Allow Texting At The Movies And Society Is Officially F*cked

Bernie Sanders Just Said This Phrase That Had Everyone Giggling Like Kids

Here's What To Do If You Missed The Primary Voter Registration Deadline

You Can Now Start Getting Birth Control At Pharmacies In This State

These Guys Are Snapchatting Their Journey As They Climb Mount Everest

This Couple Discovered $71,000 Worth Of Rare 'Whale Vomit' On A Beach

This Man Got The Most Disgusting Donald Trump Tattoo You'll Ever See

Donald Trump's Campaign Is Reportedly Causing An Increase In School Bullying

This Slow-Motion Video Of Paint-Filled Balloons Colliding Is So Mesmerizing

This Huge Alligator Eating Another Alligator Will Blow Your Mind

This High School Senior Took The Most Epic Graduation Photos Ever

This One Thing Could Decide Where You Go On Your Next Vacation

This Dog's Reaction When His Owner Breaks His Frisbee Is Just Too Tragic

Teen Arrested For Allegedly Live-Streaming Her Friend Getting Raped

11 People At Bernie's NYC Rally Tell You Why They 'Feel The Bern'

19 Photos That Capture The Beautiful Insanity Of Bernie's Manhattan Rally

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This Super Stealthy Octopus Escaped From Prison, I Mean, The Aquarium

This Woman Says She Had Amazing Sex With A Man Who Couldn't Get Hard

Someone Ranked All The Cereals And It's Tearing The Internet Apart

Massive 6.9-Magnitude Earthquake In Myanmar Leaves 50 People Injured

You're Less Likely To Land A Date If You Support This Presidential Candidate

Here's Definitive Proof Vanessa Hudgens Is The Queen Of Coachella

2-Year-Old Deaf Boy Hears Recorder For First Time, And It's Adorable

Ted Cruz's College Roommate Just Threw Major Shade At Him Over His Dildo Ban

25 Photos That Remind Us The Flint Water Crisis Is Not Over

This Woman Revealed The Gender Of Her Baby In The Most Epic Way

Woman Shares Vicious Texts She Got After Refusing To Have Sex With This Guy

Interracial Couple Gets Real About The Challenges They'll Face Raising Kids

Plane Passenger Films Insane Rant That Gets Man Kicked Off Flight

BuzzFeed Made A 'Black People Questions' Video And It Immediately Backfired

The First US Senator To Endorse Bernie Has A Message You'll Want To Hear

These Are The People Porn Stars Think Would Make Good Presidents

The New Starbucks Rewards Program Will Make Getting Free Coffee Easier

Pilot Turns Plane Around So Couple Can Go See Their Dying Grandson

Bono Said Amy Schumer Should Be Sent To Help Fight ISIS

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This Match.com Ad Called Freckles 'Imperfections' And People Are Furious

This Guy's Hilarious Song About Steak And Eggs Sounds Like A Disney Classic

Here Are 8 Men's Fashion Tips To Keep You Looking Fresh At Coachella

Officials: Zika Virus Is Actually Much Scarier Than We All Thought

Forget Fashion Experts, This Guy Gives You All The Coachella Looks You Need

This Oblivious Couple Full On Made Out During An Armed Robbery

These Brothers Face Swapping Actually Just Won The Whole Game

Here's What Hillary Clinton Thinks About Splitting The Bill On A Date

The Voice Of 'Dora The Explorer' Apparently Got Her Friend Expelled For Vaping

Here Are The Top 5 Can't-Miss Places To Eat At The Coachella Music And Arts Festival

Stephen Hawking Wants To Send Robots To Stars 4.37 Light-Years Away

11 Ways We Can All Fight To Close The Gender Pay Gap

This Video Is Literally All Of Us When It Comes To Procrastinating

Cop Injured In Shooting Surprises GF At Phillies Game With Adorable Proposal

USA Is Feeling The Bern: Sanders Is The Most Popular Presidential Candidate

We Made Hillary Clinton A New Playlist Because We're Tired Of Her Old One

These People Tried To Face Swap While Vaping And The Craziest Thing Happened

Here's Why The Sheriff Of Flint Says What's Happening There Is 'Bullsh*t'

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There's A Scientific Reason You Keep Texting Your Ex After You Break Up

This Puppy Fighting With A Lint Roller Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Equal Pay Day

This One Thing May Be Preventing You From Dating Out Of Your League

People React To A Brick Wall In Their Path In Revealing Social Experiment

Woman Gets Caught On Film Robbing A Corpse At A Funeral Home

This Is What It's Like Inside Bernie Sanders' Brooklyn Headquarters

Woman Kicked Out Of Sorority After Wearing Her Letters In A Tinder Pic

This Customer Sent The Best Apology After Accidentally Stiffing A Waitress

Ben & Jerry's Is Giving Out Free Ice Cream Today And Everyone's Freaking Out

Viral Fitness Mom Posts Pic Showing The Amazing Progression Of Her Pregnancy

This Sleepy Pint-Sized Snowboarder Literally Can't Even

5 Essential Mobile Apps Every Responsible Partier Needs To Survive Coachella

Breaking Down Why Americans Are More Accepting Of Immigrants Than Refugees

Protestors March On US Capitol To Demand An End To Money In Politics

Women Hold Up Signs With Donald Trump's Most Sexist Quotes

Adorable 2-Year-Old Gets So Scared When Zoo Tigers Respond To Her Roar

This Guy's Insane Story About A Late-Night McDonald's Run Is Going Viral

This Teacher Got Arrested After A Video Was Posted Of Her Hitting A Student

Snowboarder Goes Down Entire Mountain Without Knowing A Bear Is Chasing Her

This Abandoned Dog Has The Most Incredible Survival Story

You've Been Washing Your Hands Wrong Your Entire Life, According To A Study

Global Warming Could Actually Be Changing The Way The World Spins

This Simple Hack Makes The Pockets On Women's Jeans Way More Useful

Trump Says His Kids Aren't Registered To Vote For Him In The Primary

The Brussels Bombers Had Allegedly Planned Another Attack On France

This Graphic Designer Refused To Photoshop A Woman's Pic For The Best Reason

Special Ed Teacher Accused Of Making Student Masturbate In Front Of Class

If You're The Oldest Sibling, Science Says You Think You're The Favorite

So Many Americans Are Visiting Cuba, It's Running Out Of Beer

Apparently This Is What Millennials Think 'Old' Looks Like

This Paddleboarder Got Smacked By A Shark While Riding A Wave

Guy Avoids Bear Attack In The Most Badass Way Ever

This Is The Age You'll Have The Most Friends, According To Experts

The Top Trending Baby Names Of 2016 So Far Are As Ridiculous As You'd Expect

Bruce Springsteen Canceled A Show To Stand Up For Transgender Rights

This Fit Mom Slays Workouts With Her Toddler By Her Side

Women In California Can Now Get Birth Control Without A Doctor's Visit

That Dog Cafe In Los Angeles Finally Opened And The Photos Are Puptastic

Meet The Millennial Trying To Save His Country By Taking A Train Across It

This Is The Reason We Can All Finally Shut Up About Our Body Issues

Kerry Washington Gets Real About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Suspect Linked To Both The Paris And Brussels Attacks Arrested In Belgium

Woman's Powerful Photos Show What It's Really Like To Have A Panic Attack

Makeup Artist Ages Couples 50 Years And Their Reactions Are Priceless

America Ferrera Speaks Out Against The Myth That Migrants Steal US Jobs

Apple Filed A Patent That Could Totally Change How We Use MacBooks

People Are Super Dedicated To Finding This Toy Dog That Got Lost In Space

Woman Shares Pic Of Skin Cancer Scar To Shed Light On Dangers Of Tanning

Here's What We Know So Far About The Lackland Air Force Base Shooting

Guy Proposes To Girlfriend While Scaling A Cliff And It Goes Horribly Wrong

These Men Stopped To Take Selfies After Leading Cops On High-Speed Chase

A Lot Of Netflix Users Aren't Going To Be Happy About This Major Change

Doing This One Thing Could Boost Your Sex Drive And Help You Lose Weight

Baby Can't Help But Smile When He Sees Mom For First Time Through Glasses

This Optical Illusion With Toy Train Tracks Will Make You Do A Double Take

This 25-Year-Old Mom Thought She Was Having One Baby And Ended Up With Five

Badass Photographer Calls Out The Media For Not Releasing Images Of Refugees

This Soldier Surprising His Sister Who Has Cancer Is Seriously Heartwarming

Man Trying To Fly His Husband's Ashes Home Got Stopped For Insane Reason

Megyn Kelly Said She Became So Tough Because Her Parents Insulted Her

I Went To A Party At The White House, And This Is What Happened

Disturbing Video Shows Police Officer Body-Slam This 12-Year-Old Girl

New Photos Of Suspect In The Brussels Airport Attack Were Just Released

This CrossFit Star Is 34 Weeks Pregnant And Still Crushes Training Exercises

Middle School Teacher Arrested For Bringing A Gun To School

9-Year-Old Who Broke A Murder Story Has The Best Reaction To Her Haters

This Guy's Hilarious Promposal Turned Into The Most Epic Fail

The DEA Is Finally Making Moves To Reclassify Weed Because, Well, Duh

Kesha's Legal Battle Has Come To An End With A Heartbreaking Verdict

11 Good Reasons To Skip Coachella And Hit These Local Parties Instead

How US Travelers Are Defending America Against The Insanity Of Donald Trump

All This Adorable Baby Elephant Wants To Do Is Cuddle With People

This Insanely Potent New Drug Reportedly Caused 10 People To Die In Just 12 Days

This Man's Optical Illusion With A Ball Will Mess With Your Mind

This Pastor Claims He Visited Heaven And Was Able To Take A Selfie

An Entire Street Got Evacuated After Police Thought A Sex Toy Was A Bomb

Wine Will Be A Required Subject For Italian Students If This Bill Passes

We Can All Feel For This Tiny Squirrel Trying To Carry His Pizza Up A Tree

An Incredibly Massive Starbucks Roastery Is Coming To NYC In 2018

Here Are The 10 Most Affordable Places To Tie The Knot This Year

Trump Is The Biggest Creep In This 1994 Interview About His Newborn Daughter

This Adorable Puppy Is So Very Confused By A Lemon On The Floor

These Twin Sisters Pride Themselves On Their Perfectly Matching Big Butts

Porn Stars Get Real About The Differences Between Sex On And Off Screen

This Adorable 90-Year-Old Woman Totally Slays In Her Red Polka Dot Bikini

6 Men Reveal What It Was Like To Get Ghosted By Their Girlfriends

College Dudes Threaten Rape For Having To Pay $1 For A Cupcake

Florida Governor Gets Shut Down In Epic Rant By Angry Starbucks Customer

We Definitely Need To Revive These 9 Childhood Pastimes That No Longer Exist

9-Year-Old Journalist Breaks News Of A Homicide Hours Before Local Newspaper

12 Flight Attendants Reveal The Craziest Sh*t They've Seen Go Down Mid-Flight

New Law Says Mississippi Businesses Can Now Deny Service To Gay Customers

You Probably Never Knew There Are Two Separate Messaging Inboxes On Facebook

The Panama Papers Forced A World Leader To Resign After Just 48 Hours

Cooking Burgers On A Grill Is Really Dangerous, According To Research

This Hilarious Instagram Account Posts All The Ridiculous Texts Parents Send

This Student's Response About BMI Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

Man Gets Hit By Bus Moments After Escaping Car Hanging From A Cliff

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 1990 Are Exactly What You'd Expect

Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Exists And It's Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of

Gwyneth Paltrow Actually Pays Bees To Sting Her, But Are We Really Surprised?

This Dancing Dog Has The Baddest Moves You've Ever Seen

A Sassy Little Chihuahua Led Cops On A High-Speed Chase

This Is How Climate Change Puts Your Health At Risk, Says Scary New Report

The US Government Will Now Pay For Your Internet If You Can't Afford It

The Minimum Wage Will Soon Be Raised To $15 For Around 60 Million Americans

Why Fighting Over Politics Will Get You Nowhere This Election Season

A Disneyland Paris Employee Was Found Dead Inside Park's Haunted House

This Chilling Video On The Panama Papers Will Make You Question Everything

It May Soon Be Illegal For Taxi Drivers To Flirt With Their Passengers

12 Sex Workers Reveal The Strangest Things Clients Have Asked Them To Do

This Guy Hung A Mexican Flag At Vancouver's Trump Tower For The Best Reason

Here's How To Get A Job After Graduation, As Told By Employed Millennials

There Might Be A Genetic Reason People Become Addicted To Marijuana

This Woman Did The Most Epic Face Swap Ever With Harry Potter

This Powerful Video Reveals What It's Like To Be A Child With Autism

These Dogs Playing With Their Giant Tennis Ball Are Happier Than You'll Ever Be

Restaurant Opens Outdoor Fridge To Store Free Leftovers To Feed The Homeless

This High School Student Got Into Five Ivy League Schools Thanks To Costco

This Video Explains How Not To Talk To Rape Victims

Here's What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born In A Different Era

Here's How To Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg Without Actually Peeling It

Abortion Providers Now Have To Use Outdated Science In This State

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People Are Apparently Losing Their Jobs Over Google's April Fools' Day Prank

This Simple Hack Could Free Up A Lot Of Space On Your iPhone

Man Ends Up With Bullet In His Balls After Wife Shoots Him For Having Affair