April 2015
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Scientists Discovered A Way To Turn Off What Makes Us Feel Hungry

Model Finds Outs She Has Two Vaginas And Two Periods Every Month

One Tweet Could Completely Change How We Look At The Freddie Gray Case

12 Tweets That Prove We Only Give A Sh*t About Baltimore When It's Burning

92-Year-Old Woman Dancing The Tango On Her Birthday Will Make Your Day (Video)

5-Month-Old Baby Was Miraculously Rescued From Rubble After Earthquake

4 Responses To Common Same-Sex Marriage Arguments

Millennial Women Are Having Fewer Children Than Any Other Generation

New Report Says Freddie Gray Could've Been 'Trying To Injure Himself'

How The Baltimore Protests Make Me Proud Of My Upbringing And Hometown

Science Says Men Like Morning Sex And Women Want To Make Love At Night

Woman Losing Memory Uses '50 First Dates'-Style Scrapbook To Remember BF

New Research Shows Funny Guys Are Actually Way Better In Bed

Employees Are Asked To Make Others' Days Better With $100 Challenge (Video)

The Kids Of Baltimore Aren't Thugs, They're Teenagers In Need

Family's Home Got Destroyed By An Orgy After They Rented It Out On Airbnb

Cellist Brings Music To Baghdad At The Site Of A Car Bomb Explosion

Man Invites People To Publicly Humiliate Him For Cheating On His GF

The Matcha Tea Trend Has Actually Been A Thing For Centuries

The World's Hottest Professor Did A Teacher-Themed Male Underwear Shoot

Teen Publicly Shamed By His Mom During Riots Says He's 'Embarrassed'

10 Of Malala Yousafzai's Attackers Were Sentenced To Life In Prison

Work Hard, Think Hard: A Tough Job May Help Preserve Your Mental Ability

Why Marriage Equality Is A Federal Issue Not A State Issue

Powerful Video Compares The Lives Of Black And White People

Student Sits Naked And Blindfolded On College Steps To Prove A Point

Experts Say Using Times New Roman On Your Resume Makes You Look Basic

Woman Sets Man's Car On Fire After He Refuses To Give Her A Cigarette (Video)

Dad Has On-Point Response About Kids Missing School For Boston Marathon

Protester Goes Off On Geraldo Rivera For 'False Coverage' Of Baltimore (Video)

How The Media Helped Civil Rights In The 60s, But Are Hurting It Now

Mark Zuckerberg Had No Idea How Big Facebook Would Be In 2004 (Video)

Boston Bombing Survivor Who Lost A Leg Dances Across The Finish Line

Lawmaker Who Voted Against Gay Rights Outed After Sending Pics On Grindr

When You're Raised in Baltimore, Violent Protests Don't Surprise You

This Hungry Fox In Chernobyl Builds And Feasts On Its Own Sandwich (Video)

83-Year-Old Man Gets Charged $24,000 By AT&T For Using AOL Dial-Up

You Can Download A Tamagotchi For Your Apple Watch And Relive The 90s

A Single Line Of Cocaine Can Cause Permanent Changes To The Brain

'Mom Of The Year' Who Stopped Son From Rioting Explains Her Actions (Video)

Man Gets Arrested After 'Liking' His Own Wanted Post On Facebook

16 Images Of Heroic People Defending Baltimore, Not Destroying It

Kids In Baltimore Are Cleaning Up The Streets As People Riot (Photos)

Terrifyingly Accurate Self-Guiding Bullet Hits Its Target Every Time (Video)

7-Year-Old Adorably Explains How Her Two Moms Were Able To Have A Baby (Video)

Rival Gang Members In Baltimore Are Actually Uniting To Protest

5 Riots With Terrible Causes That Got Less Criticism Than Baltimore

Man Who Works Out To Fight Disease Lands Modeling Gig For Hot Body (Photos)

Michael Jackson Impersonator Moonwalks Around The Baltimore Protests (Video)

Best Hangover Ever? Buddies Go Out Drinking In The UK, Wake Up In Spain

Terrifying Takeoffs And Landings Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again (Video)

Uber Driver Treats Passengers To A Stunning Opera Performance Mid-Ride (Video)

Underprivileged Teens In Baltimore Are Worse Off Than Those In Nigeria

Scientists Discover A 'Reset Switch' That Could Get Rid Of Jet Lag

Holocaust Survivor Kisses And Forgives Nazi Guard Currently On Trial (Photo)

Heroic Teacher Took Down A Gunman To Prevent High School Shooting

New Skin Cancer Treatment Made This Woman's Tumor 'Disappear' In 3 Weeks

Firefighter Saves Woman About To Jump From Window With Crazy Dropkick (Video)

Professor Tried To Fail Entire Class Because No One 'Deserved To Pass'

A Brave Vietnam Veteran Stood Up To The Rioters In Baltimore

Mom Smacks And Publicly Shames Her Teen Son For Rioting In Baltimore (Video)

Why Violence Shouldn't Be All You See When You Look At Baltimore

Depression Can Actually Change What Your DNA Looks Like

Research Shows People Absolutely Hate When You 'Humblebrag'

A Mom Wrote A Status About Blaming Victims Of Rape And It Went Viral

Protesters Replace Forever 21 Display With 'Black Lives Matter' T-Shirts

The '2 Euro T-Shirt' Shows The Sad Truth Of Buying Cheap Clothes (Video)

Man Uses Instagram To Piece His Memory Back Together After Having Stroke

Guy Gets Reunited With Cop Who Saved Him From A Dumpster 25 Years Ago

Doritos Roulette Bags Have Surprise Spicy Chips That'll Make You Scream

These Relaxing Yoga Poses Can Help You Battle Depression And Anxiety

One In Three Babies Use Smartphones Before They Even Walk Or Talk

Two Women Stranded In The Snow Lived On Girl Scout Cookies For 13 Days

Instant Karma: Monkey Dropkicks Guy For Giving It The Finger (Video)

Woman Finds Incredibly Creepy Two-Way Mirror In A Bar's Ladies' Room (Video)

Supermarket Worker Walks 95-Year-Old Shopper Home And Carries His Bag (Photos)

Stop Everything: Cheetos Popcorn May Be Coming To A Theater Near You

Kids Write Powerful Letters To Parents Who Are Doubting Themselves (Video)

This Video Of Steve Jobs Leading A Team Meeting Is Beyond Inspiring

Scientists Finally Discover A Trick To Get Songs Out Of Your Head

This Great White Attacking A Boat Will Make You Never Go In The Ocean Again

Russian Women Face Jail Time For Twerking In Front Of WWII Memorial (Video)

This Adorable Couple Will Get Married On Groom's 103rd Birthday

Footage Shows The Terrifying Moment An Avalanche Hits Mt. Everest Camp

A 40-Year-Old Man With No Penis Says He's Slept With Over 100 Women

Teen Carries His Disabled Friend To School On His Back Every Single Day

9 Basic Human Necessities The Government Should Pay For

Dad Pens Incredibly Honest And Heartbreaking Obituary For His Daughter

These Cops Hilariously Nail Top 40 Hits In An Epic Dash-Cam Duet

Company Will Make You A Perfume That Smells Like Your Dead Loved Ones

Why The US Govt Won't Recognize A Genocide That Killed 1.5M Armenians

Plus-Size Models Bravely Attempt To 'Empower All Bodies' (Photos)

The United States Officially Drinks More Wine Than Any Other Country

This Collagen-Filled Beer Claims It Can Make Drinkers Better Looking

We're F*cked: Avocado Shortage Might Make Them As Expensive As Caviar

Hillary Clinton Is The Only Candidate Who Knows What Millennials Want

Scientists Are Making 3D-Printed Eyes That Will Record What You See

4-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Crushes Her Dance With Backup Dancers (Video)

Taking A Trip To Ikea Can Literally Destroy Your Relationship

China Really Wants People To Stop Hiring Strippers For Funerals

Straight Guy Surprises His Gay Best Friend With Best Promposal Ever (Photos)

Touching Video Perfectly Captures Why Time Goes By Faster As We Age

Swedish Police On Vacation Show NYPD How To Break Up A Subway Fight (Video)

Innovative Researchers Use The Sun To Make Saltwater Drinkable

7-Year-Old Girl Creates A Superhero To Empower Young Girls Of Color (Photos)

ISIS Bans Members From Wearing Nike Because Name Goes Against Beliefs

Why GOP Candidates Are Invisible To Gen-Y In The 2016 Election

Guy Gets Suspended After Wearing Fake Bomb In Worst Promposal Ever

Drug Breakthrough Could Lead To Asthma Cure Within Five Years

Why The Freddie Gray Case May Be Different

100-Minute-Old Baby Became A Hero As The UK's Youngest Organ Donor

If You Litter In Hong Kong, Your Face Could Be Posted All Over The City

WTF? This Guy Actually Got A Tattoo Of His Son's Face On His Face (Photos)

Parents Say What They Wish They Knew Before Having Kids (Video)

The Ultimate TBT: First YouTube Video Was Posted 10 Years Ago Today

Scientists Create Chocolate Milk That Is Great For You Post-Workout

Newlyweds Surprise Wedding Party With An Epic Choreographed Dance (Video)

Insane Images Of Volcano Erupting In Chile Look Like The Apocalypse

Construction Workers In China Discover 43 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs

Two Guy Friends Lose A Ton Of Weight Together And Become Fashion Models (Photos)

Women Are Actually Using Foreskin To Make Their Skin Look Better

Daughters Dance With Dad One Last Time As He Battles A Brain Tumor (Video)

Obama Apologizes For Drone Strike That Killed American And Italian

CEO Who Raised Employees' Salaries To $70,000 Is Getting Tons Of Business

Bud And Breakfast Is A New Company That Is Just Like Airbnb For Weed

Need A Job? The Male Version Of Hooters Called 'Tallywackers' Is Hiring

Footage Of Boston Bomber Flipping The Camera Off In His Cell Is Released

8-Year-Old Writes Michelle Obama Because He's Really Mad About Ketchup Packets

Brave 6-Year-Old Helps Deliver His Baby Brother During Mom's Home Birth

The Science Of Pillow Talk: Sex Makes You More Likely To Tell Secrets

It's Actually Possible To Have An Orgasm Just From Doing Yoga

Kid Getting STD Tests After Trying To Blow Up Used Condom Like A Balloon

Marriage Equality Video Was So Inspiring, It Encouraged People To Come Out

Man Forms His Own Country In Europe And 160K People Want To Live There

Guy Tries Killing Mother Spider, Hundreds Of Babies Scatter Everywhere (Video)

Finding A Hobby You Love Could Be The Key To Preventing Disease

Worst Uber Ride Ever Leaves Woman With $16,000 Bill For A 7-Mile Ride

Girl Who Was Paralyzed Surprises Nurse By Standing Up And Walking (Video)

Health Blogger Who Claims Veggies Cured Her Cancer Is Full Of Sh*t

Two Men Jump Onto Subway Tracks To Save Man In Wheelchair Who Fell (Video)

Lesbian Couple Shares Beautiful Mirror-Image Photo Of Their Pregnancies

The GOP's Got 99 Problems And They're All Hillary Clinton

The 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Brothers Are Grown Up And Now You Feel Old

Woman Who Thinks She Has Brain Tumor Finds Out It's Actually Her Twin

Powerful Video Apologizes To Future Generations For The World's State

Man Eats His First Burger After Wrongfully Serving 36 Years In Prison (Video)

102-Year-Old Sees Footage Of Herself Dancing In The 30s For First Time (Video)

7-Foot 8-Inch Man Is Married To A Woman Who Is Almost 3 Feet Shorter

Research Confirms The Measles Vaccine Has Nothing To Do With Autism

Long-Lost Siblings Find Each Other After Getting Matched On Tinder

Woman Dies After Diet Pills Cause Her To 'Burn Up From The Inside'

Crazy App From China Lets You Hire Hitmen To Beat Up Whoever You Want

New MRI Study Reveals Babies Actually 'Feel' Pain The Way Adults Do

Google's Creepy New Feature Lets You See Everything You Ever Searched

Research Shows 'Love At First Sight' Actually Exists For Some People

Inspiring Man With Muscular Dystrophy Finishes The Boston Marathon

Science Says Drinking Coffee May Be Crucial In Fighting Breast Cancer

Any Twitter User Can Now Direct Message You Thanks To A New Policy

Uber Driver With Concealed Gun Shoots Man Who Opens Fire On Civilians

Woman's Instagram Is Deleted After She Shares Her Stretch Mark Photos

New Species Of Frog Actually Looks Exactly Like A Real-Life Kermit (Photos)

Grandma Leaves House For Third Time In 10 Years And Falls In Manhole

WTF? The Average Cost Of A Teenager's Promposal Is Over $300

Blue Man Group Gives 3D-Printed Arm To Boy Who Had His Amputated (Video)

Teen With Down Syndrome Has The Best Reaction To Landing An Internship (Video)

How Cannabis Culture Will Continue To Evolve With Legalization Efforts

Denver Police Send Surprisingly Chill Message To Stoners On 4/20

This Act Of Kindness On The NYC Subway Will Make Your Day (Video)

App Flags Tweets That Will Get You Fired Before Your Employer Sees Them

Model Posts Flat Stomach Selfie Just 4 Days After Giving Birth To Son (Photos)

Gay Couples Explain All The Invasive Questions People Constantly Ask (Video)

Teen Who Lost Her Home In Hurricane Sandy Is Accepted To 7 Ivy Leagues

McDonald's Is Testing An All-Day Breakfast Menu On 4/20 Because, 4/20

People React Horribly When A 'Homeless' Man Offers Them Money (Video)

Woman 'Dies' While Giving Birth, Wakes Up Not Remembering Being Pregnant

Police Officers Kindly Choose To Give Teen A Gift Instead Of A Ticket

This Sex Toy Links Up With Erotic Literature For Your Reading Pleasure (Video)

Why Water On Mars Is The Most Important Thing In The News Right Now

Quitting The Books: One-Third Of Billionaires Never Got A College Degree

Blindfolded Kids Amazingly Rely On Other Senses To Identify Their Moms (Video)

Before We Can Elect Hillary Clinton, She Needs To Earn Our Vote

Adorable Rescue Dog Moves Her Bowl Next To Her Friend At Every Meal (Video)

Woman Plans Her Wedding In Six Days After Fiancé's Terminal Diagnosis

New Flavored, Diet Whiskey Might Be An Absolute Game-Changer

What The Boston Marathon Taught Us About Overcoming Tragedy

Stoner Asks His Date To Prom By Writing It Across Five Massive Joints

Parrots Saved During House Fire After Yelling 'Help' To Firefighters

Hundreds Of Strangers Come To Girl's 10th Birthday After No Kids Come

Business Expert Suzy Welch Explains Why You Shouldn't Gossip At Work

Returning Soldier Photobombs Son's School Photo For Amazing Surprise (Video)

This 'We Can't Stop' Parody Baby Announcement Is Absolutely Perfect

Guy Secretly Films His Proposal By Strapping A GoPro To His Dog

People Around The World Are Sending Hot Wheels To Sick 3-Year-Old Boy

Grandpa Dying Of Cancer Drives Ubers To Raise Money For His Family

Twitter Account Combines Random Tweets To Make Hilarious Rhyming Poems

Super-Rare Sea Creature That Washed Ashore Looks Just Like A Pokémon

Two Guys End Up Stabbing Each Other Over An iPhone Vs. Android Debate

Man Given 18 Months To Live Says Cannabis Oil Cured His Cancer

How The White House's Champions Of Change Are Winning The Future

How Hillary Clinton Is Using Elizabeth Warren To Win The Presidency

Female CEO Says Women Should Never Be President Because Of Hormones

Dan Price On Why A $70,000 Minimum Wage Is The Best Decision He Ever Made

Scientists Discover 50 Galaxies That Could Contain Advanced Alien Life

Why The Man Who Flew A Gyrocopter Into DC Is Actually A Patriot

Pregnant Model With 6 Pack Shows The World Her Adorable 8-Pound Baby (Photos)

What Climate Change Flip-Flopper Marco Rubio Can Do For You as President

Woman Searching For Biological Mother Finds Out She's Her Coworker

Gorilla Charges And Cracks Glass At Zoo After Girl Beats Her Chest (Video)

These 2 Sisters Are Making $128,000 A Month From A YouTube Cooking Show

Guy Finds Out He's Babysitting An Abducted Child Thanks To Amber Alert

Teacher Shares The Heartbreaking Notes Written By Her Third-Graders (Photos)

Teen Boy With Down Syndrome Gets Asked To Prom In Sweetest Way Ever (Video)

Good News, Dog Lovers! Science Says Puppy Dog Eyes Make Us Happier

Guy Sued After Making Thousands Renting Out NYC Apartment On Airbnb

Tax Day Forces Same-Sex Couples To Lie About Their Relationships

Divers Find $50 Million Treasure From A Boat The Nazis Sunk

Wife Discovers Husband Has A Second Wife Because Of A Facebook Post

78-Year-Old Senator's 'Let It Go' Ringtone Goes Off During Hearing (Video)

Woman Attends Son's Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Class And Live-Tweets It

Stop Everything: Facebook Is Basically Bringing Back 'Away Messages'

WTF: Archaeologists Find A Leather Sex Toy From The 1700s In Poland

What To Expect From Hillary Clinton's Candidacy As Told By 'PLL'

Last Rhino Of Its Kind Has Own Bodyguards 24/7 To Keep Poachers Away

Women In Japan Are Tying Ribbons Under Boobs To Make Them Look Bigger (Photos)

Woman Stands Up To Commuter Making Racist Remarks To A Muslim Couple

A Redhead Girl Was Actually Banned From School For Being Too Ginger

Man Flies Gyrocopter Onto Capitol Lawn To Protest Money In Politics (Video)

Success Kid Has Already Raised $88,000 For Dad's Kidney Transplant

Family's Reactions When Couple Surprises Them With Twins Are Priceless (Video)

Nonverbal Autistic Boy Bravely Saves Family By Alerting Them Of Gas Leak

Woman Orders 'Cutest' Pizza Delivery Boy To Birthday When No One Comes

Tinder Is Now Letting You Link Your Instagram Account To Your Profile

For $230,000 You Can Get A Guard Dog That Understands Three Languages

VOGA Combines Voguing And Yoga And Might Just Be The Next Big Thing (Photos)

Mother Gives Birth To The First Set Of All-Girl Quintuplets In The US

The Future Is Here: Incredible Robot Chef Can Actually Cook You Dinner

ISIS Suicide Bomber Drives Into Another Bomb And Flies 100 Feet In Air

How Male Facial Hair Significantly Changed Throughout US History (Video)

Muscle-Building Supplements Might Increase Risk Of Testicular Cancer

Getting A Divorce Increases A Woman's Risk Of Having A Heart Attack

Pregnant Model With No Baby Bump Gives Birth To 8-Pound, 7-Ounce Baby

A Google Executive Is Taking 100 Pills A Day So He Can Live Forever

Guy Surprises GF With Photo Shoot Proposal Where They Had First Date (Video)

The FDA Just Told KIND It Can't Label Its Bars As 'Healthy' Snacks

Marco Rubio Might Be Young, But He's Not The Candidate For Millennials

Clever Guys Mark The Closing Of A Target Store By Covering 'Closing Time' (Video)

Mom Apparently Plays Naked Twister And Has Sex With Her Daughter's BF

Security Cameras Catch Airport Workers Stealing From Passengers' Bags

Woman Meets Her Exact Lookalike After Finding Her On Social Media (Video)

Couple Of 73 Years Die Minutes Apart At Different Nursing Homes

Young Boy's Reaction To Getting A 'Daddy Doll' Will Break Your Heart (Video)

Success Kid Is Using His Meme To Help His Dad Get A Kidney Transplant

Jealous Guy Makes Girlfriend Binge-Eat So She Won't Attract Other Men

Widow Hires Exotic Dancers To Perform At Her Husband's Funeral (Video)

Badass Afghanistan Vet Spends Her Time Tracking Down Poachers In Africa

Compelling Street Art Sheds Light On Sad Truths About The World

Russian Girls Twerking In 'Winnie The Pooh' Outfits Spark Controversy (Video)

No 'Change': Why Democrats Have Their Work Cut Out For Them In 2016

There Is A New Company That Will Be Just Like Uber But For Weed

The Average Cost Of Being A Wedding Guest Is Shockingly Horrifying

NASA Might Have Finally Found Evidence Of Liquid Water On Mars

People Are Using Political Emoji Signs As A New Way To Protest (Photos)

Stand By Us: Why Hillary Clinton Has Strong Millenial Support

Woman Earns $1 Per Minute Making Men Feel Horrible About Themselves

Hillary Clinton Has More Facebook Fans In Baghdad Than Any Other City

The Error Page On Hillary Clinton's Campaign Site Is A Perfect Throwback

#Hashtag2016: How Twitter Is Already Impacting The Presidential Election

You Can Now Get Married Online Thanks To Ikea's New Virtual Weddings

Hillary Clinton Won't Support Legal Weed Any Time Soon, But She Should

Guy Allegedly Posing As Cop Pulls Over Real Cops, Ends Up In Jail

Research Shows Stress From Bad Relationships Can Lead To Heart Problems

WTF? You Can Actually Catch Herpes From Using Tanning Beds

CEO Cuts His Pay To $70,000 So He Can Pay Employees The Same Amount

Man Blames Wife's 'Deformed' Nipples For Divorce In Attempt To Owe Less

This Man Overcame Fat-Shamers And Amazingly Lost Half His Body Weight

Getting Good Deals While Shopping Gives You The Same Feeling As Sex

High Schooler Brings Her 80-Year-Old Grandfather To His First Prom

5-Year-Old Uses Lemonade Stand To Raise $25K For Brother's Disability

Serial Masturbator Accused Of Jerking Off On 100 Women Is Finally Caught

What Your Favorite 'GOT' Character Says About How You'll Vote In 2016

Restaurant Owner Sees Person Digging In Trash, Leaves Note For Free Meal

Brave Photographer Was Nearly Killed Capturing This Majestic Lion Shot

Cop Says 'F*ck Your Breath' To Dying Man Mistakenly Shot By Volunteer Cop (Graphic)

This Math Problem For 14-Year-Olds Is Confusing Adults Everywhere

This Man Actually Lives Happily (And Shares A Bed) With His 2 Girlfriends

8th Grader Faces Felony Charges For Changing Teacher's Computer Screen

Russia Just Banned Memes, But Luckily Putin Memes Are Still Legal Here

Woman Miraculously Finds The Owner Of A Lost Gold Ring Using Facebook (Photos)

How Hillary Clinton As President Could Put An End To Slut-Shaming

How Apathy Toward Politics Has Made Us The United States Of Ignorance

Why Rand Paul Is Too Complicated And Hypocritical To Be President

Guy's 'Eat Sleep Rape Repeat' Shirt Is The Worst Part Of Coachella (Photo)

WTF? This 65-Year-Old Mother Of 13 Is Pregnant With Quadruplets

Pissed Off Chimp Knocks A Drone Out Of The Air While He's Being Filmed

I'm A Woman And It Matters To Me That Hillary Clinton Could Be President

The TSA Collected $675,000 In Spare Change At US Airports Last Year

Instagram Almost Didn't Happen Because Its Cofounder Couldn't Get A Visa

Mother And Her Supposedly-Dead Daughter Reunite After Nearly 50 Years

This Man Amazingly Managed To Travel The World For Next To Nothing (Photos)

Woman's No-Makeup Selfie Leads To Lifesaving Breast Cancer Diagnosis

People Dumped Pet Goldfish In This Lake And Now The Whole Thing Is Infested

Why S. Carolina Believes Only Straight White Men Deserve Equal Rights

Newly Released Dash Cam Video Shows Moments Before Walter Scott Was Shot

Retirement Home Offers Students Free Housing For Befriending The Elderly

Terminally Ill Boy's Parents Fulfill His Dying Wish And Have Wedding At His Bedside

Research Shows You'll Be Healthier If You Date Someone Who Works Out

Woman Wakes Up From Four-Month Coma To Discover She Had Her Baby Boy

This Woman Got Married 10 Different Times Without Getting Divorced

People Can't Figure Out If This Cat Is Going Up Or Down The Stairs (Photo)

Apple Took 24,000 Photos Of A Flower For The Watch's Perfect Background

Eyewitness Says Officer Michael Slager Planted Item By Walter Scott's Body

A Government Agency Actually Admits Marijuana May Kill Cancer Cells

4 Reasons LGBTQ Conversion Therapy Makes Lives Worse

Science Says You Can Blame Your Genes And Parents If You Hated School

Teen Wakes From Coma, Becomes Friends With Man Who Hit Her With Car

Legalizing Weed In The United States Is Hurting Mexican Drug Cartels

Fear And Faith: ISIS Maintains Power Through A System Of Reward And Punishment

Thieves Manage To Pull Off An Insane $300 Million Jewelry Heist

People Who Curse All The Time Are Hotter, Confident And Less Stressed

How False Reporting Causes Huge Setbacks For Victims Of Rape

Boston Bombers' Mom Calls Americans The Real Terrorists After Verdict

Job Hunting? It Turns Out You're Most Likely To Get Hired On A Tuesday

This Uber Breathalyzer Stand Helps Drunk People Get Free Rides Home (Video)

Artist Depicts Every Woman Don Draper Has Slept With On 'Mad Men' (Photos)

Photos Of Mothers And 1-Day-Old Babies Show The Beauty Of Motherhood

Friends Who Drink Together Are More Likely To Stay Friends Forever

Russian 'Tittygram' Service Lets You Buy Ad Space On Women's Breasts

Science Proves Men And Women Really Do Have Different Moral Compasses

Kansas' New Anti-Abortion Law Is A Major Setback For Women's Rights

Photo Of Couple Married For 60 Years Shows What True Love Looks Like

Rejoice! Research Shows People Who Love Grilled Cheese Have More Sex

Finally! Apple's Diverse Emoji Are Here With The New iOS Update

Couple Who Met Online Become Parents To The 'World's First Imgur Baby'

Couple Sells Their $32 Million Condo Because It's So Big They Get Lost (Photos)

NASA's Chief Scientist Believes We Will Find Aliens Within 20 Years

Photo Of Two Women Hugging Went Viral For A Reason You Didn't Expect

The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn't Perfect But It's A Lot Better Than War

This Tweet Perfectly Explains Why All Cops Should Wear Body Cameras

Motivated Woman Amazingly Sheds 150 Pounds After Losing Dad To Cancer (Photos)

Using Two Electronic Devices At Once Can Actually Get You High

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Guilty On All 30 Counts In Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

Why The Anti-Abortion Movement Is Out Of Touch With Reality

Guy Hilariously Ends Up At A Round Table Discussion With The President (Photo)

Why Indiana Reminds Us We Need To Do More To Protect LGBT Rights

Scientists Are Now Saying The Idea Of A Sex Drive Is Total Bullsh*t

Researcher Claims Shrooms And LSD Are Just As Safe As Playing Soccer

Millennial Week Aims To Inspire And Set Trends Across Industries

Playboy Model Can't Find Gift For Her BF So She Gives Him A Threesome

Guy's Lawyer Claims 13 Girls Accused Him Of Rape Because He's A 'Player'

This Middle School Teacher Is Also A High-End Fashion Model At Night (Photos)

South Carolina Cop Charged With Murder For Shooting Unarmed Black Man

Living The Dream: Nigerian Immigrant Is Accepted To All 8 Ivy Leagues

Guy Surprises His Girlfriend With An Epic Virtual Reality Proposal (Video)

Introverts May Be The Only People Who See The World Accurately

Creepy Guy Claims He's Cuddled With Over 10,000 Women In His Lifetime

Woman Ends Up In Wheelchair After Using Friend's Make-Up Brush

10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Responds To Bullies With Powerful Message

Obedient Dog Gets Down On The Ground With Owners During Police Raid (Photo)

Brian Williams Apparently Tried To Blame His Lies On A Brain Tumor

Inspiring Company Rips Up Anti-Gay Flyers To Turn Them Into Confetti (Photos)

PSA: Stop Using Venmo To Pay For Drugs, It's A Really Stupid Idea

What Happened When Bill Maher Compared Zayn Malik To A Boston Bomber

Law Professor Accidentally Emails A Porn Video To All Of Her Students

Starbucks Is Now Paying Tuition So Employees Can Get Online Degrees

Burger King Is Obviously Paying For The Burger-King Couple's Wedding

Revolutionary Phone Battery Could Fully Recharge In Just One Minute

Best Man Mashes Up Pop Hits In A Tearjerking Speech For His Brother (Video)

Snapchat Just Traded Your Best Friends List For Some Super Secret Emoji (Photos)

The Way Your Steak Is Prepared Could Affect Your Risk Of Alzheimer's

Holy Sh*t! This Rocket Could Send Us To Mars In Less Than Six Weeks

Oops! Guy Gets In Car Accident And 17 Girlfriends Show Up At Hospital

She Refused To Take Him Off Life Support, Then He Came Out Of A Coma

Plumber Says He Rigged Gas Line Before NY's East Village Explosion

UVA Frat Files Suit Against Rolling Stone Over Infamous Rape Article

WTF: Couples In New York Can Now Legally File For Divorce On Facebook

Wife's Suggestion To Have Sex With Strangers Doesn't End As Planned

Why John Oliver's Report On D*ck Pics And Ed Snowden Should Scare You

Man Collects Food Restaurants Would Throw Out And Gives It To The Homeless

Man's Letter To Wife Calculates How Much Stay-At-Home Moms Should Earn

Legendary Panda Broke His Own Sex Record With A Different Partner

New Mom Finds A Way To Get Recently Deceased Boyfriend In Family Photo

Time To Switch Majors: Research Shows Art Students Have The Most Sex

Baby Elephant Reunites With Mom After Being Sold For Tourist Rides (Video)

Coexist: 5 Common Misunderstandings About The Muslim Culture

The Price Of A Story: The Dangerous Face Of Modern Journalism

Married Men Work Harder And Make More Money Than Their Single Peers

Basketball Star Adorably Asks Best Friend With Down Syndrome To Prom

Binge Drinking As A Teen Can Lead To Anxiety And Addiction As An Adult

People Who Have Sex Every Day Are Healthier And Happier

ISIS Now Targets Hipsters Who Wear Skinny Jeans And Smoke Cigarettes

Like A Couple Of Bosses: Giant Pandas Set New Record For Panda Sex (Photos)

New Synthetic Drug Called 'Flakka' Is Way Crazier Than Bath Salts

Creative Man Turns His Unique Birthmarks Into A Giant Imaginary Map (Photos)

Scientists Created One GIF To Determine If You Need Glasses Or Not

Science Finally Explains Why We Want Comfort Food When We're Sad

Man Incredibly Survives After Storm Leaves Him Lost At Sea For 66 Days

Kids Take A Stand When They Learn The Sad Truth About Child Hunger (Video)

Russia Apparently Pays People To Write Pro-Putin Internet Comments

Being Friends With Benefits Only Gets Serious 15 Percent Of The Time

Woman Loses 60 Pounds After Seeing BF's Text Calling Her 'Massive'

Man Drives 248 Miles With A Dog In His Bumper And It Somehow Survives

10 Facts About Scientology That Will Completely Blow Your Mind

Heroic Homeless Man Finds Autistic Teenager Who Went Missing

Indiana's New Law Organizes Bigotry Under Guise Of Religious Freedom

A Gaza Man Says He Was Tricked Into Selling Banksy Painting For $175

There's Actually A Gluten-Free Pasta With As Much Protein As A Steak

Science Finally Explains Why Some People Have Really Bad Breath

Why You Might Have The Wrong Idea About The Religious Freedom Act

The Reason Humans Have Large Penises May Be Explained By Evolution

Tying A String Around Your Waist Could Be The Secret To Flatter Abs

Two Women Inspired By ISIS Arrested For 'Trying To Make Bomb' In NYC

Eating Fast Food After Working Out Might Actually Be Good For You

Woman Needs 250 Stitches After Water Park Fountain Rips Her Vagina

Germanwings Copilot May Have Researched Suicide Days Before The Crash

Woman Bans Cheating Husband From Ever Having Sex With Anybody Again

Patient Gets 'World's Most Complex' Face Transplant In 27-Hour Surgery

Woman Proves How Fitness Photos On Social Media Are Total Bullsh*t

Stanford's Tuition Is Now Free For Families Making Under $125,000 A Year

How Facebook's New Gender Identification Feature Encourages Diversity

Bad News, Night Owls: Staying Up Late Is Probably Hurting Your Health

NYPD Officer Gets Gun And Badge Taken Away After Rant On Uber Driver

Your Name Influences Your Life Choices A Lot More Than You Realize

How Connecticut And Indiana Reveal America's Deepening Divide

Indiana Pizza Place That Won't Cater Gay Weddings Gets Destroyed Online

Using Google Might Make You Think You're Smarter Than You Really Are

Homeless Man Saves Woman By Beating Up Man Who's Trying To Rape Her

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