April 2015
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Bruce Jenner's Struggles With Gender Reveal How Much We Have To Learn

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Artist Creates Absolutely Spot-On Illustrations Of Famous Rappers

Magician Performs A Trick So Insane It Made Simon Cowell Believe In Magic (Video)

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Rejoice! The 'Full House' Spinoff Is Officially Coming To Netflix in 2016

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Big Sean And Ariana Grande Have Reportedly Broken Up After 8 Months

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The New 'Jurassic World' Trailer Is Really F*cking Awesome

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Woman In This McDonald's Commercial Looks Creepily Like Taylor Swift

Artist Paints What She Hears And Creates Abstract Masterpieces (Photos)

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The New 'Star Wars' Trailer Was Just Released And It Looks Incredible

Iggy Azalea Literally Never Makes Sense When She's Rapping (Video)

Israeli Website Censors Kim K's Existence Because She's 'Pornographic'

Tom Brady Writes Gisele A Heartwarming Note As She Retires From Runway

Life Would Be A Million Times Funnier If Drake Had A Twin (Photos)

Sofia Vergara's Ex Is Suing Her So She Can't Destroy Her Frozen Eggs

Women Proudly Share Pictures Of Their Stretch Marks With #LoveYourLines

Nicki Minaj Posted A Cryptic Tweet Hinting She's Engaged To Meek Mill

Why Rihanna Has Nothing To Hide When It Comes To Cocaine Allegations

6 Reasons Why 'Titanic' Still Resonates With This Generation

Why The Story Of The Titanic Is More Than A Film For Northern Ireland

Ed Sheeran Tells The World Harry Styles Has A Massive D*ck (Video)

What Your Favorite Celebrity Power Couple Says About You And BAE

Robert Pattinson Dancing To Drake At Coachella Is Actually F*cking Terrible (Video)

Ariana Grande Covered A Whitney Houston Song And It's Everything (Video)

The Creator Of 'The Sopranos' Finally Explains The Last Scene To Us

The Cast Of 'Beauty And The Beast' Graced Us With Their First Selfie (Photo)

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande And Friends Lip Sync 'I Really Like You' (Video)

This Is How 'GOT' Characters Look In The Books Versus On TV (Photos)

The Media Call A Child Star 'All Grown Up,' Then Blame Her For It

This 11-Year-Old Kid Is Already An EDM Producer In Australia

Clever Couple Performs Epic Pregnancy Announcement Rap To 'Fresh Prince' (Video)

Chrissy Teigen Proudly Shares An Honest, Untouched Photo Of Her Body

Dennis Quaid Went Off On A Terrifying Rant On The Set Of His Movie (Video)

Drake Says He Wasn't Disgusted By Infamous Kiss With Madonna

The Avengers' 'Family Feud' Skills Are Anything But Superheroic (Video)

Choke-Chella: Justin Bieber Put In Chokehold, Kicked Out Of Coachella (Video)

How Ty Dolla $ign Turned Himself Into This Generation's Nate Dogg

Jay Z Allegedly Has A Phone He Only Uses For Calls With Rihanna

Little Girl's Reaction To Mufasa Dying Is Your Childhood In A Nutshell (Video)

Amy Schumer's Star-Studded Music Video Makes Fun Of Our Booty Obsession

Derek Zoolander's Son Will Make His Debut In 'Zoolander 2' (Photo)

Pink Perfectly Reacts To People Who Fat-Shamed Her On Twitter

Ma$e Charged Cam'ron $40K To Be In His Video, So Cam Did Something Genius

The Wait Is Over: Why 'Game Of Thrones' Still Captivates Audiences

A Reminder That Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey Were The Best Couple Of The 00s

Ed Sheeran Proves He's The Best By Visiting A Fan Too Sick To See His Show (Video)

This 2-Year-Old DJ In South Africa Is Better Than Everyone At Coachella (Video)

Why Young Thug's 'Carter 6' Is Just A Passing Of The Torch

Giuliana Rancic's Biggest Problem Isn't Her Weight, It's The Media

This Video Perfectly Explains How To Get Ahead In Life In 27 Seconds

Justin Bieber May Be Dating Kendall Jenner And People Are Freaking Out (Photos)

Tyga Taught Her: How Much Kylie Jenner Has Changed Since Dating Tyga

Blake Lively Made 'Traveling Pants' Costars Her Daughter's Godmothers

Pharrell Reveals He Was Fired From McDonald's Three Different Times

Anne Hathaway And Emily Blunt Reunite For Epic 'Lip Sync Battle' (Video)

Guy Spends 60 Hours Painting Incredibly Realistic Portrait Of Beyoncé

Pharrell's Documentary Shows How He Wants To Recycle Plastic Into Clothing

This Is What Legendary Rock Bandmates Would Look Like As One Person

These Adorable Little Kids Absolutely Nail Their 'Furious 7' Parody (Video)

'Let Me Drake That For You' Is The Search Engine Every Drake Fan Needs

Stop Everything: The Trailer For Season 2 Of 'True Detective' Is Here

The 'GOT' And 'Bear In The Big Blue House' Mashup Is Disturbingly Perfect

The 'Orange Is The New Black' Trailer For Season 3 Is Finally Here

Justin Bieber Grinded With Ariana Grande Onstage And Big Sean Is Pissed

Bruce Jenner's ABC Interview Is About So Much More Than Bruce Jenner

A New Podcast Is Coming Out That Will Keep Following Adnan Of 'Serial'

10 Rappers You Never Knew Were Insanely Successful Businessmen

This Hilarious Parody Shows What Happens When Marriages Get Crazy

Taylor Swift Wrote A Heartfelt Letter About Her Mom's Cancer Diagnosis

Vin Diesel Sings The Most Moving Paul Walker Tribute You'll Ever See

A Selena Hologram Could Be Going On Tour As Early As 2018

20 Reasons Freddie Prinze Jr. Was Your Favorite 90s Heartthrob (Photos)

HBO Sends 'Sopranos' Characters To Collect Money For Its New Service

WTF? The Rock Eats 7 Meals Every Day And 821 Pounds Of Cod Every Year

The Mountain From 'Game Of Thrones' Once Ate 7 Chickens In One Sitting

This Is What Laney Boggs From 'She's All That' Looks Like Now (Photos)

Google Images Was Created Because People Wanted To See Pictures Of JLo

It's Insane How Much This Actress Looks Exactly Like Katy Perry (Photos)

Stop Everything: There's A 'She's All That' Remake In The Works

Finally! Mr. Turner Will Be Making His Return To 'Girl Meets World'

Google Has A Plan To Keep TV Spoilers Off The Internet For Good

Someone Posted Signs Banning The Kardashians From Parking In Hollywood

Over 230 Cars Were Completely Destroyed In The Making Of 'Furious 7'

In Case You Forgot, JoJo Exists And You Won't Believe How Hot She Is (Photos)

The Girl From The Missy Elliott Video Is Back With Her Own Music Video

5 Reasons Why Joan Harris Of 'Mad Men' Is Our Favorite Bad B*tch

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch 'Mad Men' If You Aren't On Board

Adam Levine Got Attacked By A Crazy Fan And Reacted Like A Total Boss (Video)

OMFG: Nina Dobrev Is Officially Leaving 'The Vampire Diaries'

People Couldn't Stop Licking This Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch Statue (Video)

Jon Snow From 'Game Of Thrones' Is Actually A Terrible Dinner Guest (Video)

Someone Actually Created A Bible That Replaces God With Kanye West (Photos)

Iraq War Veteran Performs An Incredibly Emotional Dance On 'DWTS'

George Clooney Will Fine You $600 If You Bother Him And Amal In Lake Como

10 Foolproof Ways To Survive Your First Music Festival

Iggy Azalea Continues To Make No Sense In Another Bizarre Freestyle

4 Kanye West Quotes That Will Help You Nail Your Next Interview

Anne Hathaway Goes Full Miley Cyrus In An Epic 'Wrecking Ball' Lip Sync

Zach Braff Will Make Pizza For Gay Weddings If Indiana Restaurants Won't

This Emotional Tribute To Paul Walker Will Make You Cry (Video)

The Definitive Rankings Of The 'Fast And Furious' Movies

Kanye West And His Mom Rap 'Hey Mama' Together In Heartwarming Video

This Carly Rae Jepsen And Nine Inch Nails Mashup Is Actually Incredible

How Kelly Clarkson Is An American Idol In More Ways Than One

John Cena Might Have Saved Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose's Relationship

Ja Rule F*cked Up By Letting Ludacris Take His 'Fast And Furious' Role

The Rock Wrote A Heartfelt Note After Meeting A Fan With Cancer

Mindy Kaling's Brother Says He Faked Being Black To Get In Med School

An Unlikely Pair: How Jerry Seinfeld Inspired Wale's New Album

The Rock Completely Owns Jimmy Fallon With 'Shake It Off' Lip Sync (Video)

OMFG: A New 'Full House' Spinoff Series Might Be Coming To Netflix

Amber Rose Lets The World Know She Will Always Love Wiz Khalifa

Chris Brown Remixed Beyoncé's 'Jealous' Into An Amazing Duet (Listen)

Zayn Isn't Worried About Leaving 1D Because His Fiancée Is Hot As F*ck (Photos)

The Rock Once Epically Pranked His Agent With Story About Prostitutes (Video)

Little Girl Goes Off On Dad For Saying His Celebrity Crush Is Kim K (Video)

Legend Stops Crying As Soon As He's Snuggling In Nicki Minaj's Boobs (Video)

Say It Ain't So: Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Reportedly Broke Up

State Trooper Forced Into Counseling For Taking Photo With Snoop Dogg

Bob Barker Shocks Everyone At 'The Price Is Right' On April Fools' Day (Video)

Rihanna Wakes Up Jimmy Kimmel With A Surprise Concert In His Bedroom (Video)

Sia Just Released A New Music Video And It Stars Maddie Ziegler Again

Genius Makes Awesome Throwback VHS Covers For Recent Shows And Movies

How The Business Of Music Streaming Is Only Just Getting Started

Karl Lagerfeld's Pet Cat Somehow Made $3.2 Million Last Year Alone

Kendrick Lamar's Original Album Title Was A Tribute To Tupac (Video)

John Legend Adorably Serenades His Dogs At Their Very Own Wedding (Video)

Please Like Me: Justin Bieber And Kanye West's Different Approaches To Image Rehab

A Life-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Made With 88 Lbs Of Chocolate Exists

WTF: The Kardashians' Clothing Store Is Getting Its Own Reality Show

Makeup Artist Unbelievably Transforms Herself Into 15 Disney Characters (Photos)

Chris Rock Took Selfies Each Time Cops Pulled Him Over In Past 7 Weeks

Three Girls Lip Syncing Songs From Different Time Periods Is Amazing (Video)

The 'Straight Outta Compton' Trailer Is Finally Here And It's Amazing

16 Actors From Your Childhood Who Actually Grew Up To Be Hot As F*ck

Tyga Gets Served Legal Papers During His Sneaker Release And Signing (Video)

Guy Creates Magical Photos Of Himself 'Flying' Around On A Broomstick

Mark Wahlberg To Produce And Star In Movie About Boston Marathon Bombing